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Wednesday afternoon update from Dolphins camp

The Dolphins are in full pads today as they begin honing in on the Jets game.

Cornerback Richard Marshall, who has missed the last two starts with a back injury, is not practicing today. He didn't practice Monday. He didn't practice last week, or the week before, or the week before. It is going on a month since the back injury has kept him out of practice.

I haven't even seen him in the locker room.

Nolan Carroll continues to be the likely starter for Marshall versus New York. Carroll, by the way, jumped a route against Brian Hartline during the open portion of practice and had a chance for an interception. He didn't catch the ball, but it would go down as a pass defensed.

I was told last week that Marshall expected to return "sooner rather than later," suggesting his issue is not season-ending. But his time away gives me pause.

Defensive lineman Randy Starks is also not at practice today. I do not know if his absence is a result of an injury or whether he's excused for some reason.

Tony McDaniel is the next guy up and so he took more repetitions today.



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Craig M....

Meetings all day....i'll get back to you...

Is Gafney on the field?

Mark (from the last blog),

You've been on a roll with some of your posts lately. Very well put. I can't add anything to what you've said, but you're dead right in this idea of moving away from Corporate owners to individuals. Shame that couldn't happen in Toronto. They had their best success when guys like McNall and Candy owned the teams. Is there NOBODY in Canada who could become individual owners of the Leafs and Jays? Biggest joke was the Leafs being run by the teacher's pension, which is essentially what the setup was. Pure profits and nobody really caring about the product on the ice.
As for Ireland (and I know you're no the one saying this), I couldn't careless if he is in fact a jerk. I actually think he's misunderstood. He comes from the Parcells camp of 'don't trust the media' and for that reason probably comes across as a jerk. It's interesting that I heard the same thing said about Scott Pioli in KC and don't think that Parcells hasn't influenced him too. He was said to be 'painfully uncomfortable in front of the media'. Yeah I get in this day and age of media driven world that the GM has some responsibility to communicate with the media. Myself, I care VERY little about this. Nobody ever said Bellichick

Craig, I think Toronto sports are doomed. Is there anyone who can pry these franchise away from multi billion dollar corporations like bell and rogers? I don't think so.

They get free programming and make their money there.

I mean take the Blue Jay example. People complain they aren't aggressive enough in talent acquisition. So word comes out that if people showed up then they will spend. That's like Toyota saying we are going to sell you this crap car and if you buy enough of them, we will make a better one. Give me a break. I like baseball but I'm not passionate about it. The whole TO sports scene can turn on it's ear in perpetuity for all I care. I take the DOlphins over all of them put together. And when the Dolphins stink, I turn to european soccer. The Leafs and Jays are so far down on my priority list for entertainment.

I'll give some criticism to Ireland for not adding to the depth of CBs with the injury issue with Marshall. We're not deep at CB as it is and we could sue help there. Carroll is OK back there, and in his defence he's played well but I'm just waiting for that game where he gets burned. Hopefully it's not this week. We've known about Marshall's injuries for a while now and I don't get why we haven't added to the position. It's why if we win Sunday I'd be tempted to throw a pick (5th or later) for somebody to help out. Yeatman's still on this team? What's he adding at this point?

Craig, CBs are so tough to find. It's like adding a QB right now. Yeah, works for the optics but the ones that are worth hiring are hired. Maybe that guy that worked at Arby's a few years back is still available? I mean, remember we signed a guy that worked at Arby's?

Do we keep MArhsall for the Long Haul? U know all 3 years of his Contract!

If not then Pe'o for Te'O is off!

And the BPA for the Secondary is top Priority this Offseason! But we have 5 Picks in the first 90! MAybe we can use 2 on 1 CB, 1 FS. And then The other 3 on 2 Lb's and 1 WR!

That way we can All be Happy!

And Signing our Key FA's Is Crucial! Starks, Long, S.Smith!

But WE should Still whoop the Jets!! 21-0!

Craig Ireland Hired Depth at CB. What he did Was take that Depth and turn it into 2 Picks! a 2nd and a 6th!

Maybe we can use one of the 2nd rd picks on a CB!

I would like to see Coyle have influence in Drafting our New Secondary! A Stud CB and a BallHawk FS!

what about the big day for Gaffney, Mando??


Again your points are very well made. Totally agree about the Toronto sports scene. I'm a season ticket holder going all the way back to Exhibition Stadium. I gave them up back in about '96-'97 because at the end I couldn't give them away. I remember how excited people were about the 'Dome. Now I think people just see the whole thing as all a big money grab. Sad really!

Mark, I read your comments about how hard it is to find good CBs in the draft. Totally agree. I know you're a fan of grabbing a CB in the first round and maybe even the second round too. I think we've got to be AWFULLY careful with this stuff. Yeah there's some really good corners in the NFL (Peterson, Revis, ?Joseph etc..) but there's an awful lot of guys that don't pan out. We've had them here in Miami too. I'm fine with a CB early, as I see it as a need but boy it would be awfully good to get a Demarcus Ware type guy in te draft to play opposite Wake or to get a guy who can do some of the things that Misi can't. That's what I'm looking for.

We need to get rid of Marshall even when he played he looked lost out there most of the time with his back always turned. Draft a CB in the 1st RD and get a WR and TE in 2nd RD and we are set


You don't make a lot of sense sometimes, bud. I'm coming down on Ireland because he hasn't taken any steps to add to depth at CB NOW. What does trading Davis for picks have to do with this? I'm talking in the last 4 weeks. Go work guys out and sign them. He hasn't done. To me that's a mistake and as well as Carroll has played, one of these games he's going to get completely lit up.

Is that all we get as a update for a Miami beat writer that is bad need more information. You wrote a column yesturday saying today is the day that makes or breaks Gaffney and not one word today. I understand starks was not there but not know why you need to atleast ask around. I guess you are still on vacation and not got back in the groove

Craig, I hear you on the bust rate but the same philosophy we use on QBs should apply here. Got to take em early. I mean right now we are drafting 20th so most likely all three of the 1st round CBs could be gone anyway - same thing with all the top pass rushers.

In that case, I'd be so happy with FS Eric Reid of LSU (DB U) in the first (the centrefielder we've lacked for a while who also hits well) and then if we could get a CB like David Amerson in the 2nd, that would make me pleased as punch.

personally I have a man crush on Xavier Rhodes. As fast as any CB available and much bigger and nasty and he's a Miami boy to boot.... but he may very well be gone.


I don't believe adding a CB, TE and WR means we are all set. For one thing we need to replace Clemmons, who in my opinion is the weak link on defence. We also need to resign all our FAs. I don't believe that's going to be a slam dunk. For example, if Smith leaves then we have a problem. If that happens then I believe, like Mark says, we need to add TWO CBs. On top of all that we still need more pass rush. Does that mean replacing Dansby with someone cheaper and younger or do we look for a guy to play opposite Wake? There's still lots to be done and I don't believe we're just 2-3 players away.

Don't see the Need of Drafting a TE high when the Fins Have Bigger Needs On Defense!

This Offense Really only needs 1 Stud WR! Matthews should develop into a Player by Next Season! So Moore Might Be gone! Bess, Hartline, Matthews, and 2 Rookie WR's!

Draft a WR in the 2nd and one in the 6th or 5th!

But fins Priority are 3 Simple Things! LB's, Secondary, and WR!

The Lines Are Set Unless the BPA happens to be a Hugely Talented DE! And Doubt it! Cause IF OV ends up with over 8+ sacks his rookie Year! Why Draft a DE high? OR rush LB?

By the way I've Noticed the Fins Dropping OV in Coverage Sometime on 3rd Down during games. He Did get a LB Number! And Shelby is good Depth. So we have some Pass Rushers!

Notice Nobody is Complaining Langford is Gone!


All those guys you mention sound good to me. We're addressing needs on the team and that's not a bad thing. Still need to add a WR and I'm looking for a Victor Cruz or Randall Cobb type guy, someone who can outrun defences and get behind them. Cruz (with the help of Manning) basically won that game for NYG on Sunday. We don't have that guy right now (although Hartline tries hard to be that guy). Could that be Bowe? Maybe. We need to add that other piece at WR to elevate this offence. A stud linebacker/DE would be ideal as well. Still lots to add to make this team a contender.

we might be three to four players away right now but the problem is the cap and there is no really good players you can add right now to make you better. in the off season you can do this but you also have to see how your roster shapes up after free agency and draft and what you lose. Next year you can have those 3-4 players you thought you needed this year but end up with different holes to fill next year

Robert, the Dolphins are on the practice field practicing RIGHT NOW as I write this. So for you to expect to know how GAffney did in practice today while it is still underway is patently unfair.

As for Starks, it is hard to 'ask around" on Starks when indeed people are still practicing. Do you wish me to run onto the middle of the field and interview people as they're running a play?

You need to be a bit more patient and check back later for an update.

Id like to see a vid of Tanny hitting Armando on a Fly Pattern after practice.

Trust in Philbin


So U are Expecting Somebody Who Wasn't Signed Before PreSeason! Where U add Ur Real Players for UR TEAM! To come in and Have an IMPACT on The Fins!

Gaffney is a Veteran WR and He is still learning the Offense!

U add into it a Position like CB! Where If U screw Up U EXPOSE the WHOLE DEFENSE On that Play!

U Don't find Starters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AFTER THE SEASON HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


U Sign UR Starters in the OffSeason!

So Yes Ireland signed his Depth at CB! In the OffSeason!

But If U can Find any Player that was hired after the Season and had a IMPACT! Go right Ahead Feel free To Speak.

What Famous(Veteran) CB is out there for the Taking?

While we at it can we find a FS?

Is that literal enough?

And Ireland Has been Consistently Churning The Bottom of the Roster!

What we Need our Picks! To Get Young Players That Can be Great!

Not Some Has been in MidSeason!

If Carroll or Wilson can't Play CB behind the Starters then we Have Depth Issues! But Carroll is Even Playing at a Starter Level!

Heck it's to the Fins Benefit Carroll keeps Developing! Instead of some guy they just hired!

Makes More Sense!

Carroll can still be here For a While! Marsha 2.0 can be gone after the Season for all Dashi Cares!

So Hopefully by the Time Marsha is healthy Carroll is already Cemented as the Starter for the Rest of the Season!

Wouldn't that be a nice Surprise? S.Smith and Carroll as the Starting CB's!!! Takes another thing off the Checklist!!!

We can stick to more of a BPA Approach!


You just answered your own question. You mentioned Gaffney as a guy who was just added. Why not a CB? Are you telling me there are no veteran corner backs out there who could help this team right now? Will Yeatman continues to be on this team and I'm saying for what? Is Mastrud still on this team? What's his role? You can never have enough CBs and I feel we're paper thin right now. I couldn't care less if they haven't played this year, there are guys out there, assuming they are in shape, who could help for depth purposes right now. If Carroll or Wilson go down they we have an even bigger problem. The Marshall situation isn't new. Someone else should have been added by now.


With the Bills bein off this weekend, do you figure the Dolphins-Jets game will be the one shown in our area?

Tired of the Dolphins not being on TV.


Vernon is still developing and could potentially be Wake's complement. Odrick missed his Rookie Year but has shown flashes of being above average he just needs to be more consistent so I wouldn't be focused on DLine. They should replace Misi though with more of a playmaker/passrusher/anything he's becoming solid but Dansby is already solid and better overall and Burnett is also better than Misi.

Yes Clemons needs to be replaced because every big play he seems to take a horrible route on but we could be much worse. I wouldn't take a S in the first round since I believe WR and TE and much bigger needs since Misi and Clemons are servicable at the moment.

No team can have stars at every position but at least Clemons and Misi are servicable until upgrades can be later found, I still think if we can get a Greg Jennings type WR and just anybody better than Fasano we can put up more points, the defense has been solid besides mental mistakes so I can put up with it for now until the Offense is solved.


Also saw your last post on CB we could add, we should take a chance on Kelly Jennings the former U CB and Seahawks CB :DDD


Craig, don't answer a question with a question.

Who can the fins sign at cB that can make a impact?

And if u think Gaffney is a IMPACT Player! Hate to see what ur judge of talent is.

I guess we have Impact LB's!

And depth? What we are suppose to carry 5 good cb's?

Name 1 team that does! Ur lucky if u have 2! Go ask the Pats! I bet Carroll and Wilson can start for them!

Ask the packers and ravens about depth.

How's that for depth! And again we are talking back up CB's! We were allegedly missing a starter after releasing VD. (It was like a release.) But Carroll has stepped Up! U can even argue Carroll has played better than VD this year! VD's first year was his best year! After that all down hill!

Craig, if you want speed then the guy you want is Woods of USC. Going to take a first pick ot get him though. There are lot of guys with intriguing size to speed ratios in the first two rounds but Woods is your burner.


I know all about it!

Hey Armando, how about the real-time updates on practice!! GEEZ!!!!

Craig, I hope so. You believe the gf's family wanted to have a family lunch/dinner this Sunday??? That was quickly moved to Saturday afternoon. The nerve!

If the Pats are playing this Sunday at one, that may be the other option for local airing.

Haha, Armando didn't approve of Clue's findings

Are dansby and Burnett $16 mill good? Specially for someone over 30. If ur getting paid like a top 5 player! Play like it!

Misi is about 8 years younger and is costing the fins less than 1 mil a year!

Makes more sense to get younger at the most expensive positions! Clemons and Misi are serviceable because they cost the fins nothing. But do u think the fins are going to pay Clemons when he's a FA! OR maybe even Misi?

Now if u go and draft 2 LB's to replace these. Overpaid over the hill LB's! U save at least $13 mil a season! Plus the speed and potential!

U do realize Dansby and Burnett are already on the downside of their careers! Past their prime!

Even Clemons still has potential!

But dansby and Burnett are what they are! And that's not $16 mil of cap space!

Craig, if you want speed then the guy you want is Woods of USC. Going to take a first pick ot get him though. There are lot of guys with intriguing size to speed ratios in the first two rounds but Woods is your burner.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 24, 2012 at 02:18 PM


No. The guy Beatrize or whatever his name is is a lot better.

I bet you haven't even seen him so stop pretending you know anything, fool!

Great they delted my tirade of curse words.

Craig M...

I'd jump in with my retort from the last blog ablot Long...but it looks like you got your hands full with Dashi....

There will be plenty of time to see who the FO agrees with on the Long subject after the season....

enjoying the debat tho...

Had a good one with Dashi myself yesterday....neither of us conceded...or even bent a little...but it was lively...while still respectful...

Beatrize??? That's a woman's name. Never heard of this guy so I went to a database of the NFL draft prospects and nobody with that name is ranked in the top 25 of 2013 WR draft prospects.

I'm always open to learning new things - please enlighten.

The only other top WR prospects I saw with a better 40 time than Robert Woods is Tavon Austin (who is so very small) and Cordarelle Patterson of Tennesee who has good size and a 2nd round grade on him.

Now someone please explain to me how Tennessee stinks this bad with a 1st round Qb, 1st round WR, and a 2nd round WR on the team???

Practice is closed to the media beyond the first 20 minutes when they're warming up, Clipboard. Most everyone else knows that.




Kelly Jennings is EXACTLY the kind of guy I'm talking about. Not sure what kind of shape he's in or where his head is at but I'd take him. Rod Hood is another. Strickland is a third. There are options. Mastrud and Yeatman are wastes of spots and yes I realize special teams are important too.


Where did I say the CB had to be impactful? I said for DEPTH purposes. Please read what I said.

Tell you what pal, when Carroll and Wilson get lit up like Christmas trees (and that day is coming) how about we talk about it then? My original point is that Ireland has dropped the ball not adding DEPTH to the cornerback position with Marshall's injury. I'm not sure how you can defend that.

Mark, I believe Woods is in fact the guy I want. I'd spend a first round pick on him, sure. Need to see him a bit more first and see what other options are avaialable but he seems to fit what we need.

Ok i can sit back and wait a little longer for a update on starks and Gafney. Since your column yesturday i been intriqued on what Gafney will bring to the team. For right now i will have patients or i would like to see you run on the field and demand Philbin to tell you why starks is not there. lol



Misi is better than he is getting credit for, not a big name LB but the guy does make plays and is consistent. Dansby/Burnett are overpaid, I agree on that. Though could they be replaced with someone better for cheaper? That is iffy.

100% behind draft a FS/CB early. Also WR/TE (though I'd rather see Clay live up to his potential). I'd really love to see them get a great rookie MLB to run the show.

The draft for the dolphins will be determined by FA though, Mainly Starks and Soliai. Hopefully they can retain both.

As for a DE, think Joey hit this, Vernon is going to be good and Odrick is above average at the least.

For right now i will have patients

Posted by: robert909 | October 24, 2012 at 02:49 PM


Are you a doctor?


You've got Dansby and Burnett going out there every week and playing their guts out. Somebody help me, where is the defence ranked? 8th? Dansby is the general of the defence, the playcaller. Why are we concerned the last week in October the amount of money these guys are being paid? I keep hearing all this crap about how these two guys 'can't cover TE's'....blah blah blah....It's horse shyte! Tell me who has owned them this year at the TE position? Daniels week one, when he had 84 yards receiving? Seems to me he had a good game last week against the Ravens? Should they carve up their defence too? The guys a good player and the Texans are loaded on offence. Dashi wants to open up a couple of more holes on the defence, when it's not necessary because he doesn't like guys over 30. Yeah OK, that makes a LOT of sense.

haha, joey, nice.

In any case, I don't want a WR in the 1st even if his name is Beatriz or Marsha or Sophia or Betty Lou

trading davis was great move, 2 second rd picks is nice

The casual fan looks at the cap and says Dansby is overpaid for what he does. What are we basing that on? His production? Sacks and tackles? Fair enough. But what really matters is what happens to that defence if he's not part of the team? I have no clue what Ray Lewis gets paid and I'm not comparing Dansby to Lewis but do you think it's a coincidence that the Ravens defence looked lost last week against Houston? Karlos Dansby's worth to the Dolphins is about more than just production. He gets partial credit for the Dolphins ranking as a defence. Careful what you wish for, because taking him out of that defence make create chaos and many more missed assignments than what we're seeing right now. Who do you suggest carry on that role? Some rookie? Not bloody likely.

The "casual" fan versus, what, the "expert" fans seen on a blog like this, presumably including you?

Oh, God. This place is too funny sometimes!

Rex Ryan is asking Reggie bush to apologize for the what goes around comes around comment about Revis. What a tool bag he is.

I am GRAIN BIRD of Fort Worth, Texas. I am a fan of the MIAMI DOLPHINS.

Is this the PRIMARY newspaper coverage of the MIAMI DOLPHINS team or is it a SECONDARY paper? I have never been there and do not know but found this on my INTERNET.

The DALLAS COWBOYS are the team most people like around here and also some DENVER BRONCOS I do not know why but I have always been for the MIAMI DOLPHINS myself.

Thank You!

Craig, I'm with you regarding our linebackers. FS and CB are way higher on the priority list. These guys can play.



Isn't is pretty stupid they call women the 'opposite sex?' There is no such thing as an 'opposite sex.' If there were, they would have no sexual organs at all or something ofn that nature. In fact, it is a medical fact that the clitoris is basically an internal, female penis so women and men are virtually the same sexually except for where things are located.

It's a stupid thing that people should stop saying!

You mean the opposite location Reg? In vs Out?

Reading Dashi & Craig M is an exercise in futility.

Have there EVER been 2 people who type so much & say so little? I guess Odin but, he's only 1 person.

Detroit Lions have no chance unless Verlander pitches 4 Games, and real well.

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