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Sherman tells what position on offense has improved most

It's one thing when I tell you how far a player has come and improved. It's one thing when you tell me how far a player has come and improved. But when the coaches see it, based on in-depth tape study of games as well as practice, based on personal interaction and evaluation, then we have something.

The Dolphins have something in Ryan Tannehill.

Mike Sherman, the Dolphins offensive coordinator, was asked Monday what area on offense has improved the most since the regular-season opener at Houston.

One guess ... it wasn't Charles Clay.

“I would have to say our quarterback position is the most dramatic improvement on the offensive side of the ball," Sherman said. "He just keeps getting better and better. Very seldom does he make the same mistake twice. You tell him that you need to do this and he does it. So I think that his maturation throughout the course of the NFL season, going into Week Six, he has taken steps every single week. He will continue to do that throughout the course of the season and the course of his career. So I would think that’s the single biggest jump this season."

Not only has Tannehill shown long-range improvement but he's playing better now than he did even a couple of weeks ago when I told you his accuracy was off. Since that time, he's delivered consecutive games with a completion percentages of over 60, including a career high 65 percent versus Cincinnati.

“I think his decision making has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks," Sherman said. "Each game we go into and come out of less and less of us being critical of his decisions. He’s made some very good decisions here as of late. The other thing I would say would be, push in the pocket. He had the tendency to leave the pocket with depth. Now he's stepping up in the pocket and finding throws to make. He had a great throw to (Davone) Bess on a scramble in the game. He’s created some plays with his feet by pushing up in the pocket. Yeah I would say those two areas, push in the pocket and decision making have definitely improved."

Tannehill is on the right path, folks. The case can be made that he is the second-best quarterback in the AFC East right now.

When was the last time the Dolphins could say that and believe it was a long-term truth? And, assuming he continues to get better, when was the last time one could believe eventually -- once Tom Brady's play begins to diminish with time -- that Miami could dominate the division because of its QB play?

Been a while.

[BLOG NOTE: I regret that we will no longer be including the feature videos on every Tannehill throw from week to week. The NFL's long legal arm contacted the maker of the videos that we've put up here for a month and informed him he was in violation of some policy or other. Then J.J. Watt knocked his front door down and told him if he didn't stop it, he'd break in two. So the videos are no more.]



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Dare I say......I now feel Hmmmmm...optimistic?

I Think the dolphins CRUSH THE RAMS ON SUNDAY.'... MIAMI 41 Rams 31

First of all Craig M & M, everyone knows u are Jeff Ireland.
Rating the QB; Tannehil greatly benefits from playing in a familiar scheme. Anywhoo...

Don't care who post's what,as long as it's about OUR fins.Think we should get josh hamilton.lol

Just two suggestions, cut Clay, cut Marlon Moore. Go down to the seven eleven in Overtown and pick up two new receivers looking for work before 8 am. They will work for minimum wage and be an improvement.

I had to add to/comment on YG and Fin4's posts in regards to the jets intentionally taking cheap shots and trying to injure players.

This has been going on for a LONG time with the jets. It's gotten to the point were it can be considered a "Pattern Of Behavior".

In light of the Saints Bounty program and the Cheap shots on Bush and Cushing, one could start to be suspicious. But then think back to when Westhoff instructed his inactive players and (low level) assistant coaches to form illegal picket lines during kicks and returns. Their targets were Gunners, Returners and any blocker/tacklers that might come near. If you remember, during his rookie season, Nolan Carroll was injured by Westhoff's Illegal Picket Lines.

How long is Goodell and the NFL going to let this blatant shyt go on? What kind of injury is it going to take for Goodell to take action?

YG's post:

Jets also cheap shotted Reggie Bush. The league needs to look into it. Jet players are deliberately trying to take opposing players out.

Yesterday's Gone | October 09, 2012 at 08:18 PM

That really is a good point!

Posted by: fin4life | October 09, 2012 at 08:25 PM

It's more than just a good point. It should be looked into by the NFL and Goodell. I made these points while blogging during the game as well. This, following Clauson "Work" on Cushing's knee:

-Real classy work there from a real classy organization!

PS: It reminds me of Bush's injury.....only worse and more obvious. I guess thats how fat slobs do it, when they can't get it done on skill.

Suspend this fat classless piece of shyt, Puh-Lease.

Posted by: odinseye | October 08, 2012 at 10:12 PM


-I Hope Mangold isn't hurting too bad, Karma is a beatch Ha Ha!

They did a number on Bush and Reevis went down for the year.

Now, Slauson did it to Cushing and Mangold goes down?

Yep, this classless act is running out of luck.

C'Mon Man!

Posted by: odinseye | October 08, 2012 at 10:38 PM

YG and Fin4's posts jogged my memory on Westhoff's Picket Lines and the Injury to then rookie Nolan Carroll.

This was a blatant attempt at straight up cheating and cheap shotting opponents. They were breaking rules that were **ALREADY** in place for the express purpose of stopping TEAMS from doing exactly that!

To add insult to injury(Pun Intended).......

To further expose the jets concerted effort **As A TEAM** to cheat and POSSIBLY maim opponents, Westhoff INSTRUCTED inactive players and low level assistants to cross the lines/the player's boxes to form these Pickets. These players and assistants weren't even supposed to be in the player's boxes as they were "Inactives". They weren't supposed to be anywhere near the sidelines, so it was obvious that Westhoff had Coached them up on where to be standing.

If I remember right, one of Westhoff's assistants took "The Fall" for him. Another Classless move by Ryan's staff.

This has turned into a long term pattern of behavior since Rex Ryan's arrival in New York. Something needs to be done before careers start getting ruined, if they haven't already!

In the VERY LEAST Slauson should be fined **And in my opinion** SUSPENDED for as Long as Brian Cushing is on IR.

Sorry about the length of the post you guys, but I thought the seriousness warranted it.




Sorry man, missed the part about the major hometown discount. Yeah maybe under those circumstances. I still feel the best way is what you suggested....a young guy, preferrably in the second round. Been reading up on this guy Patterson and it would be great if he was still there in the 2nd. I'm still ticked we didn't draft D. Thomas, WR in Denver. To me this was the guy to get, not Dez Bryant.

Best part is karma came back on Revis after a Thomas juke! Didn't even touch him. Carrol got cheap shotted by a worthless trainer and he got caught and fired. Holmes went down for the year and, again, no one touched him. Not sure what happened to Mangold I didn't see it or hear it but the Jests are a CLASSLESS organization from owner to GM to their coach. Which is why they never accomplished anything in their history and why everyone in this town respects the Giants more than the Jests by leaps and bounds.

The Jets are yesterday's news!! I couldn't care less about what happens to them.

We are better and that is all that matters!!!

Jests are a bigger laughing stock than the Mets in this town and that's saying a lot. Mets are simply bad and admit it, Jests are bad and still insist they're super bowl bound

Duh! Me wonder why Mr.Dumb is sticking up for some one else?

Posted by: odinseye | October 09, 2012 at 06:55 PM


Look who is talking?

The troll who covers for Dashi, Craig, DC.

You fool!!!!!



i like the fake reality check better..more entertaining

Posted by: Dolt | October 09, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Sadly the same can't be said for you. Buuuuuuwaaaahahahahahaha

How many names is this now, troll? By my count, at least 4.

Odin is the biggest troll but, you sure are making it a competition! Keep on trolling!

I just saw the replay on Cushing's injury. If Goddell really wants to be serious about eliminating serious intents to injure, then where is the Jets' penalty.

Let me run this down...

1) Strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi sticks a knee out on Nolan Carroll, could've caused serious injury - no penalty on the Jets.

2) bart Scott injures Reggie Bush while he was playing for the Saints - claims he put a little bit of hot sauce on that tackle (wrenched his knee intentionally).

3) Rex Ryan says that his team will tackle Reggie Bush with a little hot sauce and what do you know, they try to injure him again (by going at his knee again), knocking him out of the game.

4) Slauson in a blatant intent to injure cuts Cushing down from behind tears the guy's ACL.

What a piece of garbage Rex Ryan and the Jets are and yet not one peep from ESPN or the Media which coincidentally is controlled in New York.

The Jets have avoided serious penalties in all the instances mentioned above....

yet the Saints were in effect given the death penalty for what was peanuts in comparison to what the Jets did in the instances mentioned above.

Who wants to rub lotion on my groan area.?

They wont let me romp on Walkers blog.

OY Papi Cuban Menace where are you.

The ONLY thing wrong with your guys post about the jets Special Teams is this....

REX RYAN was FULLY AWARE of what was going on...and HE is RESPONSIBLE for ALL actions concering the jets during the game...from the ball boy...to the Offensive Coordinator...and of course HC....and I believe Strength and conditioning and Special Teams fall somewhere in between....

Reality Check are you bitter that we uncovered your troll truth? UH OH! someone wanted to be legit but is now revealed as a troll! every post you make verifies that you are nothing more than a troll. you had your chance and you took it for troll-granted. Welcome to the dark side! Muhahaha trolltards

Mark in Toronto,

Limeade will get that taste out of your mouth.

I feel bad about that but people say we vegetarians often have a funky taste.

In His name,


Kris, of course that fat toad knows what is going on and endorses this. A team is a reflection of it's head coach and since he's gone there, the Jets have been dirty time and again and every time it happens, he pleads ignorance.


Good morning,

Just wanted to say as a dolphin fan from Miami since 1978....living right outside of Boston...FINALLY....I can say we may have found THE MAN...think about this guys and gals...Rookie Head Coach...Rookie QB....No #1 WR...After the Houston game...(which by the way they are taking everyone to the woodshed)...We should be 4-1...with St Louis coming before bye...will be 3-3.....Then EVERY SINGLE GAME is winnable UNTIL DEC....should be in a position to challenge for a playoff spot in Dec...biggest obstacle is 5 of those 7 ON THE ROAD....Then schedule gets REALLY TOUGH....Thats where our season will continue or end....But look forward to actually being in the discussion at the end of season for the first time in along time....GO FINS...ROLL WITH IT Tannehill...

True Mark...they are the definition of dirty....everybody and there mom saw the dirty play on Bush....

I'm pretty sure he got his knee twisted or yanked in the pile....look @ the dirty jet troll who came out of the pile yelling and screaming....and then Bush doesn't get up...probably heard Bush's groan's of pain...

but pay back is a "B"...and the jets have recieved plenty...

The best part will be watching sanchez get replaced by Tebow after the bye week...and then US kicking Tebow's @ss...and the jets realizing the have the TWO WORST QB's in the ENTIRE NFL....

Its gonna be a great ride down to the bottom for them...

I would like to have an assortment of biscuits to eat or offer to guests.

armando, u workin'.?

You keep thinkin that Mr. name Changer. LOL

Far be it from me to try to convince an idiot he's wrong.

Let's allow your idiotic assumptive posts speak for themselves!


I know it's wrong to cheer for injury, but is it wrong to be happy for vengeance/pay back/karma? Everyone knows that the Jests are a joke franchise that can only win via luck or dirty play. That's why they got Landry, he's a dirty hard-nose player. They got YB cause he's a hard-hitting safety. They traded for Cromartie cause he's a scum diva. They wanted Holmes cause he's a scum diva. They all fit and buy into Rex Ryan's persona. Ryan wants to prove himself and will win at any cost for their entertainment-driven owner. We lost Bush for a half, they lost their two best players for the year. Karma is a b***h

you realize i admitted i was a troll while you still refuse to realize that no one respects you here. you are a troll and loser poster reality check trolltards. which name do you normally post under troll because everyone here knows you change names as frequently as i do LOL

i rarely see "reality check" post but apparently you are always here because you come back immediately after i call you out for being a trolltards. so why dont you admit who you are so we can move on

point is you are a troll just admit it. i admit it, so should you cause selfrealization is a good thing. im just trying to help you out

Kris, MD20,

I also feel no sympathy for them losing their two games and sdmittedly laughed when Santonio threw the ball up in the air like a little bichh.

I so look forward to flushing them down the toilet once again in a couple of weeks. During the last few years we may not have been a good team but we've known how to put a boot squarely up their rears.

you realize i admitted i was a troll while you still refuse to realize that no one respects you here. you are a troll and loser poster reality check trolltards. which name do you normally post under troll because everyone here knows you change names as frequently as i do LOL

i rarely see "reality check" post but apparently you are always here because you come back immediately after i call you out for being a trolltards. so why dont you admit who you are so we can move on

point is you are a troll just admit it. i admit it, so should you cause selfrealization is a good thing. im just trying to help you out

you realize i admitted i was a troll while you still refuse to realize that no one respects you here. you are a troll and loser poster reality check trolltards. which name do you normally post under troll because everyone here knows you change names as frequently as i do LOL

i rarely see "reality check" post but apparently you are always here because you come back immediately after i call you out for being a trolltards. so why dont you admit who you are so we can move on

point is you are a troll just admit it. i admit it, so should you cause selfrealization is a good thing. im just trying to help you out

Miami D and Mark...

I never cheer for injuries....not even for the jets....

but I do believe that Bush was intentionally injured during the pile up...

and like you guys...feel ZERO sympathy for them if that's the game their gonna play....

Samge goes for the saints...

Real good article here:

Move forward, and trade Thomas to KC

Then again, who really cares what you think?

I'm going out for a milkshake.

I am on both sides of the cheering for an injury argument. I was disgusted with what happened with Cassel. Considering it could have been a head injury or something that could ruin his ability to communicate/see his family.

On the other hand, the Revis injury, you knew it was a knee or leg where he could walk again, no serious life threatening damge. I cheered for that, I guess that makes me bad, but I knew he was not going to die from it. And the way that guy talked, and the way their fans talked about him. I was happy. It's not like he is not going to make over 10 million to stand on the side watching and rehabing.

Ops Thomas to GB and Moore to KC


chintie pata lo ming!

YG I agree that Tannehill would have been a top-notch QB if he were drafted later in his college career. Remember what I said a few blogs ago? Tannehill would have overtaken or at least challenged Barkley and Geno for top QB overall in the draft. I'm sold. He has talent and smarts and all the intangibles

The only reason ESPN shows the Jests is because they are entertainment driven not because they're any good. They have Mr GQ in Sanchez and the son of god in Tebow. People want to see them fail, that's why ESPN shows them. I'm fine with that too, shows Philbin and Miami are doing things legitimately and doing it there way rather than trying to get publicity. In 3 years we'll be all over ESPN as a top team


I like the honesty...

Troll, keep spinnin! LMAO

Maybe if I was reality I'd be aroused by your blabber.

Sadly for you, this is stupidity & hilarity at it's best on display! Are you related to Odin?


bobby, what's up friend? Nice to see an old schooler here.

Nice read, good to see an owner who's main goal is winning and not making money (unlike the teams we have here in Toronto). Even though Ross got burned by that low life brandon marshall, he's not shy from pulling the trigger again - which you would expect from a man who made billions. But nice to see nonetheless.

I just hope he defers to Philbin and Ireland on exactly who they sign though. He should ahve input because it's his money but let the talent evaluators make the final calls on exactly WHO.

still no new post. god damn it!

Mando, can you please tell Joe that it is a game of field position? Why does he still not get that? You don't attempt (and miss) 52 yard FGs when your kicker's range is 45 yards. Rather, you use your pro bowl punter to pin them back inside the 5. Then you play D and there's a 50% chance the D ends up scoring and a 95% chance the D gets you the ball back after a punt at mid field.

Good Ole Stephen Ross!!! Just can't keep his mouth shut!!!

Kris I agree, if a Jest player went down I'd feel bad, it's unfortunate, I mean, just imagine if you broke a bone or tore something how painful and aweful it would feel. But when they intentionally injure a player all bets are off. You get what you deserve. And the best/funny part is they got injured when no one touched him rather than us legimiately injuring them. A juke and some random twist later these players are out and it's what they deserve for trying to injure our most ellusive player

Dear "the U" pieces of trash:

You don't cheer injuries, period. There is no demarcation based on whether it's a head or a knee injury, as "the U" thug Poizen states. So horrific knee injuries are okay? So it would be okay to cheer what happened to Joe Theisman?

At the University of Florida, where the students and alumni (not necessary the trash "fans" who don't hold degrees from the university) have class, there is always silence for any injury (either team) and then applause (and tears of pride) when the injured player gets up.



A Gator

Clipboard, in all honesty, that meeting was a town hall to Miami Dolphins employees only - Ross was speaking to the organization. He did nothing wrong.

Reality trolltard, or whatever name you'll use next,

Do you think it's possible for someone to repeat something so often that you actually start to believe your own BS? Regarldess of how idiotic it is?


Only a brain dead amoeba would be that dumb! And you are. LMAO!

P.S. Realitytrolltard,

I never denied I was a troll. I wear that badge proudly.

I'm just not the troll you think I am. You are a pathetic excuse for a troll. You bring shame on the troll community. You should be excommunicated for your stupidity!

This is too easy! LMAO

Someone wake Mando up --- not cruising my butt

Yay! You accept that your are a troll Reality Check i am proud of you. RC is a troll! Welcome aboard!

Armando has returned to his native village high in the Peruvian Andes, where he is known as 'Pepito the Donkey Boy.'

Today is Market Day, so Armando/Pepito will be leading his little burro, Chico, down the mountain and to the village to sell his family's coffee and handmade trinkets.
He has no time for this football nonsense.

the burro is a noble animal.

Thug U, I appreciate your point of view, however, maybe I just don't have the same high and mighty morals you do. Oh, and to add my morals out there further, I HOPE!! REALLY HOPE, that Michael Vick gets a TERRIBLE injury, not one that takes him from his family, or children, but one that does not allow him to make this kind of money. That man is a disgrace, and if you think that is wrong and there are not others out there that agree, you might want to find a different planet to live on. And yes, I think there is a big difference between a brain injury and a ton miniscus or a acl injury... So call me what you like.

Yay! You accept that your are a troll Reality Check i am proud of you. RC is a troll! Welcome aboard!

Posted by: Reality Check is a Troll | October 10, 2012 at 11:21 AM

LOL She still don't get it does she? LMFAO!!!

I may change my mind, I think odin is smarter than you! LMAO

Can the Phins get some help from other teams this weekend?

Reality Check i mean yesterday's gone, you make absolutely no sense. Why dont you enlighten us on your football knowledge oh wait! you dont have any! you are just another troll!

Mark in Toronto. Ross wanted a starting QB and got TanneHill. I'm sure he will get the receiver he wants. I'm sorta hoping they do it thru the draft. I found interesting that Ireland has drafted the 2nd most players playing in the NFL. I would like to see how many of those guys are "high quality" guys and game changers. I admit I was really wrong about Philbin, the guys are buying in and he is doing a good job. This team "finally" looks to be heading in the proper direction.

Several Oct. 10th blogs are talking about the need to get a #1 receiver next season. This might be a good idea but I believe they could do something right now.

I suggested some time ago that the FO should do their due diligence and check KELLEN WINSLOW out. He's been the 7th ranked TE in total yards the past two seasons.

Read the following article.


Excerpt from the above article:
"While a player getting released might be seen as a red flag, Winslow asked for his release and it was likely for good reason: he wants to be a bigger part of a team's offense. The Dolphins need an impact player to push their offense over the hump. Winslow would be perfect for them right now, at least as a one year rental."

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