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Travel day notes for consideration

Today's a travel for the Dolphins ... and me.

Kentucky here I come!!! (It borders Ohio, folks.)

Anyway things to consider today:

Is Nolan Carroll ready to start against the Bengals? Ready or not he is set for that role because Richard Marshall is out with a back ailment and that presses Carroll into his fifth career start and first of 2012. We all know Carroll has been inconsistent in his previous starts.

The Dolphins hope the progress he's shown to coaches so far this year can carry him through on Sunday.

“I think he has played well," coach Joe Philbin said. "We would like him to make more plays on the ball at times just like our other defensive backs. He’s a competitive guy, he's intelligent, and you know what you’re going to get from him when you put him in the game. You’re going to get a great effort from the kid on the special teams and defense. He’s done well, but I think there is room for improvement."

Let's face it, folks. Carroll was the Dolphins fourth cornerback when training camp began. Now he's starting. If he does not play well, I say the Dolphins are auditioning veterans on Tuesday.


Many of you have advocated the Dolphins start auditioning kickers after Dan Carpenter has struggled the past two weeks. Well, my understanding is that is exactly what will happen if the Miami kicker misses what is considered to be a makeable kick against the Bengals.

What is a makeable kick?

For Carpenter it seems anything from 45 yards in is a lock. Although he a terrible 29th in accuracy so far this season, he's one for one in the 40 to 45 yard range. The problem is the far distances, or 46 yards and above.

He is 0 for 3 in that department this season and here's something more troubling:

He's a mere 10 for 25 since 2010 from 46 yards or more out. He was, by comparison, 14 of 15 from that same range his first two seasons in 2008 and 2009.

It gets worse.

It so happens that Carpenter went on his slide right after he signed a four-year contract in July of 2010. He is making $2.525 million this season, which is already guaranteed. He's scheduled to make $2.675 million next year.

You better believe the team will bring in a kicker to try to beat him out next year. But this year? It's hard to find someone better on the street and it doesn't help matters any to cut a guy once you've guaranteed his salary for the season.

So if, and this is a big if, Carpenter struggles again Sunday, expect the Dolphins to bring someone in to audition. But none of that will automatically mean Carpenter will be out of a job.

The team might even be convinced to carry two kickers.


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Nolan Carroll will have his chance to step up. We'll see just how much the kid has progressed. I'm trying to judge him, like I judeg Ireland and others. Forget last year, forget yesterday, Lets see what the Kid can do right now.

After an off season with Coyle(whose specialty is the DB's)maybe the kids improving.

I do know this, look for him to be getting his head and trying to make plays on the ball. The biggest knock on him has been that he keeps his head away from the QB throughout. He never seemed to get his head around just before the ball gets there, so he never makes the play.

Look for a Big Difference. I say difference because who knows with him. He start getting his head around too soon now and get smoked on the double moves.

Just look for the difference now, because I've read where Coach Philbin has mentioned this particular detail this week. Over and over again. I saw Philbin mention this three times in the same article.

It could be a double edged sword.....or it could make all the difference in the world. We shall see.


How are the Canes going to do against ND?

I'm watching the MLB!

ND 7 Mia 3

Good matchup Det v Oak


fun watching this canes offense

Refs hurt Canes with that roughing passer call.

The Canes Run D is getting exploited.

ND has just been Gashing them down the stretch!

D is nonexistent. Penalties, I think Miami has more penalty yds than rushing yds.

Odin congrats on Detroit win, Verlander is outstanding.

Woods and Atkinson put on a clinic. Pretty solid blocking too.

Teo is an enigma in regards to Miami looking at him. He's good enough to go real high. But with Dansby under contract and many more important needs, I can't even pretend to dream up a scenario in which we seriously consider taking him.

He reminds a **LITTLE** of Kuechley who went to Carolina last April.

I think because of Dansby's contract(the LENGTH, not the amount), he'll be here through next year at least. Maybe even a year more.

Redsky, Verlander looks like a Gimp, but he's a Killer-LOL. He slated to go Game 5 if it goes that far. I like the strategy, keep him fresh unless you absolutely need him.

On paper Cincy is Better than the PHINS. But Sunday we win I guarantee it.. Hey I'm not playing!! I could guarantee what ever I want! LOL.

Canes have more rookies than probably any other team in their division. Young. But we will see...growing pains!

Freshmen. Sorry still think about the PHINS. Game tomorrow.,

Okay first of all Tanne is a man!

2nd: Tanne pumps his women and tells other chics to get fu@ki&5 lost.

You guys are a bunch of fanucs.
I try to help you with everything but you're weak with everything.
You think being a cop fixes everything - but it doesn't - it makes it worse!

Sgt Odin.
Please wake up your troops. :D

Where are we now?

Where are we? Where are you?

I have a Little "Get Together(small party)" going on. Some friends came over for the Michigan/Purdue game and then the Canes/Notre Dame game. Being Michigan Fans we were rooting/hoping for the Canes :(

Anyways, now we have a concert on my Old School Big Screen TV(In the "Bat Cave"). It's on AXS channel. Their called "Garbage" and it's the One Mile High Tour.....I guess. THEY SUCK.........BAD-LOL! Appropiately named.

We got a Bass Player and a Drummer. Somebody brought a really pretty Blonde Haired Chick and she says she can sing. Soooooooooooooo............we're about to "Fire It Up" and do some Jamming.

(These schmucks have burned through all the Evan Williams and are eye-Fvcking my Good Bourbon! HELP!-LOL).

Football and Partying just goes together. Like peanut butter and jelly! Whoop-Whoooop!!!!

I'm going to Party till 4;00, then I can get 8 hours and roll out of bed just in time for the game!


MF's don't know how to cook. But I do!

Just so that we are clear:
I drank ONLY the Even Williams Black Label.

The Heat will make up for the Dolphins shortcomings.

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Cincy 24 Dolphins 13

Funny how odin and oscar and YG, all posting under weird aliases, talked to themselves for this entire blog, there were barely any legitimate posts. For literally 7 hours odin blabbed to himself, with a mix of YG adding in some bs white flag flair, and oscar attempting to make light of everything that happened. How dumb can all of you be. 7 hours of absolutely nothing but pure troll garbage LOL it shows how all of you have absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday LOL

Okay! Everyone kneel down and open your mouth and be ready for everything!!!

LOL it shows how all of you have absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday LOL

Posted by: Reality Check | October 07, 2012 at 12:36 AM

Reality Check is critical stupid. Almost brain dead.

And the only thing he has to do on a Saturday night is come here and whine.

You are worse than they are dumbfuck.

Check Mate is right. Thats one dumb sonofabitch.

Whitesnake has way too many hits for you clowns. Thats Tawny Kitaen's in that video. She is hot.
Dolphins 31
Bengals 17

I'll 3rd that. How can he say anything when he's doing the same thing but worse. He's more like a woman on a Saturday night with no life. Whining and beaching and puissing and moaning.

Reality Dumbfuck rub some vagisil on it and stfu you Vag.

Useless back and forth banter here between dumb fuc-s, but it is true that Dalton specializes in the short to intermediate Game and crossing routes. Better have some help for whoever is covering their receivers.

Nice Miami Marlins Stadium. I couldn't see the ball from where I was sitting but a lot of very nice Women there.

Nice Biscayne Bay Restaurant. The tally for a hamburger. some conch fritters, a clam chowder and some shrimp was $84.84.

Like I said oscar guard the middle and you play dalton like a fiddle. Well not exactly but close. Aj green is a master when it comes to the middle of the field.Ive noticed they run greshem down the seam and have green run a in route past the marker for a first with incredible success. Maybe have a linebacker drop to midfield when a.j is on his side?

That's exactly it, Sammo. Everybody and their many cousins know that that is the way to defend Cinci's passing attack. Now, the Players and Coaches are the ones that have to carry out this strategy. And, of course, they and only they can do it and be accountable for it.

You guys kmow that Odinstank has been posting non-stop since 1 pm weds.
It's now 4am sat morning Thats 63 stright Hours.
Does the old Coot get into the record books yet?

cincy 45-24

Well lets see if they can win today and prolong the flying aircraft toting banners of discontent over the stadium on home game.T-hill just has to play well enough to be able to win today for a weekly repreive for the GM.If he keeps having games where his individual stats are monsterous, but they lose, the fans will realize for whatever reason that the home team will not be successful as a passing team in 2012.I dont have any interest in predicting the score of todays game.I do like to see the Dolphin expert picks every week(they get paid)

next year will be fun. just keep getting better this year and have a great draft

olindo mare is still out there, isn't he? was it carolina he was with in preseason? at least look at him.

We don't have the talent to overcome adversity and still Win, even against mediocre Teams. So, we have to play mistake-free Football.

true oscar. im glad we are improving and also glad we are losing these games. we all know we arent going anywhere this year so these losses will help us come draft time.

Every team in Miami sucks besides the Heat. Pointless to root for any other team.

No way, pal. If you think losing at anything helps anybody in any constructive way for theirSelves, then....you are a Loser.

so basically clue u admit your just a garbage fair weather fan

Is Olindo Mare still the all time most accurate kicker? Might not be able to hit anything over 50 but that gives us the same luck that we have now with carpenter. Though if Neil Rackers is out there why isn't be taken or being looked at. I'm sure we can eat 2.5 million Ross doesn't care he's rich. He'd give up 2.5 million to win those last two games

thinking like that makes our future even further away oscar. winning a few meaningless games kills us once season is over, just like last year. 2013 is gonna be a fun year, but this year i could care less about wins and losses

Winning breeds winning. Losing breeds losing.

100 percent false oscar. next year starts everything over nobody cares about last years records. just ask the saints

If most People knew the %s against them winning anything at Gambling, they will never bet a cent

Most People are not degenerate Gamblers.

Best way to prevent the other Team from scoring is to not let them have the ball. Any arguments to that here?

"Fail Forward Fast", said Cam Cameron!

There's great legitimacy to this very accurate statement guys. Seeing improvement inm a loss is great. However, it quickly has to promote winning.

8-10 games into the season, the team cant be 1-7 or 1-9 and we're still saying we're seeing improvement in losses. "Fail Forward Fast" means quickly getting losing out of our system.

This needs to begin today or we're not improving in a loss. We're just improving upon the ways in which "WE LOSE". Now past the quarter mark of season's begin, this game begins confirmation we are what our record presently says we are, or 2-3(win) better than what it presently says we are.

After todays game the arrow points up or down.he window of "EXCUSES" slams shut!

In 2007, instead of failing forward fast, we just continued to fail forward. Exactly as our 1-15 regular season record would indicate.

Great Post, YG.

Depends who your goat is for the loss. If it's Sherman again then there is no excuse. If Carpenter misses another makable FG is it an excuse or a fact? If Tannehill throws 2 picks is it his fault, was he being hit, did his receiver slip, did he make a bad read, did he make a poor decision. In a rebuilding year we might be looking for reasons more than excuses.

If Tannehill throws for over 300 and no INTs do we have an excuse for why we lost or are we just bad?

Let's see what Gaffney can do for us (signing him mainly to block the Jests from signing him on top of the fact that no one can be worse than Naanee) I'm more excited for next year's draft than this season, next year is the year I'll drop all excuses/reasons assuming we show promise that we are a legitimate football team


I'm pumped today, I think the Dolphins may pull a fast one on the Bengals. The Bengals are a paper house. Too bad it's Thanksgiving up here or I'd drive across the border. Cincy is a six hour drive from here. But family comes first ... Dolphins 1A I guess ...

PS, people in Cincinnati are really fat .....


At somepoint, finger pointing(excuses) isnt an option. We win as a team and lose as a team. Just as the final score always suggests. The final score never points the finger at a singular event.

Winning always favors the team making the fewest amount of , again, "team mistakes". Regardless who the singular culprit may be.

Team, is more than just the players on the field, it includes the coaching staff, all the way up to top of the tree to its owner.

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