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Wednesday to be a big day for Jabar Gaffney

It has been slow going for Jabar Gaffney since he arrived on the Dolphins roster three weeks ago.

He was rusty because he really didn't go through training camp with New England due to an injury. He was clueless because the Dolphins offense was new and foreign to him. And so, he was not a factor as he was inactive for the two games the Dolphins played after he arrived.

But he is progressing. He is getting a feel for Miami's system and culture.

And he might be on the verge of finally being active and on the field Sunday when the Dolphins play the New York Jets. The final decision on that -- believe it or not -- might come Wednesday when the Dolphins go through their game plan for New York.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman wants to see Gaffney fully integrated into Miami's plan. And the coach wants to see the player react seamlessly. As they say in the NFL, the coach wants to see Gaffney play fast.

If Gaffney can practice fast on Wednesday, without mistakes, he's probably playing Sunday.

"Well, I think any time you sign somebody and Gaffney’s been in this league for a while and has some success obviously, that’s why he’s here," Sherman said of Gaffney. "I think there’s always an urgency to get him to move forward. MarlonMoore  plays a fair amount of special teams snaps as well. He can get gassed up pretty good, so we definitely have to push forward and move Gaffney ahead of the learning curve at this point. I think he’s getting there. I thought his last practice before we broke was probably the best practice. He looked like he was more comfortable with what we’re doing and then again today he looked a lot more comfortable. I guess he’s got to go 100 miles-an-hour, but they have to process and, as they’re processing, they don’t go quite as fast. Now, he’s stopped the processing and he’s going faster and making plays.

"I’m anxious to see what does when we get back on Wednesday."

The Dolphins want Gaffney to practice well and show he can be counted on because that would give Miami a third wide receiver option. That would open up the three-wide formations for Miami and, with Moore, allow the flexibility of using a four-wide if Sherman wants.

Why, you may ask, don't the Dolphins just go with Moore as their third wide receiver? They did that to some degree against the Rams and he caught a TD pass.

But Moore is still inexperienced and, as Sherman says, the special teams work he does is so important that the team doesn't want to take him away from that. So the team is hoping Gaffney can plug in on offense and let Moore continue doing his work on special teams.

Is that fair to Moore?

Maybe not. But Gaffney isn't a special teams player so that's how it is.

And Wednesday we'll find out if that's how it's going to be.


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Mark, you apparently dont know the logistics of football.. you should study the heiarchy of the Dolphins organization and then come back and make your claims. Marshall was a Philbin and Ireland desicion. it gets old. Marshall wanted out and Philbin wanted him out. If what youre saying is true that he doesnt care about winning then he would have made the fans happy and fired Ireland to bring fans into the stadium. Ireland and Philbin had a solid draft and have 5 picks in the top 100 next year.
I am sure he cares about making money as he is a business man and anyone that invests money or goes to work cares about making money. It would make him more money to put together a winning team to fill the stadium and win a superbowl so what you say that all he cares about is making money since he shipped out Marshall shows you dont have a clue about what you are talking about.. That is all.

Another one crying for Marshall. Yep, sure are missing his 7 dropped touchdowns.

If you want to see the worst owners in pro sports, come up to Toronto, you have no idea buddy.

Miami wins! Superior team in every way.


What the Hell's going on in Toronto these days, anyways? Pretty sad when the Argos might be the best team in the city, although I think the Raptors might take some steps this year. Do you blame it on MLSE? Do you blame it on apathetic fans? Sloppy management and laziness, where everyone is getting paid too much and not getting it done? Toronto used to be one of the best sports cities anywhere. What the Hell happened?

Craig, corporate ownership is a big problem. A certain part of sports is passion and emotion and that doesn't mix with big business (i.e. non investment in talent like the Blue Jays). The Toronto - particularly the Maple leafs just haven't taken the time to stink properly in order to accumulate those assets and when they have at times, because of the lack of patience they trade those assets away i.e. Tyler Seguin, Scott Niedermayer, Roberto Luongo, etc, etc. At one time, the Leafs had the rights to these players. So in short, management with inadequate vision and corporate sports' main concern with bottom line and not much else. IN the early 90s Toronto was a buzz place to be - but that was a long time ago friend.

And the clowns in Miami cry over the retard Marshall - imagine if the Dolphins gave up the equivalent football talents of these NHLers???

Gaffney needs to play because we only have 2 receivers worth something.

Mark @ 11:36,

Well put together. Yeah you're right, Toronto was a buzz in the early 90's. I was a part of it all. I was even a Maple Leaf fan at that point in time (can't stand them now). 50,000 every game for the Jays, Gretzky and company had the argos playing well, it was a pretty cool time. That buzz has long ago faded.

It's funny guys criticize Ross. Where has he EVER said he doesn't want to win? Where? One quote? He let's the football people make their decisions, he's at the games, he's involved in the hiring process and he writes the cheques. I'm not sure what else you could ask from an owner. But guys still want to whine. Guaranteed if a new guy came in they would whine about him too.

I've read some comments on the Internet over the last week that the Dolphins should consider trading guys like Moore and Thomas and re-load for next year. Wanted to get thoughts from you guys on it. Is this a playoff team? Does it send the wrong message to ship off parts for picks for next year. It's doubtful that you would get very much for these guys, with Moore a UFA at the end of the year and Thomas with his two concussions. If it was me I'd stay the course and if we win this weekend I'd be trying to pick up a WR or CB for a 4th or later pick.

Also, I know a lot of guys have said Moore will be somewhere else next year, trying to be a starter. To me that would be a mistake. Where's he going to start? One team? Who's he going to beat out and count on another 5-6 QBs coming into the league next year, also looking to start. If Moore was smart he's sign a two year contract and keep his family in Miami, assuming they want him. He's got a good thing going here and he'd be nuts to move and have to learn a whole new system again.

Toronto is still a vibrant, highly educated and cosmopolitan city regardless of the sports scene there.

Frankly, I find it much nicer and more diverse than the vast majority of U.S. cities and have always enjoyed my trips there.

Also nice that Canada still has a government and population that believes in paying for things like efficient public transit, good roads, and schools. Being in Toronto is like a quick reminder that it's the 21st Century some places.

Bill @ 10:43...

Playoffs are decided in DEC...not OCT....It's 2012 man..not 2009-20011....


My only knock on Toronto is it's an expensive city. Not in comparison to New York or Paris or London but compared to many places in the States. It's my one knock. There's no deals. Everyone is out to make a buck and everything is extra, extra, extra. Fun place to visit but be prepared to pay. It may not affect Americans as much because of the dollar and the fact you can get your taxes paid back but 13 per cent tax on everything is criminal and $25-30 to park somwhere is nothing more than gouging.

Craig M....

If we should trade ANYBODY...it should be Long....

Fins 17
Jets 16


I said it before...and I'll say it agaun...

You don't need the best LT in the game to become a perrinial playoff team....

16 teams NOT NAMED Miami Dolphins have been doing just fine since 2009...



Respectfully...you're NUTS! I said it before, it's going to take Long NOT to be here for people to appreciate just how good he is. It's going to take Tannehill spending most of his time on his back, with no time to throw, for people to realize just how good he is. What I think you take exception is the amount of money he makes. That's not Long's fault. He's getting paid what he's slotted to be paid. If you're comfortable watching him leave, watching Martin shift to LT (where we don't know what he can do there in the NFL) and opening a hole at RT, then good luck! That's not the way I'd do it but you are absolutely welcome to your opinion.

Why are we STILL going on about Jake Long??

Look, maybe they should have taken Ryan with that pick. Fine. But it was YEARS ago at this point, Miami DOES look as if they've finally solved the QB riddle with a very promising rookie, and Jake Long is an outstanding football player (and a building block to future success).

It really is time to move on.



I agree with you to a certain point, in regards to Long. I am not sure that he is worth the money that he is going to demand. However, it is hard to replace someone like Jake Long. But again, he wil be eaing up tons of cap space for YEARS if we resign him at Joe Thomas money.

I'd franchise him and draft his replacement next year. Is it possible to franchise a player and then trade him for picks in the same year? Does anyone know?


I think that's the way I would go with Long too. I get what everyone is saying about the amount of money he would command etc. I think before we just get rid of him we'd better make certain we have a clear plan on how to replace him. We just got rid of Colombo by drafting Martin and the line is signifincantly better. Worst thing we could do is start opening up holes again and going back to where we were. Take a look around the league right now and a lot of teams would die to have a better line and a guy like Long on it (Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philly and NE to name just a few). Giving the QB the time to throw is what this offence and any offence needs.

Craig, regarding Dolphins ownership, this has been the least of their problem - I mean as far as desire to win. If anything Dolphins' ownership's fault was trying to convince people that didn't want the job to take it. JJ, Parcells, and Saban in particular. The Dolphins now have it good in Ireland and Philbin. These guys want and desire this chance - they are not being begged to stay. There are only 32 of these jobs and Miami is a pretty nice spot. Sure Ireland's track record isn't perfect but it's better than most and it seems that he strives to improve. He may be a jerk (I don't know) but he's a driven jerk.

And when the ownership wasn't begging guys to stay, they were hiring incompetents like Wansstedt and Cameron. Not because they were cheap but because they were advised to by JJ (Wanny) or just whiffed (cameron).

But I'm glad the NFL has swayed from corporate ownership. This is a disease in pro sports and I think Ross is pretty good - not perfect but good enough. He won't be an impediment to winning but I'd rather have him than Jerry Jones who wants to control everything and is destined to become the next Al Davis.


You've been on a roll with some of your posts lately. Very well put. I can't add anything to what you've said, but you're dead right in this idea of moving away from Corporate owners to individuals. Shame that couldn't happen in Toronto. They had their best success when guys like McNall and Candy owned the teams. Is there NOBODY in Canada who could become individual owners of the Leafs and Jays? Biggest joke was the Leafs being run by the teacher's pension, which is essentially what the setup was. Pure profits and nobody really caring about the product on the ice.

As for Ireland (and I know you're no the one saying this), I couldn't careless if he is in fact a jerk. I actually think he's misunderstood. He comes from the Parcells camp of 'don't trust the media' and for that reason probably comes across as a jerk. It's interesting that I heard the same thing said about Scott Pioli in KC and don't think that Parcells hasn't influenced him too. He was said to be 'painfully uncomfortable in front of the media'. Yeah I get in this day and age of media driven world that the GM has some responsibility to communicate with the media. Myself, I care VERY little about this. Nobody ever said Bellichick was a good interview.

Peo for Te'o!

Let's throw away the Rest of the Season! We've already have Showed some promise! Dashi Don't mean Lose all our Games! But if it goes down to a FG! Send Carpenter out there! Or let T-Hill try and Win it!

Again, 9-7 is not bad! 11-5 will be better! But 6-10 and Having a Top 10 pick, to use on Te'o Would be Ideal! Hopefully he runs slow or something and He drops to us! OR we trade Up! Use 2 picks! 1st and 3rd?

The Kid is worth it! We can even Make it a theme and get another Samoan LB the Next Year! A Crew of Samoan LB's! Could even give them a Fancy NickName!

Cause Misi has Actually shown that he can Play! Nobody is really asking for his Head! This Staff looks like it can Salvage Misi!

But that $16 Million Dollar Duo Thats Over 30 and Only Plays Half a Season Has to Go! At Least we should get the Good Half Starting This Sunday!

Dashi is Predicting the FIRST REAL SHUT OUT!! In a Long Time!

Call Me Optimistic!!! But Dashi Believes U give this Coalition Of Coaches led by Philbin 2 weeks and Footage of the First Game! And U have A team that Is ready to Come to Play!

Philbin Probably practiced coming off a Bye Week in PreSeason! U know T-Hill, His BackUp, And His Caddy Are Getting Ready For the Jets! No Controversy!

Add Gaffneys Biggest Asset is that he is a Smart WR! And This Offense Will be opening Up a little More!

Will Sherman Unleash T-Sizzle? Or make sure He can beat the Jets in the Pocket!

Will Reggie Stop Running Scared? This is the Team that Caused his Spiral! It's Mental With Reggie! He Gets Scared Sometimes!

When he doesn't run scared Reggie could be real Good! The Thing Dashi likes about L.Miller! He's A UM RB! They Don't Run Scared!!

When will we Unleash all 3 RB's in the Same Formation? Full House! Or the Wild Cat? T-Hill can Run Routes!

With that said 21-0 Dolphins!

100 percent wrong kris, all 16 games mean the same . win or loss. to lose both to jets would be a dagger


With the Bills being off this week, do you figure the Jets-Dolphins game will be the one shown in our area this weekend? Tired of not seeing my team on TV.

I hope they show the game in the St. Louis area. It is going to be a battle. The Jets do not want to be 3-5 and the Dolphins are coming off a bye to prepare for this game. A battle that I would love to see...none the less I will listen to it on the internet streaming radio station. Go Dolphins.

im in kc brian, how do u not have direct tv. greatest thing ever

Will Gaffney play slot or Bess in the Slot?

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