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Wednesday to be a big day for Jabar Gaffney

It has been slow going for Jabar Gaffney since he arrived on the Dolphins roster three weeks ago.

He was rusty because he really didn't go through training camp with New England due to an injury. He was clueless because the Dolphins offense was new and foreign to him. And so, he was not a factor as he was inactive for the two games the Dolphins played after he arrived.

But he is progressing. He is getting a feel for Miami's system and culture.

And he might be on the verge of finally being active and on the field Sunday when the Dolphins play the New York Jets. The final decision on that -- believe it or not -- might come Wednesday when the Dolphins go through their game plan for New York.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman wants to see Gaffney fully integrated into Miami's plan. And the coach wants to see the player react seamlessly. As they say in the NFL, the coach wants to see Gaffney play fast.

If Gaffney can practice fast on Wednesday, without mistakes, he's probably playing Sunday.

"Well, I think any time you sign somebody and Gaffney’s been in this league for a while and has some success obviously, that’s why he’s here," Sherman said of Gaffney. "I think there’s always an urgency to get him to move forward. MarlonMoore  plays a fair amount of special teams snaps as well. He can get gassed up pretty good, so we definitely have to push forward and move Gaffney ahead of the learning curve at this point. I think he’s getting there. I thought his last practice before we broke was probably the best practice. He looked like he was more comfortable with what we’re doing and then again today he looked a lot more comfortable. I guess he’s got to go 100 miles-an-hour, but they have to process and, as they’re processing, they don’t go quite as fast. Now, he’s stopped the processing and he’s going faster and making plays.

"I’m anxious to see what does when we get back on Wednesday."

The Dolphins want Gaffney to practice well and show he can be counted on because that would give Miami a third wide receiver option. That would open up the three-wide formations for Miami and, with Moore, allow the flexibility of using a four-wide if Sherman wants.

Why, you may ask, don't the Dolphins just go with Moore as their third wide receiver? They did that to some degree against the Rams and he caught a TD pass.

But Moore is still inexperienced and, as Sherman says, the special teams work he does is so important that the team doesn't want to take him away from that. So the team is hoping Gaffney can plug in on offense and let Moore continue doing his work on special teams.

Is that fair to Moore?

Maybe not. But Gaffney isn't a special teams player so that's how it is.

And Wednesday we'll find out if that's how it's going to be.


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Please your QB, let Marlon Moore catch some of his passes.

This needs to be a big statement game!!

Hit then in the mouth hard!!

8 sacks!! We run all over them!!

Everyone needs out there needs to see that this team is a force and getting better each week.

The best part is we have a lot of time to improve before NE!!

Oscar!! What up playa!

Where's matt Barkley ranked? LoL

Yes, good news for Miami! Guillen got let go!


Nice to see someone watching what I've been seeing all along. Our LB's are the problem!

Who usually covers the TE's? Who are usually in the chase position? Who get the most passes completed on?

One simple answer! Our LB's!

Now u all want a pass rush OLB FOR A 4-3?

Not the ideal OLB for a 4-3! What we need are coverage LB's! Like the D.Brooks of the old Tampa cover 2! Or Zach!

We need LB's that can run! Guys that can fly around sideline to sideline!

That and a FS! That is our true pass defense problem! Our LB's can't even cover linemen! And Clemons has gotten better but he is still the bad link in our secondary! We do need 1 more CB! But we need 2 LB's and a FS! A hell of a lot more!

Specially when ur paying 2 guys $16+ mil a year!

Our whole d-line doesn't make that much money! I bet even our whole O-line doesn't make that much money! And that's including Jake!

The LB's in a 4-3 are supposed to be ur leading tacklers by a wide margin! And almost all great defenses the leading tackler is the MLB! Dansby has never lead the fins in tackling!

Zack and ray got a couple 200 tackle seasons! P.Willis! Just saying! Ur MLB is usually the guy that makes everything work! Yes, De's and CB's are fancy positions! But a Defenses heart and brain is the MLB!

Even in college! Look at ND! Their offense sucks! But they have Te'o! Other university's are stacked with skill position defensive players! DE'S AND CB'S! BUT WHY IS ND'S DEFENSE BETTER THAN LSU OR ALABAMA? TE'O!


Saban knows this! Look at all his recent teams! NAME A QB SABAN USED TO WIN A TITLE? Now name the MLB's!

What's the dolphins problem? Covering the middle of the field! Who covers the middle?

Dansby and friends!

Odinstank. There's a channel onDirect TV Channel 261, Dicovery helth and fitness, Right now on Is DUI, at 8pm there's Addicted, Seeing how ou suffer from both I"d recommend yu start watching this channel.

Barkley is not even the top ranked qb! Ha!

By the end of the season he won't even be top 3!!!

By Draft time he will be a 4th rounder at best!

Weak arm and short height! Plus he's already reached his full potential! Recipe to be exposed in the process at the combine and pre draft!

Can't wait!

Barkley > Tannehill


Yes. And remember a loco!

Dashi doesn't like getting personal. So if ur next question is what does Dashi work?

Ur not going to get a answer. Just know Dashi does OK for himself.

They're many ways to type if that's what u are insinuating. Phone, tablet, computer.

Dashi uses a tablet most the time. It's like walking around with ur computer. Try it! That's what I use most the time even at work. More private! And way more portable!

Only problem is the auto correct sometime!

Now I've been trained to only need 4 hours of sleep a day. Sleep is for the weak! Again a preemptive answer to the asinine post of Dashi doesn't sleep! Dashi just knows from reading this blog for years! (Again, Dashi has never posted on a website. Till fire Spo!!! Then it just took off! I feel if everyone can post their opinion why not The Dashi? At least I know what I'm watching and will give a educated opinion that we can discuss! Unlike some clowns here! Who just post ignorant one liners! Don't get me wrong most posters here are educated sports fan. Just a few AsClowns!)

Plus it's hard to break. Don't get me wrong Dashi sleeps a full 6 hours now. But I doubt I can ever be lazy enough to sleep 8 hours again!

Now Loco. What does any of this have to do with football?

See my point on why Dashi doesn't like personal feelings. Just ur opinion on sports!

Notice Dashi never ask any personal questions. So consider this the last time Dashi answers personal questions. I've seen how ya obsessively insult Odin! For no need!

P.S.- Also blame truth for the Dashi! I've made it my goal to put it In Ur Mouth! If u keep insulting my dolphins! And since Omar destroyed his blog with that new set up! Might as well come to the best dolphin blog on the net! Plus, Mando was on sabbatical!

Dashi is full of Sushi.

Yeah, Dashi, I liked Dont'a Hightower and Kuechly from last years crop of LBs, but I have to agree that hitting on a good QB was more important.

I think Mr. Kevin Burnett played very well in pass coverage in our last Game.

Hi Dashi!

OC, whats wrong with sushi?

Dashi already ate him! Haven't seen him in a while?

Would u be happier? If Dashi says he runs the business? No right.

What about a janitor? Yes.

So consider me the local janitor cause dashi loves taking out the trash!

If you notice, the good runs that the Rams made in our last Game were all directed to our right side. We can expect the same treatment from the Jets.

Dashi hit a nerve?

I thought we called a truce?

You keep on insisting on something about a truce. I've never been at War with anybody and only with the Cuban government and on Internet at that. What's with you?

Dashi see's 15 plays for Tebow.

Jets 27 Dolphins 17

I loved koochy before the draft! I even wanted him above THill!

But yes a qb is more important. And having sherman as his coach was a godsend. I don't think of any qb that has his college coach as his oc!

Yes TEBOW IS GARBAGE! But picture if urban myer was his OC! Bet tebow would be a great running qb!

Look at RG3! Yes, Mr. Controlfreak runs his same offense but he has to run the 1 formation rg3 Can throw out of! Else Rg3 WOULD BE Exposed. He needs to learn from under center. RG3 IS TALENTED but he needs to be developed to be truly great!6

Heck the colts hired arians! He runs the same harbaugh offense.

It helps only running one system!Specially for a Rookie! It takes the hardest process out the way! U can get to reacting! And not thinking!

What makes peyton great! He's a Alpha! His whole family is full of XMen!

He thinks so fast that his reaction is almost instinctual! The man has spider senses!

Zach thomas was that way! He wasn't thr biggest or fastest. He just knew football better than anybody. He knew what the qb or rb was thinking!

Again even barry sanders couldnt get away from zack one on one! Zack no neck knew what u were going to do before u did it! The man had a gift!

Forget JT! Picture Zack in the middle of this defense! No other LB'S! He never needed them! He went sideline to sideline!

Zack would've probably fixed our secondary by himself! He would make sure everyone knew what they were doing. If not he would line u up himself!

Not exactly, Vegas Mike. MGM Mirage has the Jets by 2.

Zack and JT never stopped a defense when it mattered most. Time and again teams rolled over them in the 4th quarter to come back and win.

I tell you, Dashi, I'm more than impressed with RG3. Santana Moss doesn't fumble that pass, I had the distinct feeling that RG3 would have driven them for another score even with :30 left.

Oscar a simple it wasn't me will do.

Good to know! Now I can definitely talk to certain people knowing they are not one of ur 1001 CARICATURES!

Good looking out!

Who was their coach?

Of course we are talking individuals. Who pass rushed with jt for all those years!

Who were the other 2 lb'S?

Who was the qb?

Use logic.

Why am I getting the distinct impression that you are probably not only white, dashi, but a racist. Now, don't take this as an attack on your Person and only My Truth about you.

Logic says qb's don't stop opposing offenses. Logic says coaches don't make plays.

JT and Zack never stopped defenses when it mattered most. In pro sports, winning is everything.

I hate generalizations and that's probably the main reason I reject racism.

- Doctor, my mother uses this pill and it works well for her. - Alright, let's try it. - Doctor, that pill almost drove me crazy. - Well, not everybody is the same.

Yes. And ur point. I'M the white tyrone biggins. Tom Hanks!

My national past time is beisbol!

They fired Guillen! I know it has nothing to do football. But the guy had to go. He made baseball into a bad tv show!

Of course, Football is a Team Game.

In 90% of Humanity, there is only one area that you can generalize on, We know Common Sense. The rest of Our attributes are consistently equally different.

You prejudiced as all hell, dashi. But, well, I interact with many People like that all day long and it hasn't harmed me or them, up to now.

Of course, on Internet, the interaction between People, even though more genuine, are not that nocive. Remarkable!

dashi? dashi?

I am what u say I am. Ur the doctor! Ha! Try the purple pills doc!

On RG3. Yes. He's talented. Even Supremely talented. But None of that matters if the coaching sucks!

For example just recently. Dashi loved Henne's Arm, Clyde's Speed, Vontae's Athletic Ability. Yet none of that matters if coaching sucks!

Look at Cam Newton! They are not developing him into a QB and it is Showing! Some people we just Know are garbage. Like Blaine Gabbert.

But u can turn a Average Qb into a HOF with coaching! Example tom Brady!

Here. I knew this guy that was studying Medicine along with me in D.R. A very poor, mulatto guy, he was on some kind of scolarship at the Medical School there. El Chevere(the Cool One), in the dissection room, he would teach Neuroanatomy to us (being paid for it, of course)while he himself was a student. After some years, I realized that guy would have been the greatest Neurosurgeon that had ever lived. Instead, after graduation, he practiced general Medicine and continued to teach at the University. He died as a consequence of acute alcoholism at the age of 43.

Yes. I am disgusted at them wasting all that Cam Newton talent. RG3, maybe too.

My bad.

On football is a team sport!

Tell Ricky Williams that! Or Barry Sanders! Jim Brown! The WorkHorses! Walter Payton!

Not Over Rated Emmith!

It would have been ILLEGAL WHAT BARRY SANDERS WOULD'VE DONE BEHIND THE DALLAS O-LINE! 3000 yds rushing wouldn't be far fetched! At least 2500!

Team Sport! Tell that to every athlete who had to play with garbage players!

Ask Lebron which team he likes better? The Heat or the cav's ?

Team is good for total goal! The Championship! But not every Team has a Coach that is elite! Or a Team of good players!

Athlete's should be measured by what they Individually Accomplish. Not Just Team! Else don't have MVp's! Or DPOY! Don't give out the Heisman!

Forget All-Pro's! Let's make the whole team pro bowler's!

Yes, u need a group to win it all! Even the great MJ! HAD PHIL JACKSON! He had the only guy who can probably defend him on his team! Pippen! Then he gets the 2nd guy who can defend him! And Everyone else! Rodman! Plus those 2 were team players and didn't care if they shot the ball! Add in 2 good 3 pt shooters at all times! U get a great team!

Or the 72 Fins! A Perfect Team! Shula! Good QB play! 2 of the best RB's! 2 HOF Lines! A great MLB! And some Safety's! A Great Team! Oh and Add a HOF Wr! U need one of those! A Perfect Team!

They might get mad at our comments, dashi, but on Internet there is nothing they can about them for here, Truth Primes. GN.


fin4life say you on fire!! Love the No Neck Zach post and yes he was about the most instinctual little S.O.B. I ever saw!! He was flanked by Robert Jones and Derek Rodgers at OLB but they barely made any noise with that little freak flying sideline to sideline and yes he could cover to, smart, smart player.

JT played with some good DE's though in Trace Armstrong and Kevin Carter but again Coaching needs to know what they are doing like Saban making JT into a OLB/DE in a 3/4 probably added years to JT at the end and he was at his best in the switch 05-06

Barry Sanders would have probably run for close to 10,000 yards behind the Cowboys 91-96 OL easy and yes would have been illegal. They had Erik Williams, Larry Allen, M.Stepnoski, Nate Newton and M.Tuinei on that OL . Heck Kevin Gogan was sent packing cause when Allen came along there was no room for him and all he did was go Pro Bowling in S.F. for years!!

You on fire! Keep it coming!!

Fin4life I think Armstrong and Carter play well because in the other side was JT

J Taylor | October 24, 2012 at 01:42 AM

Then you might not remember the beginning of your career when you were constantly hurt and the big double digit guy was Armstrong while you learned to play the run trying to keeping your weight over 255 with Lorenzo Bromell playing the run.

Anything on this weeks game guy's? Anybody think that F.O is just treading water till the draft? Anybody think the WR watch in the college ranks have been ramped up and the fin scouts have 1 or 3 targets that are on the radar? I see this as the new team policy for the next 3 months. Who can fit our system? And that is the BIG ????????????

If ya aint gonna talk football the history chnl has a good show on

I think Ireland just got a big confidence boost.

His first draft on his own was an attempt to address SpOrano's Team and Needs. So it was naturally hard to judge with an objective viewpoint.

With his second draft he swung for the fences. A QB in the top 8! So far, so good. Martin and Vernon came on strong when the season started. Even Lamar Miller has had flashes of awesomeness-lol!

If thats not enough, his lower round picks are contributing as are his Free Agents. All kinds of guys like Javorski Lane, Shelby and Kheeston are impressing. Carroll, Wilson, etc, etc.

Then there is this set of circumstances that made me sit up and take notice. This latest development was the deciding factor for me to reconsider my overall opinion of Ireland.

At the same time he puts together a great draft and Free Agent class, he rectifies the Salary Cap situation.........**AND**............He stockpiles a bunch of quality picks for the upcoming draft. 5 picks in the first 90!

I would say Ireland has EARNED a big vote of confidence. This fan base should be READY and Looking Forward to Ireland's continued work with Joe Philbin and Co.

Hopefully, Ireland is ready-ing his scouting dept and preparing to go to work following the trade deadline. From the deadline on, Ireland and his scouting dept should be in full blown Draft Mode!

Ireland had his back against the wall and came out swinging. I like it and so far, so good. If he nails this next off season anywhere near as well as he nailed this years, his job will be safe for years and we'll be perennial Playoff Contenders!

The next step of the journey is going into Rexy's House and beating the snot out of his Lowlife Bunch Of Thugs!

Someone said it earlier and I agreed. This next one needs to be a "Statement" game. We need to go in there and Blow these Punks OUT! This Sunday is time to put the entire NFL on notice. There's a new Powerhouse on the rise in the AFC East! We can DO IT! One game at a time!


Was at Nike Town London store, UK and met the Rams Legends Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt and Jackie Slater.
Not to forget the lovely Rams cheerleaders.
Great fun!!!

This is Miami time, we are going to have a nice payback win vs. the Jets come Sunday.
Tannehill is the real deal and our defence is playing well. Now it's up to the offence to help out Ryan Tannehill, Bush, Hartline, Bess, Miller, Moore, Gaffney, Carpenter, Thomas and the OLINE let's do this Fins!!

Yep! It's time for the Offense to live up to the defense. The Offense has to get better at putting points on the board consistently.

I see it happening this weekend. I see Gaffney getting some action and opening things up for everybody. I know I'm jumping the gun, but my prediction: Somewhat because of the "Gaffney Factor" I see Charles Clay FINALLY having his breakout game.

I see the jets paying special attention to Gaffney and Hartline on the outsides. Thus leading to some big time plays by Clay right down the middle.

Mark it down! In addition to Wake and Vernon continuing to dominate, Charles Clay finally starts earning his money.

Clay 5 catches for 75 yards and a TD.

Wake two more sacks, Vernon one.

Also, I see another Reshad Jones INT!

Remember, you heard it here first. Clay, Wake, Vernon and Jones. Of course Tannehill goes without saying. MORE steady progress, more steady play!

Where's the Morning Crew?

My 92 year old Grndmother passed away night before last. Me and the Boys are heading out for the Detroit Suburbs. Grandma lived in Sterling Heights(Cha-Ching).

Anyways, she was GREAT as Far as Grandmothers GO! A definite First Ballot Hall Of Famer. She lived such a long and blessed life, it makes me feel good.

No mourning or pitty parties going on. We've just been remembering how Great She Was/Is. So were going to go and CELEBRATE her GREAT LIFE!

(PS: This might sound a bit callous, but it's really not. I'm just curious and I don't want to ask any family memebers just yet. But, does anyone have any idea how long it takes for an inheritance to be paid out? My Grandmother was FANTASTIC, right up until her dying day. She always told me she was going to leave her Favorite Grand Son(ME-lol)a Good Chunk of Change. And she DID!)

God Bless You Granny - ValHalla!!!!

(Sorry about the personal off topic guys. This is my second funeral in the past 3 months. Just posting about Granny here has made me feel better ALREADY!)

Again, SORRY! Now, to hit the highway. We have a 5 hour drive!

Wow. Comments like "cha-ching" and asking how long it takes to cash in on an inheritance constitute your version of paying someone your respects??

What an astoundingly disgusting human being you are. I'd prefer to read your fabricated tales than see the depressing reality.


Odinseye killed this blog. Armando, will you please ban this useless idiot already!

Miami fans !!!!!!.......Prepare to be swept by the Jets !!!

Hi Guys

what a huge game, win this and sit in first. lose it and season ends cause of the sweep from jets which destroys any chance at tie breakers


This is till a very young team with a rookie quarterback and a patched together secondary. The Jets are favorites Sunday, and rightfully so.

Miami is a team on the rise and I share the optimism about the future but anyone thinking this is even close to a finished product is extremely delusional. They are still in the earliest stages of getting this going, not the end game.

I expect a close game Sunday that could go either way, but if Miami loses I will not consider it some epic disaster (and certainly not an upset).

Steve Ross = Worst owner in sports. He doesnt care about winning. Dumping Marshall and keeping Ireland shows he doesnt care about winning. Making money is his only goal.

mark wake up, the 2012 season started already, and miami is playing solid football.

Its more then fair to Moore to stay on sspecial teams. This makes his third (3rd) season and Moore cant crack the starting offensive lineup, it is what it is, he cant get the job done on a consistant bases. Moore doesnt practice fast

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