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Starks out for personal reason, Gaffney believes he's ready

Randy Starks missed practice today due to a non-football personal reason, coach Joe Philbin said this afternoon.

As to the status of Jabar Gaffney for Sunday's game, the Dolphins wide receiver seems very optimistic about his chances of playing against the New York Jets. Philbin, meanwhile, is a little more cautious.

I asked Gaffney about his work at practice today and he said today was his best practice since he's been with the team. "I'm definitely ready to play," Gaffney added.

Frankly, I'm eager to see what Gaffney is able to do once he gets acclimated with the Miami calls and checks. He is a bona fide and experienced No. 2 wide receiver and his addition would give the Dolphins flexibility to expand what they do in the passing game. And that, in turn, could help open lanes for a running game that lately has been bogged down by teams loading up.

So Gaffney learning the system is important.

"I'm a lot better than I was when I first got here," Gaffney said. "I've gotten better with each and every practice and it's helped me play rather than just thinking. I would have to say today was my best practice, definitely better than Monday."

Philbin wasn't quite ready to say Gaffney will be active against the Jets -- which would be the first game being active for the player.

"He looked good in practice," Philbin said. "I thought he's doing some things well."

But, again, no word on whether Gaffney is going to be active. The coach suggested he wants to see more Thursday and Friday.



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Not sure, but I think Fans should be concentrating on beating the Jets this week. However, most here, are talking about next year's Draft. Strange Fans in this Blog!

How about talking on how our receivers are going to get open in the middle of that tough Jets D?


I hope the fins kick the jet's azzes all over the Giant's stadium.

how's that?

Craig Moron, (remember don't start)

Dashi is going to keep beating the LB's suck! Drum!

Some love to criticise the line, others the Wr's and CB's!

Dashi loves to expose the LB's! Ur right dansby is not crowder! He has 1 more 100 tackle season in 3 more NFL seasons! Whoopie!

Heck we signed Burnett for a lot less and over the last 2 seasons his stats are better than Dansby!

For example the saints signed Curtis lofton for Burnett money! He's 5 years younger than dansby and he has had as many 100 tackle seasons with 4 less seasons in the NFL! Plus he averages about 120+ Tackles a season!

LB's that get paid less than Dansby? Anyone Except P.Willis! All 30 other MLB's! Name him he gets paid less than dansby!

Take the top 10 in tackles in the NFL! He gets paid more than all those LB's, He's 47th in the league in tackles! U have CB's and safety's with more tackles!

And he's the 2nd highest paid MLB in the League!

tough jets D?




You must read well, jamaican. I said in the middle(the Jets D).

OK, the middle field.

Gaffneys a bum like the rest of you are.

I didn t bring up the draft , someone else brought it up , I had already made a comment on how to get open against the Jets , we need to throw the ball more to Reggis coming out of the back field , it will loosen things up for the other receivers and stop them from stacking the box and allow us a little room to run , they won t know if Reggie is back there to run the ball or go out for a pass ,

Let me just confirm the above idiot is a different reg making those ridiculous comments above. Why do some people think they are clever when clearly they are far from it?????

Take the top 10 in tackles in the NFL! He gets paid more than all those LB's, He's 47th in the league in tackles! U have CB's and safety's with more tackles!

And he's the 2nd highest paid MLB in the League!
Dashi | October 24, 2012 at 06:07 PM

The excuse was the 3/4 but I never bought it with Y.Bell being the leading Tackler from the S.S. spot. Yhis Yr. the DT's are covering him up in the 4/3 and he's still not the leading tackler. I would throw money at our DT's keeping them together another 4 Years at least and if after Franchised somebody wants to up the offer to Long giving us compensatory #1 then I make the move for T'eo who makes our D alot better and fast. You can always package a 2 and a 3 for one of the A&M Tackles for a move back into late 1st round something teams at the bottom do alot when not convinced stocking up on later rounds. I don't want good I want elite and we need a MLB dumping the 11.5 due Dansby in 2014 or is that guaranteed and if so maybe the worst FA deal ever made!!!


Correct on the draft and the cap! (No one is saying save cap! It's not allowed in the NFL! U have to spend a MINIMUM of 90% of ur CAP that year! We are talking about reallocating funds!)

Except that I wouldn't let go of long! I would franchise him if I can't sign him long term just to make sure! Jake does not have chronic Injury Issues! He was just mistreated and asked to play hurt! That actually hurts u more! How many games has Jake missed? Plus I like the option of having him switch sides in a couple years.

On the Texas A&M tackle thing? Who was the O-Line Coach? Look at what he has done with Martin and Jerry!

We have a top 5 line! And who would've thought in the preseason Jerry and martin were going to be starters!

I would use one of those low picks (4,5,6) on a OL. Let Turner develop them! Maybe in a year or 2 we can let go of Long, After we have his replacement!

Heck he took a UDFA and made him a BackUp C!

ALoca, Dashi answered u yesterday. Remember what I said.

Oscar on yesterday. U hit it on the head doc! But Acute Alcoholism? That doesn't exist over there! Sorry to hear about ur friend.

It's like calling a Irish a Alchy! It's born in the blood! Alcohol is second nature.

I have family that's Irish. Boy them people can drink! And Everything! Whiskey, Beer, Rum, Lighter fluid!

At this point I have no concern for the draft next year. I just care about dominating the Jets.

Watching this team grow and get better.

Remember, you have a rookie head coach, new OFC, and new DFC. New Systems on both sides. A change to the 4-3 on Def.

If they go 8-8 or 9-7, no one should complain!


The Irish have a special liver!! You can't penetrate it!





He obviously thinks he knows what he`s talking about , you can tell by the long winded answers, he`s the type that talks just to hear himself talk , a know it all

It is true. Who would have thought the Jerry and Martin were to be starters and good ones at that? On the Coaches credit.

F4L agreed,

Maybe with the 3-4 a LB should split his Tackles! But Never should a LB be beat by a Safety in tackles for the team lead! That means they are getting past U!

Ur MLB should be ur leading tackler! Else ur MLB Sucks! When was Zack never the leading tackler? Or Ray Lewis? They set the tone!

Dansby has been SUB-Par as a MLB!

Never thought about it that way? Franchise Jake and get a 1st and maybe a couple more picks! Would love to see Te'o and Rhodes in Dolphin Uniforms! They are both 1st rd talent! And get Reid in the 2nd!

J.Martin can Play LT and I trust The O-Line coach with any rookie Linemen! Like u said they are a couple 1st rd picks he developed! Coming Out!

I hope we knock Landry out of the game with his big ffin mouth!

Nothing will better than seeing him chasing Reggie into the end zone!! POS


Correct on the draft and the cap! (No one is saying save cap! It's not allowed in the NFL! U have to spend a MINIMUM of 90% of ur CAP that year! We are talking about reallocating funds!)

Dashi | October 24, 2012 at 06:37 PM

Correct!! This was a big sticking point in the CBA mess last Yr. Some owners like Mike Brown and the Rooney's who are notorious for their cheapness thought the TV contracts were signed to make them money instead of improving competitive balance.

I'm not saying dump Jake but he has been hurt alot and yes in large part due to Sparano taking advantage of his toughness. I'm jus spit balling an idea which still gives us a LT while landing us the next great MLB since P.Willis who we passed on in 07 with Zach already 35 for Ted Ginn's family.

I can only imagine what a player of the caliber of T'eo could do behind our DT's!

Public figure? OK.

Clippy, yep Irish are special. They're Jets fan! So U know how Dashi feels!

Dashi started talking draft. Because that is the only place we can improve! Not some mid season signing that can Start at CB!

U know where u get ur Impact Players! And Philbin said it from Day 1 we are improving thru the draft! So most topics look to fixing our problems thru the draft!

Now on this weeks game?

Dashi says 21-0!

If u want a breakdown? How it's going to happen sure!

More than glad to explain!

i still don't trust a fireland with another year of draft and free agency... we don't have the depth that this team sorely needs to get over the hump. idiot irelands "killing it" with free agency has proven that he doesn't deserve a second chance. bring in BPolian and let's see what he can do with this team. consider him an upgrade at the GM position just as ireland is suppose to be doing with the rest of the team!!

Heck, I know somebody that was very high on Kuechly(MLB) last Draft and he has done nothing up to now.

Landry is a dirty player! To me it was him who came low on Reggie! (And Bart! )

But we should exploit them this game!

I feel we are going to see some unveiling by the Shermanator this week. He might let T-Hill out the pocket. Or look for some new formation he still hasn't ran! Some spread option? Full House? All 3 Rb's on the field at the same time!

Plus having 3 legit WR's on the field will help! This offense will only get better!

Reggie and the line should have a good game! Remember we run the same offense the Texans run and we are well rested! The scheme not the players.

If Reggie wants to support that baby he better stop running scared!


He likes to hear and see himself talk

I saw on NFL Net. that Landry said everytime Bush sees him he will be thinking of that hit (in terms of fear) I suspect we see the best game of the Yr. out of Bush who countered by saying what comes around goes around (Revis) All of a sudden Rex who said before the last game they would hit Bush with some hot sauce says Reggie owes an apology for the statement. I don't think so! Sounds like there will be some extra hitting going on Sunday and our OL will be looking to punch holes for a psyched up Reggie

Miami 20

Jets 10

For those that keep talking about signing a CB the only one left worth anyhting on the street is X-UMer Kelly Jennings who coincidentally played for Coyle in Cincinnati last Yr. and by the way more needy teams at CB like the Ravens, Giants and Lions haven't called him either.

jets 34
Miami 3

I think you must eaten the wrong mushrooms,mushroom.You are clearly hallucinating.Miami 30-East Rutherford Jets 6.

Aloco. I would if typing was difficult. But it's not.

Please explain when dashi talk football it'S crap! Yet when u talk dashi it's not?

Stick to sports loca.

my jets 43
your dolphins 3

Detroit Tigers have no chance.


2 watt, you're making idiot comments again. Ross may not be a great owner but cheap he's not. Have you look at the Phins salary cap, probably not they are 8th in the NFL as far a cap is concerned, they are spending money, The right way???? Maybe not but they are spending. You come up with idiotic stuff all the time.

No problem.

Dashi doesn't mind ur 1001 stuff, sometimes. A jokes a joke and sometime even a flamer can make a funny.

And I'm only critical cause i care! The fins have a standard!

We have an Identity. We know what is expected. Offensivrly and defensively. What a Coach looks like. A QB, RB'S!, LT,C. A top flight DE, DT,MLB,CB's, and safety's.

It'S good to see an owner who cares about the fins!

Yes, he wanted to make it a show at first. But dashi thinks mr.ross has realized football comes first.


On Koochy! He has more tackles than dansby and his rookie contract is for 4yrs/$12.5 mil. That's about what dansby gets paid for 1 season!

And Kuechy already has 3 double digit tackle games! Compared to ZERO from Dansby! Heck, Kuechly's last game the kid had 15 tackles against Dallas!

Add to it that he is 10 years younger!

No reason for him not to be on the field. Got to find a way to get him out there to stretch the Jests defense as much as possible. Why is Rex taunting Reggie? How dumb is that...? He did hire Sparano so that answers that question.

And Kuechy already has 3 double digit tackle games! Compared to ZERO from Dansby! Heck, Kuechly's last game the kid had 15 tackles against Dallas!

Add to it that he is 10 years younger!

Dashi | October 24, 2012 at 08:39 PM

As good as Kuechly was at BC and hs been to start in the NFL I believe T'eo will be on another level and worth a move dumping Dansby's contract and over infatted ego! Even in the dark Olividatti days we had Bagel's Offerdahl and when injuries took him we moved B.Cox in there and he played lights out for us even with the constant distractions and fines.

In all my years as a Fins fan going back to the tail end of Bouniconti moving forward to Larry Gordon, Ernie Rhone and AJ Duje I only remember the Jackie Shipp and Jay Brophy era's having been worse at MLB but at least then Shula tried to correct Shipp (13th overall pick) with Brophy (2nd rounder) while were stuck in guaranteed money hell with Dansby.


Always like reading your posts. You're a bright guy and you think outside the box. I like that about you. Lots of good ideas. Only thing I'd say about points, while I agree that some of your logic makes sense as it applies to Long, I'm not a fan of all this shuffling and lack of continuity you're suggesting via a Long trade. It's taken us this long (no pun intended) to get the line straight, and you're proposing changes again. To me that doesn't make sense. You've said that a new contract for Long will include $40 million in guarantees but there's another way to look at it. What if we franchised him for a year? We could see if he can stay healthy and see how the line continues. I'd rather see them actually address NEEDS on the team in this draft and look to make a move like this a year after. I don't think Long is anything like Bosselli at this point in time. Go back and look at Bosselli and you'll see he missed a lot of time because of injuries. I don't believe that's been the case with Long so far. I actually don't believe he's played nearly as badly as people make it out to be.

I also take exception to this notion that Dansby might be 'one of the worst FA signings ever'. REALLY? Based on what? Guys out there playing hard every week, is healthy most of the time and the Dolphins defence is consistently in the top half of the league with Dansby calling the plays. So what am I missing?

As I said, you're a bright guy and I like reading your posts but respectfully I think you're overthinking the Long manuever. I don't believe it has to be that complicated. I realy enjoy reading your thoughts on some of the kids coming up from College. You're one of the guys I look to for info on these guys. Good job!


Sounds like you and a few of the guys are banging the drum to dump Dansby. Who do you propose to take over his role on the team to call the defence? Great that you like this kid coming out of College. He sounds good. If read some people say Dansby is 34 years old. They must have a different computer than me because mine tells me he's 30. 30 isn't old for a linebacker. Now we can argue that Dansby isn't playing like an $11 million a year player. Based on production I would agree. What we the fans don't see is the other things that Dansby brings to the team, such as leadership and other intangibles. Does it all add up to $11 million? I don't know the answer to that but I do know we have the 8th ranked defence in the league and Dansby is averaging 8 tackles a game and on his way to a 100+ tackle season. If that's the sign of a guy who's not carrying his weight or slowing down, then I'm not seeing. I'd fully expect any rookie brought in to take over his role, to see a drop off in the team's defence, at least until a comfort level is arrived at.

Ross cares only about the money. If winning was a priority he would've fired Ireland years ago.

Posted by: Mark

Hey Mark! We are winning , and Ross isn't making much money from the team ... you sound stupid! by the way we are going to knock the Jets in the dirt! And Reggie is going to do the "hot sauce" dance in the endzone at least a couple of times :)


You want to TRASH the LBs on the 8th ranked D in the NFL......


FRANCHISE Jake Long....who plays for the 22nd ranked offense in the NFL.....

I ALREADY TOLD YOU (and the blog)......since 2009 36 teams have made the playoffs...6 of those teams have competed for SBs... And 3 teams have been crowned NFL CHAMPS.....

And NONE of said teams had ALL-WORLD Jake Long protecting their QBs blind-side....

Franchise Long????


Deal him if we can....let him walk if we can't.....

Foolish fan base memorized by a LT.....

It's 2012....not 1986...

..I think that it would be prudent to wait and see hpw this season plays out before we start cutting and trading away the parts to this team(hypothetically speaking)..Also, we have no idea where we will be drafting or what the pressing needs are until the story of this season is told.

Some of these guys may get better in the system and could be more important to the future success of this team. I realize there will be some major personel moves made come this next offseason, and it is fun to play GM. But none of know how the current roster will perform in the future, nor do we know what the plans will be once they are properly evaluated at seasons end.

Hi Kris! Welcome back!

All very good points.


Have fun with the guy. He talks total nonsense. He's got Dansby playing 'subpar football' since he's been here and yet he's well on his way to going over 100 tackles this season. Claims Dansby is playing like Channing Crowder. Wants to open a couple of holes uneccessarily by getting rid of Dansby and Burnett. He's all yours. He makes ZERO sense to me.

C'mon Daryl.....

It can't be fun to be the voice of reason ALL the time....

Let your hair down a bit...


i don't understand why people hate ireland so much he only was horriable when bill parcells was running things! what ever the big tuna said ireland had to do it period! ever since parcells left the dolphins and ireland has had control he has done everything right! i mean look at the draft this year everybody and there mother was screaming that tannerhill was way to high of a pick for the dolphins and he said i don't care what u all say and drafted him and guess what he has been the best QB in the draft! also the 2nd pick in martin the right tackle has done a great job! that was an awsome pick how about lamar miller another great steal in the 4th round also oliver vernon a 3rd round pick he has done great he has like 3-4 sacks! and the other picks have done decent! so this draft was the best in the league! so stop hating on ireland! he also got rid of marshall which was nothing but a distraction and got 2 3rd rounders for him which yes was less then we paid for him but guess what him getting 2 3rds is better then nothing! and next year will be great if he can duplicate the draft he had this year because in the rounds 1-5 he drafted all studs this year! now if he can do the same next year we will draft so many great people because we have so many more picks in next years draft! i mean 1 1st rounder 2 2nds 2 3rds a 4th and a 5th 1 6th and 2 7th's! so stop hating on the man! and as far as ross goes yes he is a money man but he also ain't afraid to spend the money either he gives the dolphins all the money they need the dolphins have the worst attendance in football they are 31st out of 32 and he still spends the hole salary cap and pays for top personal no cheap scape year plus he has upgraded the stadium all the way around yes the celebrity ownership is kinda crazy this is football in miami not movie star hollywood but who cares as long as he spends the money and stays out of football operations which is the worst thing a team can have like a jerry jones type owner so stop hating and start loving the dolphins!

I saw it Craig M....

That's why I had to comment....

But Dashi is a quality poster with good football knowledge....I like his stuff...

He is just confident in what he believes....

Look like you guys got off on the wrong foot.....but give him a chance....he's got some good stuff.....when it comes to the FINS....


We'll see. I'll give him a chance. Right now he's looking like an idiot going on about the play of Dansby and Burnett. Wants to keep harping on about the money they are being paid. The reality of the situation is they are two guys who earned the right to be FA's and they would be getting that money wherever we played. We complained about how poor the play was from the linebacker spot when Crowder was here, we finally get some reliable play and he wants to get rid of them. Ridiculous!

Rob @ 10:31....

Great post.....I would disagree on only one point.....RG3 is clearly the best QB of the draft to this point of the young season,.,,followed by Luck....and the I give Tanne the nod over Wilson and Weedon....

Still Tanne is out performing even my greatest expectation...even tho I may be the sole poster who called o him to start DAY 1....I still hated the pick @# 8....

But great post..

Craig M....

Dashi is no troll....but I can't figure out why he is hating on Dansby....I kind of understood the talk BEFORE the season started.....but now...it has no merit....

..Kris..I don't have an issue with folks who want to come up with their own scenarios which they believe will help the team. I just want to see it play out. I made the mistake once this year when I shortchanged the franchise as far as the personel, and how we would perform. Instead of having to backtrack and feel like an idiot(I'm not saying any of you are this, speaking for myself here) I am going to choose to see the whole product, instead of trying to guess now. Same goes for GM Ireland. I made a vow about a month ago not to discuss his future here until the end of the year..Just my own way to stay out of the weekly fire him..He is the greatest debate that would come up after each win or loss..

BTW..Your prediction is looking much better then mine.I think we add another notch on the post this weekend


I'll echo DD's comments. You're going to be a lot closer to your prediction than I will be to mine. I fely pretty good about mine too. I pretty much need them to lose out and I can't se that happening.

As for Dashi and Dansby, I think it all has to do with the money Dansby is making. I say who cares. He's solidified the defence whether people want to believe it or not. Again, maybe he's another guy who needs to be somewhere else before people can appreciate him. Maybe it's a jealousy thing. The guy's been paid fair market value for the type of player he is, whether people want to believe that. I'd hate to see him playing for the Jets or Pats, solidifying their defence.


I was just messing with you....you are easily one of the most level headed poster's on here....your perspective gives me new perspective @ times.....

Yes.....11-5 is still within reach...but I would be feeling a bit more confident about the prediction if we were sitting @ 5-1 right now...which was entirely possible....

Sunday we take another step closer....

Craig M.....

Agree on Dansby....he is a leader....and he shows up to play...loved it when he almost ripped the STL QB in half (legally)....

He might not be flashy like ray Lewis....but he gets the job done here in Miami.....

I remover getting into it with some of the other guys who said they wanted to trade him during pre season....

iPad down to 1%

I'm out....

Have fun night shift..

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