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Anthony Fasano downgraded to questionable

Tight end Anthony Fasano suddenly appeared on the injury report Friday when he was listed as probable with a hip injury. It wasn't believed to be serious as Fasano even went through the whole Friday practice.

Well, apparently the injury got worse overnight.

This afternoon the Dolphins downgraded Fasano to questionable. His status for Sunday's game against Seattle is now uncertain.

If Fasano cannot play, the Dolphins can go with two tight ends -- Jeron Mastrud and Charles Clay. Or ... gasp ... they can go with three tight ends as usual by activating rookie Michael Egnew for the first time this season.


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Anxious to see Michael Egnew on the field...see what he got..

Let egnew play

Why not just let Home coach and next season let Home pick the players.
Seriously, Ireland sucks real bad and Home has had some amazing draft boards to put together a winning football team.

I wonder if the Bears would trade us Brandon Marshall for Egnew?

Nah,doubt they are that stupid.
Who one earth could possibly be that stupid?

Oh yeah, Jeff Ireland of course!

Good NY Times story here:



Lrt's have this conversation again next season when we've got our 1st or 2nd roound WR, playing for a fraction of what Marshall makes, while Marshall is once again wearing out of his welcome with another team. For the millionth time, this was never going to be our season, with or without Marshall.

There's a reason Egnew hasn't played - cause he stinks...

I may just be another loud mouthed punk from New Jersey but one thing is clear.

Miami's rookie QB Tannehill has a QB rating of 42 and 40 the last two games.

Seattle's rookie QB Wilson has a QB rating of 127 and 130 the last two games.

So, i know people get tired of hearing NJ bloggers in Miami think they know Dolphin football because they watch tv in New Jersey and run their mouths behind closed doors where they wont get beat up.One thing is clear and that is Tannehill sucks.

What's up losers?

The point is whether Marshall belonged here or not, Ireland made one of the worst trades in NFL history.

So now we know Ireland cannot draft, cannot sign players of need in FA for good deals and cannot trade either and come out on top.


As we speak the same fans that are in here saying Tanne sucks are in James Walkers AFC blog saying how good Tanne is and how awful Henne.
The Phins were 1-15 before Henne got here; 14-17 w Henne as starter and 10-13 since Henne's last start.

NJ Timothy,
You are right.We are all so tired of lonely NJ fans posting everyday on our Miami blogs about our teams.

Find something else to do, you are ase nauseating as Tim Knight thats says Ni! on the other blogs.
This lonely loser will lull you to sleep after puking all night listening to his boring rubbish.

Ryan Tannehill soon to be 3- 8.
Ireland sucks.

Matt Moore is all we needed this year and next.
Instead Irelnd once again, "fixed" this team.


Actually, the only thing 'clear' to me is that fans who think they have the ability to assess a player's future prospects when they are 22-year-old rookies with less than a dozen pro games under their belt are delusional NITWITS.

Incapable of admitting it, of course, but delusional nitwits regardless.


How do you KNOW he made one of the worst trades? Because Egnew's done nothing so far? How about the other pick? Who did we get with it? Yeah, we don't know yet. So basically, there's a bit uncertainty on this trade as of now. You've already written Egnew off at age 23. I'll remember that when you're on hearing cheering for him in subsequent years.


Both Aikman, Elway and Manning had miserable won/loss records in their first seasons. Should we just write off Tannehill after ten games? What's with all the need jerk reactions stuff, bud? Get a dog or another hobby.

Why didn't they keep Matt Moore in as quarterback?
I thought Matt Moore was doing good in the games.
Isn't Matt Moore like 7 wins out of the last 10 games and Tannehill did a little dink and dunk to play preventive offense, but now lost 3 more games in a row with the lowest quarterback rating in the NFL?
Tannehill might be a bust, why think all of a sudden he will go from last to first? No guarantees of this, maybe he just is not cut out for quarterback in the NFL.
What about Tannehill as a WR?

And let's be 'clear' about something else.

Maybe you've managed to fool yourself into thinking you have actual expertise. Maybe you've even managed to fool one or two staggeringly dumb people who would buy that crap.

But you sure as hell don't fool me.

Want the truth? Your only connection to pro football is planting your butt on a couch and watching it from afar. If you were ever in a room full of actual players and coaches and offered your opinion, you would be LAUGHED out of the room within two minutes.

I fully realize you cannot admit that. Few fans can, as sports are one of the few things they feel they can be 'experts' at in a world that is often too complex and overwhelming for them.

But you are not. And never will be.

Craig, i will go with what Mike Sherman has said about Egnew.That is Egnew should have been cut from the team.
Why sugar coat it? Tannehill,Martin, Egnew, Vernon as a play making pass rusher, Miller is an incomplete overhyped RB and all the other players Ireland drafted have been cut or should be cut.

Tannehill is one of the worst QBs in the league even with the dnk and dunk pad the stats throws.Martin plays like an average weak college lineman and Egnew should not be in the NFL.

This draft is another failure by Ireland and every year the truth comes out, the players drafted are below average, maybe one works out a little bit.

Ireland must go!

Those big Seattle CBs might have trouble if we line up very quick fast cutting receivers on them. Now, which receivers do we have that are so? Bess? Moore? Rishard?


Are you even a Dolphin fan? How many rookie QBs make a big splash right out of the gate? Check out Brees' record the first few years? Amazing you're ready to write a guy off after 19 College starts and 10 games in the pros!

Ever think maybe Sherman's trying to get Egnew motivated? Nah....couldn't be something like that. No way!

Tannehill is not one of those elite QBs you mentioned Craig.
They ALL won in college.
Tannehill could not manage a McDonalds franchise never mind an NFL franchise.
Tannehill just played worse at home than any other QB in 48 years and has only 3 passing TDS going into week 12.
Tannehill is a bust.
Ireland screwed us over,once again.

Amazing the NFL isn't burning up your phone with desperate calls offering you a job in player personnell.

How have they managed to miss out on such expertise??

Tannehill only has 3 passing TDs to WRs going into week 12.

Tannehill has only 3 TD to TEs going int to week 12 nd i cannnot even count all the interceptions.

Did you know Tannehill has played 5regular season games already with the Dolphins and scored 0 passing TDs in 5 games.

Tannehill needs to sit on the bench for 2 or 3 years, if not go back to college and cheating on exams.

Scotty how the f*ck do you know that? You have no f8cking clue what Tannehill is and neither do I. But one thing I do know is that you can't judge a QB after 10 games in the NFL.

Drew Brees was a 2nd round pick. Tells me that every team got it wrong.

Might be time to find another team Sotty. Sounds like you're barking up the wrong tree.

Craig, he doesn't know. But like many fans he just can't admit it.

RG3,Cam Newton,Luck and our next opponents Wilson and Kap are all better right out of the gate.

You dont watch football, so you dont know anything but hold hope for the haples stank fish!

Talk to Home, not to me!

Scotty does have some good points, but sounds a lot like he is stealing HOME's insight and material.

I looked it up and Home and Scotty are right.
Tannehill only has 3 passing TDs to Wrs going into week 12.

Sad but true.

The Dolphins should DEFINITELY listen to the fans, though.

If they had, we would have a future Hall of Famer like Brady Quinn or Kevin Kolb leading the franchise to sustained glory.

Amazing how teams don't follow the expert advice of their fanbase. They must be in too much awe of it to react.


Yeah OK. So you've got the first pick from last year and the first and second pick from this year and this goes to your point that 'Ireland screwed us'. Yeah great point! What's your master plan, Scotty? Somehow drafting a first round QB when we needed him was a mistake? Comical!

'I don't watch football'?????....yeah OK, you obviously don't know me.

Ah!, how about lining Reggie Bush wide.

Don't you People see it isn't the Players, they were the same as when we were 4-3. Either,other Teams have gotten the hang of Sherman's O or there is a full Player's revolt. Think! Analyze!

So much of this delusional 'expertise' from some fans is literally a week-to-week exercise in contradicting themselves and forming instant opinions based on so little actual knowledge and overview that it's laughable.

A guy looks good one week he's the future. A few bad games and he's a disaster. It's ludicrous.

PLENTY of NFL people (you know, people that are actually INVOLVED in professional football) regard Tannehill as a kid with a lot of upside and a promising future. They also recognize that he's raw and that the team he plays for has some significant weaknesses---notably the lack of spped at wideout that makes the opposing defenses job a LOT easier.

But why bother with any of that? He's struggling as a rookie right now so that means he is a BUST.

Until he's not---and then we can just kick in the old 'convenient amnesia' excuse that fans are so enamored with since they are so often wrong.

The bottom line with Tannehill? NONE of us know how his career will pan out.

But I'll take the assessments of people with an actual connection to the game over some delusional yutz pontificating from his couch.

You say think, analyze in some Parts here and People never come back.



If there was an elite QB available to us than yeah you draft him.
Tannehill is far from elite.
Clearly after 10 starts it is a fact that Henne was much better than Tannehill.Henne also beat the Jets twice and the Pats once in his first year of starting.

Matt Moore has won 7 out of the last 10 games.

Tannehill after tomorrow will be 3 and 7 as a starter with a better o-line than Moore has had to work with last season.

Tannehill has 3 WR TDs and 11 INTS and cannot close games.

Tannehill was a reach and a big mistake.

We would have been better off with Moore starting and Henne at back up.

Now we are screwed with Tannehill starting and the team is even worse off than ever before.

Coaching staff/Ireland did Tanne, the team, and the fans a disservice by starting him this year. Right now, Moore is a better QB and should have started all along. Now they've set Tanne back and put up another losing season. Who in their right mind starts a rookie QB with very few college starts, and throws him into an offense with a questionable offensive line and crap to throw to? This is how you set someone up for failure. Some QBs never recover from this stuff.


Go back to your Jets blog. You're not fooling anyone. You should be f8cking embarassed after the effort you guys put out Thursday night. To come on some other teams blog and take shots at their team is on bad taste even for a Jets fan.

Blogger HOME was right all along about Tannehill,Egnew,Kaddu, both drafted WRs and Martin.
This team is a mess and Ireland needs to be replaced.


You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. First you criticize that we should have drafted one of the guys you mention and then you say we should start Moore with Henne as backup. Translation: You don't have any f8cking clue about what you're talking about. Lay off the drugs.

Say it isn't so Scotty!
You like the Patriots! Ughhhhhhhhh!

Craig,i never said we should have drafted one of the QBs i listed.Yo said no QBs are good right out of the gate and i listed 4 this year and Cam Newton last year.
The other QBs were good in college and won.
Tannehill did neither.
However Tannehill has thrown 5 INTs to one TD the last two games.

You people really truly suck I hope the dolphins move to LA see ya

This article implies Egnew will be active by default.If he is active at least 3- 5 plays where he is the number 1 choice to throw to on the play would be appropriate, after drafting him in the 3rd round in 2012.

Terry Bradshaw took 5 years to develop bet you did not know that huh ,,,,,he was benched for Gilmore and chuck noll thought he was an idiot bet you didn't know that either Troy aiikman went 1-15 he's a bust too right like I said you don't deserve a pro team you are fair weather fans you are the worst fans in the USA

What I'm trying to say is support your team

Time for gator vs nole later haters

There is absolutely no reason to NOT activate Egnew. Nothing at all. If we applied that theory to other players, like Matt Moore, who play better at game time than practice time, then we would have gone 1-15 or 0-16 last year. Give him a chance. See what happens. We are 4-6...if he stinks, what have we lost? Oh yeah, more playing time for Clay, so he can drop some more passes...sorry, forgot about our dropped-pass-by-TE quota...

People angry here. We have not lost against the Seahawks yet.

..I disagree that just because Fasano may be out we have to activate Egnew. I'm guessing his weakneses include grasping the concept, and blocking. We are struggling as a unit to block anyone right now. The last thing this team needs is a guy that isn' sure of his assignments, and who cannot block. It isn't just as simple as get him out there and see if he can catch a few balls. If he is a liability he shouldn't get close to the field.

Also, This isn't going to become an offense that overnight uses the tight end like many of us would like. At least Fasano is one of the targets Tannehill has shown some trust in. You get a guy out there that is lost it could be a nightmere.

Now this is only a guess as to why Egnew is inactive each week, and an explination as to why I don't think he should play Sunday should I be correct.

The front office stated in 2011 that the Dolphins just needed better coaching and some minor upgrades on the roster and the team would be a playoff or Superbowl contender.

The entire coaching staff was changed.

The "upgrades" have been quite minor indeed.

The Dolphins are 4-6 and cannot even score on the two of the NFL's worst defenses during the past two weeks.

Tannehill is impossible to judge on an offense with no quality TE's, no # 1 WR, and one of the worst offensive lines in all of football.

The OL is a symptom of what is wrong with the whole team. A tremendous number of quality drat picks and FA signings has resulted in a OL that performs badly most of the time. The ratings at Pro Football Focus show that, except for the center, all of the OL are below average (yes, even Jake Long).

As a Dolphins fan, it is discouraging not to see more progress at this point.


Good post @ 03:54 PM

I believe you are probably right about the reasons Egnew is not playing.

Nahh, Sherman said it, the reason Egnew it's not playing is that he sucks on STs.

Do you know that the 1st building block on a Team are the STs? The Truth, Ruth.

Whats up"PHINLAND"???
Gotta say winning 4 games is what I thought at thje begaining of the seasdon(4 And 12) Seeing how they already won 4 I'am going to throw caution to the wind and say the fins win this weekend 14 to 10.
Heres my reasoning
#1 The Seahawks travel worse then Mando after a thanksgiviging dinner
#2See above
#3 Fins defense has to show up sooner then later.
Just my thoughts

WHY continue to play Stinkhill and leave our MVP on

the bench?

Ho,Im sure Arnabo doesn. travll er ay mea

Hooo, Hoooo

Seattle secondary will lock up micro man Bess and chic
Filet Hartline.

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