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Tannehill injury watch begins in earnest

The prevailing question of this week is whether Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will play against the Indianapolis Colts or not.

This morning he is on the field working on a limited basis. He took snaps with the starters early on in individual drills and then Matt Moore took snaps with the starting offense in team drills. So they are probably sharing work today.

[Update: Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill was limited in practice.]

Tannehill, who left Sunday's game in the first quarter with a bone bruise in the left knee and deep thigh bruise, seems clearly slower in his drop than he usually does. Perhaps he is planting gingerly but that, of course, is just observation and opinion. It really doesn't matter at this point, anyway.

The thing that matters is how Tannehill reacts to treatment this week and how he looks by Friday.

[Update: Tannehill told the media he "felt good" during practice. He did not take most of the snaps but is spending all his waking hours getting treatment on the injury to maximize his chances of playing.] 

There are other issues for the Dolphins.

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not on the field again. So, once again, his status for Sunday is basically sealed. He's not playing, which would mean he'll miss his fourth game in a row. Nolan Carroll will start.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis interim coach Bruce Arians called newly acquired cornerback Vontae Davis, "a very valuable player for us." He adds that Davis "has been outstanding" and calls him "a model citizen."

[Update: Arians told the Indianapolis media that Davis is not playing Sunday against the Dolphins. Tight end Coby Fleener is also out.]

Tony McDaniel also is not practicing today. He's wearing a knee brace and is working off to the side by himself.

Back to Arians a second, he was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh last year. And today in speaking about Dolphins center Mike Pouncey he compared him to his twin brother Markice, who plays for the Steelers.

Arians said Mike "is better" than Markice. And then he added jokingly, "Make sure you tell Markice I said that."


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It would seem by listening to some in here Tannehill has lost or should have the starting qb job taken away from him. My question is, "what are you guys basing this on, him getting injured"?

Last I checked, Tannehill won the starting job hands down during the preseason. Have you quickly forgotten?

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Also seems to be growing rhetoric here Moore should either be superceede Tannehill as starter. Then also should be traded for a 3rd rd pick.

I have an idea, lets keep Moore as starter and trade Tannehill for a 3rd rd pick. Guys, lets wake up and see how all of this meaniless rhetoric presently is. Things seem to be perfect presently just they way they are:

Tannehill starter, Moore backup, and Devlin 3rd string in grooming.


Fully understand. Best of luck to you man!

Before I go , just wanna say , I don t think he has lost or should lost the starting job, again I just hope getting hurt doesn t make him skittish , as far as winning the starting job hands down , I think it was more like it was given to him because he already played in the system with our new OC , no body out played anyone in the preseason , we didn t have any receivers the whole pre season to give anyone a chance to win it, but I stick with their decision to play him , I think he`s progressing each and every game , what I like about him is he learns from his mistakes ,. and seems to correct them next game , I think Garrard being there hurt not only Moore but Tannehill too , maybe if they were splitting the reps 3 ways these two would have improved faster and we might have won more pre season and reg season games , but you can t erase what happened nite guys


U are talking about the Mooremaniacs !

The group that is pushing for Matt Moore at QB! Since the Preseason! The Matt Barkley Fans! The People that think Dansby and Burnett are Worth $16 Million! Starks and Soliai Don't get paid that much combined! U can even add Odrick into the Mix!

The people that want to sabotage the fins!

That have the audacity to put Bush in B.Sanders League! The guy that could've been the all time leading rusher! Who has a 5.0 per Carry Average Lifetime! 10+ League Leading Rusher! Multiple 2000 yd seasons! Youngest to 10,000! Fastest to 10,000! The DAN MARINO OF RUNNING BACKS! Barry Danced BUT HE NEVER RAN SCARED!


The Blasphemy!!! These Guys come up with! Astounds Dashi!

What's Up Doc!

Good point that Moore had to learn 2 new systems in 2 years and excels at both. He's still young, too.

And Moore puts more fear into the opposing D's also. They cant stack the box against Moore like they do against Tanny.

If both healthy Tannehill vs Moore? I mean, that's a no brainer. If you don't know that, you youngsters don't know QBs either. What exactly do you know about?

The level of ignorance among most People in Miami, FL, be they Cubans, Anglos or Negros is immense.

Matt Moore looks a little better than Tanehill, thats true, but is true also that the Jets prepared the game for Tannehill.
Compare the two QB is not fair, Moore had his time with too many interceptions while he was with the Panthers, Tannehill is a rookie.
Today they shared 50% of the time with the first team, so for me, there are a new QB competition.
The better will start sunday, that is healty

I mean, most in this city have never read a book by Chekhov, have never seen a play by Ibsen, have never watched a film by Ingmar Bergman and if they did, they never finished it. It's all now, Lost, The walking Dead, The Hunger Games. Don't you see? YOU are the Zombies, the Slaves.

U see ur insight on society is not that far off. It's on the individual work that u suck.

So U hate everybody? Explains a lot.

Not evolving with the times that sounds personal.

And Matt Moore Sucks! T-Hill will start! And back to the bench for little hands! Qb's with little hands fumble a lot! Look it up! They can't grip the ball!


If we continue to get fantastic defensive and st's play, I see no reason we couldnt finish 12-4, 11-5. Maybe even unseating the Pats for the afc east crown.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | October 31, 2012 at 02:26 PM

YG has hopped aboard the 11-5 TRAIN.....any other taker's.....TRAIN leaves the station @ 6-3.....ALL ABOARD....train leaves the station @ 6-3......

"Alabama, gosh, they look like they could beat a couple of those NFL teams that I've watched on Sundays," Spurrier said on Wednesday's Dan Patrick Show (H/T to CBS' Mike Freeman). "I think a lot of the oddsmakers out there, that usually know what's going on, I'd guess Alabama would be favored by a little bit."

Who would win Bama vs. Fins?

Oh my God you have to be kidding me with this Moore talk. Are you talking about the same guy who had a false start called against him? 7 years in the league and how in the hell does the qb get penalized for a false start? I haven't seen that in over 10 years. Moore is a great backup to Tannehill, as it should be. He is inconsistent and disappears against better talent. So far he has proven that throughout his career. And what we know about Tannehill is he gets better every week. So one guy is at his ceiling while the other is improving every week, not even close to his ceiling yet, and already beat his competition fair and square.

oscar good post @ 08:37 PM, sad but true. I would venture to say 99% of the posters here fall into that category.

It looks like Tannehill is hitting his ceiling faster than Henne did. In a couple of more games defenses will have him figured out and we'll do the same thing like before, hold on to him for 4 years hoping for improvement.

It would seem by listening to some in here Tannehill has lost or should have the starting qb job taken away from him. My question is, "what are you guys basing this on, him getting injured"?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | October 31, 2012 at 07:33 PM

I dunno about that one YG. I read all 4 pages and I didn't see where anyone made this statement.

Maybe I missed it, can you name someone?

This offense is better with Moore at QB...hands down. If you cant see that you are smoking to much Tanneweed!

If he starts, Matt Moore would reel off 6 wins in the final 8 games just like he did last year. Tannehill wont do that.

Is there ever one single day that goes by without odin bringing up meth and queers? Ever?

Never. Never ever.

I think it was Craig M that said he thought Sherman dumbed down his play calling when Moore came in.

I don't believe that. I think Sherman played it brilliantly. He went to a run first look like he was going to sit on/protect the lead. Then he picked his spots perfectly. He went deep twice to Gaffney and the one should have been a TD. He went deep to Marlon Moore for a good gain. Then the Fasano TD. That one wasn't exactly deep, but it was a brilliant and well timed call. Fasano was WIDE open.

PS: Save for the bad officiating Bess had what probably would have been a TD also. We left at least 14 points on the field. It should have been more in the neighborhood of a 51 - 6 slaughter!

Phins 78,

Nobody was advocxating starting Moore over Tannehill. Not unless it was because of the injury. That was all YG talking to himself(no disrespect YG, but it's the truth).

Phins 78, one more thing, Philip Rivers got called for a false start last week.

I agree though, you certainly don't see it too often.

Nobody cares what you want.

I know you think it's a joke and all, but no. Seriously, you've shown your hand here and NOBODY cares what you have to say.........about anything.

Sad but TRUE ;)




Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

(PS: And for God's Sake, get some dentures already. Steal them if you have to. You look like a Peasant!)

Did any one see that political add on WSVN 7 showing decapitaions ?

A last second trade for Moore would be really difficult. Not impossible though.

For me it would come down to two main things(in addition to the correct compensation of course). And in both instances I would have to be "In The Know". I guess that goes without saying though.

First: I would have to have been there and have first hand knowledge about Moore and how badly he wants to be a starter. If he would resign and be happy challenging Tannehill next off season, that would play into my decision. If he's Hell Bent on leaving and trying to be a starter elsewhere, that would also help me in my choice.

Secondly: I would have needed to be there and see just how far Devlin's come in his own development. None of us has really seen enough of him to make this call. It's a bigger consideration than most think too. Simply because of the fact that Garrards agent has already been contacted(not by Miami or in reference to a Moore trade. But as recently as last week, Garrards agent disclosed the fact that Garrard is still even ready to practice, let alone play. This info was on Sports Center and one of the recent articles in the Herald).

The fact is, we're not ready to make a deep playoff run or challenge for the Big Show. This is why **MY CHOICE** would come down to the above. If Moore is hell bent on leaving after the season, then he's Trade Bait in my opinion. If he's made any overatures about staying on as a back up, then I don't even entertain any offers(not unless they're ridiculous anyways).

Also Devlin, to a lesser degree plays into the decision. I think he's going to be better than any of us expect. Looking at his collegiate career and his Pre Season games, I think the sky is the limit for this Guy. I believe he will be a very good, if not great starter in this league EASILY.........SOMEDAY.

The problem with that is I don't think he's anywhere near ready to play right now. The last thing I'd want to do is have Tannehill get injured and have to rely on somebody that's simply not up for the task. Regardless of whether or not we're ready for a playoff run.

So, with all of the above being taken into consideration, if you don't have a 2nd round pick, or a 3rd round pick **AND** a legitimate starter in an area of need for me, Don't even bother calling.

After all, in the long run and taking in the big picture, I'll be OK standing pat with my free agency money and 10 draft picks already in hand.

And Dashi what part don t you get about Delvin, you keep making him out to be this great Qb , he wasn t playing against any of the teams we played first or second string players , he was playing against mostly guys that got cut and are no longer in football, If he was as good as you think he is , don t you think they would have let him start one of them games, especially since Garrard couldn t play , of course they would have , but they know he couldn t compete against the starters , thats why he got mop up duty all through out the playoffs, I will say him and his third string guys do play well , but thats because he gets all his practice time with them , Moore and Tanny don t practice with them guys , so they get a chance to gel, I`m sure if 2 of our QB`s went down ,he`d be good enough to hand the ball off which is what they would do, Moore ran the offense last year went on a winning streak, he may not be better then Tannehill , but hes definitely better then Delvin

Is there ever one single day that goes by without odin bringing up meth and queers? Ever?
Never. Never ever.

Posted by: Ecka | October 31, 2012 at 10:58 PM

Is there ever one single day that this Queer Bait Meth Head doesn't bring it on Hi......ah, HERself?

If the Fishnets and Fvck Me Pumps Fit...........

And NO! It being Halloween is NO excuse!

I meant pre season not playoffs in last post , *

In my 11:44 post above, I meant to say: Garrard **ISN'T** even ready to practice..........

According to his agent anyways. A quick question. How does a routine Scope of the knee keep you out of commission this long?

I think it's just like the Marshall back injury. We ain't getting the "WHOLE" story.

Well apparently you guys are the only ones allowed to bring up queers , I made a remark about Dashi having a fixation on mans hands and the editor wouldn t print it , I also made the a point in telling him the small hands thing really only pertains to running backs that need to grip the ball while defenders are trying to rip it out of his grasp , not QBs , unless of course they are having a hard time gripping and throwing the ball , which Moore has not

I personally think Garrard just played Jeffy, Ross and the rest of us. I think he knew the whole time he couldn't play anymore with his back issues.

He got as much money as he could get and RAN!

Garrard Sucked , he telegraphed his throws just like Henne did thats why the Jagoffs got rid of him too many INT`s, he`s no up grade from Henne , so only thing he did have going for him was he was mobile , but he`s prolly lost that now too with his last injury ,I prayed he`d get traded or not make the team,, Feel bad the guy got hurt , that wasn t my wish for him , but am glad he`s not on our team anymore , last thing we need is another interception machine

Garrard don t let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya , don t call us ,we`ll call you , adios, see ya ....get the f--k outta here

You feel sorry for Garrard because he got hurt playing with his Kid in the in ground pool of hid million dollar home?

Well, then you can feel sorry for me too. I got hurt on my trampoline trying to play young for a Hottie-lol!

The alcohol didn't help matters.............

odin needs to link us a picture of him with his prostitutes....i mean hotties

Prostitutes I can respect. At least they **WORK** for a Living.

Meth Mouth Welfare Reciepients like YOU.............not so much.

Nice try.........thanks for stopping by.

Why would Philbin and Sherman name Garrard the starter, after watching him practice if he sucked?


YG, your arguments against Matt Moore are weak. You dont know squat about him or his career. If you weren't so hell bent on being a Moore hater you could objectively look at what he did last year and realize how great his accomplishments were rather than trying to downplay it all in an effort to discredit what he did. Do some open minded research. I know it won't change your mind about him and thats ok. You have been hating him since he was signed last year. Also, Tanne DID NOT beat out Matt Moore for the starting spot. It was planned all along when they hired all of the T A&M coaches. Matt Moore, once again was not given a fair shot. This offense would be so much better with MM leading it. But you now have the second coming of Marino in RT and I hope it works out for you because after this season Matt is definitely gone

I'm not going to argue Moore vs. Tannehill.

But I will say this, since last year I've been saying it actually.

Matt Moore isn't a Rodgers or Brees type of QB. But what he is, is a very smart, very good QB that can take a good team deep into the playoffs.

Since I've watched what he did, with what he had(SpOrano included), I've believed that he can get you there, PROVIDED you put a complete and solid team around him. You get us another WR and the RIGHT TE, with this defense(soon to be upgraded)and I think he can get it done.

Does this mean I want to see him play this weekend?


But I absolutely, positively hope we can lock him up AT LEAST as our Back Up for the next 4 years!

(Then again, I think Devlin will eventually be even better-lol).

Odin your last comment re Moore v T-hill was on point! Your previous comment on prostitutes, even better!

Thank You Redsky!

What do you think of Tannehill's injury? Timetable-wise?

It seems to me that if it's just a hyperextension and bruise, that's just painful. They always say there's a difference between being in pain and being injured.

I wonder if this axiom holds true when were talking our 8th round rookie QB-lol?

If this is the case(and I think it is by way of his attending/participating in practice), then I think that provided the associated swelling goes down, that he'll play and be fine. He seems like a Tough Kind of Character too me.


marshall bust.
egnew bust.
clay bust.

Posted by: 2 watt

Marshall a bust ? you talking about Brandon Marshall... try telling that to ant team he has played for .. B M hasn't been a bust for any team he has played for..

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