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Anthony Fasano downgraded to questionable

Tight end Anthony Fasano suddenly appeared on the injury report Friday when he was listed as probable with a hip injury. It wasn't believed to be serious as Fasano even went through the whole Friday practice.

Well, apparently the injury got worse overnight.

This afternoon the Dolphins downgraded Fasano to questionable. His status for Sunday's game against Seattle is now uncertain.

If Fasano cannot play, the Dolphins can go with two tight ends -- Jeron Mastrud and Charles Clay. Or ... gasp ... they can go with three tight ends as usual by activating rookie Michael Egnew for the first time this season.


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Ok Oscar I got you you were just saying what sherman said in common day language.On this board the word S.uck might be overused like the word descarado is overused by the female population of Miami.

Tanny leads the league in 3 n outs putting severe pressure on our good D. They're on the field almost all game. Why not try Tanny at WR and start Moore? That would improve 2 positions.

Brandon Marshall is 6th in receiving right now.

Brian Hartline is 17th.

Brandon has 8 TD's
Hartline has 1 TD.

Another sweet tradeoff from the brain trust that is Ross and Ireland.

To me numbers and math are much more logical than spelling as long as I can say it and you know what I mean I dont give a rats ass if I misspell on this blog,I dont make the big money like Armando, who did pretty well for himself.He is able to write about a sport he likes,the only negative is the clowns on this blog who critisize everything.He does not get paid for wins and losses but the Dolphins do.

On Fasano not starting...

Omar Kelly reports that Mastrud has a bad hamstring and been out the last two games.

Could Dolphins start Clay with Egnew backup?

"He does not get paid for wins and losses but the Dolphins do."
Mando's writing style is homerish. If he chooses to homerize his writing then he can take some heat along with Jeff Ireland.

Brandon has 8 TD's
Eggnew has o catches.

Mando cares more about his inside contacts than his readers. That's why Jeff Darling is soaring and Mando is treading water.

It sure does appear that Ireland is deliberately sabatozing(sp) our team.

Matt Moore 96.6 QBR
Ryan Tannehill 70.8 QBR

Season is not over. Why not make the change?

Da Beast was on his way to the HOF until he met the Dullfin QB's.

My God! Don't y'all get tired of this crap?

New England 8-3
Bills 4-6
Miami 4-6
Jets 4-6

Bill and Tom are not going anywhere, anytime soon. As long as they winning, they are staying. I figure another 3-5 years before they are done. They will leave together. Like the Demi Gods that they are.


This is what makes me crazy about your argument. Your "facts" are coicidentally truncated to fit your position better. Tell me, when you say he was 6-3 in the final 9 games, was that his SEASON record? Why not state the FACT that he was 6-6 (and really came in the 1st qtr vs. the Chargers, so 6-6.75 is more accurate, but I'll give you he didn't have a full week of practice vs. San Diego). But his 2011 SEASON RECORD was .500. That's a FACT! And, he played well, sure. But he was inconsistent. SO INCONSISTENT, that he came into camp in 2012, the MVP of the team year prior, and lost out not only to the eventual 1st string, Tannehill, but also to David Garrard, who BOTH outplayed him fair and square in camp. Any unbiased eye that watched the Miami PreSeason will tell you that. He was the worst of 3 QBs. Which proves my point, and is becoming a FACT, that Moore is not a consistently effective STARTER in the NFL. Cowboys agreed, Carolina agreed, Dolphins agree. And the next team will agree too (same as they did with John Beck, Tyler Thigpen, and all the other Miami castoff QBs that some fans thought were the best thing since swiss cheese).

This is nothing new. Some Dolphins fans having outsized (and unrealistic) faith in some backup (or even 3rd stringer, as some now also have with Pat Devlin). Yet, SBs get played every year, with (usually) elite, 1st or 2nd-round draft picked QBs, STARTERS, and isn't it a coincidence Miami is never one of those teams vying for a SB ring?

Keep dreaming dude. Luckily, Philbin knows better than you, and will stick with his realistic plan. And when Matt Moore peters out with another team (if he ever gets another shot as a starter), just like when Henne peters out with Jacksonville, I'll await your next over-hyped hope that some undrafted player can become an elite QB in today's NFL.

DC, take off your rose colored glasses. Tannehill has already proven he's a 1st rd bust.

thill has proven hes ahead of schedule, most thought he wouldnt see the field year 1

DC; Yes, he was 6-6. I don't have a problem stating that: he had no or few practice reps with 1st team while Henne was active and no preseason to learn the offense, coaches or his receivers, either. I have no problem with you truncating that little tidbit, though. Just think how well he could have done if he just had a little time to prepare!

As for what happened post-season 2011 and this preseason, I'll just say that he has more courage and confidence than I could ever muster to come back to a team where front office and fans reviled him. While he did little to help himself this preseason, I don't know many players who could function at a high level in such acrimonious surroundings.

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