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Wednesday to be a big day for Jabar Gaffney

It has been slow going for Jabar Gaffney since he arrived on the Dolphins roster three weeks ago.

He was rusty because he really didn't go through training camp with New England due to an injury. He was clueless because the Dolphins offense was new and foreign to him. And so, he was not a factor as he was inactive for the two games the Dolphins played after he arrived.

But he is progressing. He is getting a feel for Miami's system and culture.

And he might be on the verge of finally being active and on the field Sunday when the Dolphins play the New York Jets. The final decision on that -- believe it or not -- might come Wednesday when the Dolphins go through their game plan for New York.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman wants to see Gaffney fully integrated into Miami's plan. And the coach wants to see the player react seamlessly. As they say in the NFL, the coach wants to see Gaffney play fast.

If Gaffney can practice fast on Wednesday, without mistakes, he's probably playing Sunday.

"Well, I think any time you sign somebody and Gaffney’s been in this league for a while and has some success obviously, that’s why he’s here," Sherman said of Gaffney. "I think there’s always an urgency to get him to move forward. MarlonMoore  plays a fair amount of special teams snaps as well. He can get gassed up pretty good, so we definitely have to push forward and move Gaffney ahead of the learning curve at this point. I think he’s getting there. I thought his last practice before we broke was probably the best practice. He looked like he was more comfortable with what we’re doing and then again today he looked a lot more comfortable. I guess he’s got to go 100 miles-an-hour, but they have to process and, as they’re processing, they don’t go quite as fast. Now, he’s stopped the processing and he’s going faster and making plays.

"I’m anxious to see what does when we get back on Wednesday."

The Dolphins want Gaffney to practice well and show he can be counted on because that would give Miami a third wide receiver option. That would open up the three-wide formations for Miami and, with Moore, allow the flexibility of using a four-wide if Sherman wants.

Why, you may ask, don't the Dolphins just go with Moore as their third wide receiver? They did that to some degree against the Rams and he caught a TD pass.

But Moore is still inexperienced and, as Sherman says, the special teams work he does is so important that the team doesn't want to take him away from that. So the team is hoping Gaffney can plug in on offense and let Moore continue doing his work on special teams.

Is that fair to Moore?

Maybe not. But Gaffney isn't a special teams player so that's how it is.

And Wednesday we'll find out if that's how it's going to be.


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I'm enjoying it, actually. Our little team can fly under the radar and people can beat their chests about the Pats. Be my guest. We can beat these guys...I know it.

Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 11:26 AM

How much Sugar did you put on them Wheaties this Morning Champ?

I just don't want any miscues to lead to pick-6es....

Let's take our time and get this right....

Sherman's play calling has already cost us 3 games IMO....we can't afford any more...

On the positive side....

his 1st drive after half time against STL was masterful (Sherman)

I got a feeling that Philbin and Sherman are two of the SMARTEST guys in the NFL....8 years from now we will be hearing stats of Philbin being 7-1 or 8-0 comming of a bye week....

The jets don't have a prayer in this one...

Is it fair to Moore?

They don't even care about fair in Pop Warner or High School! This isn't about fair. It's about getting our best 3 Receivers on the field at the same time.

Moores lone TD was pretty, but it was a gimmeee off of a major defensive mistake.

Besides, I get the feeling that Gaffney, when up to speed is head and shoulders above Moore and maybe even Hartline and Bess.

I don't care if you have to break some new Practice Rules, get Gaffney ready to go!

Why do you have to repeat your same, stupid post when a new blog entry shows up?

You really think it was that important or compelling?

We are 16th in power rankings. We should be 5-1 and ranked 7th in power rankings.


Seriously bud, the Pats aren't that good! Who have they dominated this year? This isn't the Pats of past years. Brady is still Brady and Bellichick is still the same and they have Gronk and Hernandez and I like Ridley and Chandler Jones but who else scares you? Lose to Cards at home (are they a good team?), blow a lead late to the 'Hawks and scrape by in overtime against a Jets team they should have no problem with. Did I mention their struggles with the Bills. Keep drinking the media Koolaid....Pats aren't that good. Does it mean we'll beat them? Of course not. But we have a chance and when was the last time we could say that?


I'd like to think the Jets don't have a chance in this one. I like us in this game (I think. Need to think about it more). My only fear is the team comes out flat after the bye week. It's a big game and maybe more of a 'must win' for the Jets. They're beat up but they're still that bear that has a thorn in it's paw.

Sherman's play calling has already cost us 3 games IMO....we can't afford any more...

Posted by: Kris | October 23, 2012 at 11:44 AM

I got a feeling that Philbin and Sherman are two of the SMARTEST guys in the NFL....

Posted by: Kris | October 23, 2012 at 11:48 AM

OK, is it ME or is Kris sending mixed messages?

In all seriousness, I can find **FAULT** with some of Sherman's play calls earlier on. But in these instances, I stop well short of saying they cost us games.

If for no other reason, we were in position to win all of those games in question. Also there was some rhyme and reason to his play calling. YEAH! He's probably tried to get to cute once or twice there. But at least there was some sound logic and strategy behind what he was trying to accomplish.

When I think of OC's costing you games, I always think of Henning's last two years here. Now THOSE were some inexcusable instances in which I think you can CLEARLY state: He cost us games.

Sherman? Not so much...........

Craig M,

When I mentioned S.Smith yesterday I wasn't thinking along the lines of someone you trade for but a seasoned vet you bring in that helps push your young group teaching them the ropes a little and making them better (thinking Chris Carter with Moss in 98) Smith can still run real well and can play inside or out and contribute at 31. He had a reputation but over the last few years on some tough teams to play for has been the heart and soul leader. Is up to this point the only Panther whose tried to reach out to Cam before his meltdown on Sunday. He will be a FA in 2013 should come at a reasonable price.

It doesn't mean for a minute were done there we obviously got to draft a guy but it's not a strong WR group coming in 2013. There is a kid in Tenn. called Justin Hunter who is a Randy Moss clone who was brought to my attention but like Moss tunes out when not involved and only likes the vertical route. There is everybody's pick which is Keenan Allen at Cal who is a big 6'3"/215 kid but not exceptionally fast and then there is USC's Robert Woods who can absolutely fly at 6'1"/200 who seems the fit in our W.C. O but you wonder about the route running given USC guys for some reason never pan out in the NFL for the lack of ability to run disciplined routes.

Then of course you need a deep seam T.E. to put Fasano in his more traditional role of 2nd option in double package when he was best in Miami with David Martin. For my money that could be the other Stanford T.E. Ertz whose even lined up in the slot although the consensus guy is Eiffert out of N.D. but he's been clocked in the 4.6 range which isn't all that much better than Fasano but he has better hands and will catch everything his way also sound route runner, Ertz by comparison is more Keller, Hernandez type.

My point is bring in some vets to help bring these rookie's along who can also contribute like Smith and Fasano. By the way keep an eye on Tevon Smith out of W.V. a fast but raw WR as well. On D look up FSU CB Xavier Rhodes and Safety's Reid LSU and McDonald USC. A combination of these young guys with some lower priced vets might be more intriguing than selling the farm on one guy remember it's just an opinion which like alot of others isn't necessarily right or wrong. I believe a combination of these kids with the right vets makes us much better next Yr. given our nucleus and by the way given the injury history and 15 Mil tag on Long don't be shocked if not sold on a 1st Rd. WR the pick is Texas A&M LT Like Joekel who Sherman is familiar with as well.

Why do you have to repeat your same, stupid post when a new blog entry shows up?

You really think it was that important or compelling?

Posted by: aqua | October 23, 2012 at 11:49 AM

No, my bad........I'm sorry about that.

But this post here, yours was well worth having posted. Thank You very much for this......(ahem)......"Contribution".


Ross wont pay D.Bowe what he wants so he will go to NE where Brady will demand a #-1 WR and everybody will watch the Pats go to their 12th straight PO's.

where is Anthony Armstrong??

Thanks for the info on these guys. I'll check them out. I don't know about Smith. I know he was a star at one point. Not sure I trust him health wise and I wonder what his price tag would become (yeah I realize he's not a FA until 2013). I just wonder about the wisdom of bringing a guy like that in and does he fit. Not sure about the mentoring, as I'm pretty confident Bess and Hartline could do that job. In the draft, Woods sounds like the guy we need to me, as he would fit this offence best. But I also get your point about USC WRs not working out.
Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 12:04 PM

Yo Irescum, how's 3 picks for D Thomas workin out? LOL

I will be sporting the full colors at Metlife stadium fellas.

Wish me luck! Last time them puke green jets fans almost, cost me a good time in Miami.

This time Im going into thier house like Brian Cox went into Buffalo. 2 Middle Fingers up (maybe not literally cause I don't want to get tossed) but figuratively by wearing the colors fellas.

Dolphins 23 jets 16


I pretty much agree, just busting your chops a little. Everybody is pretty much thinking it, you were BRAVE enough to POST IT - lol.

The Pats are definitely not the powerhouse they once were. Are they still dangerous? With Brady, YEAH! He's a constant threat to go off on somebody. But if you notice, like you allude to, those dominant Brady/Pats performances are getting fewer and farther between.

Our secondary still scares me when I think of them facing Brady. But yeah, with the RIGHT celestial alighnment, they can "Get Got"!

Dolphins get their overtime revenge from the last Jets game.....!

Dolphins 24 Jets 21 in OT.


I agree...Sherman is LIGHT YEARs ahead of Sporano and Henning's play calls....and I defended Henning....

However...If Sherman had chilled out a bit in the jets and Cards game...and let the D be the stars...I think we would be sittng @ 5-1 right now...and i HATE the what if game...

but that's how I feel...


That would be awesome an OT revenge game!

Rumors are that Paul McCartney will be playing with the Rolling Stones on Dec 13th and 15th at Prudential Center in NJ.

Craig M...

I think this Sunday the NFL will learn that you don't give Philbin 2 weeks to prepare for you....

I got a feeling...


But just think bro we sat on our hands so long under the Sparano regime that I'm glad we play to win and did so versus St. Louis. That fake punt took another 135 off the clock which proved to be the difference.

I'd like to think the Jets don't have a chance in this one. I like us in this game (I think. Need to think about it more). My only fear is the team comes out flat after the bye week. It's a big game and maybe more of a 'must win' for the Jets. They're beat up but they're still that bear that has a thorn in it's paw.

Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 11:58 AM

Actually Craig, I was busting your chops because of your predictions for us earlier this season. You were pretty cautious about predicting any wins for us.

You did predict we would lose against Cinci and the Rams both didn't you?

Anyways, so when I see you talking all confident and finally predicting some wins, thats where my "Wheaties Comment" came from-LOL.

Do you get it? I was trying to inject some humor into your "New Found" confidence! It's All Good Man!!!!

If we couldnt beat the Jets on our turf we're not beating them on their turf.


I think I'm the same as Armando on my picks this year. I missed on the Cinci game but I think I've got the rest of them right. You're right, I had the team going 4-12 this year and I didn't expect Tannehill to be playing anywhere close to this level right now. Kris, is looking like he'll be a lot closer with his 11-5 predicition.

AGree Andy NJ....

and in this offense I guess we will "live by the sword..and die by the sword"....and I'm gonna hvae to get used to it...

Good luck @ Met Life Stadium...I'll be looking for a post or two from you Monday...so we know you made it out without being jumped...

If Miami gets the run game back on track they WILL win. I feel they will get it going again. Maybe not a 100 yard Reggie game but as a team over 100 and a solid 4.0 average will give Tannehill the lanes he needs with limited options to pass to.

Things Dashi said before preseason that are true!

We have the best lines in the division! The pat's o-line sucks! We have the best Wr's in the division!

Now was Dashi wrong?



I've said it all along! Over the past 4-5 years the pats drafting has suck! All those players from the early 00's haven't been replaced!

All of Brady's good linemen are retired! And they haven't replaced them!

Makes u wonder? Did BB win with the team Parcells and Carroll built for him? Cause he definitely hasn't drafted defense as good as those teams!


I think an efective run game would go a long way to victory in this game too. Hopefully Bush and Thomas are healthier and ready to go. I believe we can do a good job against the Jets offence, so hopefully error free football and a strong running game will aid the passing game.

However...If Sherman had chilled out a bit in the jets and Cards game...and let the D be the stars...I think we would be sittng @ 5-1 right now...and i HATE the what if game...
but that's how I feel...

Posted by: Kris | October 23, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Save it Man! You didn't even need to explain. I know exactly what your meaning and what you were feeling.

WE ALL FELT IT and THOUGHT IT to some degree at the time. It's that What If Game for sure.



I wish I could BE THERE-lol!


Craig M,

The intriguing guy I put up there for you is FSU's X.Rhodes whose a big 6'2"/220 CB who can run and hits like a ton of bricks. If S.Smith keeps progressing which I believe he will as other's under Coyle then it would give us one of the better young pair's in the League although like you based on the numbers and our scheme USC's R.Woods seems a perfect fit I just get scared with those USC WR's because they get by on talent out in the PAC Conf. and then fizzle as route runners in the NFL.

....and I didn't expect Tannehill to be playing anywhere close to this level right now.

Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Oh, well I did! I knew it ALL along. I knew it from the second we drafted him!

(Ha Ha - I just typed that with a STRAIGHT FACE ;)


Where would Rhodes go in the draft? Is he a first rounder? Not sure how I feel about us drafting a CB first round. I know a lot of people want this but I'm not sure. Not saying it's not a need, just seeing so many of these CBs not working out in the first round and I think this could be achieved other ways. WR yes. OLBer yes. I'd much rather we find a guy like Joseph from Houston in FA or Hall from Cinci. I know Joseph isn't available but that kind of guy.

Hi, twinky

On my boy Sherman can we get off his jock!

Play calling?




And how do we know that Sherman made those calls? He does give T-Sizzle free will to audible at any time! He's not mike shanahan!

And what has sherm said? T-hills play calling has improved!

Take the rams game for example. First half rookie ball! First drive of the second half, all sherm!

Notice T-Hill didn't audible at all that first drive! Who do u think was responsible for the adjustments?

And let's get off Jake long! While we at it!

Trust me! If Jake goes he probably will go to the pats! Makes more sense to protect Brady than to get him a Wr! THE PATS DON'T PAY WR'S!

They believe in the theory the qb makes the Wr not the other way around!

I think an efective run game would go a long way to victory in this game too. Hopefully Bush and Thomas are healthier and ready to go. I believe we can do a good job against the Jets offence, so hopefully error free football and a strong running game will aid the passing game.

Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Craig and Andy,

Another thing I'd like to say in regards to the run game is look for alot more of Lamar Miller.

With Thomas having his second concussion(?), his injury history and somewhat of a fumbling issue, I'll bet money the Coaches have worked these past few weeks on getting Miller up to speed in all facets of his game.

It's just a hunch, but I expect we'll see more of Miller than in the past.


I call'em...like I see'em....and I saw ALOT of bad play calls in the FINAL 6 min of the 1st half of the Houston game....

The jets game...and AZ.....

SHerman didn't call plays to protect the lead....and he didn't doCoyle and the defense any favors by using less than 2 FOOTBALL MIN off of a play clock in the 2nd half of those games....

Sherman is great @ what he does....but when I see a mole...i'm like Austin Powers.....MOLE...MOLE...MOLY...MOLY...MOLE!!!!!

Craig M, last year the dolphins were beating the pats 17-0 at the half and should have won the game, so the gap has been closing, we have a real shot to win this division outright this year. Now I don't want to jinx us but we have gotten better every week and our QB looks like the real deal and the fact there really aren't any elite teams in the AFC this year helps! And I don't think Houston is elite

Guys I believe the Pats biggest problem lies within. I don't think they've fizzled so much in the draft in the last 5 years by pure fluke alone. Since the departure of team Pioli (G.M.) and Demmitroff (Scouting Director) the draft has been run by Belichik and just like Shula the G.M. became Shula the H.C.'s biggest enemy, albatross, nemesis I see the same happening to the Pats.

After 17-0 in the eyes of owner Robbie the Coach could do no wrong even once with Shula telling a drunk Robbie to go F himself at a banquet. Now circa 2012 Belichik can do no wrong in the eyes of Kraft running the show with no F.O. and sometimes without Coordinators. Brady turns 37 and that window will close in the next 2 to 3 were will see if Mallett can carry that load mentally.

While odin will hate the reminder Robbie makes the move of full control to Shula in 78 letting young G.B. Bethard walk who traded Shula for back up Q.B. Theisman (yes he played for us) and Riggins from Div. foe Jets and we were left to see them run us over in S.B.-17, talk about redemption. Bethard by the way drafted Dexter Manley and Charles Mann and think what those 2 could have done in S.B.-19 to help the cause sealing the edge were the scrambling Montana was killing us. In the last 5 Years all the Pats had to do was give Brady a D and Belichik the D GURU has blown pick after pick. Won't it be ironic if the Falcons team Demmitroff built goes to the S.B. with Belichik watching the team he put together in Atlanta from his couch!

There's a reason Shermans been fired 4 times. He sucks.

God! Fin4 @ 12:49!

And I was in such a good mood!

(Think Tannehill, think Tannehill, think Tannehill)

OK, seriously! I think I'll opt out for some hard core denial.

Craig M,

At this point Rhodes is being talked about early 2nd. If the winning continues we have to take best available and unless Philbin is sold on one of the WR's It more than likely comes at a different position of need at least as my thinking goes.

U guys with ur what if's!

On both those games! The defense lost the game! Or we forget kolb marching down the field twice in the forth and in overtime! ON THE JETS GAME! The same thing!

Yes, T-Hill threw the pick 6! But the defense is the one who had 2-3 long drives but on them in crucial parts of the game! Remember stop people on 3rd down when it matters!

Have we been shutout by anyone?

To me Sherman coached 1 bad half all season! The first half of the Houston game! He babied T-Hill and it hurt us in the 6 minute melt down!

But he made adjustments and switched the drops! Now does he still try to develop(Baby) T-Hill ? Yes! He's making sure T-Hill learns from the pocket as a rookie! So it doesn't screw him up like can't newton! He's making him to A.Rodgers/J.Cutler QB! A Pocket passer who is athletic! Not an athlete that can throw!

Reason Dashi says shanny is ruining RG3! Baylor made RG3 a pocket passer that can run. Now shanahan is turning him to a running qb! Which is no good!

Once teams figure out rg3's 1 formation! He will have to win from the pocket!

Problem running qb's have! Is they are always thinking about taking off! It distracts them from throwing! Reason most running qb's hold the ball too long! They try and do something other than pass most of the time! What Dashi calls Kenny kelly syndrome!

Example mike vick! His clock each year keeps getting worst! He holds on to the ball for way to long! Guys that can't run don't have that problem! They know after 4 seconds throw the ball away! Not running qb's they wait for pressure and then think they can outrun it!


Some good points. I'm fine with everyone giving props to the Pats. Long may it continue. We'll just keep doing what we're doing.

I think Houston is the best team in the AFC. I had an argument with a friend a couple of weeks ago, who said that the Texans haven't beaten anyone yet. Oh yeah. They just beat the 5-1 Ravens badly and I don't want to hear people make excuses that the Ravens were hurt. Big deal! Steelers were badly beaten up Sunday and managed to get it done. This friend of mine claim the top 6-7 teams in the NFL are in the NFC this year. Of couse he included Dal, Chi and Sea on that list. I say BS! No way those three are better than Houston. I'll give you GB, SF and MAYBE Atlanta but that's it (Yeah I suppose you could make a case for NYG too). He think the Pats and Broncos are better than the Texans. I'd like to know what he's smoking. I picked a SF vs Houston SB. LONG way to go but those two teams should be in the running.

Believe me guys I'm going all out for the game. Me and a buddy who happens to be a Dolphins fan as well. I got a bright aqua Mitchell and Ness track jacket as a wedding gift last year and my buddy will be wearing his aqua hoody and hat.

jets fans are loud and blue collar but so are we so should be fun.


I hope you have lots of life insurance. Geez man, I know what those Jets fans can be like. You're taking your life into your own hands going that route. Be safe, bud!

I like the fact that we play the patriots later in the schedule and the jets earlier. Playing the patriots later gives our young pass rushers (Vernon, Odrick) more time to grow in this new defensive scheme and and catch on to the NFL speed. We all know that Bradys weakness is a good pass rush. ask the giants(twice). Jason Taylor is the reason the dolphins split games with the patriots for most of his seasons IMO

Looking forward to seeing Gaffney, but where the hell is Anthony Armstrong?!

Kris protect what lead?

When u can't trust ur d to make stops! U try and go for the jugular!

For example, the cards game. Carpenter misses a fg with a lead! What happens next? The defense gives up a td!!! So, T-Hill comes right back and drops a bomb! And we take our lead back!

Then what happen again? The defense gave up a TD!

Same thing happen the jets game! Carpenter misses! Defense gives up a TD!

Please explain how sherm lost it?

Cause he coaches defense?

Who here thought at the end of the game the Bengals were going to score? Heck they almost mounted a comeback!

Check the 4th qtr points! Our defense is what has lost those games!

When ur getting outscored in the forth! U don't try to run the ball and hand it over to ur defense! U try and put the game out of reach that even if the other team scores the game is out of reach!

Again, is Sherman responsible for our defense folding in the 4th?

If so the yes his play calling sucks! Remember this is coyles first year calling d! she's gotten better at closing out games! But if somebody should be chastised for bad play calling it's coyle! Or our overpaid LB's for under performing in the 4th the first 6 weeks!

Sanchez did score on us in the 4th and overtime! So did kolb! Both were having awful games until the 4th qtr of those games!

playing the Pats later also gives Sean smith more time to perfect his craft and also allows time for another corner to step up. W'ell also have Misi back by then if he gets the suspension. Marshall should also be good to go

how can i forget Gaffney

Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 01:02 PM

I'd like to know what your friend is smoking as well! The Texans own their AFC South Div. The Pats are pretenders with that D and we all know how good Brady responds to relentless pressure (wink wink)

The North is in transition with the Steelers decimated by age on D and a weak OL while as you point out the Texans ran the Ravens right out of the building, it was really no contest by the 2nd Qrt.

The West is it's usual suspect self with the up and down Chargers whose Q.B. isn't mobile and won't stand up to the relentless blitz after Houston jumps out to an early lead.

I had this conversation last night during the game with odin and came to the conclusion that the only wild card here is P.Manning who is improving week to week with his new toys but Houston already went to Mile High and dropped an O explosion on the Broncos D, barring a catastrophe the road to the S.B. runs through Houston and they seem unbeatable in that Stadium.

I'm not sure there is an NFC team that is more complete or balanced either were the survivor will get all it can handle from Houston if Shuab stays healthy which at this point is the only thing that can slow them down IMHO!


I could write a long drawn out post HIGHLIGHTING things that I WANT to see..like you are doing...

or I can POST 2 FACTS....

1. FINS Offensive is ranked 22nd OUT OF 32 TEAMS....that's bottom 10...

2. FINS D is ranked 8th out of 32 TEAMS....That's TOP 10....



We should be going 4 Wide with, Gaffney, Moore, Bess and Hartline quite often.
To Dansby and everyone else, lol. Please DESTROY the Jets!! Kill, mame, devour, do whatever. lol.
I'll be at Bru's room with a million Jet fans. And Bru's room is known for being a War Zone.
I'm just venting... lol

If what we saw from Vernon wasnt a fluke then the Dolphins would have the best 4 man front in the league. Wake, Solia, Starks, Vernon. Perfect formula for a great 4 man front. 2 great edge rushers and 2 great run stuffers in the middle. All depends on Vernons developement

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