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Tannehill injury watch begins in earnest

The prevailing question of this week is whether Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play against the Indianapolis Colts or not.

This morning he is on the field working on a limited basis. He took snaps with the starters early on in individual drills and then Matt Moore took snaps with the starting offense in team drills. So they are probably sharing work today.

[Update: Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill was limited in practice.]

Tannehill, who left Sunday's game in the first quarter with a bone bruise in the left knee and deep thigh bruise, seems clearly slower in his drop than he usually does. Perhaps he is planting gingerly but that, of course, is just observation and opinion. It really doesn't matter at this point, anyway.

The thing that matters is how Tannehill reacts to treatment this week and how he looks by Friday.

[Update: Tannehill told the media he "felt good" during practice. He did not take most of the snaps but is spending all his waking hours getting treatment on the injury to maximize his chances of playing.] 

There are other issues for the Dolphins.

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not on the field again. So, once again, his status for Sunday is basically sealed. He's not playing, which would mean he'll miss his fourth game in a row. Nolan Carroll will start.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis interim coach Bruce Arians called newly acquired cornerback Vontae Davis, "a very valuable player for us." He adds that Davis "has been outstanding" and calls him "a model citizen."

[Update: Arians told the Indianapolis media that Davis is not playing Sunday against the Dolphins. Tight end Coby Fleener is also out.]

Tony McDaniel also is not practicing today. He's wearing a knee brace and is working off to the side by himself.

Back to Arians a second, he was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh last year. And today in speaking about Dolphins center Mike Pouncey he compared him to his twin brother Markice, who plays for the Steelers.

Arians said Mike "is better" than Markice. And then he added jokingly, "Make sure you tell Markice I said that."


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We should beat Indy no matter who is quarterbacking the team this Sunday. Indy will mve the ball but will squander opportunities and likewise not be able to stop us in the red zone.

Book it!

2 watt = garbage poster

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever,

did you change your login name from YG? When did this happen and why? Where you been the last week or so?

yesterdays gone = garbage flip flop poster

There's no need to have Tanny out there and have him take more hits if he can't move well in the pocket. I don't think Philbin will take that chance.

CraigM @ 2:26 PM,

I respectfully disagree. Reason being, getting the continuous effort defensively and ressurgent st's, its simply a matter of execution and being turnover free on the offensive end. No matter our starter's Matt Moore or Ryan Tannehill.

Its not like the Colts are one of the nfl's premier defensive units. Right now, both our defensive and st's units are playing at an extremely high level. We have to take this under extreme consideration when viewing the Indy game.

Were pretty much playing as a "complete team" right now. Complete teams almost always top "individual stars". This goes for Andrew Luck too. Coming into Sunday's game I view the Dolphins as clearly the more complete team. Therefore victory should be our no matter Matt Moore starts or Tannehill.


I've been in Miami for a little over a week. I got back last night. I just added "4ever" to my screen name today. Just means I feel "the good times may be back aain".


notice how the trolls are all of cuban descent while all the respected posters are of white and black descent? LMAO


I can certainly see your point. I just noticed a noticeable difference when Moore came into the game on Sunday. It wasn't the same offence. Play-calling became more conservative and we ran the ball a lot more (yes, I get that part of that was running the clock). This team is playing very well and I'm sure they have trust in Moore as well. I just think it's very hard to be on EVERY week and I expect the team to be a little flat this week. I like Andrew Luck a lot and I don't think he's getting NEARLY enough credit for his early season play, somewhat overshadowed by RGIII. I like the Colts at home this week.

Tannehill getting hurt is a blessing in disguise.

yesterdays gone we thought you died....shut up and go away no one here wants to here you babble on and on about how much of a flip flop you are. you thought we were a garbage 1 win team, you were wrong and proven wrong time and time again, look at armandos last blog on how dolphin fans are knee jerk, that's you dip shyt LOL do us all a favor and go away puhleaseeeee

I als love the way this coaching staff is using Devon Bess and Thigpen on put returns. Bess, the good hands guy, iks used when the opponent is punting deep into our territory.

Thigpen, the much beter returner, is being used when th opponent kicks to us in the shorter end of the field. Seems everything this present coaching staff i doing has been well thought ou and well prepared. They seem to be able to locate, then exploit, every opponent's weakness on film in prepation on game days.

We know this ever happened on gamedays under the Sparano adminstration. It seemed this was what the opponent always did to him.

Hey, no matter what happens, at least we can say we are not the Buffalo Bills. You hear mario Williams latest? Saying he never wanted to leave Houston and it wasn't his decision. That's got to make Bills fans feel great. Guy has a $100m contract form a team he didn't want and plays for fans he rather not play for. Hahaha, what a bunch of donkeys.

Shut up Food4Thought I don't flip flop I just go by what I see and I see a very good team out there

Coby Fleener is out along with Vontae.

you know what that makes you? a bandwagon fan which is also a flip flop lol what a terrible fan you are


Im just loving the way, now our victories are increasingly becoming "team victories". We're finding ays to beat the opponent in all 3 phases of the game.

This is so remarkable because it's extremely dificult to beat any opponent that clicks in all 3 phases of the game. No matter whether its us or any other team in the league.

If we continue to click in all 3 phases of the game. I see absolutely no reason why we cant be a playof team and do reasonably well once we get there. If this continues, I see possibility to dethron the Pats as afc east champs too. But only if this trend contines.

Craig, yeah, I don't buy that "Vontae model citizen" stuff either. It's not about being a model citizen, it's about being a professional. Making the extra effort (like Sean Smith obviously did). Practicing hard, staying late to watch film or work on details, keeping your mind on what you need to accomplish. The great ones do that, the good ones don't. Maybe Vontae DID finally learn how to be a pro, but it took him being traded to get his mind right, I fully believe that (if it's true).

Anyway, I don't see this as an easy game. Indy has a pedestrian defense, but their offense is pretty good. A bit one-dimensional, but happens to be the dimension we're not as strong at (pass defense). Luck is still the #1 pick in the Draft, and pretty much everything he was billed as. I have Reggie Wayne in fantasy, and he's LIGHTING IT UP EVERY GAME. But he plays slot a lot, so don't know if they'll line up Smith against him all game. He's dangerous, we better know where he is all day.

Excited to see how we play with a head full of confidence and things starting to click. Tannehill/Moore, shouldn't matter. As long as both make good decisions, that's all we need from them. I wouldn't rush Tannehill if he's hobbling, not worth risking re-injury or a longer-term setback.


I read that this morning. It the case of another guy who jumped at the money. Bet he's kicking himself he's not playing in Houston this year with a chance at the Super Bowl, instead of in Buffalo. I'll say hi to him in a couple of weeks at the game in Miami.

This was my point yesterday about Moore. Guys that get greedy and chase the cash, it very rarely works out. He'd be dumb to leave here, over what, $3-4 million bucks? When is enough, enough?

We'd be 6-1 with Moore starting. He's been terrific.

@2:54 PM,

See the troll's impersonating me already. Jus cant understand why some come here just to confirm thier clinically crazy. LOL


Fleener being out is a big loss for the Colts. Yeah his numbers don't look great right now but he's a great safety valve.

DC, I have Wayne in fantasy football too and he's been lighting it up for me. I'm not going to see what I wanted this weekend which is Tannehill lighting it up with Hartline and Gaffney against Davis. I think our guys would have had a pretty good idea how ot exploit Davis too. I would have thrown at him all day long, the guy's so inconsitent he'd be sure to screw up.

Now where is that thermometer.?

Fins #1 scoring defense in the AFC last 16 games......

I expect Devlin will be ou most mproved player during the 2013 preseason. I believe he will be fully prepared in case Matt Moore decides the grass is greener in 2013 free agency.

This coaching staff seems to be fully efficient in player personel development. I expect no difference with Tom Devlin next year.

Ummm we were 0-7 last year , we didn t start winning till Moore came in to play , thats a ridiculous statement saying this team can t win with Moore at the QB. He hit everybody right in the hands with the ball, just like he did last year, he should of had two touch downs against the Jets , unfortunately he can t catch them too , our new boy dropped a perfectly thrown TD pass. I`m still not sure if Starting Tannehill was the right move to make, that will be decided on how the rest of his season plays out , some think a year of tutoring under a veteran QB is better then throwing a rookie in fresh out of college , some make it some don t , injuries can sometimes break a rookie , hell after Randall Cunningham broke his leg after yrs in the league he was afraid to play afterward , was never the same , wouldn t stay in the pocket as long afraid of the hit , wouldn t run anymore afraid of the hit, I think it remains to be seen weather starting Tanny this year was a good or bad idea , we already knew we could win with Moore

The issue is that Matt Moore got beat out by Ryan Tannehill. Matt was going against 2nd and third stringers and looked like garbage. His IMO was that he turned it on when "the lights came on" ie game day but he didnt in the preseason.
Tannehill thus far has proven to get the job done even though he has some rookie mistakes. He ranks up there with the two qbs taken in the first round. RG3 has been the best thus far but RT is beating out Luck in all categories but passing yards per game.
Philbin and Sherman work with these guys everyday day in and day out and made the desicion to start the rookie of the 6 yr vet. I value their opinion

Craig, Mario Williams is another in a long line fo examples why the best teams over an extended period only spend big money on their own players and not on free agents. Football is very mucha team game and the individual matters less unless it's a qb.

This is why I believe we will spend large in teh offseason but it will only be on our Dolphins players. I'd say forget Bowe, Wallace, Jennings et al. Just a hunch based on the way I'm reading things here for this team anyway ...

Offensively, we scored 20pts with Moore as qb Sunday, could have been 27pts had Gaffney not muffed an easy 70yd td catch. So saying we can not win with Moore isnt entirely true.

However, saying Moore an place a team on his back and win games isnt entirely true either. As long as we continue to get premium effort out both out defensive and st's units, winning, even long winning streaks, are entirely possible.

Moore will never be franchise calibre, but, if winning becomes a collective team effort. Matt Moore is entirely capable of being the man to get the job done.

Mark In Toronto,

I dont expect you'll be giving me a response, but great post @ 3:24 PM!

Dont get me wrong i like Moore and he will do a good job when he is in but time in and time out when he has been expected to be the starter and earn the job out right he didnt. In Carolina and this year in Miami.

colts sux.

The only reason Tannehill got the nod was because he knew the offense better then Moore, they should of never brought that loser in from the Jagoffs , they dumped him cause he threw as many or Moore INT`s as Henne , he took valuble time away from Moore with practice reps , none of our Qbs looked any good in preseason except Delvin , and he did because he got all the practice time with the 3rd string squad, the starting offense was split three ways, Garrard never should have been there , thats the only reason Tannehill got the starting job , they weren t playing any receiver that could catch the ball when Moore was in there and Tanny didn t do any better , all our scoring came from our 3rd team squads , tannehill threw 1 Td I think all pre season, so if Tanny hadn t already known this offense, he wouldn t have gotten the job


I'd be fine if the team takes that approach. Bowe would fit very well on this offence but what would he cost? So now you've got a fatcat getting paid all that money and neither Philbin or Sherman or anybody else would be able to tell this guy what to do. No thanks. I'd rather they draft some kid and pay him $8-10 million over 4 years and then kick his a** if he doesn't get the job done. A lot harder to do if some guy would be a big cap hit to get rid of.

It is just a bruise, quit being such a wuss

I believe our greatest surprise on defrense has been Kevin Coyle. In my wildest imaginations I never expected a guy who has never been a dc, to come in here and do the remarkable job he's done with this unit.

I expected to greatly miss Mike Nolan. Not only does Coyle have us not missing Mike Nolan, thus far he seems to be even superior to him. We seem to be on the fringe of having having a champioship calibre coaching staff at the dc. oc, and hc positions.

Bill Bellichick be scared, be very afraid. The diassembling of your afc east championship reign could be very, very close.

Hi Guys

I wonder if Lafonda Laundry is taking credit for hurting Tannehill too...

Numbers wise outside of TD's his completetion % and yards were better. I agree on the Garrard piece but he was a WC QB which is why he was beating out both QB's. Then when it was just Tannehill and Moore, both threw to the same receivers, Tannehill beat him out. Yes he knew the Offense better but at the end of the day, if youre a professional and its your job on the line you learn what it takes to get the job done. He didnt.

And my first post was in response to Craig M saying this team couldn t win with Moore at the Helm , that is why I stated that we didn t start winning last year till we started playing Moore , so to say he can t win games is stupid!!


Im very fine with not going after Bowe this offseason. For one, I believe we can get at least 2 seasons out of Gaffney. Two, after Sunday's performance, I dont believe Marlon Moore's too far away from coming into his own. Three, we have a 1st and 2 2nd rd 2013 draft picks to get a pretty good wr far cheaper than signing Bowe.

We seem to be sitting at the table holding all of the chips and Bowe is only 1 of many great options. He's by far the most expensive too.

If youre talking to me xtreme I agree that saying with Moore we cant win games is stupid. Im not saying that at all.

last 10. moore is 7-3. how is that not* winning huh.?.

Kudos to Olivier Vernon for AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. This should be one of a long list of accomplishments in the NFL. Nice job Mr. Ireland with the rookie class of 2012.

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 03:40 PM

Please dont dismiss the fac that we were also 0-2 and a half when Hennewent down. Matt Moore took over for Henne like midway into game three. So 4 and 1 half of the 0-7 start was on Matt Moore.

I have no clue why youre crediting Henne with the 0-7 start. Moore quarterbacked most of it before hitting his groove.

Moore is a good bridge for when Tannehill is hurt, no doubt. I like the guy and his teammates like him so as long as were winning I dont care seeing it doesnt hurt Tannehills developement.

He obviously had what it takes last year , he`s the only reason why we won the games we did , tthe man puts the ball right in their hands , who gives a rats ass what happened in pre season ganmmes , we know when its a real game and real pressure , Moore comes threw , I`m just saying ,many rookie QB`s have been ruined by starting them fresh out of college , especially if they get injured , they then get gun shy , hopefully that don t happen to Tanny , I like him , if he continues the way he was playing before he got hurt , I`ll be as happy as the next guy, I just don t want to see our first real shot at a franchise QB ruined because he was put in too soon, if he stands tall in the pocket like he did before the injury then great , I was proud of him he`d stay till he could make the completion knowing he`d get hit , I thought he was gutsy as hell , just hope the injury didn t neuter him is all

Speaking of special teams, I browsed through PFF today and Jimmy Wilson keeps getting mentioned as one of the top special teams players in the NFL all year long, not just last week.

I guess my point about what happened in the preseason was thats why Tannehill got the nod.

Jimmy Wilson is a beast... I guess Ireland got the "acorn" right

If we had 10 losses last last and Henne is officially credited with 3 of them. That means Matt Moore's 2012 winloss record is 6 wins, 7 losses. Do the math guys.

However, that an entirely diffrent team and ofensive philosophy.Because of this its very difficult to compare last season and this season anyway. Why does it seemsome of you are beginning to create a qb controversy that doesnt ven exist?

As long as this team continues to give the "team winnig effort" its recently giving. We'l be fine no matter if Moore temporarily leads us or Tannehill soon comes back.

Anybody notice that Marlin Moore is almost always the first man to the ball on punt coverage.

He always has contributed on special teams and it's nice to see him get some passes thrown his way.

Mark, much improved player (Wilson). I was dogging him earlier in the year, but seems he's catching on (special teams and defense). Had a few good plays vs. Jets. This kid might become a good player (has to keep at it though). Hope our secondary starts to solidify a bit (heck, even Clemons has looked better of late). I'm still not sold, just saying he's inching up.

And Yesterdays Gone
It wasn t that Moore needed to get into a groove , it was more the receivers did ,and especially Brandon Marshall , our receivers last year threw the first 10 games couldn t catch a cold let alone a ball , Moore was hitting them time and time again on the numbers , in the hands and they`d drop them , they were the ones that corrected the problem not Moore , once they started catching again , we started winning

Matt Moore took over miway during game 3 last year. Henne still gets credit for the first 3 losses. Moore gets credit for 4 loses in the 0-7 stretch.

We had only 6 wins, 10 losses, meaning Moore's 2012 record was 6 wins, 7 losses. That isnt even .500 ball folks. Why are you trying to create a onexistent qb controversy? LOL

DC, nobody ever has enough DBs. Given that he is also a special teams ace - he will be around for a very long time.

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 03:59 PM

Sure Moore was 6-3 after the 0-7 start, which still he was responsible for 4 of those losses. You cant just say Moore was 6-3 after the 0-7 start and conveniently dismiss he's also responsible for 4 of those first 7 losses.

Overall, Matt Moore was 6-7 as a starter last season. Not horrible, but, not nearly good enough either. 6-7 isnt even .500 ball.

Slow Down YG,

11-5 or 12-4??? way too early to be forcasting long term success for this team this year, as far as stating that this team is a "complete" team, i would argue that they have been more oppurtunistic than complete in their victories this year....they havent had to come back from big defecits yet and in all of their wins, they've had the lead in all four games with exception of one to the bungals of being down 6-0 in the first half...

Beating the likes of the struggling bungals,rams,jets, and faiders arent exactly the toughest thing to do considering what is happening to those said teams recently, im just saying their playing well and seem to be making progress in their games but the running game has begun to fade away and the passing game is no where near potent(or rather consistant) without having the likes of one, they still rank bottom in the league in both total defense and offense and have been outgained by a big margin in their last three victories....

Their playing bend but dont break defense, good special teams and efficient offense which is translating to success early but im not sure how long that can hold up in an entire season with this formula and if it will be at all successful against teams like the niners and pats coming up...all Im saying is just keep things in perspective a little bit before making postseason asperations...


You may also want to highly consider the fact Matt Moore beat not one playoff team last year. So even if you look at the fact he was 6-3 after the 0-7 start, it far from impresses. Even in those the victories we werent winning against other bad teams by even marginally impressive margins.

Nearly all of our vicroies against other bad teams could have went either way. That 6-3 stretch Moore had is very decieving.

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