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Starks out for personal reason, Gaffney believes he's ready

Randy Starks missed practice today due to a non-football personal reason, coach Joe Philbin said this afternoon.

As to the status of Jabar Gaffney for Sunday's game, the Dolphins wide receiver seems very optimistic about his chances of playing against the New York Jets. Philbin, meanwhile, is a little more cautious.

I asked Gaffney about his work at practice today and he said today was his best practice since he's been with the team. "I'm definitely ready to play," Gaffney added.

Frankly, I'm eager to see what Gaffney is able to do once he gets acclimated with the Miami calls and checks. He is a bona fide and experienced No. 2 wide receiver and his addition would give the Dolphins flexibility to expand what they do in the passing game. And that, in turn, could help open lanes for a running game that lately has been bogged down by teams loading up.

So Gaffney learning the system is important.

"I'm a lot better than I was when I first got here," Gaffney said. "I've gotten better with each and every practice and it's helped me play rather than just thinking. I would have to say today was my best practice, definitely better than Monday."

Philbin wasn't quite ready to say Gaffney will be active against the Jets -- which would be the first game being active for the player.

"He looked good in practice," Philbin said. "I thought he's doing some things well."

But, again, no word on whether Gaffney is going to be active. The coach suggested he wants to see more Thursday and Friday.



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..If I may get in the Dansby debate.. He is a player that at the beggining of this season I thought was a huge waste of a free agent signing..His play to his amount of contract he signed would be difficult for 99 percent of the linebackers in this league to perform to..It was the case of a big play made in a huge game, along with some solid post season efforts that earned him that cash..you can't fault him for this.

We don't know exactly what his true effect is on this defense. Is he the guy that makes all the calls? Does he get guys lined up right? This is something that none of us would be able to see, that could be almost as important if not more then just his stats. Is he flawed? Yes. Is he overpaid? Probably. Is he important to this defense? I would say yes he is. I would say he has played better this year then his first 2, and if he continues to play at this level there is no reason to think he would go anywhere.

It is easy, and I have done this to point the finger at Dansby and say he has underperformed. But really, he is who he is. He was never a perrenial pro bowler before coming here. He was never a top 5 linebacker either. He got the payday, and we judge him on this soley. If you want to debate the contract, or his play prior to this season that is fair. If you think we should just cut him and eat his contract??? That is crazy. Trade him? Plausible, but then what? We can't just assume the draft, or free agency will bring us anyone better..IMO

Craig M, Kris, Darryl,

I like talking Football with all of you and respect your points of view and on occasion have been swayed by your opinions which is what makes coming on here fun for the hardcore fan in me. I'm looking for an analysis I might have missed!! I will however tell Craig in particular that I'll stick to my claim that the Dansby deal which by the way is the only one that apparently doesn't have the infamous off-set language is as bad a FA contract as I've seen.

Look back on his time in his 1st year and there was a lack of impact play which was tough to ignore but the benefit of the doubt was given because in reality were talking about an OLB making the switch inside. It was however rather alarming that he wasn't even 2nd in Tackles behind our S.S. but 3rd with 78 solo. The following Yr. your D team leader came in 30 pds. over weight when you expected him to finally grab a more prominent role on this team and he missed the boat with his S.S. again posting more tackles than he did.

You say there will be a transition with a Rookie MLB calling the D but don't recall it an issue with quite a few who have come in (Lewis, Willis, Cushing Maulaluga ect..) including in our own team history with Zach Thomas.

I don't recall as good as Rodney Harrison was a Season were he posted more Tackles than Bruschi if you want a compatible comparison in terms of scheme. Your not sure about 11.5 Million invested a year in a MLB posting middle of the pack numbers and that is your right but believe he should be averaging at least double digit tackles especially now in a 4/3 with Solia and Starks covering him up like Starks did for Bulloch in Tennessee with Haynsworth by comparison notice I look for a viable comparison to the situation, scheme and players around him.

The outside the box comments about Long are based on a scenario were we land T'eo in a trade up with this years #1 plus what we get for Long and in honsety I'm spit balling along with everybody else given nobody Knows were we will end up slotted in the draft to start tossing anything like a viable scenario around that you can take seriously but in my estimation if it could be done I would do it for a Ray Lewis type at MLB who comes with a rookie CAP attached to him to boot allowing more spending on the Big boys in front of him Solia and Starks who for my money are the KEY men to resign remember Solia only signed the 2 Yr. extension and this off-season before the CAP escalator kicks in it might be a good idea to get him inked for the long haul.

Dont think the Dolphins will ever win with Ross and Ireland. They're both a joke.


Please Read Back Anything I've Said. Dashi has Said Dansby is a "Above Average" LB. Really a Good OLB! Burnett is Just Average.

Now are they Worth $16 Mil?


We can Get better Production for Cheaper! Dashi's Main Point! Do I go Over Board To Prove my Point! Who Doesn't?

Agreed Totally with U on The Jake Situation! Franchise Him then see what he's Got! Or if we can Franchise him and Trade him for 2-1st Round Picks!

Dashi believes Jake is still Not at Full Strength!

Remember it was his Shoulders! Jake Probably Hasn't Benched all OffSeason!

Jakes Game is his Power! Right Now he's playing Top 10. But he can play Top 5 once he Is Fully Healed and at Full Strength!

Again Dashi will never Call Dansby the Worst Free Agent Ever! That would be another indictment on Ireland!

Dashi is just Stating Dansby hasn't played to his contract!

And he will be 31 in a couple Weeks!

Plus do we have Depth at LB? No!

Even a Better Reason to Touch that Unit!

Ireland has only really wasted 1 pick on a LB his time Here!

We can still do with CArroll and Wilson, With Smith as the Leader of the CB's! All those guys are still Improving!

What we can't do is think 2-30+ year old LB's are going to have the Best Season of their Career!

100 Tackles for a MLB is Mediocre at Best!

Look at Zacks Stats!

6 Seasons of 150+ Tackles!
10 with 100+!

Ray LEwis

4 Seasons of 150+ TackleS!
13 with over 100+!


2 over 150
4 over 100!

Even Vilma His Contemporary a Guy who has played Both a 3-4 With the Jets and a 4-3 With the Saints!

1 over 150+
6 over a 100+

Again Dansby has never had a 150+ Tackle Season! And has only gone over 100 3 times in his Career!

Yet he's Going to get Better!

Dansby is a Good #2 LB!

To Reg, the herald now has your ip address you will be further blocked. Have a nice life.

And F4L,

Te'o is way better than Kuechly!

Yes, LK was a 200 tackle guy at BC! But Te'o is a Force of Nature! To me he Reminds me of a Young Junior Seau! But more Intelligent!

The Guy is a Difference MAKER! Ur right on the That he is the Best LB since P.Willis to Come Out! If u have watched a ND Game U will watch another just to see this Kid!

He Wears #5 And he is Everywhere!

Dashi can picture him holding a #55 Dolphin Jersey!

If ur going to trade Jake or Anybody not named T-Hill on this Team its for Te'o!

The kid is a Beast!

Watch him this Week against Oklahoma and Treat Landry like his Bottom B tch!

He's probably the Only LB that can win the Heisman!

Think about that! Specially if ND makes it to the Title Game!

IM very happy to know GAFFNEY WILL play this will really help the dolphins out alot Especially 3rd down convertions ..... Gaffney has really really good good hands. Seriously he is a dependable clutch out Wr that should catch about 4 passes per game if not more. We need that plus decoy.

Hey Kris why don t you go blow Dashi if you love him so much , he`s an egotistical blow hard ,who spouts the same crap non stop, just because a post is long doesn t make it good , it gets very tire some , wonder if he`s got on dot on his head , maybe you can push it like an on off button, and shut him up

Mastrud is not NFL qualified.

Dashi | October 24, 2012 at 11:51 PM

I would never try and sell you a player I haven't seen play and yes he does remind of a young Seau I just didn't want to make the obvious comparison because of heritage. I watched him against UM and Stanford and he looks like he will be one of the next greats. I feel the others took our earlier conversation out of context all together. I was just speculating on a scenario not yet set in stone given we don't know were we will even be picking much less if anybody would bite on a Franchised J.Long to the tune of 15 Mil per while giving up a #1 which these days is more bankable given the rookie CAP.

I didn't say Dansby was the worst FA signing either just over inflated at the cost and yes the contract is C H I T ! I read that when Ireland came up with the infamous off-set language for contracts that given they didn't want Dansby leaving in his FA visit that they excluded it to ink the deal and it's not a good one for the team based on the numbers.

It was karlos D. after the loss in Baltimore 2010 were Henne missed a wide open Fasano in the endzone and Hartline all alone for about an 80 yard TD that said he was the best in the NFL, PERIOD! I believe he was defending his contract given he was playing Vs. Lewis who at the time was completing a 3 Yr./30 Mil. deal of his own. He isn't the worst but T'eo would make us crazy better that's all I'm saying and you can bet I'll be watching Saturday night V s. the Sooners.

Miami 56 JETS 3 Dolphins make headlines since 2008

Did HOME come out with his prediction for the JETS game?

Can someone please post it here if they saw it?

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A huge game late in October for the Phins

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