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Travel day notes for consideration

Today's a travel for the Dolphins ... and me.

Kentucky here I come!!! (It borders Ohio, folks.)

Anyway things to consider today:

Is Nolan Carroll ready to start against the Bengals? Ready or not he is set for that role because Richard Marshall is out with a back ailment and that presses Carroll into his fifth career start and first of 2012. We all know Carroll has been inconsistent in his previous starts.

The Dolphins hope the progress he's shown to coaches so far this year can carry him through on Sunday.

“I think he has played well," coach Joe Philbin said. "We would like him to make more plays on the ball at times just like our other defensive backs. He’s a competitive guy, he's intelligent, and you know what you’re going to get from him when you put him in the game. You’re going to get a great effort from the kid on the special teams and defense. He’s done well, but I think there is room for improvement."

Let's face it, folks. Carroll was the Dolphins fourth cornerback when training camp began. Now he's starting. If he does not play well, I say the Dolphins are auditioning veterans on Tuesday.


Many of you have advocated the Dolphins start auditioning kickers after Dan Carpenter has struggled the past two weeks. Well, my understanding is that is exactly what will happen if the Miami kicker misses what is considered to be a makeable kick against the Bengals.

What is a makeable kick?

For Carpenter it seems anything from 45 yards in is a lock. Although he a terrible 29th in accuracy so far this season, he's one for one in the 40 to 45 yard range. The problem is the far distances, or 46 yards and above.

He is 0 for 3 in that department this season and here's something more troubling:

He's a mere 10 for 25 since 2010 from 46 yards or more out. He was, by comparison, 14 of 15 from that same range his first two seasons in 2008 and 2009.

It gets worse.

It so happens that Carpenter went on his slide right after he signed a four-year contract in July of 2010. He is making $2.525 million this season, which is already guaranteed. He's scheduled to make $2.675 million next year.

You better believe the team will bring in a kicker to try to beat him out next year. But this year? It's hard to find someone better on the street and it doesn't help matters any to cut a guy once you've guaranteed his salary for the season.

So if, and this is a big if, Carpenter struggles again Sunday, expect the Dolphins to bring someone in to audition. But none of that will automatically mean Carpenter will be out of a job.

The team might even be convinced to carry two kickers.


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I picked up Cinci's top 2 recievers in my fantasy league. They are both starting.

Offensive line is looking above average.
Run D is amongst best in lg(top 5 imo).
Qb play looks promising.
Now if only we would have gotten a play making safety instead of Odrick(who isnt horrible)
Drafted gronk, henrandez or Graham( as i was saying in 2010) or pass game would have improved.
(keeping Marshall after what we gave up makes too much sense for ol jeffy)
We would be fighting for the illustrious wild card !!! lmao

Carpenter is the least of the problems. If Tannehill could move the ball they wouldnt have to resort to 50 yd FG's. No one complained about Carpenter when Matt Moore was playing.

it would be nice if he were better from deep, but he's been clutch from within until recently so whatever. he'll rebound. Go Dolphins!!!

Odin, Gotta laugh, Your such a Tool.

Even though Andy Dalton is a much better QB than Kolb or Sanchez, this Game would be winnable if only we weren't so shaken up after the 2 very tough losses. My advise: Forget the fancy stuff. Make up a good Game plan and execute it thru.

Oscar, What say you, Youve been around for about a hundred years, Is Odin the god Of BS or I'am I just being nitpicky?

Mr Sal eventhough you might get a consensus on the team not missing Davis so far we are in the fifth game and even if carroll plays well you always need depth on an NFL team.The loss of both Bell and Davis(starters) will undoubtably hurt the team as they progress through the season.We cant win today when we give away Davis a week and a half before the season starts.Win tommorow is still speculation.

Odin, Can you reply to the above post??
Posted by: Odins Bloated Liver. | October 06, 2012 at 06:18 AM

I certainly can.

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What band was that, odin? Yeah, I remember and enjoyed the Allman Brothers and other Southern rock bands before the disappearence of live Concerts in favor of the Music Videos of now.

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Jesus odin! Dont you ever get tired of looking like a pathetic schlep? You craig m and dc barfbag should start your own bowling team! You can call it the lonely, big mouth idiot squad. If you need a 4th, I hear Dashi may be available.

Instead of blogging incessant nonsense about stuff no one cares about, try getting a life.

And before you predictably called me bloated liver, guess again.

And before you predictably called me bloated liver, guess again.

Posted by: odin, the waste of blog space | October 06, 2012 at 08:18 AM

LMAO - You poor pathetic little Loser.

Have you EVER gotten ANYTHING right?

I called you Liver Spots you Dousche Bag.

Don't hate the "Playa"........Loser ;)

(Sidenote: Just when I thought this FvckWad couldn't possibly get any more "Ignant" - Dooh!


Come on now?

After what you guys put through the first time I gave you the name of the Band?

LOL - Nah........Fool me once......shame on something er other........

Carpenter can't be relied upon from outside 45 yards. That is a problem for an NFL kicker making +$2m per year. He has missed 3 big kicks this year that cost the Fins two games. Plain, simple, the end.

Not being able to kick field goals from +45 yards puts pressure on your offense and defense. Forces Philbin to go for it or punt. Going for it and not being able to convert a first down leaves the defense in bad field position.

Expect a lot of punting this year!

Entering the season we heard from local sports writers that PATIENCE is needed with rookie QB's. THILL is learning and I feel he looks great. Especially given his limited college experience.

Reality is that 3 major mistakes made in the Arizona game were not really his fault. Hartline, slipped and fell, leading to his first pick. The fumble and pick that followed were due to missed blocking assignments on blitzes that lead to massive hits on THILL that would cause many QB's to cough up the ball. I do fault him for that interception as he has to know to hold it, take the lost yardage and punt.

But the kid threw for over 400 yards with a receiving corp that every writer and fan knows is subpar. Hartline leads the league in passing yards after week four. How did that happen? THILL that's how!

I am behind this kid all the way and love watching him develop this year. I see the Draft and FA period being huge for this franchise. Because we have our QB now we need to fill the obvious holes: #1 WR, shut down CB to complement Smith, TE to go down the middle, and a real Safety who knows how to manage the field.

Odin @ 8:44....

SMART....very SMART....

You must have stayed @ a Holiday Inn Express last night....

Guys. Get ready to see some big plays down field on Nolan side, he will be tested. This game might turn out to be a shoot out!

I will continue with my 6:25 post and ignore some of the hyperbole on this blog.All of this is speculation even winning today can be impeded by injuries and a myraid of factors that impact a collection of 53 humans that make up an NFL teams roster.But when planning for a season their should be NO DOUBT that you need as many starters on your team as possible if you plan on winning today to cover as many contingincies that may come about or may not.The key word is PLAN.Ireland came up with as vague an answer as he could when coining we want to win today and tommorrow.Planning to win this season a GM does NOT trade a strting CB(last season)for future draft picks if indeed he is sincere about wanting to win today.

In addition there is NO ABSOLUTE answer on any of this so I am not dissuaded by ANY writer as to the merits of MY OPINION.You may be a writer and the chief of this blog but your opinion is not the absolute answer and NEVER WILL BE.

Smith and carroll are going to get burned all day long. Dalton will have a 400 yaed passing day easily!

Odin Great Series of Post from Early this Morning.

Yes, No more Politics this is a Dolphin Blog. But U Proved some good Points!

Also Clown, Dashi is not Odin and Vice-Versa!

But we Know Dashi is Always on Ur Mind! We all Know U want Dashi In Ur Mouth!

Carpenter should only be kicking from under 50 yds this Week!!!

Philbin has shown He will give u a Shot. MAybe even 2 or 3. But Once he's done with U. He's Done With U!!!!

Have to love that about him! Spo would never stand up to his own players. Spo cared for cutting his players. He took personal Feelings over Performance All The Time!!!

Not Philbin, U suck don't matter how much of a Friend u are. Philbin will cut U!! The Man don't play.

D.Thomas is already on watch! One more Screw up and it's L.Miller's turn. It might be Miller Time Regardless. Sherm has stated maybe at Mid-Season They Re-Adjust the Depth Chart!

Dashi likes Philbin Theory! Master Ur Position and then we Might let u Play Another One!

Unlike Spo's Jack of all Trade Mentality which Stunts a Players Growth!!!

Look at the O-Line!!! The Real O-Line GURU fixed the Line and Created Consistency Along the Line on his first Training Camp.

Philbin Delegates Way Better Spo!! The Coaches Work as a Team!!!!

Dalton doesnt have the strongest arm so those deep passes you guys think he is gonna be hittin us with will take a second or two extra to get there thus giving our cb's a chance to get there if burned.Cinci is all about the short and medium game. Take away the middle and you drastically alter daltons effectiveness. Like pennington. Hopefully our lb's and safeties are up to the challenge.( fingers crossed).

Dashi--I dreamed you drank my sweet nectar last night.

Odin was in white snake. He used to be the chick on the hood of the car.

Sounds like dashi should've had a V-8.

if and only if Castro is running for president will I vote for him, otherwise i wont vote because im technically not a US citizen, i just benefit from your programs

oscar canosa/Aloco/Kris/Dashi,
Please stop telling us about playing 'sumarine periscopes' with each other in the jacuzzi.
We do not care that you had all 4 periscopes up at once.
This is blog about football.

Ryan Tannehill has already proven that he is an elite, franchise QB.
He has already shown that he is the first Phins QB since Griese (Bob not Brien)that is capable of winning a super bowl.
He has already vowed not to jerk us off for 18 years like Big Dan-13.
Beating teams like Cincy is as simple as spitting in thier face.

Hey Mando......you said "It is hard finding anyone on the streets who is better than Carpenter."


Neil Rackers is looking for work, and on his worse days he has a much stronger and more accurate leg than Carpenter.

Obama has done a great job. Caught Osama, got us out of Irag, and the stock market is hitting new highs.

Any dream of win today went out the window when Brandon Marshall was traded. They waved the white flag with that move.

LMAO - You poor pathetic little Loser.

Have you EVER gotten ANYTHING right?

I called you Liver Spots you Dousche Bag.

Don't hate the "Playa"........Loser ;)

(Sidenote: Just when I thought this FvckWad couldn't possibly get any more "Ignant" - Dooh!

Posted by: odinseye | October 06, 2012 at 08:42 AM

Actually, you incompotent dope, you didn't call me anything because I'm not the guy you were calling out!


More incessant drivel from the blog baby. can't you tell the difference between all the people who go after you? Jesus you are DENSE.



I think we should seriously give Odin a break guys, I mean, whoever is drilling him for being drunk has to understand that the REAL Odin wouldn't say anything like that, it's his drunk stupor that gets the best of him. Now, if we would all just play nice and understand that Odin has no harsh feelings towards any of us, myself included, except for oscar the grouch, we can understand and live together as one happy Miami Dolphins fan base. sure not all of us get along, like Kris for example, everyone hates how conceited he may sound, but it doesn't mean that we have to get on each other's case all the time. I mean seriously, if it weren't for all the trolltards on here how else would we survive. If you are with me raise a hand, otherwise, please stfu and go somewhere less productive LOL

YG, the voice of reason, I like it! Count me in!

Thank Ireland for not providing a quality corner opposite Sean Smith

Can we get a kicker that's not a Liberal ? It seems that Carpenter kicks is usually wide left ...

Only 40 comments here since midnight last night? Strange. In any case if they Play like they did in the 1st Half of the Game last week, nobody can beat the Dolphins. Let's say it earlier now. No mistakes, ya hear, NO mistakes against Cinci.

To many morons on this site. Who cares what you say Oscar. Go back to where you belong. Obama helps you jobless idiots. Good point.

Grahm Gano, the kicker for the Redskins last year and this preseason, specializes from long distances but misses from short distances from time to time, hence why he was released. He could be ideal if Miami does go for the 2 kicker approach.

Why Ireland hasn't added another Vet CB yet is mind boggling. He even said in 'Hard Knocks' during the Vontae Davis episode he would be a pain finding someone else. Yet he brings in no one.

oscar let's stop hating and just come together and hold hands and stop being a trolltards, seriously, i won't hate you for your race if you don't hate me, Valhalla?

Exactly, WTH are you doing?

Odin was in white snake. He used to be the chick on the hood of the car.

Posted by: Sammo | October 06, 2012 at 11:27 AM


Wait.....er.......at FIRST I thought it was funny. Then I thought, is that the way you picture me when you read my posts?

Alrighty then! I still feel flattered in some weird sort of way. I wasn't in White Snake, but I have often fantasized about being the **HOOD* of that car ;)

Somehow, during my early morning posts, I had a Random Thoughts post deleted. I was doing a tongue in cheek impersonation of Rob in OC, using MY OWN sign in though.

It kind of Bummed me out when I saw it was deleted. I based it off of Barry Jackson's article:

Miami Dolphins' Rookie Class A Bright Spot For The Team.

I don't know why that one got deleted, but I'm going to try and re-do it.

That article is a Good Read BTW!

Mr Ireland how do you expect to win today when your trade of Davis(week and a half before season)was for FUTURE draft picks.You decided to release Garrard the QB that won the starting job in camp because the rookie is getting on the job training this year.It dosent take a brain surgeon,rocket scientist or even a hot dog vendor to figure out if you want to win today you make trades for players that will play on your team today and decisions by playing experienced players that dont need on the job training this year. So the notion of "win today and tommorrow" is for chumps to believe.BTW the fans that go to the games are a lot more street smart than you Mr. Ireland,your attempt at slickness is a disaster just look at the empty seats in the stadium at home games.BTW get a new pair of sunglasses(designer)and you can make friends with Ross's celebrity owners.Afterall Mr Ireland you get paid as a GM on a proffessional football team you shouldnt wear any attire that looks like it was purchased at a FLEA MARKET.

I thought it was funny Odin. Thought I would contribute to your rock aura on the blog. And guys get changed to girls all the time. Ask quagmire's mom.

LSU is a fraud
Every year same thing
Les Miles gets his butt handed to him when they play big games


Posted by: odin, the waste of blog space | October 06, 2012 at 02:12 PM

And.........I would care.........ah..........WHY?

Seriously though-lol, you say: WE ALL LOATHE YOU. Just curious, how many multiple personalities are we talking?

PS: If you ever want to get help with the "Phrenia", please let me know. The depths of your "Condition" appears to be astonishling complex. From what I can detect, your multiple personalties are unaware of each other and I find that incredibly interesting.

I'll bet you often "Wake Up" in situations(Face down and butt up)and circumstances(skinned up knees and a sore jaw)that you have no idea how you got into.

Anywhoo........seek HELP! Immediately!

Very sad old man whose best days are well into the rearview mirror and who doesn't seem to recognize how laughable a figure he is to most here.

Posted by: The Way It Is | October 06, 2012 at 02:24 PM

Come on now, I know you're trying to "Cop Out" to being delusional. But we all KNOW it was YOU that was actually called out by Armando-Duuuuuh!

1. If it wasn't you, why would you be responding to it? Again, your ignorance and lack of intellectual prowess, sinks you YET again-LOL.

2. If it wasn't you posting this derogatory stuff about me, then how do you ACTUALLY know if it's one person or ten? You simply couldn't.

ROTFLMAO - See how stoopid you are Fvck Wad? You couldn't possibly know. So regardless of the actual circumstances, YOU as usual, are completely FOS YET again-lol.

Buh Bye ;)

(Sidenote: Just when I thought this FvckWad couldn't possibly get any more "Ignant" - Dooh!

Posted by: odinseye | October 06, 2012 at 08:42 AM

Actually, you incompotent dope, you didn't call me anything because I'm not the guy you were calling out!


Ah..........well.........GEE Billy, then why on earth are you responding to it?

ROTFLMAO! Dear Lord, is this guy REALLY this Fvcking Stoopid-LOL?

Come on Armando, get us a Troll thats NOT this "Stump Dumb" and "Stoopid Too". I'll bet the "Mentally Challenged" Kids even REFUSED to play with this RETARD-LOL.

Thanks For Stopping By.........Duh, Billy!

Yesterdays Gone,

I would take offense with that, but stone sober, you're as dumb as the resident troll here.

Just four days ago YG said we're on our way to the Super Bowl.

Now, who REALLY has a "Drunken Stupor" issue?

I mean, unless he Flip/Flops and posts this shyt stone sober..........in which case, it's **DOUBLE** - Dooh!

Odin, your too dumb to even post your full reply in 1 post. LOL why does it take you 2 or 3 and 20 paragraphs to get your point across? Brain farts? Idiocy? Foaming diarhea of the keyboard?

Get to the friggin point you long winded blabbermouth. Since you never have one, Im assuming thats the reason. You keep typing til you come up with one. You pathetic drunken fool.

Heres how you do it. It takes a few subtle words. Take notes

You`re an idiot! See? Simple! Simple is right up your alley!

YG and his merry band of FeeAggot aliases posts more about ME than Football.

Could it be because he's been TOTALLY exposed?

Could it be he's just a Parrot and really has a very limited amount of football knowledge?

It would explain all the Flip-Flops......LOL!

why does it take you 2 or 3 and 20 paragraphs to get your point across?

Posted by: odin, the waste of blog space | October 06, 2012 at 07:06 PM

Why do you ONLY respond to posts direct too the resident Gaytard Blog Hit Troll?

Why are you always posting about me?

Doesn't take a genius to figure it out-Duh-LOL!

Since you CONSTANTLY CONTINUE defending the GayTard Troll one doesn't find it too difficult to figure out. Well.....actually, you seem to struggle with it. You seem mystified as to how your spotted and exposed so easily.

To simplify it for you, from now on, we'll all refer to you as the "Punk A ssed Beatch! You got that? It'll make it EASY, because you are one and EVERYBODY here KNOWS it(everybody except your multiple personalities anyways-ROTFLMAO).

Thanks For Stopping By you Punk A ssed Beatch ;)

I thought it was funny Odin. Thought I would contribute to your rock aura on the blog. And guys get changed to girls all the time. Ask quagmire's mom.

Posted by: Sammo | October 06, 2012 at 06:26 PM


Understood he clearly has issues with substance abuse (by his own admission)

-I don't have ANY issues with substance abuse. My Pain Secialist is "Hooking Me The Fvck Uuuuuuuuuuup"!

And I just "Invested" in some High Priced/Aged Bourbon for this weekend.

Issues? Ha! Speak for YOURSELF!

Anyway, think Miami is going to struggle containing the Bengals passing game tomorrow even with a decent pass rush. I'll say 28-23 Bengalsn but hope I'm wrong!

Posted by: dan | October 06, 2012 at 03:46 PM

-Gee, seeing how we have key injuries in the backfield and were last in pass defense, have struggled with every team we've faced dating back to last season, I'd say "SOMEBODY" is stating the OBVIOUS!

If you post like this SOBER, maybe you should try having some, "Issues" of your own ;)

Odin ( /ˈoʊdɨn/


Odin is a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard. Homologous with the Old English "Wōden" the name is descended from Proto-Germanic "*Wodanaz" or "*Wōđanaz". "Odin" is generally accepted as the modern English form of the name, although, in some cases, older forms may be used or preferred. His name is related to ōðr, meaning "fury, excitation," besides "mind," or "poetry." His role, like that of many of the Norse gods, is complex. Odin is associated with war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt. Odin has many sons, the most famous of whom is Thor.

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