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Starks out for personal reason, Gaffney believes he's ready

Randy Starks missed practice today due to a non-football personal reason, coach Joe Philbin said this afternoon.

As to the status of Jabar Gaffney for Sunday's game, the Dolphins wide receiver seems very optimistic about his chances of playing against the New York Jets. Philbin, meanwhile, is a little more cautious.

I asked Gaffney about his work at practice today and he said today was his best practice since he's been with the team. "I'm definitely ready to play," Gaffney added.

Frankly, I'm eager to see what Gaffney is able to do once he gets acclimated with the Miami calls and checks. He is a bona fide and experienced No. 2 wide receiver and his addition would give the Dolphins flexibility to expand what they do in the passing game. And that, in turn, could help open lanes for a running game that lately has been bogged down by teams loading up.

So Gaffney learning the system is important.

"I'm a lot better than I was when I first got here," Gaffney said. "I've gotten better with each and every practice and it's helped me play rather than just thinking. I would have to say today was my best practice, definitely better than Monday."

Philbin wasn't quite ready to say Gaffney will be active against the Jets -- which would be the first game being active for the player.

"He looked good in practice," Philbin said. "I thought he's doing some things well."

But, again, no word on whether Gaffney is going to be active. The coach suggested he wants to see more Thursday and Friday.



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I expect Gaffney to play Sunday. No reason to give the Jets a heads up on this before Sunday's game. Let them figure it out at the last minute.

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what is up with Armstrong.....

Steve Ross = The worst owner in sports.

Ross cares only about the money. If winning was a priority he would've fired Ireland years ago.


Good luck to your Jets this week. You're not fooling anyone, bud.

Can't wait for Sunday! KILL THE JETS!!

Right on Mark, and they should've made Brandon Marshall GM as well as receiver!

Tell 'em!!

Mark, if we played the Bears Ross would honor Brandon Marshall like he honored Tebow last year. LOL

cheap ross.

Ross is doing a fine job. His decisions are good ones but he goes about them wrong. How can you say he does not want to win? He is not denying us any funds for the team. I hate when people say he does not care about winning.

They should drop Armstrong and just give ST or 5th WR reps to Matthews no reason to keep Armstrong anymore

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Ross pocketed the Hard Knocks money, the Brandon Marshall salary and the Vontae Davis salary RATHER THEN IMPROVE THE TEAM!

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Y is Cooley good enough for the redskins to sign off free agency but not good enough for the dolphins? If he plays good that would make our free agent scouting look lazy

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starks out 4 personal reasons.?. yeah ok,
he just had a f'n week off wtf r u pullin.?.

phins winz.

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And i predict a big rushing day due to a refreshed and well rested Bush, Thomas, Miller, Long. Going against a low ranking Jets defense without Revis would help too.Big day for our gb also. If Gaffney plays thats great, if not then at least we get to see more of M Moore.

"Buster" is a name for a cat.

We can definitely beat the J-E-T-S .....no doubt in my mind.....GO FINS !!!!

.....and the name should be IRREG.....as a noun to go with mentally......

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LOL @ xtremewayz7

Ross was willing to pay $11M a year to get Harbaugh as coach. Unfortunately it took more than money since Harbaugh's wife wanted to stay in the Bay area. But it is hard to accuse Ross of being cheap. SImilarly Ross has paid top dollar - if anything contributing to our salary cap problems. Again, hard to accuse him of being cheap.

Ross wants to win. He could have made much more money keeping his assets in real estate but he grew up in Miami, went to Beach high and wanted to make the Dolphins of his youth a winner again. He gets criticized for not being politically correct enough but I cannot fault a guy who has trivial embarrassments in an excess of zeal to improve his team.

Whether keeping Ireland was the right decision or not remains to be seen. So far Ireland is not Bobby Beathard. But the Dolphins quality has improved markedly since Ireland came and some of his early round picks like Tannehill and Martin as well as some pickups like Wake are looking good. The tale will be told on Ireland over the next three years.

I bet Gaffney plays , like someone said earlier , Philbin just isn t giving the jets time to prepare for him , I do wish we`d of gone after another tight end in free agency, we haven t had a good one since Jackson

If I had to make a bet I would say he is playing Sunday and Joes tempered enthusiasm or downplaying is a way to keep Gaffney pushing hard to learn the rest of the playbook through the week. He probably won't know it all but Joe keeping the pressure on could get him further along, avoiding an announcement may be a motivational ploy.

Gaffney playing is intriguing.

We have gone from having a bunch of 4,5,and 6's! To a couple 2 and 3's!

On the overpaid LB's being difficult to change please explain how?

Ur paying Dansby P.Willis Money and he plays like channing crowder!

It's not that he's over 30! It's that he's over 30 and overpaid!

It's not like dansby will play up to his money!

Don't get me wrong Dansby is a above average LB! But if ur getting paid as the best MLB! And Say u are! Play like it! Give me some 20 tackle games! Int for TD's! Fumble's!

Not like crowder !

On Burnett he's a good 3-4 OLB! But in a 4-3 ur LB's need to be more athletic than in a 4-3!

The problem is the amount of passes players catch on the LB's! YES, THEY CAN TACKLE! BUT THEY ARE A STEP SLOW! Too many completions!

Again, they have shown to only play half a season! So I expect them to show up Sunday!


Fazano, is okay , better blocker then he is receiver , only catches the ball 40 percent of the time , we need someone who gets open a lot and catches the ball with his hands, annd the bigger the better

Good points Oavery....time will tell...

....Oavery?...... got to be a chick.....

i jump all over you when earlier you. But i will apologize and tell you that this is the stuff i wanted to see. I believe gaffney will play this weekend and i am glad there is nothing physically wrong with starks


You're an idiot! Plain and simple. If you think Dansby's been playing like Crowder then you've either been smoking some good weed or you know nothing about football. Either way I don't feel like discussing it any furthr with you.

Buster Not according to Reg ;)~

How can we suck so bad at TE?

I mean no disrespect to Fasano but we hardly ever use TE in our offensive arsenal.

During the preseason there was talk of the double TE line up line the Pats use with Hernandez & Gronk.

But Clay has regressed and Egnew is looking more and more like a major bust.

And what about Mastrud??? & Yeatman as a OT/TE hybrid who is built like a greek god?


We have 4 TE's on our roster and only one seems to get the ball, and that's very sporadic at best.

Come on man...open up the package and add some TE reps to the WCO!!!

But I must say you are one smart cat , I bet you flush instead of using litter box


Don t think the games gonna be on TV in my area again , the damn Faguars are playin at same time , which means they get TV rights , sux for 25 yrs watched fins on TV then these Jagoffs come in the league Dolphins are out , don t seem fair , like to kick someones ass some where for making that call

NHFINSFAN.....I think you are on point in this respect...T-Hill needs more targets who can get open and catch the ball...

....definitely a priority for next draft/free agency...

...meanwhile, the coaches can only run plays that the available personnel can handle....

...apparently the options you mentioned haven't won the staff's trust in that respect....

...and Hernandez and Gronk !!! sticking with the anatomical convo, I'd give my left gonad for those two TE's....

....how's that for committed Mr Ross....lololol

I think they need to throw the ball more to Reggie coming out of the back field . like the Bills used to do with Thurman Thomas , he gets a lot of yak , that would open up Bess and Hartline a lot more , and Gaffney too once he starts playin , also keep them from stacking the box wouldn t know if Reggie was gonna carry or catch the ball

Yah...agreed xtreme.....for some raeson they don't seem to get passes to Reggie.....not even on check down situations....

...can't understand why myself.....but hey...what do we peasants know anyways.....:-)

not reason....reason.....dyxlexia here I am...lolololol

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Guys been reading all the back-n-forth regarding who we should draft whose worth what in FA and who isn't worth much on the roster plus the debate regarding the depth at CB week 8 of a Regular Season.

1) The debate of he we draft is irrelevant till New Years when we will know were we are slotted in the draft. I personally like MLB T'eo but if were picking in the low teens or high 20's then it would take our #1 in 2014 to move up to get him same goes for OLB/DE Barkevious Mingo. X.Rhodes who I believe will be the fast & physical CB we expected VD to be and might be there in the teens could be gettable but again pure speculation till we know were we are picking.

We can speculate on Rd-2 although were both Safety's E.Reid (LSU) and McDonald (USC) should still be along with maybe all 3 T.E.'s Eiffert (hands, route runner) Fuaria (Gronk like size) and Ertz (Keller, Hernandez type who can line up in the slot) Then in Rd-3 if WR hasn't been addressed then you can't wait till the 6th you need to take a guy your O minded Coaching staff feels is a player while some 4th Rd depth at OG would be nice on down to who falls were in the Domino game called the NFL Draft.

I will toss you all a curve ball though and that's the fact a player moving up is Texas A&M LT Luke Joekel (6'6"/310 Pds. 5.15/40) who O.C. Sherman is familiar with and protected Tannehill's blindside for those 19 College starts. He is rated in the top 20 for the next draft and could be there and if not then believe it or not the 2nd best rated tackle is Tex. A&M RT Jake Matthews (6'5"/310 4.98/40) who is projected to switch left in the NFL. You guys believe the 15 Million base salary plus 40 Mil or so Guarantee due Long doesn't have the wheels turning on this possibility.

I love big Jake but he's becoming very Tony Bosselli like with the chronic injuries and the guarantee more than anything scares me and for the poster who wondered about trading someone Franchised the answer is yes you can another team makes the offer you don't match it and they have to give you compensatory value which in this case would be a #1 in 2014.

Given the fact FA comes before the draft see this as possible even if some call me crazy facilitating a trade for T'eo with your additional 2014 #1 while killing the 11.5 Million we owe Dansby in 2014 while keeping a #1 pick in the 2014 draft eliminating in this scenario 26.5 Million off the CAP with some great young talent to cover those positions, elite maybe, just a thought?????????

Right , Thurman used to kill not only us in games, but everyone with that swing pass , did it for years , I was like are they ever gonna practice to prevent that , but next time we played them, 15 yds here ,20 yds there , and there`s an open Andre Reed for the touch down

I agree Long has not been himself this year , he`s letting a lot people get by him , if he doesn t start playing like the pro bowl jake by the end of the year , I say we have to cut him loose , every game Tannehill been getting clobbered and it seems to be Long letting someone fly right by him untouched, if I didn t know any better , I`d say he`s good friends with Matt Moore

Am I the only one who would prefer filling our actual weaknesses instead of worrying who is getting paid what even though they are playing well enough and we will have plenty of cap space??? I mean, are we the Oakland A's?? Is this moneyball??? I'm not writing any cheques and Ross doesn't seem concerned about payroll at all and seems more conceerned about adding talent.

Where not saying not to fill in our other needs , but we certainly need to protect the quarterback we waited 15 yrs to get , you let Tannehill keep getting blindsided like that and it won t matter what receivers we get , again , not sure why long has been playing like he has , but it only takes one good hit to destroy a Qb`s career

Well, I'm not sure he's getting killed out there. Miami's given up 12 sacks, that's top ten fesest in the NFL. League leader has six. But there are a lot of things you can do without jettisoning a talent like jake Long. If martin develops a year or two down the road, you can always flip the tackles and have Jake play on the right. As a matter of fact, if you think this may be the case if you're ireland, you cans tructure the contract so that his cap hits in two or three years are comparable to the top RTs in the league.

So you see, there ar ealways options - you don't need to just cut guys or not re-sign them - think outside the box and sign your own home grown talent and keep the pipeline going.

It's not like Jake Long is Damien MacIntosh or something

Idiot Ross is just the money man & all he DOES care about is making his money back!!! Dip stick Ireland is supposed to pick the talent & y'all see where we have been for the last few years, he did get lucky & get us Tannehill so 1 checkmark for a bunch of strikes!!! SELL THIS TEAM ROSS & TAKE IRELAND WITH YOU!!!

Vonte Davis stats for the colts this season: 14 tackles, 1 pass defensed.

Sean smith: 27 tackles, 2 picks,1 FF, 9 passes defensed

plus a bye week for sean

Why are we still talking about Ross, and that all he cares about is money, not winning. Whomever would have this notion is truly a DUMB @SS. Think about it folks! The Dolphins are, and have been, just about maxed out on the salary cap for every year Ross has owned the Dolphins. With that said, many of you would blame Ireland. Wrong! Blame Parcells! He is responsible for past picks and FA pickups that have not panned out, and are taking up salary cap space with the DEAD MONEY LABEL. In addition, as we have all heard already, next year the Dolphins will have MILLIONS in cap space, so the possibilities of being able to keep our own core players and maybe picking up some REAL QUALITY FA's is nearing. Moreover, let's not forget who had a hand in bringing in some suspect talent because "we know them." Remember that phrase out of Sparano's mouth? "We know them"? REALLY! Columbo was a guy Sparano "knew," so we picked him up, and he sucked balls! Now that he is with the Jets, he's doing the same there! Hahahahahahahahahah.
Phins 27
Loser-Jets 10


I'm not talking Moneyball, I'm talking about improving while opening up space which use to be the secret to the Steelers and Pats going to the next guy up who was already drafted or on the bench something lost on these teams ironically coinciding with their respective slides.

In the case of J.Long it's not just the 15 Mil base but the guarantee which would probably be somewhere in the 40 range for a player who is beginning to remind me of Tony Bosselli another elite LT whose career was cut short by chronic injuries in the knees and shoulders (sound familiar) Franchising him then taking the compensatory value from another team here is something to ponder.

You add the fact both Tex A&M Tackles are the best rated but sloted in the top 25 and the wheels start spinning because you can package the extra 1 that type of move would cost a team for Long with our own and move up for an elite talent like T'eo or do you believe our D Capt. Q.B. Dansby a better player?? If this were possible you can maybe package a 2 & 3 to move into the bottom of Rd-1 again grabbing one of these Tackles seems to be working in New England with Vollmer and Solder just fine.

One of the A&M OL will be there late everybody will pounce on Bama's behemoth LT watch. It's not a money saving thing as much as a CAP elixir to open up room to spend. In this scenario you can sign our other FA players while tossing Cash at a M.Wallace who will hit the market cause the Steelers won't pay maybe even G.B.'s T.E. JerMicheal Finley as well who was franchised last Yr. ect......... It's funny you would believe I saw it any other way or your still stuck on your Toronto blues from earlier.

I`m saying give him the rest of the year to get back to form, but not going to pay him big big bucks when he`s the one constantly letting the opposition fly by him,and he`s been called quite a bit for movement killing drives as well, I like the guy and hopes he starts playing like the Jake Long we know and love , but this is a what have you done for me lately type business , and if all you`ve been doing is a so so job , not going to keep you , we haven t been able to run the ball to his side lately either , guys are getting hit in the back field , cause they are blowing right by Jake!!

You are,assuming, stuff about Long. Why don't we wait until Season's end to evaluate him? He really has not been that terrible.

The MLB position has been a liability in Miami since Zach got old. We are getting by much the same way the Minnesota Vikes did for years with the Williams boys Pat and Kevin clogging it up and masking the weak play out of MLB EJ Henderson. Solia only signed a 2 Yr. extension and hits the market in 2014 again while I always felt we got a steal in Starks who was one of the big reasons for the success of A.Haynsworth in Tennessee and is on his way to another Pro Bowl back at his natural DT spot in the 4/3. I would resign these two and if you can put an elite player like T'eo behind them in the middle your D just got Ravens early 2000's good. In terms of packaging a 2 and a 3 for one of the Tackles still leaves you with the other picks in that draft were you can grab someone like Reid possibly tossing money into a deep FA class at WR. It's not right or wrong just a thought like many others.

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