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What to think about the Dolphins, what to do with Carpenter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- You saw the good and you saw the bad during Sunday's 24-21 overtime loss here. As I wrote in my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald, this game had plenty of both and you can choose to view it as a failure today or as a game with promise for tomorrow.

Frankly, I'm so sick of covering a loser, I really want to believe this game is the start of something good for the future.

And so I see Ryan Tannehill's 431 yards as a big deal. This was the second most yards any rookie QB in NFL history has thrown for in a game -- behind only Cam Newton's 432 last year versus Green Bay. It also the most passing yards by a rookie on the road.

The 431 yards tied for sixth most in Miami history. Of the top eight such performances in club history, Dan Marino has the other seven and Tannehill joins that list.

It was also a breakout day for Brian Hartline and Cameron Wake and Sean Smith and others. All good.

But ...

This was a loss, folks, and this season is officially in a tailspin. So tomorrow looks good. Today looks like a heaping pile.

The Dolphins have played well enough to be 3-1 this year. They seem every bit as good as the Jets and Cardinals to whom they have lost in overtime the last two weeks. But the fact is the Dolphins lost against two teams that aren't any better than them. And this game was lost while wasting many great, great performances.

So even when guys play great, these Dolphins find a way to lose.

And if you cannot win when half a dozen players are having great days, when can you win?

Then there is this:

Mike Sherman's play-calling puzzled me in crunch time again this week. Last week the Dolphins offensive coordinator went away from the running game in the fourth quarter and they blew a lead.

This week, the Dolphins had a 21-14 lead with 3:45 to play. The team just converted a first down on two running plays. Sherman runs on first down again. Then on second down and eight from the Arizona 43 yard line he runs again, right?. It only makes sense against a defense that was blitzing right up the middle all day, right? You want to run clock, right?

Nope. Sherman called a pass.

And the Cards blitzed. And Richie Incognito missed the blitzer who had a free run at Tannehill right up the gut. And the Dolphins quarterback got hit and sacked and stripped of the ball. Former Dolphins defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday recovered at his own 43.

The Cardinals then converted the turnover into a game-tying touchdown drive in regulation. And they won in overtime.

Frustrating play-calling.

There was also the mounting problems with kicker Dan Carpenter. Last week, he missed two field goals including a possible game-winner.

This week he missed a 51-yarder that was no gimme by any means, but nonetheless a makeable kick. Carpenter, so solid before the season that Miami didn't even bring a kicker to camp to compete against him, could have turned a 13-0 lead into a 16-0 lead.

The miss meant more than three points. It was a momentum killer. It heartened the Cardinals and gave their crowd hope. It wasn't long before the Cardinals took a 14-13 lead.

So what should the Dolphins do about Carpenter now? I asked Joe Philbin if he's concerned about Carpenter now and whether a move might be necessary.

“We’ll have to take a look and see how he did," Philbin said. "When you send your field goal kicker out there, hopefully you know they’re going to make kicks. I’m not sure that’s a concern right now at this moment.”

Not concerned? Really? If not now, then when?

Does Carpenter have to help blow a couple of more games?

The trouble is the Dolphins are financially committed to Carpenter. They aren't really going to cut him at this point. Do they bring in a kicker to send him a message that he has to get his stuff together?

That might end up being another thing that an already worried kicker has to think about. Of course, it might also light the proverbial fire under Carpenter.

No easy answers. None.


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We say this about the Pats every year. Bills had a chance to bury them yesterday and screwed it up. Jets I'm not worried about. They are who we thought they were. Love all the Tebow talk now. They're complete idiots! Hoping to see them get killed against the Texans next Monday.

Better days are ahead.

look at it this way,
only 1 game out of 1st.

I see your using your name again, you must really be proud of Tanne's accomplishments.

Craig, DC,

Honestly re: teh pass play on 2nd down, I was thinking it would be a good time to pass soon too. But I wasn't thinking drop back. I knew Arizona would be coming hard and would've thought some kind of misderiction like a screen or kick slant like NE has been killing teams with during the Brady years.

Great teams will pass in that scenario and force themselves on the other team. So good for the Dolphins for having this killer mentality but they are not executing yet. But they have the talent in the pocket and on the line to get there.

In fact, this roster IS Ireland's fault. Who else's fault is it? Everybody but Ireland's? You can't be as dumb as you sound!

"I agree on the TE, but isn't this what we were supposed to see in Egnew this year? So what's the deal with this kid? Was Philbin not onside with the pick? Is he too dumb to understand an NFL playbook? Is he lazy, with an attitude? Is he not working hard enough to get on the field? Is he just not a good enough blocker to play. It's puzzling to me, how Clay see little or no time and Egnew isn't even active for a game. I trust Philbin to be right on this stuff, just puzzling."

Posted by: Craig M | October 01, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Publicado por: DUH! | October 01, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Egnew can't catch, he wasn't a blocking T.E. coming out of Mizz. either and if HARDKNOCKS is any indication blubbers like a school girl when criticized. Some will say he needs time but if there is a position were players are coming in and showing it off the bat it's T.E., this seems like a horribly blown pick!

Just a totally dysfunctional franchise with clowns still running the circus. There is little talent on the team. They have to play perfect to have a shot to win a game.


I like Hartline....always have. I'm one of the few on here who stuck up for him.....although all of a sudden it seems like everybody was a fan....typical.

However, that doesn't preclude the fact that WR is still one of the biggest needs on this team. I think everyone can see that. It's great what we're seeing from Hartline but he's not a true number one. He WILL breakdown....give it time. He's been used in the wrong role right now but he and Bess are all we have. They are complimentary players and would be even more effective in lesser roles. If one or both of these guys go down, and they will, look out. Some of you guys who want Naannee gone might be glad we hung onto him.

I was thinking about this last night and I'll throw it out there. If there was a way to get a WR from a team like let's say NO, or another team that is really struggling, would you give up a second pick for him? Let's use Marques Colston, as an example (doesn't have to be him). Would you use our second right pick on a guy like this (assuming the contract isn't crazy) to continue Tannehill's development and give him more time to build rapport with one of these guys going forward?

Is it better to have a guy he can work with now, rather draft a guy in the second round next year? Wouldn't this also save guys like Bess and Hartlien from getting burned out this year. No way they can keep going at the pace they are going without getting hurt. That's just my feeling. Defence pretty much knows it's going to one of these guys or Fasano.


Absolutely!!! Can you imagine what would happen to the passing game if Bess or Hartline got nicked up??? After Ireland traded away Marshall did he really think that signing Naanee & drafting a WR in the 6th & 7th round would be enough??? I mean he's a GM who just had three straight losing seasons. I will never understand that. I don't fault him for trading Marshall who I hated as a person & a player BUT signing Naanee??? And then waiting until the 6th round to take Cunningham & the 7th to take Matthews???? Beyond bad...

If the right WR was available I'd DEFINITELY advocate trading away a 2nd round pick.

Did everyone hear all that screaming at around 7pm last night, that my friends was the birth of a QB. LOL.

Tannehill looks like a stud and he made Hartline look like an all pro. We finally have hope, now this team just needs to start learning how to win games (that will come in due time) but the future is now bright. We should all be thankful that Garrard sprained his kneem, that is going to turn into a defining moment in Dolphin history.

Put it another way, assuming contracts and age aren't too crazy, would you trade for a guy like Moore in NO, assuming of course he's available for let's say a 4th or a 5th? Just throwing out idea. NO is going NOWHERE this year and maybe they'd be interested in stockpiling picks.


Yes. In a heartbeat.

fin4life, afraid your right about Egnew. I like the idea of going after a vertical threat at TE but for whatever reason Egnew isn't able to contribute yet... I don't think that it's that big a deal if a 3rd rd pick takes some time to progress either... Look at Soliai... Imagine if they gave up on him after 4 games of being inactive. Again Egnew is worrisome but it's way too early to tell if he is a bust. I would have drafted WR with that pick I liked M Sanu & TY Hilton at that pick...

WHRB, I already prpposed for the Dolphins to send one of there 2nd round picks to the Chiefs for Dwayne Bowe, the guy is a stud and a true number 1 WR. It makes no sense to draft a WR in the first or second round they take at least 3 years to develop unless there a true stud like Megatron and Andre Johnson. With the rest of the draft picks we need a CB, FS, DE, TE(again) in no particular order


And that's my point exactly. Injuries will come for Hartline and/or Bess. It's the nature of the position. You don't go out and play hard week in and week out without getting hurt. We are WOEFULLY thin at the position right now. So I'm glad to hear that you, for one, are onsight with a trade if the right guy is there. I'd even consider our first IF the right guy was there (highly doubtful that some team makes THAT guy available, lost season or not).

If ANYONE gets injured it's over. Made this point yesterday. There is zero depth at any position except maybe DL

Also Bowe isnt a whiney crybaby diva like Marshall and puts up better numbers without the drops

I like Hartline....always have. I'm one of the few on here who stuck up for him.....although all of a sudden it seems like everybody was a fan....typical.

However, that doesn't preclude the fact that WR is still one of the biggest needs on this team. I think everyone can see that. It's great what we're seeing from Hartline but he's not a true number one. He WILL breakdown....give it time. He's been used in the wrong role right now but he and Bess are all we have. They are complimentary players and would be even more effective in lesser roles. If one or both of these guys go down, and they will, look out. Some of you guys who want Naannee gone might be glad we hung onto him.


In fairness to the people who were down on Hartline like myself NO ONE expecting a performance like that from him. Plus bear in mind he missed all OTA's, training camp, & the preseason. Go figure???

I would not trade 1 exciting Marino loss for 10 boring Griese wins. Who cares about the loss. Remember, there were 3 close spots by the officials, we lost all three. That would have changed the game. So, screw the loss. We have a good, exciting and young football team. enjoy it!!!!
Love the game
Love the players
Love the coaches

D Thomas was worse then pathetic.

dc dolfan

I agree with u somewhat....

I mean WTF...charles Clay cant catch a cold this year..he was pretty darn good last year..Nenee is a BUM..please term his contract..although I understand its guaranteed..HE BLOWS...more than a hooker..although he did tackle the guy who returned the fumble right before he scored if you look at the film..so he did try to make up for his BONER..

Anyway..we are so deficient at 3rd WR..We need a big 6'4" guy in the Red Zone..ala Plaxico...I mean we are one or two plays and or players from being 3-1. Doesnt that piss u off as a FINS fan???

My wife commented that HC shows no freakin emotion..I really feel THEY (the Fins Brass) are conceding this season and dont care what we end up so as t build for the FUTURE. YEAH great..BUT the F****** future is now..this division right now is fairly winnable, dont u agree?

Im sick of losing..i mean I almost had a heart attach after thinking we might lose this game and did..We are the best 1-3 team is NFL history, huh?

One good thing--I told people all week the dolphins WILL cover the spread, not guaranteeing a win..I felt VERY confident we would win..JUST a DAMN shame, really..Cards were very LUCKY


Tony T


I'd be onside with making that trade with KC, except for the fact that Bowe is an UFA at the end of the year and the 'Phins would have to have a contract done with him, and I'm not sure that would work capwise.

The other guy I'd show interest in, and I don't believe the team would trade him, is Greg Little in Cleveland. I believe he's better than he's shown. They'll like keep him around to work with Weeden, as they have very little after him.

Bowe would be a dream come true. If KC is not going to re-sign him (which they might) then they should get value for him.

So if guys are saying Egnew is a bust (and I believe it's still too early for that), I find it VERY hard to believe that both Philbin and Sherman weren't onside with this pick. I mean, wouldn't Sherman know a thing or two about this guy coming from the College game. I believe (and it's just my thought), is that Philbin is MAKING this kid earn his spot. It's clear that nobody get's a free lunch with Philbin. Nothing is handed to anyone. This kid didn't show enough in preseason to earn playing time and maybe he's sulking or still not showing enough. Philbin is going to make him earn his time. That's my theory.

What the hell was up with our coverage on the last drive a prevent defense a deep shell I just don't get it

So...how long do we let Carpenter "work through his slump"?

It's embedded in his head now...nawing at his confidence...planting seeds of doubt.

From this point forward, every FG attempt will be a test of will for him.

He is damaged goods and must be replaced as his mechanics are obviously off and his leg/foot/eye coordination is in decline.

Let's start shopping the waiver wire and bring in a hot young gun and see what happens.

Craig, Not sure if Little is considered a true #1. Bowe is a big, strong, fast guy. Bowe, Hatline and Bess easily would be the best WR core in the NFL. I just wish we can find a decent playmaking TE. Fasasno is sevriceable just slooow as molasses. Clemmons is lost out there and Marshall should be a nickel corner.


I had heard that Bowe doesn't want to play there any more. He won't resign. He's unhappy with all this franchising KC has put him through and feels he should have been signed long term by now. He might be the guy.....and it should be looked at hard now.

We let them go right down the field on us and played 15 yards back off the receiver that's just ludicrous


Lance Moore is risky. I've had him last few years on fantasy. Some games he's great, other games he gets lost. Also, he's short (like the guys we currently have). I'd much rather get a bigger WR that can be utilized in the red zone. Now if you said Colston (but didn't he just sign a new contract).


Yes, I'd LOVE a taller WR, that's exactly what we need (and why I believe the Coaches are hoping against hope for Naanee to emerge, though that will NEVER happen).

And while I agree the division is winnable, and our schedule is favorable, I just don't think we have the firepower this year. Too much to overcome. Whole new system (on both sides), new talent, rookie QB, new HC, that's a lot to absorb in one year. Plus we still have holes that won't win us any games even if we went to the Playoffs miraculously. I think next year is a better goal (for making Playoffs, turning the team around). Just too uphill of a climb this year.


Not sure they'd be the best but Bowe would upgrade us. We don't go from being one of the worst to the best just by adding one guy. It makes us better.....I'd leave it at that.

Clue, you're a moron, cut Carpenter, a career 80% kicker, with a long of 60 last year. Kickers go through them all the time, and the good ones like Carpenter are allowed to try to kick their way out of them. Weren't you the same person who wanted to cut Hartline because he sucked, and was a bust, weren't you the same person that wanted to cut Soliai because he was a bust, weren't you the same guy that though Reggie Bush would never be a good back, weren't you the guy that said Tanny was a 1 round bust, and was a third round reach, or that Martin was a bust, or that Odrick should be cut and a a bust, and that we should cut Dansby, and that Sean Smith was a bust and should be cut. Yeah you're the same guy that said all that, you have a lot of cred and a real good eye for talent.

rookie coach = rookie mistakes.
rookie qb a fumble in the 4th and an int. in ot = loss.

Bowe would be a great addition IMO. He's a playmaker, game changer. AND has the size I want for a WR counterpart to Hartline/Bess. But, like Craig says, it's all about the numbers. He wants to get paid.

Hartline, Bush, SS, Stark will all be FA's at the end of the season. I honestly believe we wont be re-signing all of them. Its going to be a tough decsion on who to sign??

Bowe signed his tag Clue, can't be traded unless he gets a long term contract and the Phins can't do it because of their cap position now.

We must be more aggressive on the defensive side of the ball cause we can't cover there can be 10 DBS on the field and it won't matter truth is there's not much talent back there

I don't say cut Carpenter, and I probably don't say (like Mando did) pressure him by bringing in competition this year. But NEXT year, yeah, he and EVERYONE at EVERY position needs competition. If there's a better guy to upgrade any spot, then it doesn't hurt to try and find them.

In the meantime, the HC needs to know what he has. Someone reported he's a 50% kicker from 50 yds out. If that's the case, I don't take that chance up by 7 with the game winding down. I punt it and trust my defense.


Dashi will only bring up a PS player or Matthews/Moore. To late now. The only FA Dashi will bring in is chad. He knows a role in this system. Remember sherm has one of the biggest wco playbook.

But he won't.

Dashi says play what u got and let the next GM or Ireland waste a 3rd and 4th round pick on a Wr. Or Maybe a 2nd and a 4th. Just don't see the need for a 1st round Wr! Specially one with a family! Good dodge Ireland! Ask the hard questions. Else, sporano would've hired every thug off the street.

Patrick Willis and revis were still on the board.

Picture P.Willis on this defense! With Dansby as his OLB!

Let that marinate for a while!

Cam the Scam could've had Willis and Zach in his twilight for a couple seasons!


Bump and run is a must get in there faces and don't give them a free release off the line

DC Dolfan, btw 50% from 50+ is exceptional for a kicker.

We Have RB's | October 01, 2012 at 11:46 AM

On the subject of the WR position you can call me crazy but I personally would have given Plexico Burress a look before Braylon when available or the other 2 much less signed ocho. Say what you will about Plex but he will go over the middle and make the tough catch for you. He also helps in the redzone with his size and was a quiet contributor for the Jets last yr. he isn't the today because they drafted Hill. Even when with the Giants he was more of a problem because of a contract dispute more than as a player.

You said everyone of those things I posted. That's why when you say to cut someone like carpenter is moronic. And no they don't come a dime a dozen. 50% from 50+ is exceptional.You don't have an eye for talent judging by all the players you want cut.

This team can win games but time will tell .(is it to early to talk draft) 5 picks in the top 100 WOW

so close, soooooo cloooooooose 2 "3-1"...

So Clue keep suggesting trades without knowing the tag rules. Smart.

fin4life, Plaxxco couldnt get open, his years in the NFL are done hint why no other team brought him in for a workout. The only thing hes good for is to catch fade route, not sure if you want to take a roster spot for a guy whos one dimensional.

marc, wow can turn into wtf w/ ire pixing.

Yeah, no bump and run at all. At the same time, if the guy gets past you it's goodbye, as, where were the safeties?

clue naanee = zero dimensional.

This may sound crazy but, I actually think Miami can win their next 5 games.

I am torn. Team has shown heart & has fallen apart at the most unopportune times. The division lead is 1 game away.

Aside from an explosive 2nd half against Buffalo, NE has not been too impressive. The Jets were not good to begin with. Now with the QB controvery(knew it'd happen), no Revis & potentially no Holmes...the Jets are done. I don't know what anyone saw in Buffalo to make anyone think they'd make a leap. Mario Williams isn't enough.

Deep down I know that losses would equate to better draft position & top draft choices open up for trades & better talent than picking in the bottom 3rd.

Instant gratification which may sacrafice some future options or long term stability? Tough call.

Well at least we are the best of all the bad teams

oscar. the safeties were eating hot dogs w/ sanchez.
how 'bout them jets.?.

We can win the super bowl of shity teams

2 watt, agreed. mike, I suggested the Dolphins should inquire about Dwayne Bowe. At best send a 2nd round pick for him if he's available. WTF does tag rules have to do with anything?

Your sick of covering a looser and Im sick of following them.

Also, it is more than obvious that Arizona adjusted their Game during half Time. It is also more than obvious, that we didn't adjust well to their adjustments.

Clue, are you sure you didn't say to cut Hartline because he was a bust even though I brought up his stats and speed times to you. Yeah you said it. And you said the rest. Not very knowledgeable are you. Oh did you see the tag rules, this isn't Madden.

Seasons over in September. Whats new?

Next up is the bengals what's next dalton throw for 500 yards but we hold the to 60 yards rushing isee a trend here guys and it's not good

Armando I gotta call you out on this one!!! Your negativity, although warranted under normal circumstances, is not appreciated here.

This loss hurts really badly for me as I am sure it does for ya'll. However, think of this, we are now glued to the game every week because we show up and are competitive. Yesterday was a fabulous showing for the young QB, receiving corps (minus Nanee), Sean Smith, the pass rush and overall defensive play.

I leave you with this. The young team's development is like getting onto the turnpike. You want to get into the fast lane, but have to slowly accelerate from the right hand lane to eventually get up to your desired speed. I don't see us far from getting into the passing lane. (no pun intended--well actually yes!!)

Be patient my friends. I haven't felt this good about the team in a looong time. I hope you see it that way also--it makes the pain of another loss more tolerable.

Keep your chin up Armando---we need your continued inspiration & keep up the great work!!

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