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Anthony Fasano downgraded to questionable

Tight end Anthony Fasano suddenly appeared on the injury report Friday when he was listed as probable with a hip injury. It wasn't believed to be serious as Fasano even went through the whole Friday practice.

Well, apparently the injury got worse overnight.

This afternoon the Dolphins downgraded Fasano to questionable. His status for Sunday's game against Seattle is now uncertain.

If Fasano cannot play, the Dolphins can go with two tight ends -- Jeron Mastrud and Charles Clay. Or ... gasp ... they can go with three tight ends as usual by activating rookie Michael Egnew for the first time this season.


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Fail forward fast!!!

So in Irescum's 5th year we have 4 consecutive losing seasons and the worst QB in football. Is Ross in a complete coma?

Irescum has successfully alienated fans, media, players and coaches.

If as posted here by a blogger Sherman says Egnew dosent play because he s.cks on SP,then he can own up to the fact the Dolphin receiver corp s.cks getting deep behind the defense and making the catch.

Phinmanski Ross is in the Real Estate business,when someone owns investment properties in a large quantity he is an absentee owner on many of those.You might consider Ross an ABSENTEE owner of the Dolphins.I bet he will be in the owners box Sunday downing shots of whatever his poison is if HIS team falls behind.

That, Sherman said, King Shula. I read it. From there, we make our own assumptions about that statement.

I'm into my J&B. Anybody wants to talk about anything? It says here No subject is Taboo. Guys, Gals, in-betweens?

My J&B is no Pig Syrup, let me tellya. I would prefer a GlennMorrange(not Morr-nga) but I can't afford it anymore.

Tannehill will be a fair QB NOT GOOD AND NEVER GREAT WHATS THE POINT THE DOLPHINS ARE TRYING TO MAKE. This team is horrible. Matt Moore deserves apology.

Oscar What publication or website are we crediting Sherman with finally speaking the S.ck word in a public forum.

Oscar Sherman is makin BIG LOOT to be using the S.ck work in relation to Ireland and the drafting of a TE who S.cks on ST

You really don't want to argue with me Tonight, King Shula.(your name demerits).

My friend Julio was just here and he tends to get depressed during the Holidays(he feels Guilty). I told him to forget everything his Parents, his Religion(he went to Catholic School) or that Society has taught him. To build HisSelf anew.

Listening to What I'd say by RC right now,

You know what I'm really not sure about? If Most of Humanity will survive this strong Digital Current. True. You HAVE to accept the Truth in a nanosecond interval of our Time now. If not so, Most of us will perish shortly. That's the worry.

I'm worried about pig syrup.

Huh, Mrs. Gladys.

Scotty, you are really embarrassing if you call yourself a fan of ANY football team!!!!!! To support one team then switch to another because your team isnt winning is nothing short of a disgrace. How can you or anyone who does that really call themselves a fan???


I'm into the J&B tonight too. Much prefer single malts. Glen Morangie is a beauty. So may others too. Only had two. Think I'm done for the night.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow. I've picked our guys to win this week. how they surprise and don't let us down.

Flat - what are the chances the Seahawks beat themselves? Anyone can beat anyone. Look I love the Phins no matter what. And all I want is a blood sucking win - so I can at least have some satisfaction this holiday Season. I told my employees if the Dolphins beat the Seahawks tomorrow. They can all take Monday off.

Fasano is "questionable" even when he isn't downgraded lol

RT put up over 400 yards against Arizona....who...beat NE IN NE....btw.

That was before everyone caught on to what Miami was doing. So it proves he can play, and can throw well, when he's not on his rear end because of no open receivers or a truly offensive line.

go finssssssss

rg3 sure looks damn good

Funny, no one complains about the OL, receivers,running game or defense when Moore plays.

Wow, Matt Moore must be the happiest guy in the world reading these blogs. The guy has done nothing but prove he cannot close games out against good teams which are close, check the games he won last year and this, he won against poor teams, he had Brandon Marshall!!!!!!! Nuff said really. Against the Jets our defense and special teams won the game, he had 2 nice drives and pretty much we struggled the rest of the game on offense, if he was THAT good we would have buried the Jets with a Patriot like score line.
Matt Moore is nothing but a backup, Tannehill showed earlier in the season a talent we havent seen here in years, give the guy a chance before you condemn him.
Its pretty damn obvious to any one with half a brain that other teams have been able to shut the offense down, we have 2 legit WR, neither of which will stretch the field, our TE is a joke, no running game and the O Line cant go a game without dumb drive killing penalties, no QB could deal with that, you cannot let a n Elite receiver like Marshall go and not replace him, hell even if we had a TE to threaten the seam we would be better off but thats not an option either.
Stick with your team, get behind the QB and look to next season after the off season where talent must be added around Tannehill, oh and Ireland needs to go, being in Bill Polian maybe.

Now that's a good name he knows offense that's for sure but he's real old maybe as an adviser bill polian and his son it's a package deal you know

Its clear the Dolphins are just getting Tannehills feet wet this year and looking to make huge additions to the offense when the salary cap improves and we have numerous draft picks. Ireland's moves to trade our best players for draft picks and not replace them say they gave up on this season when Garrard got injured. I just hope Ireland isnt here to use those draft picks.

USC can't tackle this will be lane kifins last game as a coach he's horrible

They gave up before last years draft

It was the only name that came to mind Marc, either way there has to be someone more highly regarded than Ireland who would jump at the chance at turning things around here with the draft picks and salary cap we will have.

Our team has a poor talent level all around I just don't get it even guys that can ball can't ball no more

I love this Robert brooks kid also Williams from Baylor both are top prospects at wr

Can we all agree that the Dolphins personnel issues at tight end are not the fault of Jeff Ireland?

I mean Robert woods

I don't think Ross will ever fire Ireland he loves him

Ross wants to move the dolphins to la just watch the LA Dolphins

A nice brand new stadium sounds good to Ross

We should start drafting from Stanford USC ucla the LA fans will like that

I hope Ross does move his crap team to L.A. and stops embarrassing S Florida.

That mean all of our games will be at 4 pm bummer



Wow, it's just so sad how far the comments section in here has fallen. Pathetic, really really pathetic.

Armando wrote a great article on Jake Long today. Just wanted to inform the two other people in here who can read.

Jake who he's an after thought dude

Lane kifin is a total mess how does he keep getting jobs

Jeff Ireland should work with lane kifin

Wow, it's just so sad how far the Dolphins have fallen. They are pathetic, really really pathetic.

Can miami beat the Seahawks. Probably not. 42-17 seattle FIRE PHILBIN FIRE PHILBIN GET GRUDEN - IF Gruden were the head coach for Miami- Even with no talent they would be in playoff contention automatically. Just by Grudens presence- imagine that. 2012 was a big mistake. Reggie Bush would be a 1000 yard rusher on any other team in the NFL. NOTICE how Don Shula has seperated himself from these Dolphins. Its embarassing how bad the offense is. Im sick.

We allowed Brandon Marshall to whine and self-mudilate his way out of Miami for two 3rd round picks. One of the two was used in the 2012 draft to acquire 3rd round selection Michael Egnew. Now, I understand Joe & Mike have some ideas about guys having to produce early in training camp, pre season and so forth. But I also know the only way Egnew ever catches a touchdown or rips a catch down the middle is to throw his butt out there and let him try and do it. Coaches may just find out that some men respond best when they damned well better. And some respond best when you ask them to become more than what they have shown themselves to be. Let the guy play out the season. May as well give his a baptism of fire cause that is what's coming over the next five weeks.

Miami will never move. Just like world war 4 will never happen CASE CLOSED tannehill is a bust. Bring in BARKLEY!


Manti T'eo had his 3rd straight 100 tackle season and recorded his 7th interception of the season tonight.

BTW, 7 interceptions for the year, maybe more than the entire Dolphins secondary combined this year.

We have no use for damaged goods here. If Long really is so, Armando, let him walk.

It appears that Long and Incognito at least, out of our O line, either can't grasp the zone-blocking scheme or just don't have the ablity to carry it thru.

I hate to say it at this moment, but I abhorr this WCO and its zone blocking. I love the crash of shoulder pads and the pushing and the runner going thru that hole.

Armando, what is Long doing 20 yds downfield on some Plays? He is a drive blocker, always has been. Did you ever see Richmond Webb at the second level? Seldom indeed. You want somebody at the 2nd level, send a G or the C there.

It is only MHO, but this O is all conceptually wrong.

When Jim Harbaugh came in to SF, did he change the basic schemes of both O or D. No. He did a great job of fitting his Players to the basic scheme there. And look at the results.

It's not the scheme which works, it's the Coaches that make it work or not.

You really don't want your L Tackle pulling downfield. It tires him. R Tackle is fine.

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