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Sherman tells what position on offense has improved most

It's one thing when I tell you how far a player has come and improved. It's one thing when you tell me how far a player has come and improved. But when the coaches see it, based on in-depth tape study of games as well as practice, based on personal interaction and evaluation, then we have something.

The Dolphins have something in Ryan Tannehill.

Mike Sherman, the Dolphins offensive coordinator, was asked Monday what area on offense has improved the most since the regular-season opener at Houston.

One guess ... it wasn't Charles Clay.

“I would have to say our quarterback position is the most dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball," Sherman said. "He just keeps getting better and better. Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. You tell him that you need to do this and he does it. So I think that his maturation throughout the course of the NFL season, going into Week Six, he has taken steps every single week. He will continue to do that throughout the course of the season and the course of his career. So I would think that’s the single biggest jump this season."

Not only has Tannehill shown long-range improvement but he's playing better now than he did even a couple of weeks ago when I told you his accuracy was off. Since that time, he's delivered consecutive games with a completion percentages of over 60, including a career high 65 percent versus Cincinnati.

“I think his decision making has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks," Sherman said. "Each game we go into and come out of less and less of us being critical of his decisions. He’s made some very good decisions here as of late. The other thing I would say would be, push in the pocket. He had the tendency to leave the pocket with depth. Now he's stepping up in the pocket and finding throws to make. He had a great throw to (Davone) Bess on a scramble in the game. He’s created some plays with his feet by pushing up in the pocket. Yeah I would say those two areas, push in the pocket and decision making have definitely improved."

Tannehill is on the right path, folks. The case can be made that he is the second-best quarterback in the AFC East right now.

When was the last time the Dolphins could say that and believe it was a long-term truth? And, assuming he continues to get better, when was the last time one could believe eventually -- once Tom Brady's play begins to diminish with time -- that Miami could dominate the division because of its QB play?

Been a while.

[BLOG NOTE: I regret that we will no longer be including the feature videos on every Tannehill throw from week to week. The NFL's long legal arm contacted the maker of the videos that we've put up here for a month and informed him he was in violation of some policy or other. Then J.J. Watt knocked his front door down and told him if he didn't stop it, he'd break in two. So the videos are no more.]



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I'm seeing a lot of WR, CB, S, OLB and G being mocked to us and I think that's about what most of us would expect. Not quite sure of the order but doesn't really matter right now.

Keenan Allen or Justin Hunter? Hunter all day, every day? What do those who know anything about it know of Allen? Worth it in let's say the 10-15 range?

Did anyone ever put 1 and 1 together and realize that Philbin didn't want Marshall? or Davis? and Ireland got rid of them for a 2nd, and two 3rds? Davis for a 2nd was a steal and two 3rds for Marshall isn't bad. Considering at the time he was possibly getting arrested for punching a woman and getting stabbed by his wife the year before. Dependable #1 WR right there.

How hard is it to realize that Marshall wasnt good for a rookie QB who didnt need a whiney Biatch? Philbin didnt want him on the team.. how hard is it to realize that and shut up about it already? Philbin and Co are building for the future and im for one am excited about what unfolded thus far.. quit crying about Marshall and Davis.. hes hurt and has been a liability in Indy thus far..

Is this a Texans blog? Why are the majority of the posts about Watt? Yeah, he's awesome. So what?

Marc | October 09, 2012 at 02:47 PM

Did you all see Brady whoop up on Manning? Again, who cares?

Marc | October 09, 2012 at 02:48 PM

It's a Football blog were we are all Dolphins fans 1st but fans of the game above all else, at least I am. By the way N.E. beat Denver but there was no butt whooping out there. The Broncos D.Thomas had 6 in his hands to start that game when stripped inside his 10 Yrd. line. There was the McGahee drop at the Pats 37 Yrd line on 4th down killing momentum for Denver with 8:00 minutes left and of course the McGahee goal line fumble late sealing the win for the Pats in a game Peyton statistically was better but undone by turn overs. So go watch some highlights at least before posting and FYI I always care given the short 16 game Season about what everybody is doing in the playoff chase!

So,when Irescum traded for Marshall ...he had no idea there might be problems? ARE U F"N KIDDING ME?

Yes. Today's Athletes are uncommon, bigger and smarter than those of even 10 yrs ago. What they gave them, Chemtrails from above?hehehe

Usually, Teams with the better Coach get the best breaks.

Craig, Walterfootball has us choosing Keenan Allan....at pick 16! I think that's pushing it (picking 16) but it's A LOT better than the blog trolls had us at (pick 1, or even in the top 5)

If Irescum and Philbin want choir boys they're in the wrong business.


I'm a FINS fan first...and then a NFL fan second...

If I turn on another game...I almost always fall asleep...unless it's super exciting....

I haven't made it through a Monday night game in years....

and i HATE Thursday night football...robbing me of my sleep....


any thoughts on either of those guys? I don't watch the College game enough to know who might be better. I know Hunter was highly thought of before injuring his leg.

- Oscar doesn't work for $. - Then, what does he work for? - I don't know.---To Craig N.

Scotty you ever hear about this team called the Patriots? They don't put up with BS, they've done "ok". Marshall wasn't worth it, period. They got some value back for him.

Haven't heard anyone ask for Matt Moore to start in awhile. Where did the Moore lovers go? Which name are they hiding behind now? No more Martin is a bust or Brian Flatline references. Now they've all moved on to Thomas since they need SOMETHING to b***h about

Keenan Allen or Justin Hunter? Hunter all day, every day? What do those who know anything about it know of Allen? Worth it in let's say the 10-15 range?

Craig M | October 09, 2012 at 03:02 PM

Not high on K.Allen from what I've seen, for me the best might be Marquis Lee out of USC if he declared but not in the 10 to 15 range. At this point my fav. can't miss guy is MLB M.Te'o out of N.D. I had seen alot of video on College gameday but hadn't seen him in a game till last Saturday Vs. UM and he's as advertised. The Canes are easily one of the fastest schools in the NCAA right now and he was killing everything sideline to sideline. He even dropped in zone and played real well. I was watching him to take something from the game given the smack down they laid on UM and that kid is a beast. He will probably go anywhere from 3 to 8 though.

our bad recievers are ranked in the top 20 and 2nd in total yards. the problem with us is after those two we need a third reciever to step up with a tight end. It would not hurt either if they got Bush more involved in the passing game

FO the first time I find myself scrolling down to read more YG posts... Dude you've been on today. frickin hilarious.


since you seem to lack a little intelligence/common sense let me try to help you understand.

Brando Marshall did not want to be here and Coach Philbin did not want him here, so you are blaming the wrong person, Ireland made the trade because of Philbin.

Vontae Davis-if he's head is straight then he could be one of the top corners in the NFL but he never did anything while he was here plus showed-up out of shape the last two years and Philbin didn't want to deal with him either.

so your incoherent remark makes zero sense, you must have gone to school in gainsville...

Craig I don't watch college either so I can't really give an accurate opinion on those WRs. What I do know is WRs from USC (same with QBs) don't excel too well in the NFL and I haven't been too high on Allan or frankly any of these WRs in the draft. None of them seem like top-notch material like a Calvin Johnson was when he came out on the draft. I'd rather grab one of these stud DEs than an iffy WR or a stud CB being discussed. But come combine time everyone's draft stock is going to get rearranged. Coples was a sure-fire top 5 pick then fell because of the combine

Philbin doesnt want choir boys as you put it Scotty but he does want players that fit his mold... meaning players that are hard working, will buy into his coaching style, wont cry if the ball isnt thrown their way atleast 10 times a game, and yes a player who doesnt put himself in a position to embarress themselves or the team.. Ive said this 90 times but he is like Coach K of Duke University, doesnt always get the most talented players but players that will buy into his system and play their hearts out.. sorry if you cant understand that.. i dont know why we except it when a player acts like a thug or puts themselves into stupid situations or we hold them above normal law..

You Marshall fans are seriously tainted. If you like him so much, BE HAPPY. He is far happier in chicago than he would be here. He was done with Miami before we were done with him. At some point you need tor realize this and get over it.

MiamiD, people can be wrong about things. I was a Flatline comment person. And in all due respect those 2 years I felt it was warrented. This year he is earling a better rep and looks like he is playing better. Obvoiusly the O change has helped his game. So he now has earned his name of hartline again. :)

Love the dolphins O with such little talent. they are making the most from what they have and it is exciting to watch.

We're not talking O-line failing, Secondary has been good, RT17 looks like an good NFL starting QB, Mike Shermans offense is fun to watch, NFL's #1 run defense, Quality running game. How far this year can Miami go? It's been a long time coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SteFin 13 ps Recievers are no joke Bess and Hartline now if Gaffney shows up.

Kris | October 09, 2012 at 03:21 PM

I'm a fan of the game above all else. The Fins my Pro team and the Canes my College team but unless it's Div 1-AA with McNeese St Vs. Liberty Univ. or something I'm watching unless of course it's a blow out. To each his own.

MD20, pick #16 is not really pushing it, right now, the Dolphins are actually in slot 12 or 13 depending ona coin flip with Washington.

Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rodgers are the best WR in country.

For you Ross Haters:

Miami Dolphins hire Joe Philbin

Miami owner Stephen Ross craves the big name. He wanted Jim Harbaugh to be his coach two offseasons ago, even while he was still employing Tony Sparano. This offseason, Ross wanted Jeff Fisher to take the Dolphins job, but Fisher picked the St. Louis Rams. So enter Philbin, a long-time, well-respected assistant with the Green Bay Packers.

I liked the idea of Philbin as a head coach, but not for Miami. I didn't think Ross would give him much time to grow, since he wasn't that coveted big name. I loathed the fit.

Unlock HQ Video HQ video delivered by Akamai
Ross has to like what he's seen since. I know I do.

Though he's working with a thin and young roster, Philbin has been incredibly impressive, from the character he showed on HBO's "Hard Knocks" when he jettisoned receiver/clown Chad Johnson to the way he's developed rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Philbin also put together a good coaching staff, highlighted by offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, whose unit has been strong and consistent all season.

Philbin comes on SiriusXM NFL Blitz every week, and I appreciate his candid approach. He has challenged his "work-in-progress" receiving corps, which out-kicked expectations early on, and he's raved about the dedication and leadership of running back Reggie Bush.

The Dolphins are now 2-3 after beating a good Cincinnati Bengals team on the road, and they could be 4-1, had they won close games against the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals. The roster is relatively weak, but Miami plays incredibly hard for Philbin. He's doing a great job coaching. It won't result in a trip to the playoffs this season, but if the owner stays out of the way, the Dolphins can build something. I hope Ross is paying attention

Hunter is like Randy Moss and Rodgers is like Hakeem Nicks

hey reality troll wasnt your name capitalized why is it lowercase all of a sudden? Changing names? LOL BUSTED!

Posted by: Bust-A-Troll --- Reality Check | October 09, 2012 at 02:49 PM

You are so friggin dense! LOLOLOL

This guy has been here all afternoon mocking the reality dude from yesterday.

You're blog detective badge has been rescinded for stupidity & Odin has been reinstated!

Respect my authoritah!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for chipping in. Rodgers is a new one for me to watch. I've heard the Moss comparisons thrown around for Hunter.

How happy is Da Beast to be out of this cesspool? Mike Nolan too!

Poizon, I respectfully disagree on Hartline. I actually liked what I saw from Hartline in the past and felt he could have been utilized better. He is a great route runner and has great hands. Not a #1 receiver by any stretch of the means and I never envisioned he'd put up these numbers with a rookie QB but he is a talented receiver (much better than what I saw from Turner who warranted being cut). When people were calling for him to be cut this preseason I was only praying the staff kept him because of his upside. With a true #1 receiver he'll be open much more. Especially now that Henne and co. aren't throwing to him. Imagine if Pennington had Hartline what numbers Hartline would put up.

Hunter can leap out of the stadium but If you like gritty one on one receivers with possession skills and size Rodgers is the guy. Reminds me of Nicks alot. 6'3 225

Hunter has the top end speed and height 6'4. 1/2 and has the best vertical jump by far. He is a track athlete freak of nature. Could be the perfect deep threat.

but to be honest I have no idea about Keenan Allen I only watched Cal once last year, so I don't know bout that one.

Mark, at the beginning of the year I never would have said we would have been at 16. Now it seems plausible if not likely but pick 16 goes to teams that are around 8-8 and I'm not ready to dub us an 8-8 team just yet. What surprised me was Walter having the Saints at 12 (even though they're 0-5 I can see them having a better record than us) and the Bengals at 15 (who, before last weeks game, was a playoff caliber team by a lot of standards)

you realize i am mocking you. you are proving your trollhood with each post you make and no one is respecting you as a bashing trolltards poster anymore. i accept my trollhood and you should to because you are one of us you just dont see it

Well, I NEVER called for hartline to be cut, But I remember 2 games last year early on that he had HUGE drops. That was my moment of flipping out and calling him flatline. But never did I want him cut. I liked him, just was mad at him... columbo on the other hand.... dont get me started. :)

Brian Hartline still leads the league in reception yards by 1 yrd of Dthomas


You don't like Marqise Lee out of USC?? I know the WR's out there haven't panned in the NFL but he's a break from the mold of the usual tall and slower WR's P.Carroll had, only 6'/200 Pds. but seems to be the real deal. He posted a blazing 40X and has been tearing it up. I hear you on Hunter but haven't seen much of him even though I watch alot of SEC ball.

I'm not calling you out Poizon the Flatline and "Flatline should be cut" comments I made were a general statement. I don't remember who said it since that doesn't control my life but I heard it on this blog all preseason and it was unjustified. I completely agree he had terrible drops. I remember a ball hitting him square in the hands and he inexcusably dropped it I believe it was against the Bills but can't remember. It looked bad. But in the grand scheme of things Hartline looked promising in my opinion. I respect you for owning up to the comment though, no one on this blog does that, they just hide, kudos dude. Now let's avoid any and all Columbo talk, he was a Tony Sparano cowboys connection pick-up, he can stick to his metal band...even Vernon Carey is better than Columbo

Who drops more passe the U- Dorsett, or Brandon Marshall?


Another funny thing about looking at the league standings at this early stage is that Denver with Peyton Manning would be drafting #10 - that would be a collossal disaster if it held true.


Last weekend Dorsett single handedly dropped a 14 point lead for UM but at least the week before caught a 70 yard TD pass to win with :39 ticks left. The biggest play I remember from Marshall in Miami was the long TD he caught in Buffalo late last Season. Part of me hated to see him go and knew he'd be good in Chitown paired with Cutler again but in all honesty another part of me was sick of his act.

Not a fan of anyone on USC their conference is a joke. They don't play defense at all. So I believe it's risky like fool's gold. I do like the other WR Woods better even though lee is having a better season. I go back to last year when he had 112 catches and was a top 3 prospect... Still I like Hunter and Rodgers a whole lot more...

I hear ya fin4life. The dorsett thing is still eating at me. He is so much better than that. Being a U fan I had to vent. I was done with Marshall early last year. Happy to see him go. The guy only plays hard when the planets align in his own brain. If they don't he is no good. And in Miami, planets were never going to align again in my opinion for his pea brain. Plus Philbin did not want to chance the headache.


Another funny thing about looking at the league standings at this early stage is that Denver with Peyton Manning would be drafting #10 - that would be a collossal disaster if it held true.

Mark in Toronto | October 09, 2012 at 04:27 PM

Funny thing is everybody will of course put it on Manning but the Broncos top 10 D from last Yr. has played terrible this Season. They give up plays in chunks on the ground and air, just terrible!

Have a good night all!

aren't Lee and Farmar sophmores anyway?

watchout for Cordarelle Patterson WR also he's also from Tennessee. He is turning heads right now as well. Ballin'

At the end of the 2010 season James Walker of ESPN reported that Henne's production was 2nd in the AFC east for the season behind Brady.
So to answer your question, "...when was the last time...?" it was after the 2010 season.

Regardless I am very happy that Tanne has developed into the elite, franchise QB that can win multiple Super Bowls for us for the first time since Griese (Bob not Brien) retired.

Futhermore Tanne has assured us that he will not jerk us off for 18 years the way that Big Dan 13 did.

Go Tanne!
Go Phins!

Ive been saying all along that Philbin and Tanny were the correct choices for this team. Its nice to see the haters enjoy crow and jump on the bandwagon.

Trust in Philbin

The head coach for Tennessee coached for the dolphins for a couple years. Came in with Saban. Jeff Ireland needs to reach out and talk with him about those three prospects. Not sure why Da'Rick transferred but it'd be good to get an inside scoop.

I think his name is Dooley

The Real TROLL should appear around 6ish.
Guess who that is?
HINT, He's a drunken/Drug abusing tool that thinks he's a "Rock-star" Because he can master "Guitar-Hero".

Furthermore Tanne has assured us that he will not leave in Free Agency, an econmic right that players have to enhance thier finances and/or thier careers, when his current contract is up.
He has assured us that he will never tire of this team, it's emplyees, it's fans or the safe clean city of Miami itself.

you realize your a borderline stalker right? I hate to think what else...

Not a fan of anyone on USC their conference is a joke. They don't play defense at all. So I believe it's risky like fool's gold. I do like the other WR Woods better even though lee is having a better season. I go back to last year when he had 112 catches and was a top 3 prospect... Still I like Hunter and Rodgers a whole lot more...

B33RCA53 | October 09, 2012 at 04:30 PM

By that mentality don't waste your time watching K.Allen either given it's the same Conf. He's nearly a clone of Woods. Much respect B33 you know your Football, the 3 I mention are Mike Wallace, Emanuelle Sanders types who can fly and are ball players. You could say Woods looks like a Santonio Holmes type given his fearlesness at going after the tough catch. I will be giving attention to the guys you put up especially Hunter who I haven't seen given Tenn hasen't meassured up much in the SEC West.

Aloco, I read your question from someones phone and couldn't answer the other day so here goes. Actually, you were asking a question but you really didn't want an answer. You were just being an ignorant ahole as usual. Here was your question.


They are both going into the hall of fame someday and they put up pro bowl numbers on mediocre teams. Double digit pro bowls, all rookie honors, top three at their positions in the nfl. Zachs first ten years he had numbers near or better than Ray Lewis. Without those two in the 90's the dolphins don't even sniff the playoffs. They were the heart and soul of that team and THEY made the team better. Had the team ever had a real QB and some wrs things would have been way different. That defense is why the Dolphins had any winning records.

Everyone in the world knows how great those two players were. It is why they will both be elected to the hof on their first try.

Now get your head out of your stupid a$# and make sense once and a while.

Respect my authoritah!!!!!!!

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