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Wednesday to be a big day for Jabar Gaffney

It has been slow going for Jabar Gaffney since he arrived on the Dolphins roster three weeks ago.

He was rusty because he really didn't go through training camp with New England due to an injury. He was clueless because the Dolphins offense was new and foreign to him. And so, he was not a factor as he was inactive for the two games the Dolphins played after he arrived.

But he is progressing. He is getting a feel for Miami's system and culture.

And he might be on the verge of finally being active and on the field Sunday when the Dolphins play the New York Jets. The final decision on that -- believe it or not -- might come Wednesday when the Dolphins go through their game plan for New York.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman wants to see Gaffney fully integrated into Miami's plan. And the coach wants to see the player react seamlessly. As they say in the NFL, the coach wants to see Gaffney play fast.

If Gaffney can practice fast on Wednesday, without mistakes, he's probably playing Sunday.

"Well, I think any time you sign somebody and Gaffney’s been in this league for a while and has some success obviously, that’s why he’s here," Sherman said of Gaffney. "I think there’s always an urgency to get him to move forward. MarlonMoore  plays a fair amount of special teams snaps as well. He can get gassed up pretty good, so we definitely have to push forward and move Gaffney ahead of the learning curve at this point. I think he’s getting there. I thought his last practice before we broke was probably the best practice. He looked like he was more comfortable with what we’re doing and then again today he looked a lot more comfortable. I guess he’s got to go 100 miles-an-hour, but they have to process and, as they’re processing, they don’t go quite as fast. Now, he’s stopped the processing and he’s going faster and making plays.

"I’m anxious to see what does when we get back on Wednesday."

The Dolphins want Gaffney to practice well and show he can be counted on because that would give Miami a third wide receiver option. That would open up the three-wide formations for Miami and, with Moore, allow the flexibility of using a four-wide if Sherman wants.

Why, you may ask, don't the Dolphins just go with Moore as their third wide receiver? They did that to some degree against the Rams and he caught a TD pass.

But Moore is still inexperienced and, as Sherman says, the special teams work he does is so important that the team doesn't want to take him away from that. So the team is hoping Gaffney can plug in on offense and let Moore continue doing his work on special teams.

Is that fair to Moore?

Maybe not. But Gaffney isn't a special teams player so that's how it is.

And Wednesday we'll find out if that's how it's going to be.


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Fair? Who cares about being fair? This is the NFL, nothing is fair here.

During the jets and cards game we were outscored 30-11! And we were outscored 15-0 in the 4th qtr against the rams and Bengals!

45-11 the last 4 games!

So what does that tell U?

U try and win the game in the 4th qtr! U don't leave it up to ur defense to squander the lead!

Who's the mole?

Kris if u want short and sweet!



Again I was just trying to refresh ur memory! How we lose 4th qtr leads! And who is responsible!

Now with that said Coyles play calling has improved! He has been more aggressive at the end!


The reason we the "D" collapes in the 4th quarter of those games is the SAME reason the "D" has collapsed in the 4th quarter of almost ALL games since 2004 or so....


This defense rarely gets a rest....they are ON the field...then OFF the field....

we currently rank 18th in T.O.P....that is @ 29:44 seconds....

Not good for a team that ranks 22nd in points scored...that is a LOT of pressure on a defense...

If what we saw from Vernon wasnt a fluke then the Dolphins would have the best 4 man front in the league. Wake, Solia, Starks, Vernon. Perfect formula for a great 4 man front. 2 great edge rushers and 2 great run stuffers in the middle. All depends on Vernons developement

jamaicanhero | October 23, 2012 at 01:32 PM

Our front 4 is pretty darn good and the pairing of Starks with Solia inside is what makes it go but laugh all you want one of the top 3 front 4's in the NFL is one nobody really mentions in Seattle. Alot of others do it out of a variety of blitzes but the Hawks up front are maulers. The best of the best are the Giants who everybody talks about their DE's but unsung Barry Cofield and Chris Canty get it done up the gut at DT as well. If were talking 4/3 football nobody applies pressure like the Giants but those Seahawks are beasts and an up and comer Defensively.

I really want to see these guys get after sanchez this time. He really wet himself in OT against the Pats.

pathetic, I have no respect for him....and while I'm on that subject, Brady flops if he even smells a pass rush anymore, especially from the blind side.

I honestly don't think you have to blitz him more than once in a game...send a safety, early in the game, from his blind side. NAIL HIM...take a penalty if you have to, it'll be worth it. Then I'd have that safety sneak down and show blitz every time Tom goes under center, but then drop him back into coverage. It would mess with terrific tom's head the entire day.

Is that dirty football? maybe...so what.

You want to know plays dirty? The friggin Pats. I have no doubt their DBs lead the league in "incidental contact". What a joke. I've lost track of the number of times I've seen their DBs beaten on a play and then they look back as if to play the ball and then deliberately run directly across the receivers legs.

I wish the league would review the rule, it happens too often to be coincidence.

Call me paranoid, maybe I am, but, I've watched a lot of football and nobody gets away with tripping receivers as often as the Pats.

Blog Fodder...

loved the post...and the ideas....

As long as the hit is clean....it can be a fraction of a second or so late...

Kris the reason the other team has more TOP is because the defense doesn't get off the field!

And if the offense has been conservative since 04? Why not switch it up!

And don't read into time of possession. Read into plays ran! If I RUN MORE PLAYS THAN U IN LESS TIME! Of course ur going to hold the ball longer! Example, jets game! We ran the same number plays and the jets held the ball 2:00 longer!

Or look at the Bengals game which we won! We ran more plays than the Bengals and they held the ball longer! By 4:00 minutes!

U don't get tired by standing around and the clock running! U get tired during the action! During the play!

Now how many 3& outs is the defense producing in the forth! Easiest way to get off the field! When a team is scoring in the 4th!


Andy, good luck bro, I was there last year for the Giants game that we ALMOST won. Hope you don't get your heart-broken like I did.

Odin, I get that Moore is a good special teams player, but I don't know if that's more important than losing a 3rd WR option (who CAN score). Everyone says he's inexperienced, yet he scored vs. Oakland a few years ago with Henne (which WASN'T a defense blunder) and then again vs. Rams. God, what does the guy need to do to just get a CHANCE? Is he that bad (rhetoric question, or really towards the coaching staff)?

Craig, when you say Fred Davis, while I think he's a good player, I see a huge BEWARE sign over his head. He just tore his achilles, so out for the year. Last year he got suspended for smoking the sticky icky. So two years in a row he didn't finish the Season. Doesn't give me a warm feeling.

But I'm glad you've seen the light on Henne. I'm starting to feel better about Ireland, so we'll call it even.

we currently rank 18th in T.O.P....that is @ 29:44 seconds....

Not good for a team that ranks 22nd in points scored...that is a LOT of pressure on a defense...

Kris | October 23, 2012 at 01:53 PM

This is a problem that goes further back than 04 it started at the end of JJ's run were he built a quick but undersized D got worse under Wanny. Saban beefed them up with Carter and Traylor but same problem in his time. It was at it's worst under Sparano were it was bad clock management ect.. putting the D on the spot.

There is a silver lining although here and that's the fact I won't falt a Coach like Sherman going for the kill shot trying to get his group to come around. Yes he blew some play calling late especially at midfield with less than 2 minutes to go in Az. but against the Jets he was thinking about the kill shot and if not he probably thought that he supposedly had one of the best long range Kickers in Football, that loss fell squarely on Carpenter from were I stood and I like the mindset there this team will be better in the long run for it.

I actually found myself rooting for the jets on Sunday.....

I thought it was our best shot @ controlling the AFC EAST....the jets beat the PATS....

we beat the jets this week....

and then we have the advantage in the division....

stinking jets...coundn't even manage to get that right...

Yeah, I like this Dolphin team and staff and wouldn't want them to compromise the football integrity that I believe they have. I don't mean to condone or promote dirty football and wouldn't want to see somebody get hurt, but, we've all seen it, one good hit on Brady goes a long way.

I don't want him hurt, I want him hurried. He just wasn't himself against the jets (off the mark) and I think their pass rush had a lot to do with that.

For those who didn't know Tom Demitroff is Canadian, so yeah, of course he's great and the Falcons are undefeated :)))))

Blog fodder,

There is a lot of legal hits u can put on Brady! But it's Brady and he's protected! Wouldn't mind starks doing what suh did to cutler!

Or just one of those blind side hits! U know helmet to the back! Old school! Like Lawrence Taylor on Montana! U know the one they always show! Blow Brady's back out! No Homoo!


I don't get it with Moore either, I mean is it the route running maybe blown assignments or bad practice habits but given the pickings I have yet to understand why he sees the field so little and it's something because this is the 2nd Coaching staff and 3rd OC who haven't been sold for one reason or another. He was even behind the player this Coaching staff coined ankle weights on the depth chart for a big portion of the Pre-Season leading me to believe it was going to be Pruitt who stuck but like a cat with 9 lives there he is only to be inactive 80% of the time??

Pardon Dashi spelling today.

U just know someone will say something. My bad. Need to double check my post I now. (That one was on purpose)

Blog Fodder,

Your point about turning your head and running into the WR being a No-Call does need to be looked at. It seems it's almost become technique for some guys and a joke of a Non-Call in some games were the contact obviously obstructs the WR's shot at the ball. I thought C.Tillman of the Bears did it to Megatron at least twice last night alone.


almost any hit would do. Tom doesn't like to get hit, period.

The person that said JT was responsible for the fins success against the Pats was spot on. JT had some career games against one of the all-time great QBs and the reason is that Brady was never comfortable in the pocket when JT was across the line.

I just hope the refs will pay close attention to who's holding Cameron Wake on any given play.

On the M.Moore thing?

Could it be his strength and getting off the line? Maybe they can press him real easy? I've heard Moore has bulked up. How much don't know? It's like saying Chris bosh bulked up! U can't physically tell Moore is bigger!

Moore is Fast and plays with heart! So we know that's not the problem! Never heard a coach say Moore doesn't know the plays? It's either his route running or his release off the line! And he seems like he's a good route runner!

Heck gates got cut for being dumb! And u know that is one of sherms pet peeves! He wants smart football players! Else he will threaten to cut u! Just ask Egnew! Egnew's probably not dumb but he looks it.

Remember Philbin tried to sugar coat chads intelligence! Not sherm! He don't play that dumb fool game! Remember Sherman has over 700+ plays allegedly! That's probably every play and formation in the WCO! He knows he needs smart players!

Notice the fins got rid of the dumb football players no matter how talented! If u don't know what ur doing how good is all that athletic ability! U plays slow! Look at Clyde for example! One of the fastest guys in the league yet he runs slow routes!


I think it has become technique, and I guess I have to respect that if the league is going to allow it.

DC, Craig,

Yeah I'll be safe. I'm not worried in the least bit. I welcome going into the belly of the beast. I know guys get beer muscles so I will be careful and pick and choose my battles. I can't say the same for my buddy he's a little nuts but when you look like you can play MLB for the Dolphins you tend to carry yourself that way lol. As for me I will be chilled out but celebratory when we score and SCORE we will.

Dolphins 23 jets 16

One thing is for certain blog and fin4life. Pass interference is called on a favoritism basis.

If the ref's like u! The call goes ur way! Plain and simple.

The Bears and Pats get away with so much!Yet, the fins get screwed every time the ball is thrown! Why is that?

Same with jets! Revis and cromartie mug people down field! Yet no call!

Let a dolphin DB just look at a wr down field! He might get thrown out the game!

Same goes for the holding calls! Cam wake gets tackled and he gets a no call! Jake blocks a guy to the ground and drops on him! Flag! No Consistency in NFL officiating! Plus the ref's always cover the spread on fins game! Why is that?

Dashi knows the ref's don't influence the outcome? Except when u have over 100 yds of penalties against u! Or they make phantom calls on 3rd down to extend an opponents TD drive! Or it's a fins game and Vegas loses if the fins win.

Go AndyNJ!! I fought those battles lots of times in Buffalo. Almost thought I was going over the top of Ralph Wilson stadium once a la Maude Flanders. I could swear one of the guys circling us was Fred Smerlas. that was back in Jimmy Johnson's first year when TBuck secured a victory in Jim Kelly's last season. The natives could see the writing on the wall as to the demise of their team and were none to pleased about it.

Now I'm older and just wear a black track suit. But I yell and cheer during the plays but it's not as much fun as it used to be - the natives are dead inside. Their economy is dead and their team sucks. Almost feel bad for them until I remember how miserable those good BIlls teams made me.

Dashi | October 23, 2012 at 03:04 PM

You know your right the P.I. call is like the old Jordan fade away jumper were he always pushed off and fouled but the call never came. Anybody else tried it and it was automatic same with the flop. One thing I loved about the NFL was I never felt there was a wishy washy penalty that could alter games but the new pass calls have done just that.

Mark Toronto,

Yeah I remember those Bills days. I hated Buffalo as a kid they owned us and then that AFC Championship melt down at home.

The jets have been hated for years but even more so in the last 5-7 for me. The Pats as much as dislike their HC and feel spygate was much BIGGER then we will ever know I cant hate them because they are that good on most Sundays.

If you hear about 2 South NJ men getting pummelled on the news it may just be us lol. But if we get the W it's well worth it.

I think it all will come down to a few simple things(if there is such a thing as simple in the NFL).

First and foremost we have to re-establish a run game. It's that simple-lol. With DC's already stuffing the box and trying to force Tannehill to do it all, we have to have some kind of ground game. Even if it's just the threat of a ground game. Otherwise defenses can start pulling guys and sneaking extras into coverages. That or just blitz the hell out of him(oh wait, they're already doing that).

Secondly, we have to continue to get better at applying pressure. It's no coincidence that we've gotten by with Carroll and Wilson during the same two weeks that Wake and Vernon came alive!

Everybody mentioned how Carroll looked improved? HA! Take away Wake and Vernon's 8 and a half sacks the past two weeks and see how he looks. Not to mention Starks play at the line. Pressure, knockdowns and even an INT!

Sure Carroll looks better, but so would I with the way this front 4 has been playing. The point is, we can't bank on Carroll and Wilson. We really have to put it toghether up front if we want to beat the wets and get on a roll.

The 3rd "Thing" relates heavily to the second "Thing".

1. Dustin Keller.

2. Dustin Keller.

3. Dustin Keller.

Keller is Sanchez's security blanket. Especially when Sanchez gets pressured. Keller is his constant and he looks for him early and often. When we blitz, Sanchez is already thinking Keller pre snap.

We simply have to find a way to cover Keller from the begining of the game, till the end. Maybe double him underneath with a linebacker and have the nickle or safety over the top? Maybe the nickle in man, with a safety over the top? Of course combined with constant pressure on Sanchez.

A long story short, these are my keys to victory. Get the run game going early, keep the pressure on Sanchez........and for God's Sake, figure out a way to cover Dustin Keller!

(PS: No joke, if I see Misi, Burnett or Dansby locked up one on one against Keller, I'll be in the market for a new Big Screen! I'm actually contemplating Bird Shot with my Goose Gun. My P380 just leaves a few small holes. I'm starting to believe my Goose Gun can really do some damage...........to the Big Screen)


Good points on Fred Davis. I'd still be interested in him, as I was hoping the price might come down a little with the drug suspension and the achilles injury.

I can see it now, if Cooley has success playing with RGIII this year, we're going to read post after post on how 'we should have signed him' etc....

Fin4life perfect analogy!

It is like the Jordan fade away! And BB is Phil Jackson!

Posted by: Phinmanski | October 23, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Yo Irescum, how's 3 picks for D Thomas workin out? LOL

Yo Phinmanskiscum............why don't you shut your pie hole loser!!

I can't even concentrate on the off season at this point.

I want to sign all of our own Free Agents. Then, just get me ONE legitimate starter in Free Agency. I don't really care all that much what position, as long as it one of need. A WR, a CB or even a Pass Rushing OLB.

Get one spot filled in Free Agency so it opens up our first 5 picks to mainly a BPA proposition.

With Wake and Odrick at DE, and Starks being able to play there if needed, I see a Pass Rushing OLB as a bigger need than DE. Add in for Vernon and Shelby's development there and I think it's a given. I mean, unless of course a SERIOUS Hardcore, Can't Miss, Bonafide Star comes to you, then there MIGHT be an exception.

Wake, Odrick, Starks, Vernon and Shelby?


Dansby, Misi, Burnett and Trusnik?

I think we need a pass rushing OLB FIRST! Having said that, the way I see it right now, our biggest needs, in order:

1. WR

2. CB

3 and 4 is a toss up for me. I guess it's the BPA out of Pass Rushing OLB and a Pass Catching TE.

Get one of these 4 immediate needs through Free Agency. Then get me the other 3 with our 5 picks in the first 3 rounds!

This year has been a feel good story ALREADY. But next season I expect we'll be challenging and making a deep playoff run. For at least the next 3 to 4 seasons all I see are MAJOR Improvements.

That's MY Homer-ized Story and I'm sticking too it!

Fin4life perfect analogy!
It is like the Jordan fade away! And BB is Phil Jackson!

Posted by: Dashi | October 23, 2012 at 03:42 PM

I'll Second that Dashi!

That's exactly what it is.

I hope Gaffney gets going hard. He can be a huge addition.

odin, wow that's crazy talk... You think just because the front four is awesome it makes CB and nickel easy covers? Carroll and Wilson have stepped up. Our depth has surprised everyone. Honestly the secondary looks just as good if not better with Marshall out.

I'm not worried at all about Keller. Put Dansby on him all game and watch him shut it down.

Kerley is the guy that worries me on their offense. Greene also when he gets going. Hopefully we stop him early and force Sanchez to throw.

That's what I'm predicting Bobby!

Check it out! Gaffney learns enough of the offense to get in the game this week. He'll make some big plays and he also helps open things up for Reggie, Bess and even Hartline on a couple of deep ones.

From that point on, Gaffney not only solidifies our WR position, he starts outshining Bess and Hartline ROUTINELY!

We've hardly had ONE good receiver here in years. Now, with a good up and coming QB, were about to find out what it's like having 3 very good WR's!

Watch what happens when they try to stuff the box against our 3-Wide package this Sunday! Then when they back out of the box, it's Bush Time. In the flat, on the screen, running between the tackles!

I predict that Gaffney will soon be the ULTIMATELY effectigve "Stop-Gap"(for lack of a better term).

The jets just aren't going to know what Hit Them!

Gaffney has great hands but at this point in his career coming off a very serious thigh injury I really don't see him being as effective as #1 WR Bess and Hartline are still the top wide receivers on the team by far. Gaffney won't run by anyone but he'll make those tough catches round 10 yrds out and take a hit. Moore I believe has potential and Sherman talking bout being gassed is ridiculous. I'm sure Moore would tell you he's not too tired. That being said Moore is still not on Bess or Hartline's level. Yet... needs more experience in the game.

odin, wow that's crazy talk... You think just because the front four is awesome it makes CB and nickel easy covers? Carroll and Wilson have stepped up. Our depth has surprised everyone. Honestly the secondary looks just as good if not better with Marshall out.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | October 23, 2012 at 03:58 PM

You're entitled to your opinion. I won't even argue, because I actually agree, just not to the same extent you do.

I believe that Carroll and Wilson have improved. But I also think the majority of it can be directly credited to the RECENT play of our Front 4.

That's my opinion and I qualify it by pointing out the "coincidental" explosion by Wake, Starks and Vernon over the past three weeks.

(Also, Marshall tried to play injured for two weeks. I believe that before he was injured, he was lights out better than Carroll and/or Wilson PUT TOGETHER!)

This is just MY OWN opinion of course and I hope I'm wrong. I hope Carroll and Wilson are going to stop by the Pro Bowl on their way to Canton!

If we are talking off season needs then the one guy you have to get is Xavier Rhodes of FSU. WRs are a dime a dozen compared to CBs. These guys behind QBs and passs rushers are the hardest to find.

It's jets week.....where is everybody.....

Blog Fodder...

To expound on my earlier post....

I fall in line with yourself and Odin.....

I don't think anything in your post said "dirty hit"....

On the contrary....there is nothing wrong with playing on the edge of the rules....a 1980/90 style hit on a QB....that helmet to helmet rule is garbage to me....their is a CLEAR difference between a defender launching himself @ a QBs head...and incidental contact when the face mask makes contact with the QBs head...

in any case...15 yards EARLY...could pay HUGE dividends late....

Let us all take a moment, pause, and celebrate the firing of Guillen, a piece of pure, unmmitigated garbage. I am not Cuban and I could not care less about the Chavez comments. I support the firing simply because Guillen is a piece of garbage, a jerk, and a loser.

Kris, like what Suh did to Culter yesterday? That was awesome. Not dirty or illegal - just not nice. And the best part is it made Brandon Marshall cry like a little baby. Where's your franchise Qb now, retard?

I hope Randy Starks body slams Sanchez this week.


you hate Marshal more than anybody I know.....

but yes...aggressive and legal....I like it....but for the jets game...its ALMOST better to make sure that Sanchez stays in the game....

I don't believe in Jebow...but for one game that's close...you never know...

odinseye | October 23, 2012 at 03:53 PM

I believe these our needs as well but like B33 said you maybe selling N.Carroll in particular short. When I saw him at the top of the depth chart going into Cin. I thought we were toast given that human NFL Madden guy they have in A.Hawkins and was really surprised at how well he played him. Tends to play the man and not look back for the ball but DB GURU Coyle will work with him here. I have soured on the word GURU given some Assistants are labeled and then flop like Sparano and his constant tinkering while never functional OL.

The term seems to apply to Coyle and now I understand why the Bengals wanted him to stay and be the heir apparent to D.C. Zimmer. He took a reclamation project with the Bengals and turned their D-Backfield into one of the top units in the NFL with R.Nelson at F.S. and Pacman as his nickle back, that's Coaching!! He did have J.Joseph and Leon Hall but neither was a 20 pick if I remember and today are 2 of the best. The thing with Coaching really is about scheming your pieces. Look at the trouble Nandi A. and DRC are having with the scheme in Philly when 1 was considered the best and the other top 10!

My point is I agree with your list of needs but given what I've seen Coyle do with S.Smith and Co. I prefer to address the DB's in the draft with a player like X.Rhodes late Rd-2 or maybe slipping into Rd-3 both Safety's Reid (LSU) and McDonald (USC) will be there to address the S.S. spot as well. There are 3 T.E.'s who look good in this draft. I believe Stanford's Ertz will be there and will be a gem in the two T.E. formation as the 1st pass option with Fasano given he's even lined up in the slot.

The trick is Rd-1 if we're in the middle of the pack again then forget about a blue chipper like B.Mingo who has played as light as 245 and will be an NFL OLB given the FA group only really has Dallas A.Spencer who is more 3/4 pass rush than 4/3 sam LB IMHO. The next guy is J.Genkins from Georgia or do you take a shot with one of the WR's Woods, Hunter ect... Given the deep pool at WR in FA I would think this through long and hard saddled with 5 picks in the top 90. I am often critical of our F.O. but hope they work with the scouts and Coaches getting this as right as possible.

F4L, Rhodes is in ESPN's top 30 - he's getting noticed. Given the shortage of CBs, he'll be a first unless he falls off or gets hurt.

Kris, yes I hate marshall. hated him while he was here too. I thought he loafed, compromised the team and came away limp in tough situations over and over again. I thought he was a total false bill of goods. I don't miss him one bit.

And Andy, if you catch this - I'm not worried about you and ur bud getting beat down. You guys are Dolphin strong!

If we are talking off season needs then the one guy you have to get is Xavier Rhodes of FSU. WRs are a dime a dozen compared to CBs. These guys behind QBs and passs rushers are the hardest to find.

Mark in Toronto | October 23, 2012 at 04:45 PM


6'2"/220 Physical player that can run and hits like a ton of bricks and probably will be there Rd-2!

F4L, Rhodes is in ESPN's top 30 - he's getting noticed. Given the shortage of CBs, he'll be a first unless he falls off or gets hurt.

Mark in Toronto | October 23, 2012 at 05:21 PM

I haven't seen the ESPN Kiper list, if so he's leaped given I saw him ranked 4th behind DeMarcus Milliner (Bama) Jonathan Banks Miss. St. and David Amerson N.C. St. The Noles jumping out into the top 10 probably put more focus on him. If he is hanging around in the middle of the 1st Rd I'd still be tempted.

Just a request but I would like an article on the health of Reggie Bush. Seems like he is hurting and so is our running game. Might be time to get the boy from Miami U some carries.

Go Dolphins!! So far I've been supprised.

F4L, I wouldn't be upset at all with DBs picked in the first and second round

Kris, agreed.

Seems like D's wait until the 4th quarter, in critical down and distance, to risk the flag...seems too late at that point.

Why not open the game with it? set the tone...give him something to think about, etc.

Whatever happaned to Rishard Mattews? This kid has been with the team since OTA's and training camp. He has to have a better grasp of the offense than Jabar Gaffeny does at this stage of the season. He was very impressive on the field during the Pre-season on offense and special teams. He plays physically and he caught everything thrown his way. I think we may have a late round gem finally, but if they don't activate him we will never know what he is capable of.

God lord, Odinstank now posting for 29 stright hour, Jez, you Ole Coot, I know Armand was gone fora week ut give us a break.

Gotta be glad the Marlins fired Ozzie Guillen. He did a terrible job.

Brandon Marshall is thrilled to be off this team and going to the playoffs....and the pro bowl again. if you saw him last night he was smiling and laughing instead of yelling at the incompetent RoboHenne lol

I Too am glad for Marshal, Iam glad that cancer is nowhere near this team.

I'm not sure I buy into the Bears yet. I know their 5-1 but they lost to the only team they've played that is above .500 (Green Bay). The Pack made them look really average that night. Their 5 wins are against teams that are a combined 12-19.

They get to beat up on Carolina next week and Tennessee the week after.

I think we'll see what they're really made of in the 2nd half of the season when they have to play

Green Bay

If we lose to the Jets this week, it be a major loss for this team. No Revis, off a bye week, and better talent.

No excuses!!!

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