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Welcome to South Florida Jabar Gaffney

Jabar Gaffney stayed in New England the past few weeks even after the Patriots cut him and he was without a team. Fact is, Gaffney hoped he'd be back with the Pats and as you'll see below, he saw other teams like the Dolphins as the "enemy."

But he's with Miami now.

And that means learning on the fly.

Gaffney and quarterback Ryan Tannehill worked on hand signals today, something that is important just prior to a road game (Miami plays at Cincinnati Sunday).

The portions of practice I saw didn't suggest to me the Dolphins are leaning heavily on Gaffney in the game plan. That obviously can change in the next couple of days.

Anyway, I present to you No. 10 of the Miami Dolphins -- Jabar Gaffney:



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Jabar, Welcome to the cespool.

Gaffney is a good possession receiver. He did a good job with the Skins. He's a good route-runner, has good hands, just not the fastest guy in the world. He'll learn quickly, he's a pro.

You'll love our aggressive play calling late in games from our Monkey Troll OC. It's winning us games Bu-oy!


Go Gators! Always helps to have Gators on your team. Gators are winners.

FIFTH!! put it this way, after a quarter of the season we are a game out of first place....would take that all day long if you told me that while watching the Les Brown and his hottie gf all August...wonder who she is with now???

More castoffs? YIKES!

We should be 3-1 god damn it!!!!!!!!!! I'm so pissed off.

Didn't any other winning teams want Gaffney? I guess playing for a winner isn't a priority for him.


He's pretty hot!

You & DC are the ONLY ones challenging me. Go figure huh?

Posted by: DC DUMBELL | October 03, 2012 at 03:20 PM

Challenging(snicker, snick). Ewww Bu-oy-LOL!

The others were ignoring you Dillweed, as you should be.

EVERYBODY here is just sick of your Blog Wrecking antics. DC and I, were just **TOYING** with you when we handed you your A ss!

Maybe you should go back to using the "Reality Check" aliases, but you Sir are CERTAINLY in need of one.

You will now be COMPLETELY ignored as DC and I, like everybody else here are tired of toying with and your dreary antics.

Good Day Sir and ah...........Buh Bye Now!

No one with a choice joins the lowly Fins.

I'm gonna get me a Gaffney Jersey to go with my Shelby jersey. Yea Bu-oy!


odin said all that needs to be said @ 3:52pm.

wonder how much intel the can extract from him for the two NE games later this season?
Guy has to know some inside stuff like hand signals, lines calls etc....anything to knock Brady off his game a bit.

I still have my Henne jersey.


You're going to question my maturity, as you start impostoring my Old Sign in?

Oh yeah......Real Classy there, I'll bet you have an IQ of about......2.

Impostoring my old sign in name?

Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa-How Pathetic!

You Go-Bu-oy!

Gaffney is 5,000,000 times better than Nanuuu, who cost us 3 games.

We literally would be 4-0 had Gaffney been on the team from day 1.

It's great to be a Florida Gator.

WTF r u talking about now dipsh*t, odin?

Aliases? LMAO Paranoid & delusional is no way to live life.

I have a John Beck jersey too!

Well, now they have 3 real recievers. This offense is going to keep looking better & better.

@Odin, don't feed the trolls : )

LMAO He thinks im Dumbell or some reality name.

As usual, Odin pretends to know what he really has no idea about.

Typical big mouth Odin.

Is it basketball season yet?

Big game this week. Bengals are now seen as a credible team. Made playoffs, have a solid QB, WR, TE and defense. Game is on the road.

So, this game really becomes important. Lose and go to 1-4 and the season is immediately perceived as a failure, Philbin will be declared a moron, Ireland will be castrated by the crownd, and all of us fans are basically looking to next season for hope.

But IF we beat this legitamate Bengals team on the road, fans can still cling to the idea that we could/should be 5-1. Then we go back to Miami to play the Rams, which should be no harder than the Bengals and Cardinals.

IF we beat Bengals and Rams we go into the bye week 3-3. Fans would have to be OK with that after starting 1-3. Then we come out of the bye week ready for Jets (no SH or DR), Indy and Titans. I like that schedule. It really allows for momentum to be built before heading to some tougher games.

Got to have a dream.....

Mr Sal Welcomes Gaffney to SFl as long as he dosent make the same mistakes that Naanee made to get terminated if so his next piece will ask the question so and so is still on the roster what do we do? and he will get a gazillion bloggers posting their opins.BTW Mr Sal I thinx you had a heads up on Naanees release,but I know you have to churn these out so many times a day or do you have an intern that does some of the work?

I'm tired of you & your conspiracy theories, Odin. I'm here every day reading & occasionally posting.


I've had plenty of convos with posters here with no incident. The 1 day someone hijacked my name to throw insults AT KRIS, you were the ONLY one to start calling me a troll because you were too f-ing dumb to put 2+ 2 together.

Stop being the Troll Police, You're BAD AT IT. Just like on the last blog with Dumbell attacking DC. Mind your own f-ing business & stop acting like a 10 year old.

Act your f-ing age!

Why would anyone care what that useless, geriatric drunken tool 'odinseye' has to say?

This is literally a guy with NO life, nada, zilch, who feels compelled to come here every single day in the pathetically amusing belief that he has actual 'friends' here who are entertained (let alone actually believe) his sad, fabricated tales about 'hotties,' rock stardom and a hundred other nonsensical, total b.s. garbage in order to fumigate the stench of his actual, lonely existence.

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?

Wats up dogs I say we DROP AN ANCHOR ON CINCY

I tink Cincinnati and Miami is a pretty good match-up. Their CB's are pretty banged up but they lead the NFL in sacks, so expect a lot of pressure.

gaffney solid receiver..he will help everyone.

jpao, 1-4 would not be considered a failed Season by any of the fans who really knew what was going on. This is a rebuild Season. The record doesn't matter. If we come out of the Season with a franchise QB, a functional oline, a good run game, a good defense, and some tools to work with in the pass game, it will be a success.

Again, this is another game we're not expected to win. I don't know why people dog the Bengals, but they are a legit team. Probably a good 2 years ahead of us when it comes to building a lasting winning team. They have a good offense, and their defense has some weapons. Plus we're on the road.

I'll be looking for continued development of Tannehill. He's grown astronomically from game to game so far. What should worry us all is the injuries in the secondary. Dalton will rip us apart with practice squad players starting (unless they miraculously are gamers).

But don't let the nabobs of negativity get to you. My prediction for this Season is 4-12. Anything above that would be incredible IMO.

I don't care truth, honestly. I rarely post & this dolt is throwing my name under the bus accusing me of being a troll.

He grasps at straws because he's clueless about the identity of the ppl that despise him.

The minute it took me to type that is more than enough wasted on trash like him.

Done for today.

Finally a move from miami that makes sense...Gaffney wont do anything special for this team this year but he will 100 % be a contributer more than the likes of nannee ever was when he stepped into a dolphin uniform....

unfortunatly DC, when both your clueless owner and a fruad GM in irefiend go out and admittingly tell the public that this team is not rebuilding..it brings less credability to this franchise for future growth especially if they only think we're one or two players away from a championship dream...just sayin

Jet fans can't even back themselves up on the internet. Gotta change names and imposter people becuz if they ever took the bags off their face the humility of being a jet fan would be just too much.

agreed with Odin 3:52 not worth the time arguing with a bipolar tard

Where my bu-oy's be at? Holla!

LOL...Really some of the posters on here being made to post. Welcome Jabar. I thought it was pretty crafty to sign the guy after he's healthy. Were the Jets considering him? Who'd they sign to replace Santonio?

superPHIN, I agree, that was stupid. Like they think they are outsmarting us. Dumb move there, I can't defend that.

Dew rag and tattoo? He won't last long under this Jefferson Davis front office.

He got dreads. That's why its covered up. Ireland no like the dreads.

Hey Al! I guess you do, since you took the time to post on this site, if you really don't care, leave and don't come back.Bill

Armando...you really need some moderators for these posts. It's as bad here as anywhere. Trolls are the same all over though and if you don't do anything they ruin the experience for the real fans.

Swag Swag Swag. Everyone tear your shirt like Mr Swagger Cam Newton, I'll trade him for Tannehill right now and change Sun Life Stadium name to Swag-a-licious Stadium with Killa Cam at the healms.

10-6 playoffs

DC - I totally agree. My point is that at 1-4 the crowd will really turn ugly and there will be protests at the stadium for Ireland's head (like last year) etc., etc., etc.

I have said all offseason and over the past 4 weeks this is a rebuild. That said, the team is playing really quite well. There have been really bad breakdowns and MISSED FIELD GOALS that have really cost the team.

Based on that progress I do see 3-3 heading into the bye week as viable. More realistic would be 2-4.

Another Asscorn. I mean Acorn.

Gaffney isn't a castoff IMO he had surgery on his thigh muscle. Last year he had 68 catches for 950+ yrds... Not a castoff year especially when you look at who was throwing him the ball in washington

Sorry the facts are...Ireland had a great draft this year. Although, he hasn't been perfect and neither is any GM. The further away from Parcells and Sparano he gets the more this team improves.

theres still 12 games left in the season. We were competitive every game. The schedule doesn't look to bad and our division is looking weak. I don't see why we can't win this division and make the playoffs.

Tannehill keeps improving like this he will put us in a chance to win every week

Can he play cornerback?

B33RCA53 That's key...the positive signs this team is showing and an ability to play with any team in the league. Tanny has shown improvment from day 1 and keeps getting better. I was never expecting playoffs this year or better than 500. That's a lot to expect from a rookie qb.

this signing shows the coaching staff are prepared to make changes if need be. Also those who were moaning aboutnot sihning gaffney earlier now know the reason why....he was injured. just shows fans never really know whats going on behind the scenes.

Hartline: 90 for 1500
Bess: 80 for 1200
Gaffney (12 games): 30 for 450


Matt Ryan went 11-5 as a rookie.

Ben Roethlisberger went 13-1 as a rookie.

DC Toolfan, why do you embrace losing so?

Henne > Tannehill

#10? Really, Clyde Gates?

Why do we keep giving new wr's the previous jersey #'s of wr's who didnt workout in Miami?

#19, Ginn, Marshall, Gates? Especially the #19 should forever be retired into infamy in Dolphis legacy. #10(Clyde Gates) isnt far behind. Hope #10 doesnt "JINX" Jabbar Gaffney.

Im believing certaun jersey numbers in Miami we should just completely stay away from in issuing to new players.

I have a Henne jersey.

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