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Sherman tells what position on offense has improved most

It's one thing when I tell you how far a player has come and improved. It's one thing when you tell me how far a player has come and improved. But when the coaches see it, based on in-depth tape study of games as well as practice, based on personal interaction and evaluation, then we have something.

The Dolphins have something in Ryan Tannehill.

Mike Sherman, the Dolphins offensive coordinator, was asked Monday what area on offense has improved the most since the regular-season opener at Houston.

One guess ... it wasn't Charles Clay.

“I would have to say our quarterback position is the most dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball," Sherman said. "He just keeps getting better and better. Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. You tell him that you need to do this and he does it. So I think that his maturation throughout the course of the NFL season, going into Week Six, he has taken steps every single week. He will continue to do that throughout the course of the season and the course of his career. So I would think that’s the single biggest jump this season."

Not only has Tannehill shown long-range improvement but he's playing better now than he did even a couple of weeks ago when I told you his accuracy was off. Since that time, he's delivered consecutive games with a completion percentages of over 60, including a career high 65 percent versus Cincinnati.

“I think his decision making has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks," Sherman said. "Each game we go into and come out of less and less of us being critical of his decisions. He’s made some very good decisions here as of late. The other thing I would say would be, push in the pocket. He had the tendency to leave the pocket with depth. Now he's stepping up in the pocket and finding throws to make. He had a great throw to (Davone) Bess on a scramble in the game. He’s created some plays with his feet by pushing up in the pocket. Yeah I would say those two areas, push in the pocket and decision making have definitely improved."

Tannehill is on the right path, folks. The case can be made that he is the second-best quarterback in the AFC East right now.

When was the last time the Dolphins could say that and believe it was a long-term truth? And, assuming he continues to get better, when was the last time one could believe eventually -- once Tom Brady's play begins to diminish with time -- that Miami could dominate the division because of its QB play?

Been a while.

[BLOG NOTE: I regret that we will no longer be including the feature videos on every Tannehill throw from week to week. The NFL's long legal arm contacted the maker of the videos that we've put up here for a month and informed him he was in violation of some policy or other. Then J.J. Watt knocked his front door down and told him if he didn't stop it, he'd break in two. So the videos are no more.]



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Wow, and there I was, about to never watch an NFL broadcast again because sketchy video clips are a totally adequate substitute for the game experience. Good work, NFL!


I don't think I've been as happy and excited about a Miami Dolphins football team since the early part of the 2000's. This team is exciting on offense and plays with an attitude on defense.

Are they perfect, no? But they leave everything on the field and I love watching them play.

Another area RT17 has improved in is his pump faking and creating new throwing windows... When was the last time one of his passes were batted down?... Still looking for that 1 more receiver to step up!!!...

Yeah. That last video proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if Tannefill had not been hit and fumbled away we could have lowered the clock to under the 2:00 mark before punting it away if at that. And it made Sherman look bad. You sure it was the NFL, Armando? Thanks anyway, Joe Alvarez.

armando, what happened, u'r usually the 1st 1 to blog stories.i read all of this on the pbp.

There is no debate Tannehill is the second best QB in the AFC East and in a few years will take over the top spot and history has shown that the dominant QB in a division produces titles and a consistent level of success. Finally after all these years we have our QB, not putting pieces around him will not be as difficult. A great QB makes everyone on the offense look better. Marino, Brady, Manning, etc made alot of receivers alot of money. The wait is over let the good times roll.

It also looks like we finally have a coach that is a leader and has the right personality to win in the NFL. Lets hope now that Ireland holds up his end of the log and we start to build a team that will compete every year for a playoff spot.

BTW the Jest lost last night and will be a total circus after they lose their third straight at home to Indy next week.

Certainly prosperity needs careful handling. Tell me about It.

Love THill. This kid is legit!

Played very little in college and is showing so much capability and progress this early in his NFL career. It's really encouraging.

Is he perfect, no. But in reality no rookie QB is perfect. For that matter no Veteran QB is perfect either. Even Brady has a flaw - he doesn't do well against a strong/aggressive pass rush.

THill has a command of the offense, he sets players correctly at the line, he is making it work with inferior WR's and TE's.

Good times ahead for this club.

Good post Mando. Sucks about the videos.

With that said T-Hill is the truth. Sherm is developing thill the right way! U Baby a Rookie!

It's Easier to open it up little by little than to just let a rookie go for it all. It's the players first time facing the competition. It's ur job as coach to lead him. They are doing the same with Luck, U mold ur Rookie! U don't let the player decide everything as a rookie!

Look at Cam! Look at Rg3. It will be harder to tell those players play Qb after u have told them it's OK run around!

Learn better Decision making in the pocket. Then run wild young man. Sherman knows how to develop. He might not be a great HC. But give the man his respect. He has ran a Top 5 NFL Offense and he will do it again! He's the Mike martz of the WCO! Plus he runs a balanced attack!

Historically Sherman is a 50/50 play caller! And this year we are actually 60/40 Run!!

Has to be Sherm plays to his strength!

I never want to see any player go down with a injury, but if Garrard is healthy, we would not be able to see Tanny Boy show us what he's got. I'm not saying he is the second coming of "you know who", but I haven't been this excited about our QB since #13 laced them up.

Eventually, Ryan Tannehill will be calling his own plays. He is certainly capable of that. He finished pre-Med and is going to be a Doctor.

Glad to see Thill getting respect. He has done great for a Rookie QB and definately is the 2nd best QB in the AFC East (And better yet, Moore is probably the 3rd best).

Two differences between this win and the previous two loses, no INTs and the defense made a play on the final drive.

Should be a decent year for the Fins, and will only get better with next years draft (and tons of picks). Time for all the Ireland haters to quit it. The guy is doing a good job, I don't care if you don't know the names or they didn't get the biggest FA. Ask the Bucs/Eagles how that is working...

Yeah great stuff, Armando. I agree all around. Great to see this kid doing what he's doing every week. Long may it continue. When you heard Griese say what he said of him early on then you knew this kid had something special. Looking forward to the Rams game this Sunday.


The winner of the competition would've still been qb. If not favoritism would've played out at the end. What the Matt Moore fans feared! Sherm is the OC. Enough said!

Where it would've/Might've hurt is with Pat Devlin! By Garrard not being fully healthy. Devlin made his case for T-Hill's back up.

We actually have the Starting and BackUp Qb settled for the next couple of years! Get matt Barkley with the 6th from the vontae trade. And our 3 qb's will be settled for a while. At least till we trade Devlin for a 2nd in a couple years.

Start making up for them lost 2nd rd pick for FA qb's!

Good point, Sence. The man is not going to win executive of the year, but he is doing a good job.

Congrats on knowing that the NFL is aware of your blog.

Fins rule.

We should be 4-1 god damn it!!!!!


Hartline, Bess, Tannehill, Bush, Lane, Tebow


Thomas, Clay, Sanchez

Thomas is a good back man. Need a change of pace back from Bush/Miller anyway. He is a good reciever out of the backfield and good in protection. Just needs to hold on to the ball : ) The Jets would love to have him right now.

I will agree that Clay has been disapointing. Which sucks because he looked to be a playmaker at the end of last year.

We all saw with Marshall and Henne, an alpha WR cannot greatly lift the play of the QB. With Tannehill, we see a great QB can greatly impact the play of the skill players around him. Brian Hartline leads the NFL in receiving yards, and Davone Bess has proven even more lethal with balls placed on him for YAC opportunities. The ability to not let a bad play keep a spot in his brain. Combine those qualities with his outstanding pocket toughness, movement, and awareness, and a desire to always improve, and we have a top 5 QB within 5 years.

Thanks for the work Joe Alvarez. It's too bad it was in violation of some policy or other. Anyways I'm enjoying the season so far, it doesn't really matter to me that we have a losing record right now, the team gives the sensation that they can compete with any team. Let's see what happens when they go up against a juggernaut though like NE.

Tebow is not a stud.

Has the worst throwing motion I've ever seen! Even for a left hander! They are usually more accurate.

Throwing motion affects accuracy! A consistent motion creates accuracy! If u don't have to worry about ur elbow dropping or ur release point being different every time! Ur hand and eye coordination improves dramatically. Tebows main fault. Roboqb's short circuit!

Look at Peyton right now. He's still getting his throwing motion down! U get a couple lame ducks! Sanchez seems to have that problem. Don't watch the jets enough to care.

Look at Tom Brady! He had the same qb coach since HS working on his motion!

There is NO denying that Tanne has improved from week to week....

Like Sherman said...and I have posted on here myself...the kid doesn't make the same mistake twice....

Even on this blog we are never discussing the same mistakes....

Tanne looks like the REAL DEAL....and I look forward to him...and he is making doubters like myself look extremly foolish....

I look forward to QB duels between Tanne and Mallett for the years to come...kinda like Marino and O'brien....

Doesn't this blow Parcells QB theory of them starting 4 years in college?

Kid is exceeding expectations. He didn't have enough starts in college. He was selected to high in the draft. He should sit behind a veteran QB for a year. Totally exceeding any expectation fans, coaches, espeically the media had on him. That is encouraging. This whole rookie class may be Irelands best yet - and it might save him his job.

Still not anointing him the savior yet, but he's got grit, and whole slew of other intangibles, to go with his arm and athleticism.

I might even go out and buy a Tannehill jersey. Ok, Ok, maybe I am anointing him a little.

Ireland still sucks ball sack. He can't evaluate skill position talent to save his life. The less than explosive wr's we currently have struggled to get separation all game an almost cost the Fins when it was winning time. Yes...they catch but every time they catch it they are tackled where they receive the football.

Fasano is painful to watch. Un-athletic and plodding. Even an old A. Gates puts moves on cb's that the best wr's can't make. Where is Eg-not...the bust he drafted who can't catch...run a route or block??

Thank God we didn't pay $100 million for the 37 year old Mr. Potato Head. We've got a young gun that's good. Keep winning baby. We need some talent in the secondary and a burner at WR. Lock up our FAs without breaking the bank and head into the draft with a fistful of picks. I won't think about playoffs until we are over .500 you cannot deny the talent of this team and its direction.

..I hope Tannehill keeps ascending the ranks of the quarterback ladder. Before we all get giddy because we learned farting in the bathtub makes bubbles. Let this kid continue to develop. It is great that it looks like we have a guy for the future. Right now, Tannehill is proving a lot of guys opinions wrong. I sure look smart for saying he was a bad pick! It is perfectly fine to be excited about Tanny, the future of the team. It looks bright. I want to see more before I am ready to put a label on him. Just as if he had struggled in these games, the same goes for success. It is 5 games.

sheehanje, Parcells just blows. I mean, the guy made two other teams in our division very tough teams, but us, he just took our money and ran like a goldigger in the night.

Tannehill is the real deal but he needs more weapons to assist in his dev70elopment. I would be frustrated watching wr's get covered up 70% of passing snaps and having to check down to Fasano or Bush.

DD, no doubt the league will make adjustments to Tannehill. I'm very anxious to see the Dolphins play the pats because if anyone will expose the holes in Tannehill's game, it will be BB. That game will be a benchmark for the kid alright.

For the record, I beat the drum for tannehill right from the point we couldn't get Peyton or RGIII. But even I didn't think he would acclimate himself this fast.

Can't really say he's been as good as RGIII but Dashi makes a good point re: keeping tannehill in the pocket. RGIII has already accumulated concussion #1 5 games into his career. That's not good. Can't have your QB running around all willy nilly no matter how good he is at it at this level. Guys will catch him eventually and have bad intentions when they get there.

Plaxico Plaxico and Plaxico

Y'all saw Tebow throw a perfect 50 yard perfect spiral pass right in the WRs hands, which he dropped, right? And they won't let Tebow have any kind of rhythmn.

Compare Tebow's career TDs to INTs. VERY FEW QBs have more TDs than INTs as rookies and Tebow essentially has still played less than one full season.

Sanchez is garbage.

Rex is a moron for not playing Tebow EVERY down. Give Tebow the ball like Denver did last year and Jets reel off 8-1 next 9 games. That's how it works.

..Mark in Toronto..I posted 2 weeks ago that I would rather have Tannehill then Griffen.. I was lambasted as a homer, crazy man, spy, a jet fan.. My point wasn't that either guy was this or that. It was purely from the point that Tannehill is bigger, wasn't taking the hits Griffen had exposed himself too. From a durability standpoint, I want the guy who plays from the pocket every time. I wasn't taking anything away from Griffen, I just don't want my guy taking those hits..The evidence was proven this past Sunday. This was what that post was all about.

Every racist talking head on ESPN who says, ever again, that Tebow can't throw, has ZERO credibility and should be fired on the spot. I'm talking about that screaming negro who humiliates himself daily.

By the way, on Tebow's perfect 50 yard bomb even though they make him block like a fullback and play on special teams, Tebow's release was 0.07 seconds faster than the fastest release Marino ever accomplished on the field. See, that's correctable. No more baseball windup.

Tebow is 250 pound and benches 550. Of course he can throw. Even I can throw. It's not that hard.

Tebow can't throw!

Can't wait till he's exposed later in the season!

Hopefully his first start is against the fins!

Can't wait! Spo sucks and Tebow blows!


Did you see your boy Lex Hilliard playing for the Jets lastnight? Just as Sparano brought all of the Cowboy castoffs to Miami, he's now bringing in all of our castoffs to NYJ.

Geesh, no wonder Sparano's a loser. Plain and simple, he's a position coach and has no business in upper level decision making positions(hc/oc). Rex is finding this out quickly, the Jets offense has regressed further under him.

Had Tannehill been a 3yr qb starter in college, it could be likely, he would have pushed Andrew Luck for 1st overall pick this year.

We can now thank our lucky stars Tannehill had only 19 college starts, and Barkley/Landry stayed for thier senior seasons. The football gods do love us after all.

..YG..Yup. I was bummed out. Lex as a jet. Got nothin'

what Stephen A is referring to when he says that he cant throw means that on a consistent level that the average NFL QB is looked at and essentially graded on, he is below average throwing the ball. Yes he will complete a pass and hit a deep ball on occasion, but even the sunshines on a dogs arss sometimes... With that being said lets keep Tebags out of the Fins Blog here on the Miami Herald.. you are pulling for a Jets player bro.. think about it

In like a season and half(19 starts), Ryan Tannehill has gone from being a wr, to 8th overall pick in the draft.

This has to be unprecedented and what we now see, is a true testament, to his warp speed learning ability and stratospheric athleticism. 4-5yrs down the road, he and Andrew Luck could be going toe to toe, haymaker for haymaker, to determine which is the nfl #1 qb.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Dashi can kick a football better than Tebow can throw. And Soccer is Illegal where Dashi from!

By the end of week 8 T-Hill will have more passing yds than tebow has had his 3 year career! Henne has thrown for more in 1 season than tebow has his whole career!

He is in the NFL! Ur throwing motion is ur throwing motion! How old is he? 25? U don't change 25 years worth of doing something the same way! Specially an Athletic Motion! Throwing any ball, shooting anything, kicking anything! Once ur a Pro ur Form! Is ur Form! U just perfect it!

add the sense of pressure! Natural instincts set in! U go back to what u have always done! Tebow is what he is! A garbage qb!

U must be a jets fan and don't truly understand what is the standard for a NFL QB! At least a Dolphin QB! A real one!

Tebow isn't it! I guess for the jets where the best qb in history is chad Pennington! Tebow looks like a Godsend!

Sucks to be a Jets fan! Where ur OC is Sporano and U always think the backup is better than the starter!

4-5yrs from now, Miami/Indy(Luck vs Tannehill) could clearly be the two best team in the afc, if not the entire nfl. LOL

After bringing in Tony Sparano as oc, Im pretty certain this weighed very heavily in the decision to bring in Tim Tebow.

I'm willing to bet my lastbottom dollar, Tony Sparano had HUGE imput, selling Tannenbum/Ryan visions of wildcat suger plums dancing in thier heads. That Tebow would be Santa Claus.

Now the Jets look like the witch with the hair afire. J-E-T-S, JETS-JETS-JETS! LOL

DD, that's a very relevant observation. Do the math on concussion rate if RGIII exposes himself this much, he perhaps won't last three years unless they reign him in. IN today's sport, a athlete won't take more than 4,5 concussions max , depending on severity overe a career without calling it quits. Especially a rich, inteliigent guy like RGIII. He won't need it.

They've got to keep that guy in the pocket and only run when it is absolutely necessary and for God's sake, teach him how to slide. No need for those extra yards.

liking the fact that tannehill is spreading the ball around more... the kid learns real fast

offense just need to close out points so we can start to go into 4th quarter with a cushion when other team makes its run and not put so much pressure on defense after they've played 3 quarters and wear down a bit

Well, at least basketball season is starting. Another title for King James?

If you say Tebow can't throw, you are blind and have no credibility whatsoever.

Also he never fumbles and doesn't throw INTs either.

Only thing he needs to change up is his snap count.He snaps it on go-go 90% of the time. Very predictable, a little change up at a critical time might just be enough for that desparately needed play.

stephen a or sh. sharpe?.

When the 8th pick in the draft is ranked 30th in QBR we have a problem. Do we draft another QB?

Can't wait for Tannehill to break all of Marinos records.
Good riddance.

ESPN is so full of BS! They give the freaking Jets get 100 times more publicity when they're losing, than they give the Dolphins when we win.

When we win, we get 15 seconds of coverage. When we loss, they opponent gets 2-3 mintes of coverage. Exactly why it would be so sweet to win sb's again. Just shove our huge fishy woodies, all the way down the back of thier stuck in woodstock era pussified throats.

Week 12 will be the real test.
Tannehill vs the #1 Defense and #2 secondary. And I think they are top 5 against the run.

Week 12 will be the real test.
Tannehill vs the #1 Defense and #2 secondary. And I think they are top 5 against the run.

db, just watch the nfl network. f espn...


Tannehill's qbr has risen to 73. Im pretty sure that doesnt get you 30th in qbr. Please catch up. LOL

bi week.

bush needs it.
rt should take a rest and not absorb 2 much that week.


I refuse to pay for nfl network, just to watch bamkrupt ex-jocks, babble about shyte thier wrong about 90% of the time. Given a choice between the two, I would rather spend the money on a 90yr old hooker.

At least I would be getting a much better gum job for my buck.

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