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Tannehill injury watch begins in earnest

The prevailing question of this week is whether Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play against the Indianapolis Colts or not.

This morning he is on the field working on a limited basis. He took snaps with the starters early on in individual drills and then Matt Moore took snaps with the starting offense in team drills. So they are probably sharing work today.

[Update: Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill was limited in practice.]

Tannehill, who left Sunday's game in the first quarter with a bone bruise in the left knee and deep thigh bruise, seems clearly slower in his drop than he usually does. Perhaps he is planting gingerly but that, of course, is just observation and opinion. It really doesn't matter at this point, anyway.

The thing that matters is how Tannehill reacts to treatment this week and how he looks by Friday.

[Update: Tannehill told the media he "felt good" during practice. He did not take most of the snaps but is spending all his waking hours getting treatment on the injury to maximize his chances of playing.] 

There are other issues for the Dolphins.

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not on the field again. So, once again, his status for Sunday is basically sealed. He's not playing, which would mean he'll miss his fourth game in a row. Nolan Carroll will start.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis interim coach Bruce Arians called newly acquired cornerback Vontae Davis, "a very valuable player for us." He adds that Davis "has been outstanding" and calls him "a model citizen."

[Update: Arians told the Indianapolis media that Davis is not playing Sunday against the Dolphins. Tight end Coby Fleener is also out.]

Tony McDaniel also is not practicing today. He's wearing a knee brace and is working off to the side by himself.

Back to Arians a second, he was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh last year. And today in speaking about Dolphins center Mike Pouncey he compared him to his twin brother Markice, who plays for the Steelers.

Arians said Mike "is better" than Markice. And then he added jokingly, "Make sure you tell Markice I said that."


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Mario Williams basically stole (strong armed robbery, Jacked them up) from Buffalo, I watch their highlights late night on the NFLN. 2 Hr. show and the guy is non existent out there. The worst part is the Vet. influence it seems to be having with Stroud and the other young DT packing it in as well. Further compounding the issue is "Players Coach" Dave Wannstedt as DC. You know H.C. C.Gailey was extending a hand to old friend Wannstedt who gave him the OC job in Miami but boy has that blown up in his face.

I bet he's wishing Perry Fewell never left for the Giants now. See people always called Wannstedt a D GURU and it's how he got the 1st H.C. gig in Chicago but it was really about the talent JJ put out there for him at the U and then in Dallas likewise in Miami. I can't recall any of those teams playing outside their base 4/3 ever or scheming to stop a particular player at all.

It was a case of JJ (The real talent GURU) putting superior talent out there and winning head to head. I remember it back to the 98 game JJ said was a must win Vs. then Div. foe Indy but never committed a S. or LB in the box to stop rookie stud Edge James or dropping into zones to protect T-Buck who was on an island with Harrison and it cost us the game, purely one of the most overrated Coaches ever riding BFF JJ's coattails and now put on display as a fraud in Buffalo were he'll take that whole Coaching staff with him after the Season.


If you noticed, I based 12-4, 11-5, only if the team continues to play very well in "ALL 3 PHASES" as its its presently doing. First and foremost on defense and st's.

Right now, I believe we're playing top 10 level on defense, and clearly its arguable we're playin at a best in the entire nfl st's level. While on offense, we're slightly above average, but slightly better each game.

St's and defense have been the greatest difference makers for us thus far. During the 3 straight win streak, on offense, winning the turnover battle has been the biggest difference.

Trading Vontae and Brandon was moronic.

Your completely off the Mark about Moore , if the receivers were catching the ball in his first 4 games he`d of won more games , thats all anyone in the blogs were talking about , Fazano and Marshall dropping balls that hit them in the hands in the end zone , or drives being stalled by dropped balls , the receivers were horrible , Marino couldn t have won a game with the way they were playing , Maybe they just weren t used to catching balls thrown right to them , maybe they got better at making trick catches playing with Henne , who knows , but its unfair to put that on Moore

Matt Moore has looked great every time he's played for us.

Very good Matt Moore had a good game Sunday. It was "MORE" of an overall team victory, than a "MATT MOORE" victory guys.

As long as we continue to get "MORE" collective efforts as an entire team unit. We will continue to have "MORE" team victories no matter who plays qb.

Again, there is no qb controversy in Miami. Only in the minds of those who wish to falsely and prematurely create them in thier own minds.

On this note, Im out fellas', have a great day!

which is why they have been more oppurtunistic than complete...becuase of the turnover battle, but if you discount the wets game sunday and the faiders game earlier in the year...its been the defense arguably that has been the sole fact that miami won against both the bengals and rams respectively in judging all three phases of the game..offense still needs to be more productive than effeicent and the kicking game is still a ? mark for carpenter especially late in close games, thankfully they havent been in position as of yet in their last three games to have to rely on carpenter too much yet...

Their schedule is looking very soft and winnable but this is a team where any given sunday they have the potential to lose more than just being locked in for a win...(just like this sunday vs the colts)

f4l, don't even get me started on Wannstedt. Biggest bum in this franchise's history. he sent Chicago on a slide that took forever to receover from and did likewise here.

And you are right about his schemes. I saw him give away games here and at Pitt by being so vanilla and easy to scheme around. he is truly clueless.


I don't know how many of you were watching the post game show after the 49ers Monday night blow out (O.K. I admit it I may have been the only one outside S.F. I always need a fix with this game) but Dilfer and S.Young were saying that the Cards were a good team missing steady QB play and an at large potential trade with Miami for M.Moore wouldn't be out of the question at this point.

With the deadline extended till tomorrow you wonder if they dangled anything like a 3rd for a player who would have netted a 6th max at the start of the Yr. I myself have watched the Cards play a few times already and believe it's the Tackles getting the QB's killed out there but Moore's game has raised his stock about as high as it will go with Skelton all but done in Az. and Kolb not proving any great solution.


I just dont see that happening based on tannehills injury, now if they thought garrard was able to come back and be a productive backup again then I would pull the trade if it was compensatory enuff to work out but i definatley dont see the cards giving up a potential high draft pick for a semi average QB who lets be honest wont exactly guide their team to a playoff spot given the state of the teams in the nfc...

I`m not creating a QB controversy you phucking imbicile, I was only replying to Craigs post saying we couldn t win with Moore in at QB, and why they gave the starting job to Tannehill to begin with, I thought other bloggers were being harsh on you in here calling you names , but now I see why they do , you need to read what others post before you go off on your little all knowing jaunts, you are truely an ass


IMO, I highly dont expect to see Matt Moore to the cards trade before seasons end. Have you forgotten we have a starting rookie qb and would have a 2nd yr qb(Devlin) backing him up?

Wy would anyone want to have a 2nd yr qb as your back up qb, especially if a rookie q's your starter. Makes no sense man.

Moore's good enough to beat the jacksonville,indy, and buffalo teams of the nfl ...but when it comes to facing stiffer competition I'd rather go with someone else in that regards...just sayin(ESPECIALLY IN CRUNCH TIME)

Maurkice not Markice

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 04:36 PM

Respectfully, and I want stoop the level of personal frustration youreseemingly forcing yourself to do, I wasnt just referring to your comments. I was posting in general because a few posters here are seemingly pointing to qb controversy.

It may also be wise if you take your own advice and read the entire contents of what's being said here by what seems to be a growing many. Then you wont jump to premature conclussions Im posting about you. No disrespect intended.


I'm not disagreeing with you for a minute and the Tannehill injury makes this even more difficult but did anybody here believe Kolb was anything but average before they packed a #2 plus DRC for him from Philly. Some teams have that "knee jerk" reaction you were all discussing from another point of view earlier (remember Wannstedt trading a 3 for Lamar Gordon in 04 after Ricky went hippie tripping in Australia). They believe in Az. that they just need a QB and are still in it at 4-3 and are supposedly in play.

If any team makes a move outside of them before the deadline expires it will be the Jets coincidentally who are reported to be looking to pull the plug on the Tebow experiment already remember not my idea just spit balling the chatter on Sports talk radio I heard regarding players on the block before tomorrow and the Monday night crew started the M.Moore talk not me.

There shouldnt be any contreversy. Moore is better.


Im not sure how much they would infest in moore is all im saying,and AZ o-line is horrendous so a QB may not be able to stand fast given their problems and miami would only part with moore if they thought devlin was more than ready to backup tannehill(and that is something i find very hard to believe right now)...and the compensation would have to be pretty high like a 2nd rounder which would be a steal for us...I'll be shocked if this trade goes down....

and fin, I think AZ is 4-4 now...im not positive on that...

Wy would anyone want to have a 2nd yr qb as your back up qb, especially if a rookie q's your starter. Makes no sense man.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | October 31, 2012 at 04:39 PM


It makes no sense to a bonafide contender I love your looking through pink colored glasses posts but you make it sound as if you think this team couldn't use another pick in the top 100 next Yr. for a back up QB. I love the way were playing and believe we are on track but 12-4??? Let's suppose a more probable 10-6 which would be monumental with this bunch but as we all imagined the Broncos with Peyton are hitting mid-season stride, the Texans are your likely AFC rep so were really talking about maybe getting through the Wild Card Rd which is a big if with Baltimore and Pitt. still out there and you would argue maybe getting a deal for M.Moore, really???? Remember it's just spit balling but if I got the call Matt would be on the next flight to Phoenix!!


There hasnt been anything to suggest Matt Moore's a starting calibre nfl qb. Sure he may have some capacity to come in and be a decent reliever for periods of time when your starter goes down.

Still, as of Sunday's victory over the Jets, Moore's yet to beat a playoff team in now his brief 1 1/2 season Dolphins career. He just seems to struggle against teams with greater win-loss records.

I was simply saying we could win with Moore in at QB against Indy or any other team , and that I hoped the injury to Tannehill didn t make him gun shy,rookies careers have been ended not by the physical injury , but the psychological effect of it, the fear of being hurt again., was in no way starting a QB controversy and 3 of my post were never posted, seems who ever edits this blog likes to start trouble, by not posting all of ones comments, I did miss some of the posts going back and forth looking for my other posts explaining my point , and I was looking for you the other day , knowing you`d back me when others were trying to trade Moore away without even knowing the extent of Tanny`s injury , they seem to think Delvin is the second coming of the Lord , I guess they don t get that when he did good in pre season it was against 3ed stringers not starters, been alot of trade Moore talk and that just ridiculous


Fully understand what youre saying. However, no gm in thier right mind offers a 2nd rd pick for a qb who struggles against teams with better win-loss records.

I could see it if Moore has beaten some playoff calibre opponents. But that cant be said of him to date. Not here, not in Carolina, where his last season there netted Cam Newton 1st overall pick.

The only "rose-colored" glasses is expecting anyone offers a 2nd rd pick for Moore. Not on this side of dream world baby. If someone's that brain dead, of course we have to pounce on it. LOL

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 05:00 PM

I never referred that you were making qb cotroversy posts. I was referring to those that were. I think you may have gotten a little confused. Those posts werent aimed at you.

xtreme, we had this discussion and still dont see why it's ridiculous. Peter King threw out the idea a couple weeks ago and now guys like Young and Dilfer talk about it. Like fin4life says if someone comes calling with a good enough offer you have to consider it. This year a 10-6 record is achievable but I doubt we'll get past a wild card game. Why not keep developing our youg guys (yes, even Devlin) and gear for future success for the next 10-15 years?

and fin, I think AZ is 4-4 now...im not positive on that...

superPHIN | October 31, 2012 at 04:54 PM

You keep misunderstanding me given the weak nature of the post up by Mando I just tossed out something I heard. So please don't kill the messenger I'm simply parroting for conversations sake.

If you want personal conviction then Mike maybe playing better than Maurkice could have something to do with the difference in talent around them. Maurkice has to deal with MEDIOCRE RG Ramon Foster who on occasion has to help RT Mike Adams with the terrible Willie Colon at LG and maybe worst LT in Max Starks. That OL is a mess and has been one for about 3 years now with Big Ben masking it by extending dead play after dead play.

In turn Mike is flanked by much better Guard play (especially since they LIT a FIRE under the talented but slacking J.Jerry) That said my FA priority is extending Solia before the CBA escalator kicks in 2014 when he'll be on the market again and resigning R.Starks before Jake Long given neither is 30 or often injured and are the lynch pins that are fueling this 4/3 switch were Starks in particular was a beast in Tenn. playing it with Fat Albert back in the day

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Also, I just got back from Miami after a week and a half stay. Just got back late last night. It is very ludicrous to trade Matt Moore before seasons end, unless the offer's at least a 2nd rd'er or higher.

Not that Moore's close to worth that, just it has to be an offer we absolutely can not refuse. Just like I just posted to fin4, I think, I just dontsee that type of offer happening. Plus, Devlin just came off of ps this year. If he had at least 1 more season underneath his belt, then I could see trading Moore right now if we were offered a 3rd rd pick, this is his last season under contract with us so it would be about getting something back before he leaves.

The only "rose-colored" glasses is expecting anyone offers a 2nd rd pick for Moore. Not on this side of dream world baby. If someone's that brain dead, of course we have to pounce on it. LOL

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | October 31, 2012 at 05:05 PM

I said in the original post Az. going CRAZY and offering a 3 I never said 2 like Wannstedt once did and I was shooting hypotheticals given the weak offering of debatable topic Mando shot us on tis blog.

@fin4life: it is a long shot but there are always crazy GMs willing to give up a second to get an AJ Feely, Vontae Davis or pay stupid dollars to a Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb. One can only dream...

I'll throw an idea out there: Dwayne Bowe for Moore. Both could be worth a 3rd or 4th and KC needs a QB after the concussion to Quinn and Cassels play

Well it was rediculous the other day because people were having it before the news even broke on how bad Tannehill`s injury was yet , for all they nknew their could of been a partial tear in the ACL and he couldn t play , and your talking about trading our back up. I agree these coaches are great at training young players and getting the best out of the veterans they have , but to think we`d be safe just with Tanny and Delvin would be crazy , delvin has only played against other teams 3rd string players , we have no clue how well he`d play against a pass rush in a real game . Tannehill like any other QB in the league is one hit away from the bench , What if the 72 team said , we don t need Morrell lets see what we can get for him before the trade deadlinee is up , its crazy!!

Posted by: fin4life | October 31, 2012 at 05:19 PM

IMO, its a little scary to give up Matt Moore for a 3rd rd pick right now. Sunday proved how quickly your starter could go down. Devlins just coming off of ps from last year. If Moore's gone and Tannehill goes down again. We can probably kiss the rest of 2012 completely goodbye.

However, if no one's pisked up Garrard yet, maybe we could trade Moore for a 3rd rd pick and resign Garrard.

Not that anybody asked me, but, I believe Matt Moore is much more valuable to this team than yet another WR.


It seems like the first diagnosis of Tannehill's (hyperextension) knee was wrong. They now say a 'deep bruise'. Sounds like a bone bruise now which takes a while to completely heal. Play it safe and start Moore.

xtreme: i understand where you come from but to compare us to the '72 team is silly. They were a top tier team with SB aspirations. We're not...We're a very young team with a new coaching staff and a rookie qb still learning the ropes at the pro level. seeing that Tanne is ok, I would play Devlin for a game (regardless of outcome) and give RT another week's rest. With Indy's defense we could run 90% run plays and still win

I`d rather play Delvin then Garrard , he was horrible in Jax , he was just like Henne , telegraphed his passes , guy was picked off all the time , only thing he had going for him was he was mobile , and now he might not even have that , Garrard would be a definate backward step , might as well of just kept Henne , your just getting an older version of a Telegrapher, I honestly think if Moore had a good receiving corps he`d be much better then he`s played in the past , he is pretty accurate

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did not starting Moore from day 1.

Why all the negativity about Matt Moore?

Arturo | October 31, 2012 at 05:29 PM

I was getting ready to make a very similar response to this post xtremewayz7 | October 31, 2012 at 05:24 PM but you said it all. Kudos as well on the K.C. observation were Romeo Krennel must be feeling the heat although Scott Pioli would offer little compensation and in honesty I doubt anybody makes a tempting offer but if it came I would be intrigued definitely listening and like yourself wouldn't mind seeing Devlin with live bullets and maybe with the right offer for Moore having Gerrard playing caddy.

@willnyc, it's not negativity on my part. i see Moore as a good backup qb that will probably walk away whne he hits FA at the end of the year. IMO he'll be expensive to re-sign as i'm sure he'll get a shot to compete for a starter role in another team (KC, Buf, Ariz, maybe even a Phily). if there's a chance to move him and get something in return I'd pull the trigger. i see Devlin as our long-term back up and would rather give him the experience as opposed to moore who will look for a team that will let him compete for the starting job

I know where nothing like the 72 Dolphins , just making a the point that you don t get rid of your back up quarterback, where would we have been last week if we didn t have him , granted the defense and specials teams might of won it alone , but not if we had someone in there turning the ball over ,you just don t get rid of your back up QB unless you have someone proven to win games to take his place

We SHOULD be 6-1 god damn it!!!

one thing's thing is for sure though, we need the fins to kick indy's a@ and have the colts lose their next 8....we need that 2nd rounder to be a pick in the 33-40 range overall

The Dolphins arent the only team in the league where the backup may be better then the starter. Theres about 4 others.

King shula.
Do not run your mouth about Devlin.
Philbin says that he can play. He has said it again and again. I believe him.

Arturo | October 31, 2012 at 05:52 PM

There playing very inspired for their H.C. right now we'll see how long they ride the wave. It's funny how that happens given I thought the Saints were going to play with the chip on their shoulder for their H.C. and are folding faster than an old wallet.

I`m not saying Moore`s better then Tannehill , Its too early to say how good Tannehill might become , he was getting better with each game ,and hopfully this injury won t slow down that progress too much , and I get your point , even if we make the playoffs were a one and done team , we as fans can say so why not trade moore we won t get to thesuperbowl with or without him , but players and coaches jobs are on the line here , they can t be so casual about it , they have to do everything they possibly can to win as many games this season as possible


LOL. The Saints collapse is something out of this world. Even the Cowboys are playing better.

About Indy. I'm sure Philbin will have our boys ready and come out swinging. Like you say they're riding the wave but we are the better team.

I honestly don t know how Indy got away with losing so many games last year , our fan base and our players and coaches had more respect and honor then to Suck for Luck , so they got him , but right now Tannehill has a better QB rating , would be nice to see them two play each other this week , but only if Tanny is 100% , wouldn t be a true match up if he were only 75% healed


Seems to be a lot of comments about trading Moore. Philbin is not stupid and being not stupid he understands the value in a backup that doesn't miss a beat when you put him in. Believe it or not Philbin wants to win games.

YG Forever

Matt Moore did not even get practice with the first team last year. Remember the teams didn't start practicing until late. There weren't any pre season games if I remember. So blaming Moore for any losses would be illogical.
He did not go 6-7. Sparano did. Sparano who could not figure out that his team was too tired to play on Sunday until the 8th game of the season. Ok boys we are going to lift all morning and run all afternoon and then in the film room all evening. 6 days and then gametime. You should be ready. Yep.

luck has the tools to become a hall of Famer, but if Tanne helps us build the dynasty and bring the rings we'll get the better deal.
Reminds me of Peyton vs Eli. peyton will have his ugly face in Canton but right now i'll take Eli any day of the week

Thats what I`ve been saying the whole time Cocoajoe, you don t get rid og your back-up , he`s not a luxury, he`s a necessity

The Mooreaholics at it again.

Dashi theory.

Moore is a Good BackUp. Which will play out his contract. After that say bye to him! Wish him luck! But Moore is playing his last season in Miami! Plain and simple!

Devlin is T-Hill's Caddy! By next year he will be cemented as his back up! For a real long time. Maybe we can draft Barkley in the 6th to make u guys happy!

But Moore is not that good! He's OK and can win a couple games. But he is no franchise qb!

And By the beginning of next season Devlin will have the seasoning to play back up. U guys forget the best qb of the last 2 pre seasons has been Devlin. Yes, it's only preseason! But he plays the position so well! Makes smart and quick decisions!

How about Carroll winning the job if he plays well this week! Who would've thought? Carroll is our 2nd best CB! And given how vontae is rated as the 2nd worst cb in the league! That was a COUP! BY the Coaching staff!

Even clemons is less of a surprise! Clemons has been a starting FS for the last 2 years! Carroll is the pleasant surprise!

Lol I like the ugly , he`s always reminded me of Herman Munster with his looks and his build , even some of his movements ,, all Peyton needs is two bolts glued to his neck lol

LOL I was wondering what to wear today: a Peytenstein costume

Chill DC, cause when Sean Smith was being ate up every weekend, Vontae was making plays, so don't hate.

fireman ed jr,
dolphins 30, jets 9. enuff said. plan for the bills, the two of u will be battling for last place in afc east. father flanagan, u r a sicko and i wish u would keep ur pedefile thoughts to ur self. com'n man, this a dolphins posting.

Matt Moore gives us the best chance to win.

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