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Another week without Richard Marshall starts now

The Dolphins return to practice in preparation for the Tennessee Titans game on Sunday. They'll be on the practice field inside of 30 minutes.

Don't expect Richard Marshall to be there -- today, tomorrow or this week.

A source close to Marshall tells me the Dolphins cornerback who has been battling back issues is still not ready to practice. He has missed four games and has not played since Sept. 30.

The Dolphins are not surprised by this as Tuesday they signed former Cowboys, Ravens, and Raiders cornerback Bryan McCann.

McCann beat out a couple of other players who tried out, including former Dolphins cornerback Jonathan Wade.

By the way, you can bet that Marshall will miss the next two games. Becasue he's not practicing this week, he obviously is not playing against the Titans. And he's not playing against the Bills because that game is on a Thursday -- after a short week or preparation -- and that won't give Marshall enough time to gear up for the game even if he is fully healthy again, which also is uncertain.

So the earliest Marshall is back in the lineup would be Nov. 25 against Seattle.

[Update: The Dolphins overall are a relatively healthy team. Marshall and LB Koa Misi are the only players not at practice today.]


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Yeah... yeah, Im sure you would smack some sense into me. We all gotta do something for our last.

So do you prefer to get cremated or burried?

Lol Internet Blog fight!!!!!!!

If what you say is true then they should cut Jake Long right now and any other SOB that would let their teammate get demolished.

oh yeah , I`m scared of you where would you like to meet I`ll be there smart ass

Home has picked Miami to win this week.
Miami 30 Tennessee 17


Joe Philbin is in charge and he says Tannehill is the starting QB. Any player who doesn't like it and can't support it should just find themselves work elsewhere. And that includes Jake Long. It's not a popularity contest. It's a coaching staff (the brains of the operation) deciding whats best for the TEAM and everyone else must buy into that or take a hike.

I understand that back injuries are a tough thing to work through. I've had back issues that have kept me inactive and I'm damn sure no NFL corner. That being said, that is not Miami's problem. I've all but written the guy off and I guess these two missed games gets that done. In all honesty. I'm not certain Marshall would make this group that much better. I expect Miami will use one if not two of those five first three round picks on at least one corner and likely a safety. It would be hard to blame Miami for taking the best D-back available with the number one pick. Using two second rounders on receivers. There are holes to fill all around. But I cannot see Miami competing at the AFC Conference Championship level without a dominant Corner or two and a lights out safety or safety play from Jones/Clemons. It will be fun to watch how Joe and Jeff work it all out. We'll see what Joe thinks is most important, offensive firepower or defensive stopping ability. Based on his GreenBay days, he'll go offense then defense. We shall see.

Tannehill only has 5 passing TDs this season and a losing record. Tom Brady has 15 passing TDs.
Matt Moore should start and Philbin should be fired by the end of the season.

Marshall sucked anyway. So who cares?

He's done. Once you have spondilolysthesis, which is what he has (slipped disc), you're done. I know. I have it too. Chiro, ab work, you can try to control it, but one cannot play NFL football with spondilo.

Smith sucks. Are you crazy Mark?

No doubt we'd be in the playoffs if Matt Moore started from game 1. Tannehill is looking more and more like Chad Henne.

Long is injured trash. Are you crazy Mark?
Guess Canadians know nothing about American football, eh?

Moore has 5 years of NFL experience yet is in his prime. Of course he's better than Tannehill and we'd be 6-2 had Moore been the starter.

Fine is correct.

The bloggers here are subpar but Armando is the best and most insightful and knowledgeable Dolphin writer there is. Enjoy him before ESPN snaps him up.

"Reason I say most will hate this is three guys that I personally like but are maligned by the posters here in Smith, Dansby, and Long made the team."


Doesn't say much for our division does it???

With back issues, Marshall is done. Just a fact. Back issues are no joke.

I have back issues and I work a desk job, as opposed to being an NFL defensive back, and my back issues give me issues and I'm not sissy either. I fight through it but it is always bothering me.

One cannot be in the NFL with spondilolysthesis.

Matt Moore is 11-11 as a starting QB in last 4 years. He has lower completion percentage and 2000 less passing yards than the Chad Henne you all hated. Hes a nice backup option who in three years will likely be out of football when Tannehill is winning playoff games for Fins.
The Cards and Chiefs have horrific QBs, but they are not coming to Miamai looking to trade for Matt Moore. What does that tell you?

Arguments for and against Ryan Tannehill will go on for "who knows?" How long... But here is the bottom line. Tannehill is the starter in Miami. That will NOT change unless he is injured and even if injured, the moment he is healthy he'll be right back under center. I'm not arguing for or against at this point. But I am we'll aware that Joe and Mike have attached their ride in Miami to Ryan Tannahill . For them to retreat from that call will require an absolute collaps by RT. Ain't gonna happen. Chances are better the 80% Matty Moore will be starting I another city or competing to start at one ( ain't gonna happen here). So if you guys want to call each other names and fight over who is the "Keystroke Baddazzzz" on Armando show inc. have at it. But your fighting over a issue that was decided on draft day back in April. And it will NOT change save a RT meltdown. (Pssssst.... Ain't gonna happen) have a better one guys.

In the secondary, the CBs are all react, cover or tackle. The real important members of that group are the safeties, the ones that can think and call the alignments, the ones with enough Athleticism to get into a play and hawk that ball. Watch Ed Reed closely. He would just break his assignment and go some other place in the Field and make an impact Play. For that to be done, you need deep thinkers, students of the Game and great Athletes out there. Can we get one of those?

Matt Moore has won 7 out of the last 10 games and all but one of those games he had Colombo imitating a blocking lineman.
Matt Moore is the only choice.
Bench TanneHenne now.

Tannehill is 3-4

Tannehill did not have a winning season in college either.

“Ryan Tannehill has the second lowest completion percentage (52.1) on fourth-quarter attempts. The only player worse is Mark Sanchez.”

Moore needs to start.


My theory goes a bit deeper than that @ 2:08....

I think ARMANDO IS the blog hits....

Who has the MOST to gain when these attacks happen....

Why does somebody with NO DOG IN THE FIGHT....come out of NOWHERE...and then protect Armando's "good name"....lol.....almost as if you insulted him...isn't it....

When Armando does his "live blogs"....who does he usually choose to acknowledge...Aloco...among othe corn balls....dead give aways....

the regs see thru the charade...

the troll will be the troll....

RG3 is 3-6, guess Skins should bench him then trade him for a 4th round pick.

Kris, you're probably right, who knows. All I know if it wasn't for the regulars, like yourself, who for some reason still come here, I wouldn't come anywhere near this garbage.

This blog is a shadow of what it once was unfortunately.

No one will miss u Mark. bye!

Again, with a team in rebuilding mode you want to start a career back up that got beat out by the guy in front of him? So that we can hinder Ryan Tannehill's progress and his game experience for the future? I know win now.. and with the rookie starting weve already won as many games as some experts pickd us to win all year..

Tannehill only has thrown 2 TD passes to WRs all season.
Start Moore today.

What the writers fascination with this guy, he was one of the worst rated CB's last season and was playing like it before he got hurt this year. Why is there a Marshall update twice a week?

matty, logic and long term benefits do not compute with trolls

Tannehill is a fragile fella.

Yeah tards like waterboy that think he has only thrown 2 TD passes all year

Craig - in terms of defensive blue prints I agree the Giants are one good team to consider. Another is the NY WETS...as much as it pains me.

Giants - 4-3 scheme with 4 very dood DLineman who can stop the run and rush the passer. You can keep the on the field most the game and dominate in most cases. Great if you can get 4 stud players on the DLine.

WETS - They typically use 3-4 but the core to their system in Revis and Cromartie. Revis is a stud shut down corner. Cromartie is a very reliable corner who is top 20 in the league. They basicall shut down WR's and limit offenses to beat them the RB's, TE's and slot receiver.

So, I think we do need a dominant pass rusher. It would clearly help our cause. It MAY get us to a dominant front line. If they keep Starks.

But if we can get a shut down corner it is HUGE. If you believe that Smith is so good, I would guess you think he is as good as Cromartie. Two very good CB's would change the entire experience.

matty, they're all tards. They want a 5th year journeyman who hasn't beat one winning team in his time here, who threw for the mighty 111 yards in his last victory to start over a rookie who is already more prolific. Forget them man.

I guess some people come in here and just like to mess with people to get stuff stirred up. Others whole heartedly believe some of the dumb stuff that they say. I guess its everywhere... you have extreme left and right sided people and then you have the people in the middle..

Andrew Luck dictated how our defense played. We had no pressure on him because our safeties were playing the prevent game rather than on the line disrupting the routes or blitzing. Our LB's were covering the RB and short passes so there was no pressure in the middle. Because we do not have the strong running game like we had in the begining of the season our O line has to play a defending role in protecting the QB by backing up to protect the pocket rather than an aggresive role when we have to push the D line back in order to run the ball. All in all this is the first year coach, QB and system and we are finally optimistic that winning seasons are in the horizon.

Herniated disks are for lazy People (usually sociopaths) that don't want to work anymore. They want their Workmen's compensation then the Disability and their retirement $. We understand that Sociopathy is an illness but we would prefer if all those Criminals subjected themselves to the Cure.

Nice post Opti/Pessi mist

jpao, hate to burst your bubble but our defense is way better than the Giants. they are 28th against the pass, 24th against the run, 29th overall.

We are 29th against the pass, 3rd v the run and 22 overall.

The Giant LB corps is unbelievably bad. Saw them up clsoe and personal last Sunday. Their defense is in rough shape. osi is finished too. They are all Tuck and JPP and Webster and Rolle in the secondary.

Tannehill has only throw 2 TD passes to WRs all year and 5 TD passes all year including TEs.

Folks are so disillusioned here with Tannehill, they did not realize that Tannehill has only throw 2 TD passes to WRs all year.

Start Moore today.

Marshall MIGHT have made a difference against the Colts,but I doubt it.This weeks opponent isnt such a passing team or is it.They need to beat the Titans at home.Playing and defeating the Bills at their place on short rest will be a lot harder.

Tannehill has thrown only 2 TD passes to WRs all year.
I'm thinking about starting Moore.

Would like to see some of the tripple option plays with Bush, Thomas and Miller in the back field at the same time and some speed receivers on the out side just to throw defenses off a bit.
That would give the QB a little more protection, Open up the play action and screens. But then again it would only work if the O line held their own???

I dont know what we're suppose to do with a quarterback that at mid season has thrown only 2 TDs to WRs!

Really we gotta think about benching this kid for Matt Moore.

I have to acknowledge, when you look at the overwhelming success stories of sparano (NY) & daboll (KC)...ahem....I do have to wonder how Matt Moore managed to win any games last year.

I really could have used Brandon Marshall who has like 800 yards and 7 TDs already.

Hope Ross fires Ireland soon.

to fine & reality,
have u forgotten that tannehill is a rookie. with the exception of luck all rookies have to learn to play in the pro's. most of the greats weren't greats there first yr. he improves each week and thats what he's supposed to do. fine job imo.

All in all this is the first year coach, QB and system and we are finally optimistic that winning seasons are in the horizon.

Posted by: Opti/Pessi mist | November 07, 2012 at 03:05 PM

This is really all that needs to be said.

Yes, Tannehill needs to turn around his TD/INT stats, but he hasn't thrown a pick in a few games, so that's a good start.

as far as tannehill only 2 touchdowns, i don't think tha t is accurate. some one referenced brady having 15, well duh, tannehill is not at the level of brady yet.oh yeah, tanny doesn't have a huge sticky finger beast like gronk who has 80% of brady's td's.

waterboy/sherman/philbin is trying to be clever that he has only thrown 2 TDs to WR's and the other three are TD's to TE's... Who cares who they go to as long as theyre TD's.. They also have 12 rushing TD's

Well in all fairness Fasano has 3 receiving TDs and that is 70% of Tannehills passing TDS

Gronk has 7 receiving TDs this season and that is less than 50% of Brady's passing TDs

So "optimistic"
Clearly "HOME" is right on this matter and u sir are incorrect


fuhchrissakes...he's thrown 5 TDs and 6 picks...and half of those picks came in week one against the Texans.

In other words, he's thrown only 3 picks in the last 7 games.

The players seem to be losing confidence in Tannehill and his poor 2nd halves and OT's, never a good thing. The switch to Moore seems inevitable.

Post correct info or dont post stats.

Tanny has been sacked 16 times so far this season.
breakdown by game
Hou 3
Oak 1
Ari 4
Cin 2
StL 2
Ind 2

Trust in Philbin

Pssssst....... Your wasting your troll bait.... It ain't gonna happen. RT will be starting in Miami for the next 15 years. Settle in and enjoy the show....

Check out Pete Prisco's Pro Bowl picks on cbs sports. He picked Pouncey, Wake, Starks and Jones as starters. Routt from KC cleared waivers.

What about Routt who was recently cut by KC? He signed this year an 18 million dollar contract. KC is still obligated to pay him a good portion of that. What are your thoughts?

quick scan of the posts here....agree with most, Marshall was not impressive at all when he played, actually I thought he sorta stunk (a depth loss, but not much more)--and apparently a few are still harping with the "start Moore over Tannehill".....thats a beyond dumb conversation, obviously aint happening to begin with plus Moore is a good backup/decent spot starter when needed, nothing more-Tannehills talent/upside is obvious, and clearly higher than Moore's--how many great QBs are available as FAs anyway, as Moore was last year?

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