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What to think about the Dolphins, what to do with Carpenter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- You saw the good and you saw the bad during Sunday's 24-21 overtime loss here. As I wrote in my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald, this game had plenty of both and you can choose to view it as a failure today or as a game with promise for tomorrow.

Frankly, I'm so sick of covering a loser, I really want to believe this game is the start of something good for the future.

And so I see Ryan Tannehill's 431 yards as a big deal. This was the second most yards any rookie QB in NFL history has thrown for in a game -- behind only Cam Newton's 432 last year versus Green Bay. It also the most passing yards by a rookie on the road.

The 431 yards tied for sixth most in Miami history. Of the top eight such performances in club history, Dan Marino has the other seven and Tannehill joins that list.

It was also a breakout day for Brian Hartline and Cameron Wake and Sean Smith and others. All good.

But ...

This was a loss, folks, and this season is officially in a tailspin. So tomorrow looks good. Today looks like a heaping pile.

The Dolphins have played well enough to be 3-1 this year. They seem every bit as good as the Jets and Cardinals to whom they have lost in overtime the last two weeks. But the fact is the Dolphins lost against two teams that aren't any better than them. And this game was lost while wasting many great, great performances.

So even when guys play great, these Dolphins find a way to lose.

And if you cannot win when half a dozen players are having great days, when can you win?

Then there is this:

Mike Sherman's play-calling puzzled me in crunch time again this week. Last week the Dolphins offensive coordinator went away from the running game in the fourth quarter and they blew a lead.

This week, the Dolphins had a 21-14 lead with 3:45 to play. The team just converted a first down on two running plays. Sherman runs on first down again. Then on second down and eight from the Arizona 43 yard line he runs again, right?. It only makes sense against a defense that was blitzing right up the middle all day, right? You want to run clock, right?

Nope. Sherman called a pass.

And the Cards blitzed. And Richie Incognito missed the blitzer who had a free run at Tannehill right up the gut. And the Dolphins quarterback got hit and sacked and stripped of the ball. Former Dolphins defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday recovered at his own 43.

The Cardinals then converted the turnover into a game-tying touchdown drive in regulation. And they won in overtime.

Frustrating play-calling.

There was also the mounting problems with kicker Dan Carpenter. Last week, he missed two field goals including a possible game-winner.

This week he missed a 51-yarder that was no gimme by any means, but nonetheless a makeable kick. Carpenter, so solid before the season that Miami didn't even bring a kicker to camp to compete against him, could have turned a 13-0 lead into a 16-0 lead.

The miss meant more than three points. It was a momentum killer. It heartened the Cardinals and gave their crowd hope. It wasn't long before the Cardinals took a 14-13 lead.

So what should the Dolphins do about Carpenter now? I asked Joe Philbin if he's concerned about Carpenter now and whether a move might be necessary.

“We’ll have to take a look and see how he did," Philbin said. "When you send your field goal kicker out there, hopefully you know they’re going to make kicks. I’m not sure that’s a concern right now at this moment.”

Not concerned? Really? If not now, then when?

Does Carpenter have to help blow a couple of more games?

The trouble is the Dolphins are financially committed to Carpenter. They aren't really going to cut him at this point. Do they bring in a kicker to send him a message that he has to get his stuff together?

That might end up being another thing that an already worried kicker has to think about. Of course, it might also light the proverbial fire under Carpenter.

No easy answers. None.


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Agreed. Maybe it was a PA Draw Pass. U know Drop Back to Pass fake the Draw and Go Deep for the Jugular!

The Blitz PickUp Has to be Better!

That was also just an Outstanding play by a LB! Fin Fans won't Notice because we haven't had a MLB since Zach Left!!! But that was a Classic Zach Thomas Play. The MLB Sniffed that out pre-Snap!!

That was a Ray Lewis Play!!

That play proves we need LB's! A GOOD MLB!! Crowder Sucked and Dansby is REALLY a OLB!!

You know the Truth.

Heck, is it really you Guys here? I remember most in this Blog being against Tannehill being picked at #8. Were you People wrong?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 01, 2012 at 08:01 PM

I'm guilty Oscar. I was going to post as much to Jake when he said he thought we were on the same page since day one.

I'll admit to being wrong. The best tasting Crow I've ever had, I might add.

I had the biggest hissy fit out of anyone when we drafted him. I thought it was Ireland, "Washing His Hands" and "Sealing His Fate"(You like that biblical reference-lol?).

You get it? Like Pilate washed his hands.......and......sealed............


Anyways, I'll own it. I said everything you could about Tannehill being the wrong pick. The one thing I will say in my defense, I had more of a problem with where we picked him, than why we picked him. I just thought he was too inexperienced to warrant that high of a pick.

Having said all that, I've been eating my crow ever since.........with a smile on my face ;)

I can honestly say he has already exceeded all of my expectations.

No problem with you at all, odin. I knew that.


At least you're open to the possibility that Ireland may have gotten a raw deal and may have been getting blame way too much for Parcells blunders, that's all I've been saying to these guys but they all think I'm crazy.

Parcells did leave a mess behind, he signed a bunch of high prized free agents that almost never pan out which put the team in cap hell and his drafting was very questionable..

building a team through the draft will take a couple of years but WE do have our QB, it will be a lot easier to build the team now, and I DON'T HEAR ANYONE SAY WE NEED TO DRAFT BARKLEY OR ANOTHER QB IN THE FIRST ROUND EITHER..Tannehill is the real deal.

My ideal offseason

Resign Jake Long, Sean Smith,Brian Hartline, Reggie Bush. I dont sign McDaniel or Starks ( I move Odrick to the inside with Solia)

Trade/cut Dansby (his cap number is 13 mill next year)

FA- Sign Tenn CB Jason McCourty, GB WR Greg Jennings (should be cheap due to injury), GB CB Sam Shields

I am guessing we will have a top 5 pick but I am suggesting we trade down to about 11. That will give an extra second.

Draft as follows

1st ND LB- Manti Te'o
2nd- LSU S Eric Reid
2nd- Baylor WR Terrance Williams
2nd- Illinois OLB Johnathon Brown
Rest BPA
with Texas AM WR Ryan Swoopes in the 4th round

URGENT! Ok MIAMI IS ONE BILLION % Locked into Carpenter and nothing can be done...... On the other hand Legudu Nanee must be cut , In the name of CHRIST lets get Rishard Matthews in there and This football team will become so. Much more of a very Dangerous threat. He is the 3rd answer - this scenario has his name written all over it...,Somehow this post can make it to Philbins desk. URGENT!

People that are consistently wrong are not trustworthy. Anywhere.

Rishard Matthews is Ready coach...... There should be no reason why he should not play..... This would be a genius move by Philbin....... Nanee has to many butterflies....and its week 5. Why keep voodoo bad luck around Get rid of Nanee , put RISHARD MATTHEWS IN AND MIAMI WINS 5 in a Row!

: odinseye | October 01, 2012 at 08:37 PM

At the same time and with the same token I believe it was me, odin, DC and Dashi in a list of very short company for a few weeks now holding off the execution at the Alter of Tannehill (in keeping with the Biblical references) You had all this Hennehill B.S. going on throwing Tannehill to the Lion's in a Roman filled toga fest. I was NOT on board with the pick but was curious that Sherman thought that much of him given the BEST statistical Yrs. of Brett Favre's career were with Sherman as H.C. in G.B. look it up hands down!!

He was the Coach of the Packers team that gave up the 4th and 26 to McNabb in Philly 04 to that idiot WR who used to take a Title belt on the field. That of course the Eagles NFC Championship teams of 01-04 who were the ala Bills choke crew of that era! I believe if not for that play the Packers go to that S.B.

That Yr. the Panthers went to the dance and lost to the Pats. Sherman would hire Jim Bates as his DC in 05 sealing his fate given Bates while a bright spot for his beating the Pats in the infamous unveiling of the ugly orange jersey that Yr. making him a sort of folk hero in Miami was in actuality very overrated given that was the D that JJ built which was a vet crew then and were that good. Sherman would be vanished to the College ranks in short order he gets a shot with Philbin again and hangs his hat on Tannehill. As a Football fan this part of Tannehill did have me very curious and have defended the progress while others were ready for the Guillotine.

Rishard Matthews the answer Duh?


Who can throw against those Dallas CBs? Nobody.


BK great point at 8:52

That would be Ideal. Dashi wouldn't go McCourtney rhough.

BUT Te'o is the Truth!

And Dashi like the dropping down scenario for a extra 2nd!

Thats why we can't go 11-5. Not even 9-7. We need to have a bad record this season! Yes, it would suck just make it Competitive enough for the Fans to enjoy!

Losing season sucks this year But it will payoff for our future!

Dashi apologizes BK, Good post and Nice Breakdown and how to fix said problem!


Ahhhh the "hissy fit", I remember it well odinseye. I believe you and I had words during the draft :) You were going nuts jerkin your knee that day! lol

Dez Bryant at it again. Just gave 7 points to the Bears. Will this kid ever grow up? Stay tuned.

Fin4life I know I may not post as much as you guys so you could have missed it but I too was and always have been preaching patience with Tannehill. And I still am. As happy as I am about his progress I'm also trying to keep things in perspective.

He has to keep improving. Has to cut down on his turnovers and a few other things need to be worked on. But he is improving every game unlike Henne and 16 other qbs we have had to watch all these years. Here's to hoping we finally have our QB.

Phins78 | October 01, 2012 at 09:53 PM

Didn't mean to forget you pal! There are others like Darryl ect... but put up the post waiting on all the Hennehill characters to show now. I posted sometime last week that I wasn't going to compare him to Marino given I feel Dan had more to work with but did feel it unfair given the pieces in place to judge him to harshly and felt that weekly progress was showing.

Tannehill with another play maker at WR TE and a young 2 stinger, will be very good, Tannehill showed he has the " IT " factor
With the OL improving every week, the sky is the limit for the offense, another OLB. a play maker safety to help Jones out. And a corner and a nickel back corner some good depth we have a great chance next year to compete for our division. IMO.
PHINS win 27- 24. We rush for 160 pass for 350 yards. PHINS going to man handle the Bengals!

The fantasy guys are calling Tannehill a sleeper now after laughing at him early in the season. Hartline is now a star apparently. I guess 18 targets and 250 plus yards makes you the top pick up this week. He went from a 4th or 5th guy to second or 3rd guy with yesterdays game. Like I said earlier, He made about 10 million bucks with yesterdays game when he signs his long term deal. Too bad we had to throw 20 times a game to Marshall the last couple years to prevent his tantrums. Have a feeling Hartline would have had much better numbers.

Watching cowboys game.

Doesn't matter how good ur CB's are if U have no safety help across the middle only a matter of time before u get exposed!

Does anyone here care for oscar's opinion? nope, didnt think so

I'm excited about the future, but really frustrated with the present... Carpenter needs to put it together, but I'm not concerned... Sherman is doing a great job.. Let's not forget that his call playing is what has us competing in these games...

Now, if they don't get rid of Naanee this weekend and Ireland doesn't pull that trade he's been thinking about for the past 3 months, we're in deep $hit!! What Naanee did is inexcusable!!

We would care about oscars opinion but he trolled for to long!!

Look how Good this blog has been looking recently with people talking Football!!!!

We all know by Now If Oscar and his 1001 names would be out in full force. Half the Post would be deleted and the other half would be worthless Insults!!

Good Job Oscar! U have been behaving urself!! Keep it up!!

BTW, did I mention we have a QB!!!

Thank God for Tannehill after watching how bad Romo and Cutler are.

Bears with Great LB Play get the Ball back and basically end the game after turning the Ball over!!!!

We need LB's and a FS, Next Year!

Cut Naanee and Armstrong and Activate Matthews, This Year!

For those of you who want to try and run the clock out, get Sporano and he will give you the conservative play you all are asking for. AZ can score and if you sit on a lead you will loose. Sherman rolled the dice and lost but his strategy is sound and I hope he is confident to ignore the Mondy Sporanoites.

Right with you Dashi. How good does the Bear D look? Wow! I think the Fins should sign Gaffney as #3. We need a chain mover. Gaffney is average but proven in this league. His 4 or 5 catches for 40 or 50yards may be all we need. I really thought Clay would bring more to the table but its looking like he was another wasted pick.

Like your ideas but we have to resign Starks. He is a key to our defense. There is a reason we only give up 40 yards a game rushing and its Solia and Starks. Odrick is nowhere near the player Starks is. Starks is far superior to Odrick as a pass rusher as well. Resign Starks and look to trade Odrick if need be. Odrick is way overrated. get value while you can.


Better start catching those slants or he won't be worth the hassle looking very Baby T.O. like tonight should be 27-14 with the entire 4th Qrt. left to play. By the way that was the correct call on the tip rule but Boy is Marshall looking good out there against one of the best CB's in the NFL.

Brandon Marshall looking outstanding

What could've been
Tannehill to Brandon Marshall
Marshall with a huge game tonight

Cant believe we gave Brandon Marshall away.

Dear THE Blogger....

I used "The" in Ohio State as sarcasm. I went to Youngstown State.

As for being full of myself, yes I am. About Hartline, yes. Absolutely. Just as while in High School near Pittsburgh I got really excited about Miami picking Dan Marino.

So kiss my tuchas jack.

Hey Shula, we got Eggnew for Marshall LMAO!

Ireland got Egnew for Marshall
He should be fired on the spot just for that

I'll say it again. With Marshall and Vontae we're 3-1. But maybe we'll get another Sean Smith, pat white, misi, jerry, egnew, or Thomas with those 2s and 3s...


Boy, Romo is bad and I'm so glad we didn't pick Dez. Dez is such a physical specimen but so dumb.

D Thomas is pathetic. Why isnt he cut already?


2 3rds huh?

How happy is Brandon Marshall to be on a real team?

Maybe Fins should be a cover 2 defensive scheme. We have the pass rush.... Don't go there with Marshall. We have been there and done that with that crazy dude. He is talent but wrecks teams. You forgetting how selfish he was?

How did he 'wreck' our team? He never said or did anything except one or two minor penalties

The NFC is freaking stacked!! At the end of the day and it's still early I have to say, the Eagles have NO OL! The Pack has ZERO run game. The Lions are taking the Season off and if they go 8-8 I believe H.C. Shwartz gets the ax to talented a team for what they show this Yr. The Panthers have a weak D and Cam is in the Soph. slump and the Saints are lost with the Cowboys their usual pretender selves. The Giants need to get healthy quick or won't repeat on the road. I see a final playoff 6 in the NFC of Chicago, S.F., Atlanta as the big 3 so far with Philly or N.Y. as the other Division winner and G.B. as a Wild Card. The other Wild Card will be the team that can sustain between Az., Minnesota or the looser of the Division in the East, all in all one mother of a playoff picture!


Marshall is selfish and if he isn't the go to guy he pouts. Didn't he drop 7 TD passes last year? Did we make the playoffs with this guy? Get over him. He has some good games but blows more. Good riddance

Marshall pouted because the Dolphins had garbage for QB's. Cant blame him for complaining about RoboHenne.

Briam Hartline 25 for 455.

Devon Bess 20 for 297.

Brandon Marshall 23 for 352.

Ok "Fire Coach Spo", I waited till tonight. Now what?

Let me guess, now you're going to say, it's a long season, wait till week 16.......RIGHT-lol?

Ok, but just for the record, one more "Marshall" stat for you. He has more drops this season than Bess and Hartline combined.

The issue with Carpenter is his hair. He has to cut the hair. Once the hair is gone, the guy won't miss a kick. Until then, he looks like a long-lost Gibb brother livin' it up. I'm telling you guys... it's the hair.

So it wasn't Tannehill's fumble that gave Arizona the opportunity to tie the game late in the 4th quarter or Tannehill's interception in OT that gave Arizona the opportunity to win the game.

Nope, it was all Carpenter's fault for missing a 51 yard field goal, which may as well be an extra point attempt since it's sooooo easy.

Tannehill did Sunday what he always did at Texas A&M. He's team is up in the 2nd half, and he turns the ball over to allow the opposing team to win.

I was all about heaping praise on Tannehill up until he cost us the game. You all can continue to turn a blind eye to his consistent game-changing turnover problem and try to blame others for it. But until he learns not to give away the football when the game is on the line, we won't be winning many games.

Yall all rite..phins fan for life..........

Playcalling? They are all good plays if they work. They are bad calls if they don't work. For a play to work, everybody must execute. Dolphins could be 3-1 and the Jets 1-3. Old Lady Luck just has not smiled on the Dolphins this season, so far.

It wasn't a pass call, it was a draw. U guys need to watch less ESPN and more game film. It was clearly a draw, Bush just stood there

This has been one of the many problems with this management -the financial commitments. Misses in free agency and in previous drafts. The lack of experience combined with dumb decisions is part of the reason this team has potential but isn't there yet and why it has taken so long.That is why Ross needs to find a football genius of a general manager to replace Ireland.

keep for now but be on the look out for a more accurate kicker. this old kid can sure kick it a long ways though.

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