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Sherman tells what position on offense has improved most

It's one thing when I tell you how far a player has come and improved. It's one thing when you tell me how far a player has come and improved. But when the coaches see it, based on in-depth tape study of games as well as practice, based on personal interaction and evaluation, then we have something.

The Dolphins have something in Ryan Tannehill.

Mike Sherman, the Dolphins offensive coordinator, was asked Monday what area on offense has improved the most since the regular-season opener at Houston.

One guess ... it wasn't Charles Clay.

“I would have to say our quarterback position is the most dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball," Sherman said. "He just keeps getting better and better. Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. You tell him that you need to do this and he does it. So I think that his maturation throughout the course of the NFL season, going into Week Six, he has taken steps every single week. He will continue to do that throughout the course of the season and the course of his career. So I would think that’s the single biggest jump this season."

Not only has Tannehill shown long-range improvement but he's playing better now than he did even a couple of weeks ago when I told you his accuracy was off. Since that time, he's delivered consecutive games with a completion percentages of over 60, including a career high 65 percent versus Cincinnati.

“I think his decision making has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks," Sherman said. "Each game we go into and come out of less and less of us being critical of his decisions. He’s made some very good decisions here as of late. The other thing I would say would be, push in the pocket. He had the tendency to leave the pocket with depth. Now he's stepping up in the pocket and finding throws to make. He had a great throw to (Davone) Bess on a scramble in the game. He’s created some plays with his feet by pushing up in the pocket. Yeah I would say those two areas, push in the pocket and decision making have definitely improved."

Tannehill is on the right path, folks. The case can be made that he is the second-best quarterback in the AFC East right now.

When was the last time the Dolphins could say that and believe it was a long-term truth? And, assuming he continues to get better, when was the last time one could believe eventually -- once Tom Brady's play begins to diminish with time -- that Miami could dominate the division because of its QB play?

Been a while.

[BLOG NOTE: I regret that we will no longer be including the feature videos on every Tannehill throw from week to week. The NFL's long legal arm contacted the maker of the videos that we've put up here for a month and informed him he was in violation of some policy or other. Then J.J. Watt knocked his front door down and told him if he didn't stop it, he'd break in two. So the videos are no more.]



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aren't Lee and Farmar sophmores anyway?

B33RCA53 | October 09, 2012 at 04:37 PM

I believe Lee had a redshirt Fr. Season but don't hold me to it although I could have sworn I saw him on a Walter camp ranking for underclassmen?

Listened to Fox sports radio a lot..mostly at night, JT "the Brick"..yes ANOTHER GUY calling himself the Brick.
Anyhow, the 2nd banana,. Tomm Looney kept mentioning "whomever the MORON IS RUNNING THE JETS offense." LOLOLOLOL

Thought I'd pee in bed.
I'm not totally in love with Sherman's play calls at times nor Philbin's in-game decisions, but I can't deny this staff TEACHES better than any we've had in years (Nolan exempted)
Sherman and Logains had done an awesome job with Tanny. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have uber smarts, as Ryan does.

I was also against the Tannehill pick for QB. Foles was my choice and has been for 2 years.
Glad I was wrong, though I believe Foles will be an excellent NFL QB.

Don't wish for Tebow to take over. He did it for Denver, and i'd not like to face him an entire game, especially not in NY.

Scotty pay attention would ya? It is well documented that Marshall went to Philbin and told him he wasn't happy with the wco. He wanted to be the main guy and Philbin wants the ball spread around. Marshall asked Philbin to trade him and he obliged.

He went to Ireland and asked him to find a partner.

The person you should be mad at is Marshall. He is such a b^%ch that he couldn't handle the notion that other players would be taking valuable catches away from him so he QUIT ON THE TEAM! Do you understand that? And you're mad at the GM and probably coach for what reason? Because a head case moron didn't want to play a new style of football? WAKE UP.



Tebow wins. If you fail to see that, you are stupid.

Champions of Stupidity:

Craig M
Rex Ryan
Mrs. Marsha Sanchez the girl
Mark in Canada

A couple of days ago you were trying to get me to come over. You started spinning tales of all the bands that you played Bass for: Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Ozzy and some others.
Of course you left off the greatest rock musician of all time. There are only 2 men that ever lived that composed all of the music, wrote all of the lyrics, played all of the instruments and sang all of the songs all while holding place as the Number 1 Rock Band in the world.
Of course I am talking about Billy Corgin (Paul McCartney was the other one). You never met, played with or spoke to Billy Corgin, not even when Nirvana was opening for him.

Where are the tradeseansmith.com folks or home the poser boy or Vontae is the heart of the team and the next Revis.
Smith has always been better than Vontae and the best thing that hard knocks did was let everyone see what I have been saying for years that Vontae is a clown and Sean is a future star

Breaking on NFL Net.

The SAints bounty suspensions are upheld except for Fujita who goes from 3 games to only 1. The kicker is Vilma can keep the 5 weeks worth of money he's been paid on the Season which at his 7 Mil works out to over 2 Mil on a throw away Yr while getting credit for not playing the 5 games although Vilma says he's going back to Court.

In this case you are mistaken.
What Philbin did the day after he signed on is he watched every 2011 game starting from the first one. In that first game he saw Chad Henne set the record for most passing yards in a game along with Brady. He watched Henne running the Daboll offense which he taught himself from the playbook and then taught the rest of the offense during the lockout.
In that game he witnessed Marshall drop 2 TD passes and Yeremiah Bell & Vontae Davis rolling around on the ground with menstral cramps while NE receivers were running past them.
Thus he got rid of Marshall, Bell and Davis.
He did not get rid of Henne.
Henne got rid of the Dolphins when he signed with J'ville to hold the clipboard for 2 years in exchange for $3mil signing bonus + $3mil per season 4 hours into free agency.

As it turns out both Henne and the Dolphins are very happy with 2012 and the way things turned out.

CD you are spinning your own tales. I read that post and he never claimed to playin any of those bands. He merely asked if you could name their bass players... Stop being a troll.

phins78, I didn't know that about Marshall. But that makes sense regarding Marshall he was a not a team player. Good riddance.

You have a very keen memory for mail going back and forth between Odin and I.
That being the case please remember this article by Mando because I will be referring back to it in about 6 weeks when Mando turns his back on Tanne.

Phins78 @ 4:58: It does make you wonder how much quicker Hartline could have progressed had Marshall not been around demanding the ball all the time.

I see that you have never interacted with Billy Corgin either, in fact I bet that you don't even know who he is.

I don't believe Henne was even offered a contract by the dolphins...

smashing pumpkins?

I love me some old pumpkins... Gish, Adore, and 1979 are great albums.

The PIG Sandusky got a mandatory 30 Yrs. Will die in prison!

Funny that the guy asking if anyone knew who Billy Corgan was spelled his name wrong...

sometimes I think the negativity by Armando or Omar are all moves to join the illuminati up their in briscol ESPn. They'll deny it though... Fastest way to that job is by hating on the dolphins

jk although...

mark, lol right and what does that have to do with anything???

After the injury Henne, through his agent, told the Phins he would never play for Jeff Ireland again.
It was not a straight line from Henne to Tanne.
It was Henne to Orton to Peyton to Flynn to Garrard to Tanne.

As it turns out the Tanne thing is working out. But the plan heading into the first preseason game was Garrard to start and Moore to backup and Tanne to spend the season as the emgency QB getting used to the speed of the game.

It is working out so I guess it doesn't matter how we got here.

Bottoms Up!

B33, absolutely nothing.

Just funny when someone comes out as a know it all and gets the facts wrong repeatedly.

CD i believe your right about Henne and his agent but Matt Moore outplayed Henne and it was probably painfully obvious his days as the starter were over... I doubt Orton and Flynn were seriously targeted although if it weren't for the injury to Garrard you may be right things would be different. I wouldn't agree with that though. I've stated from day 1 you've got to start Henne week 1 and let him learn from experience.

OOOps big brain fart... I meant Tannehill shouldv'e started week 1

It's nice to not hear anybody talking about backup Dolphins QB's anymore. We've got our man for now and the future, and he's no retread like Moore. Garrard blowing his knee out was a god send if they were actually considering starting him.

Used to do this every year when the schedule first came out. Looking at the remaining schedule:

Rams W
jets W
Colts L
Titans W
Bills W
Seahawks L
Pats L
49's L
Jags W
Bills W
Pats L

fin4life, Thanks man, I do enjoy talking football with people who have strong opinions and a love for the phins... In regards to watching a lot of college football, I really only watch my Canes and then SEC football at the bar. Being that I live in Memphis now Tennessee has gotten my attention over the years. A lot of Vol fans here.

Obviously, the Pats and Belichick are going to llet Wes Welker walk next season. If and thats a big "IF", should Welker be willing give us a HUGE hometown discount, would it make sense to sign him?

He would be the most expensive 2nd-3rd wr in nfl history. However, he would be a huge upgrade, plus give us some valuable goods on Belichick. Not to mention Belichick/Welker's relationship's on the rocks right not and Welker's more than ready to shove it where Belichick's sun doesnt shine right now.

What better way to do that than staying within the division and shoving it up Belichick twice a year.

cocoa, agree for teh most part except for the Indy game. I think as of today, we take that one ...

9-7 and could've been better is what we are looking at.

Fins/Indy game is important to me because its very likely it could be the first battle of the best two qb's in the afc within the next 4-5yrs.

It could be the first of many battles where the winner moves his team into a sb game.

Some homers are happy with the 30th ranked QB? WTF guys? Henne was better then that.

Mark that one and maybe the Seahawks game could go either way. But really it's like that old saying...on any given Sunday

YG, Welker aint coming back to this garbage franchise to sink into oblivion. Use your brain, son. (and BTW Welker is the #1 receiver)

I'm really hoping we split with the Pats or even sweep em. That'd give us a real chance at winning the division. I know it's a long shot but Whenever Brady gets pressured he isn't the same QB. Right now there run game has helped them but if we can make them one dimensional with a 4-5 guy pass rush I think the Pats games are winnable.

Just for the RECORD!

The Jets are 2-6 over the past 8 games!

Yeah, we're thinking we should be 4-1(and we SHOULD be)and had we beat the jets, they SHOULD be 1-7 over the last 8!


YG, I actually think it could be possible. But I doubt the Phins will pay 9 mil a year for a WR either. your post at 6 is a great insight. Colts vs Phins rivalry may be back on the burners... remember when Manning and Marino faced off? epic... Now both QBs are on the same footing with age and experience.

Henne isn't worthy of carrying Tannehill's jock strap. I don't care what his QBR rating is. He's improving every week and already looks like he has a better grasp of the pro game than Henne ever will. You can't win with a dumb ass like Henne no matter how strong his arm is.

How about the Jets and Sanchez are terrible, but they were a few plays away from beating the Texans. If Cromartie caught the pass or the perfect pass from Tebow wasn't deflected. They did much better against the Texans than we did with star players out.

Posted by: Marc | October 09, 2012 at 02:53 PM

"Marc, cuts down a bunch of posters here for TALKING about JJ Watt in comparison to LT.

Then he follows up by kissing Rex's nads and making tons of excuses for the jets!

Marc, I hate to break it too you, but the jets have lost 6 of their last 8 games. The SUCK-PERIOD! They got terrifically lucky last night and got beat ANYWAYS! ROTFLMAO!

At 2-6 for the past 8, SpOrano and the IMPLOSION is in Full Swing! The jets Suck, suck, SUCKS!

.......or the perfect pass from Tebow wasn't deflected. They did much better against the Texans than we did with star players out.

Posted by: Marc | October 09, 2012 at 02:53 PM

-Don't tell Marc "The Closet" Jet Fan, but Tebow's receiver had a good step, maybe a step and a half on the defender. Had his pass been PERFECT, or just Pretty Good, the defender wouldn't have been ABLE to deflect.

Just like the jest got lucky last night, Tebow got Lucky on that throw. It should have been picked off.

2-3 and the homers are excited? WOW! Can u say LOW STANDARDS?

OK, here are the draft picks under Ireland's tenure as GM. It is fair and important to recognize the Tuna and Post Tuna days. Tuna's overall philosophy and preferences would alway prevail no matter what his formal title was while with the Fins.

I am only showing picks 1-4 as those are the players that should be expected to play active roles. I know history has plenty of unbelievable players taken in the later rounds but the odds of those later picks panning out is low for all teams. When they do find the gems in the later rounds the GM's should be celebrated. To his credit Ireland found some current STARTERS in the later rounds and I included them here.

Overall I give IRELAND a B- score. I initially thought I would give him a C but after this review I have to give him more credit. He basically built a very solid OLine, he seems to have found us a Franchise QB (more to prove I know but I see THill that way) and got us solid RB's. I think there are some solid defenders here but they need to show more to earn my STARTER/STUD grade. He found Pro Bowl level players in Long and Pouncey. I see Jerry and Martin getting better and better.

Yes there were plenty of BUSTS. 2008 and 2009 were not great. But 2010, 2011 and 2012 are showing signs of progress.

Here is my grading system:

STARTER / STUD - no more needed
STARTER / TBD - good to find a starter but need time to know it was a great pick
STARTER/ Not a Believer - no more needed
On Squad / TBD - need backups & special team players - they will prove solid picks
On Squad / Not a Believer - probably will be a bust
BUST - If players picked the past 4 years are not on the squad they were a bust

1 8 Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M STARTER / STUD
2 42 Jonathan Martin T Stanford STARTER / STUD
3 72 Olivier Vernon DE Miami (Fla.) On Squad / TBD
3 78 Michael Egnew TE Missouri On Squad / Not a Believer
4 97 Lamar Miller RB Miami (Fla.) On Squad / TBD

1 15 Mike Pouncey C Florida STARTER / STUD
2 62 Daniel Thomas RB Kansas State On Squad / TBD
4 111 Edmond Gates WR Abilene Christian BUST
6 174 Charles Clay RB Tulsa On Squad / TBD
7 235 Jimmy Wilson DB Montana On Squad / Not a Believer

1 28 Jared Odrick DE Penn State STARTER / TBD
2 40 Koa Misi OLB Utah STARTER / TBD
3 73 John Jerry G Mississippi STARTER / TBD
4 119 A.J. Edds LB Iowa BUST
5 145 Nolan Carroll CB Maryland STARTER
5 163 Reshad Jones FS Georgia STARTER
7 252 Austin Spitler LB Ohio State On Squad / Not a Believer

1 25 Vontae Davis DB Illinois BUST
2 44 Pat White QB West Virginia BUST
2 61 Sean Smith DB Utah STARTER / TBD
3 87 Patrick Turner WR USC BUST
4 108 Brian Hartline WR Ohio State STARTER / STUD
5 165 Chris Clemons DB Clemson STARTER / Not a Believer
6 181 Andrew Gardner T Georgia Tech ON SQUAD / Not a Believer

1 1 Jake Long T Michigan STARTER / STUD
2 32 Phillip Merling DE Clemson BUST
2 57 Chad Henne QB Michigan BUST
3 66 Kendall Langford DE Hampton BUST
4 110 Shawn Murphy G Utah State BUST

What better way to do that than staying within the division and shoving it up Belichick twice a year.

Yesterday's Gone | October 09, 2012 at 05:52 PM

Welker was badly advised by his agent in looking for that 5 Yr. 35 to 40 Mil. deal he wanted. He's 31 Yrs old with a very deep FA class at WR in 2013. For starters before giving Welker any deal I would look at another over 30 WR I believe superior in the Panthers Steve Smith who is 32 and would probably take less to play with Brady for a shot at it all or about the same to play for us.

Before you throw out Welker's numbers remember that Smith has been stuck with Delholmme, Clausen, Matt Moore and last Yr. with Rookie Cam at QB catching last Yr. 80 passes for close to 1,400 Yards.

You then see D.Bowe, G.Jennings, Mike Wallace will all be out there and your right the Pats who somehow are well under the CAP will probably spend but not on Welker who has had nagging injuries every Yr. since he blew out the knee, plus will forever be the dog who dropped their 5th title which is what I think Belichik's real problem with him is deep down.

I say pass on a guy who won't be happy unless making what the others will get and if up to me would show Smith the money 1st and of the big 3 give me Jennings, Wallace or Bowe in that order with maybe a Devory Henderson who is also up for FA at a lower price and proficient in the West Coast O while drafting one to develope.

D Thomas = 3 Irescum busts

Haven't heard anyone ask for Matt Moore to start in awhile. Where did the Moore lovers go? Which name are they hiding behind now? No more Martin is a bust or Brian Flatline references. Now they've all moved on to Thomas since they need SOMETHING to b***h about

Posted by: MiamiD20 | October 09, 2012 at 03:24 PM

He's been reduced to whinning about the BACK UP running back-LMAO!

Next week he'll be crying about the Equipment Manager-LOL.

He scores hits for Mando's totals, but Man, the IGNORANCE alone, in and of itself is ALMOST amusing. If it wasn't for the fact that I can't stand stoppid, the guy would be **ALMOST** funny!

PS: Nice Post!

Egnew = another Irescum bust

I don't think you can label Davis or Langford busts... They were starters while they were here that were pretty good. We got a 2nd for Davis and Langford got paid big time by the Rams

huge Steve Smith fan... I'd love to see him in a Phins uniform.

You can't label a rookie drafted in the 3rd rd a bust before he even gets on the field. what are you 12?

Coples was a sure-fire top 5 pick then fell because of the combine

Posted by: MiamiD20 | October 09, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Coples is a guy I was high on during the draft run up.

The Kid has been invisible. Not just last night, but all season long so far. It's still early, and he has tons of skills to work with. But so far, Nadda!

I'm watching and paying attention to my collegiate favs. But like you said, so much will change between now and then, I can't even contemplate a mock or anything even close.

Henne was a 3 year starter. And a BIG BUST! Just because they start some games for the lowly Fins doesnt eliminate them from being a bust.

Haven't heard anyone ask for Matt Moore to start in awhile. Where did the Moore lovers go? Which name are they hiding behind now? No more Martin is a bust or Brian Flatline references. Now they've all moved on to Thomas since they need SOMETHING to b***h about

MiamiD20 | October 09, 2012 at 03:24 PM

You forgot the tradeseansmith brigade but odin is right nice post. I by the way happen to believe Daniel Thomas may have found his niche as a utility RB in this O.

B33RCA53 , if Egnew was any good he would've seen the field. LOL

Thomas is raw remember he played QB until 4 years ago. He may bulk up and become the one cut power runner we drafted him to be. He still has a way to go but has shown talent undeniably.

Jimmy Graham didn't see the field til late in his rookie year either. I guess he's a bust too?

I think your grades are a bit generous. A couple of players that are starters that you have listed as studs, are far from that at this juncture. Brian Hartline and Jonathan Martin, for example, are starters, but studs is reaching. 2011, in particular, was Ireland's first year running the show. Other than Pouncey, which was a nice safe first round pick, the rest of that draft rates a D at best. Players like Clay have been nearly invisible and Thomas, well we know the line on him so far. Soft, slow, fumblitis... not a fan at all. 2012 looks a lot better, but is still marred by ignoring the WR position and getting a bust at TE.

I am encouraged about how the team is playing. They have heart and will continue to improve. One thing that bumps us his grade is the players that were re-signed like Soliai and Starks, two of the unsung heroes on the D line. I am encouraged about the future, but a change in GM I think would still be a good move. Let's not forget the fact that Miami has consistently missed on wideouts and TE's (think if we drafted either Gronk or Hernandez in a year the Pats grabbed both) over the past several years. Marshall was the biggest and FA signing and we all know how that turned out. For those that have watched the last 2 Bears games, how much do you think he would have helped a promising young QB if he was not traded away?

Irescum should've drafted Jimmy Graham.

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