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Tannehill injury watch begins in earnest

The prevailing question of this week is whether Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play against the Indianapolis Colts or not.

This morning he is on the field working on a limited basis. He took snaps with the starters early on in individual drills and then Matt Moore took snaps with the starting offense in team drills. So they are probably sharing work today.

[Update: Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill was limited in practice.]

Tannehill, who left Sunday's game in the first quarter with a bone bruise in the left knee and deep thigh bruise, seems clearly slower in his drop than he usually does. Perhaps he is planting gingerly but that, of course, is just observation and opinion. It really doesn't matter at this point, anyway.

The thing that matters is how Tannehill reacts to treatment this week and how he looks by Friday.

[Update: Tannehill told the media he "felt good" during practice. He did not take most of the snaps but is spending all his waking hours getting treatment on the injury to maximize his chances of playing.] 

There are other issues for the Dolphins.

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not on the field again. So, once again, his status for Sunday is basically sealed. He's not playing, which would mean he'll miss his fourth game in a row. Nolan Carroll will start.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis interim coach Bruce Arians called newly acquired cornerback Vontae Davis, "a very valuable player for us." He adds that Davis "has been outstanding" and calls him "a model citizen."

[Update: Arians told the Indianapolis media that Davis is not playing Sunday against the Dolphins. Tight end Coby Fleener is also out.]

Tony McDaniel also is not practicing today. He's wearing a knee brace and is working off to the side by himself.

Back to Arians a second, he was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh last year. And today in speaking about Dolphins center Mike Pouncey he compared him to his twin brother Markice, who plays for the Steelers.

Arians said Mike "is better" than Markice. And then he added jokingly, "Make sure you tell Markice I said that."


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Mando, last (Knee jerk reactions) blog was a good topic. Something we all get caught up in from time to time.

I told you.

This team will be fine with Matt Moore. Problem is if you split the snaps, then neither QB will be fully prepared. Team needs to make a decision soon. Question is a 100% Matt Moore better than a 75% Tannehill?

He'll never play another down in this league.....Fins cover-up is shameless.

PFF also agree with coach Arians ranking Mike #1 in the NFL. COnsidering all the verbal masturbation colour guys were praising on Markice during his ascent, shouldn't we start to hear likewise for Mike?

Personally I was against this pick to clarify as I thought Kerrigan and Nate Solder were more valuable selections given one is a pure pass rusher and the other keeps pass rushers away in this pass happy league. But Mike has proven to be every bit as valuable if not more. So I was wrong.


everybody staying healthy is the biggest factor for the team IMO. There are not enough 'good' players on the team to cover too many injuries should we get them. The team plays hard and seems to be getting better every week which is down to coaching and the application of the players. so credit to both parties on that basis.

It's not and never has bee, "ALL" fin fans having "KNEE-JERK" reactons regarding specific players on this team. Just a few "OVER-REACTIONISTS" who view everything in this life this way, football related or not.

It's only "HUMAN-NATURE" to at minimum times to "KNEE-JERK" at times. But for the microwae in a minute, "OVERR-REACTIONISTS", it's always has been and always will be, "a way of life".

"Meanwhile, Indianapolis interim coach Bruce Arians called newly acquired cornerback Vontae Davis, "a very valuable player for us." He adds that Davis "has been outstanding" and calls him "a model citizen."

That's great. As long as he's a model citizen that's all that matters. I guess they are able to ignore the fact that qbs throwing to Vontaes side this season have over 120 qb rating. Also apparently easy to ignore is the fact he is rated the second to last FOR CB's in the league. But hey he's a model citizen so what a great trade for the Colts.

And about the knee jerk thing. Yes fans are guilty but they are not even close in terms of what the media brings. I'm surprised the reporters in FLA. aren't all walking around in knee braces from all of the jerking that went on in the offseason.

Tannehill better be ready! even though Moore is the best back-up in the league. Can't stunt the rookies progress now!!


For the media, it's "all about the story" very rarely about "the truth". Therefore "knee-jerking" is there meal ticket tothe cash register.

Armando knows this, so its like the forest fire calling a friction spark hot.

Mark it's not about being right or wrong, it's about the fact they wanted a player in a different position to you at that time. football is about opinions- hopefully constructive opinions to which there is no shame in dissagreeing even now. What is important is they made a decision which IMPROVED the team!!!

Posted by: Eero Admunssen | October 31, 2012 at 01:10 PM

Aloco you insufferable twit, get a life.

Another SH@T talking HC (interim this time).....

When will these fools learn....

Hand him his @ss Joe.....

marshall bust.
egnew bust.
clay bust.

Unfortuneately Knee-jerk reaction is what happened to Tannehill.I dont know if Mr.Sal had that thought subconsiously in his mind when writing that article with this one probably already been outlined or at least planned.Moore looked good last week but against the Jets I think they could have won the game with Devlin.

I know YG, they have to make a living. It's sad that our society is so negative that the media are forced to write enquirer-esque type stories to sell their paper. People are nuts.

2 watt you may be right on marshall but not on clay or egnew yet IMO

Glad Mike Pouncey is getting recognized. It makes a huge difference to have a center of his caliber, especially with a rookie QB. He also seems to be coming into his own in the locker room... This offensive line is become one of the best we've fielded in a long time, and that's with Jake Long looking a lot more human than his first couple years.

As far as Tannehill is concerned --- start Matt Moore. It would be a total setback this season if something happens with Tannehill -- and even with playoffs in the horizon - this season is still about getting the Rookie QB his reps, and you can't do that if he gets injured... So sit him a week - go with our more than capable backup QB (Who would be starting for a lot of teams), and bring Tannehill back in when he's healed up.

2 Watts and no electrical outlet, no wonder why you're such a dim wit.

reg, how many more dropped ballz do u need 2 c from hands of clay.?

knee bruise can be tricky...his mobility will be hampered for a while.
I see no sense in putting in a 75% Tannehill over a 100% Moore.
Start Moore, sit Tanny and let him start against the Titans next week.

The secondary is playing good right now so don't mess with it.

Reg and 2 brain cells, Marshall wasn't drafted by the Dolphins and has been in the league 6 years. He is a nickle cb and rated one of the top 5 in the league his entire career. Could you please just leave the adult conversations to the adults and go back to the know nothing about anything childrens blogs?

I was in Miami for a week. Just got back lastnight. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, even coming into the Jets game many local still pissed about the last 15yrs of mediocrity. One of my uncles even watched the Jets game with us wearing a "Jets jersey".

It was very pleasing ribbing hell out of him as the fins completely disassembled and manhandled those stinking Jets. Still, him chosing to wear a Jet jersey in Miami while watching the Fins play the Jets, was yet a small example how far out of hand the displeasure of 15yrs years of frustration in Miami has seemed to have gotten.

"ONLY" consistent winning will change this. ALL local fans reaction to to this so far brief "3 game win streak" hasnt been of "happy days are here again". At least not yet anyway.

I think its not a big deal to just let Matt Moore start this game and give Tannehill more time to heal. Indy knows hes hurt and will exploit that on every level. This is a situation we need to play it safe on!!! We have the depth why not use it to our advantage

Reg, yes that is the bottom line and whether I agree with a pick or not, once they are Dolphins, I support them 100%

Mando, do you know what's the condition on the conditional pick on the trade for Davis?

Concerning the the so far brief 3 game win streak, many Miami locals I spoke to, seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to fall, so to speak.

Locals have just gotten so used to brief success suddendly coming to a crashing fall. There still exist many doubters in the city of Miami, even as it seems the team could surprisingly making its surge.

Theyve seemed to have seen this script before during some point over the last 15yrs. Many still havent bought in yet, not so soom anyway. I guess 15yrs of mediocrity and uneveen play can make many local fans this way. Can you blame them?

colombo - really intelligent comment you make about adult conversation but you are so far off the make it makes you look..........well like a child yourself!!!!!
I merely stated that MAYBE marshall isn't good enough!!
So far in his short stint on the team he hasn't shown ME enough to say he is good enough to warrant a place on the team week in week out, but i only see him on tv on sundays, where as the coaches see him everyday on the practice field. I would NEVER slag a player off due to their ability because at the end of the day they are professionals and i am clearly not, but as a fan i have a right to an opinion and that's what i am saying. So unless you have anything else to add??

2 watt, i see enough in clay to continue with him, a few dropped passes is less important to me in the short term than his posiional sense, ability to block/get open run routes etc. I beleive his hands are good enough overall to put some of these drops down as growing pains etc.


Tough Im not Armando, I would guess the conditional pick, depends upon Vontae Davis' 2012 level of play. If he sucks, I imaghine the conditional 6th rd pick becomes a 7th rd pick, or perhaps no pick at all.


"knee bruise can be tricky...his mobility will be hampered for a while.
I see no sense in putting in a 75% Tannehill over a 100% Moore.
Start Moore, sit Tanny and let him start against the Titans next week."


Don't you think Philbin & Sherman know how valuable this kid is??? I mean he was the Number 8 overall pick right???

After witnessing the transformation of this team through the first seven games I have complete trust in their evaluations & decision making.

If Tannehill does not play, the Jets will have won.

fieman ed infant you really believe that???
if T-hill can't play the person that helped 'beat' the jets will play, so looks like the jets lose AGAIN!!!!


Regarding Clay, or any other player on this team, I love to see a guy get his fair shot. However, consistency is the key. Sure Clay mave have the potential, but "dropped passes" are and always have been "drive killers".

Clay had better fix that end of his game and fix it fast. If not, it's possible in 2013 a rookie could come in and take his job. As a hc, or oc, you have to be able "to trust" that the player you put on the field will "consistently" catch the damn football. If not, you absolutely can not consistenly put that player on the playing field on game day.

Agree, so he must be catching the ball in practice or the coaches wouldn't trust him enough to put him in the game, agree? unlike Egnew at the minute i guess.

so my short term comment is meant that he has some breathing/growing room on gameday which i know won't last forever but I believe this group of coaches will give him enough opportunities to correct/adjust to stickier hands before they decide tey no longer trust him. I believe he is good enough and will come through.

10-6 last 16 games... GO FINS!!

moore at qb = 9-3.

As far as Matt Moore's performance Sunday, yes it is mention worthy, still the major credit has to be genorously handed out to the st's and defensive units. These 2 units help make the game incredibly easy for Moore Sunday.

The st's unit were singlehandedly responsible for a 10pt turn around placement on Sunday's scoreboard. The blocked punt for 7pts and taking 3pts off of the scoreboard with a blocked Jet fg attempt.

The defense? What can I say, 3-4 sacks, a forced fumble on the corner blitz recovered by Soliai, the game closing pick by of all people, Chris Clemons. Then the continous harrassment of Sanchez by the pass rush, nearly all day.

Yes, the st's and the defense Sunday, made it a very easy day for Matt Moore. Totally eliminating Moore from having to play in pressure packed situations the entire afternoon.

Hey Mando,

It's Maurkice.


I totally agree. This coaching staff seems to be light years ahead of the previous coaching staff in player preparation and player development areas. It like night and day.

This present coaching also seems to be light years ahead of the previous one in all around coaching period. Its been an awful long time since we've been able to say our coaching staff in Miami has "OUTCOACHED" the opponents coaching staff on gamedays since Shula.

For 3 straight games now, we've comfortably been able to say not only have we beaten our opponents, we've thoroughly "OUTCOACHED" them too.


Your myopia makes you miss the point. Getting Tannehill out of the game means Indy wins means Jets closer to the top despite "losing" to Dolphins on Sunday. Hurts his development. Possibly starts QB controversy. Whichever, it helps give Jets time to regroup.
Plus...............Jets are now "all in" & will roll into WildCard as Fin Fans await injury report every week...Bone bruises are well-known career-enders.


look, marino ii.lol


At the Dolphins next home game I predict 70's funk superstars 'Kool & the Gang' will rise from the Earth at midfield with 5:12 remaining in the third quarter to perform their monster hit 'Jungle Boogie' before sinking back into the ground and play resuming.

Knee jerking is very common around here. The knee jerkers expect every draft pick/free agent to come in and be a star and pile up monster stats. If I had to guess at this point I would say T-Hill doesn't play. Why take the chance when they know they have a guy that can play well?

We won't see Vontae this week. He's already been ruled out with a knee injury. Too bad, Sean could have showed him how to be a CB.

he st's unit in particular, it seems just a veryu brief moment in time ago, was a league worst. Now 2 short seasons later, especially this one, we seem to be at leasta a top 3 in the league best.

We may even be the league's #1 st's unit at present. The st's unit have been nothing short of specular thus far this season. Thier performance level so far has been highly commendable. Even having the 70yard punt return td by Thigpen earlier this season.

St's have been very key for us so far this year.

Don't buy the crap that Arians is spouting about Davis being 'outstanding' and 'a model citizen'. Means squat coming from his won coach! What's he supposed to say, 'yeah he's look terrible in coverage and we've warned him about his off the field activities and late nights'. BS! It's being said for the sake of the media and the fans. I've watch some of the Colts games this year and he's been very ordinary. We'll get to see that Sunday (by the way, is his grandma going to be at the game). Colts can have their 'outstanding' CB and 'model citizen'. 'Model citizen' should be a minimum and a given. How he plays on the field should be the important thing and Vontae continues to be an underachiever.


I hadn't heard that Vontae is out for the week. Wow! Guess I shouldn't be surprised. Guess he can continue to be that 'model citizen' on the sidelines.

fred u cheap cawk suka.
ethel says that u can make the buffalo chit when u squeeze the indian head nickle.

I believe if matt moore plays instead of T-hill providing we play to a similar standard we have been recently, then we have enough to win the game against indy with him at qb


If we continue to get fantastic defensive and st's play, I see no reason we couldnt finish 12-4, 11-5. Maybe even unseating the Pats for the afc east crown.

We hve just enough offensive pieces, just need ajor help from defense and st's. Defense and st's can make it a very level playing field when facing Brady and the Pats.

Though not presently overly spectacular, with a huge hand from defense and st's, our offense is just potent enough to get the above job done.


I'm going to take the opposite approach. I don't see us being Indy this week with Moore at the controls. I like the guy but I don't see him as a guy that can win games on his own and you can't ask your defence and special teams to win every week for you. I wouldn't play Tannehill this week if he's not healthy but I also don't see Moore leading us to victory this week.

Hey, that is why we kept Matt Moore. Rest Tannehill More can take us home this week.


I believewe beat Indy simply because we are superior defensively, st's, and coaching wise. I dont see Indy putting up no more than 17pts max. Tannehill or Matt, no matter who starts, only needs to play a solid turnover free game to easily come away with victory Sunday.

I believe, again, defense and st's dominates the day for us.

Did anyone catch Sparano fist pumping away when Carpenter kicked a FG last Sunday? That man loves his kickers!!!

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