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Bills beat up the Dolphins up front

BUFFALO --Sometimes football truly is, as coach Joe Philbin says, not that difficult a game.

Much of it is as simple as blocking and tackling.

And so if you're wondering why the Buffalo Bills, a team that is the worst in the NFL at stopping the run, could stop the Dolphins Thursday night, all you have to do is look at the blocking and tackling.

The Bills tackled and they beat the Dolphins off blocks.

It wasn't any exotic scheme that helped the Bills. It wasn't a team stacking the tackle box against Reggie Bush that limited Miami to only 60 rushing yards and 2.5 yards per carry.

It was the Bills simply beating the Dolphins physically up front.

"You got to give credit to them. They did a good job up front," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. "They weren't bringing safeties down. They did a good job of shedding blocks and making tackles.There were a few times I turned around and there was really just nowhere to run. And that's with no safeties being in there. So you have to credit their front seven for doing a good job of making it difficult to run."

So, as I told Tannehill, what he's saying is the Bills were winning up front. They were beating the Miami blocking up front.

"For some of the game, yeah," Tannehill said. "We just couldn't get things going."

That's it. In a nutshell.

The team that was giving up an average of 163.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game beat the Dolphins physically up front.

And that leads me to this question:


How is it that an offensive line with a first-round pick at left tackle, a first-round pick at center, a second-round pick at right tackle, a third-round pick at right guard and a guy who was signed as a free agent solution a couple of years ago at right guard get beat physically?

By that team that was so, so terrible previously?



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I just bought matching winter phins hats for my 3 yr old son and I. We live in CT so there a ton of ignorant Jets and Patsies fans up here. I wish I didn't take the tags off the hats because I am embarrassed to wear them in public now and would return them.

I didn't have high expectations going in to this season the team having no talent and all, but I did expect to see improvement by the end of the year. What we are clearing seeing now is regression across the board.


All the Kool Aid drinkers on this site can say what they want but the truth is the Dolphins just do not have the personnel to win. Teams look at the film and see receivers who can not get open past 10 yards. The Dolphins knew what the Bills were doing but when they went deep the separation was not there nor was the timing to connect. The DB's were able to run with the receivers going deeper that 10 yards and cover them on short yardage. The Dolphins play soft coverage and get beat all over the field. Teams are in the right defense to stop Bush and Thomas is a very average back who would not get much playing time for another team. The Miami skill position players DB's, Receivers, TE just do not run fast enough. The team speed is just not there to compete. Jonathan Martin did not look good at all. The Dolphins need to draft some speed at the skill positions big time or buy an offensive TE and other positions in free agency.

This two and a half game regression by tannehill is extremely extremely troubling. There is serious doubt for me whether this guy is anything.

Bush is finished as a runner. If the regime can't figure out how to use this guy as a receiver then why even bother playing him. Major failure by this coaching staff in not doing this. He's the best in the league at it and our receiver suck.

The drop and missed block by fasano on the first drive should highlight why one of our two second picks should be a te.

Hartline made way too many mistakes. Weak fumble, needless penalty.

Refs also had money on buffalo tonight I'm sure. Hartline got mugged by a an early blow on the long ball no call and the ref on the site signalled incomplete on the long pass to Matthews. It was another ref off the play that threw the flag. Anyone who doesn't think sports are fixed to a certain extent are delusional.

Oh well. At least we will pick top ten and tannehill better smarten up fast or we will be picking another qb in the first in 2014.

He is nothing. The guy sucks. Did anyone watch him at a&m? Poor decision making. He is the same as henne. If he was any good he would lead them to a comeback win. Did he? NO. they are going to waste however many years on this loser just like they did with henne. He was a another horrible draft pick. Those who think he was a great pick and is the future are complete MORONS!

Jeff Ireland was not completely to blame in putting this team together due to the dinosaur Bill Parcells, who set the tone for bringing in big slow players that were not athletic. However it does not make me feel comfortable as a fan that Ireland will be making the decisions on so many draft picks. The lack of speed on this team is huge. Moreover the Dolphins only having a running game does go back to the Parcells recruiting era.

Very good point Armando

The Fins stink. They always have. Couldn't even win a Super Bowl with Marino. Don't waste your time watching these posers pretend to play football.

Wonder how empty the stadium will be for next weeks game? The only games worth watching at this point are those against the Pats, just to see how bad they kick the Fins behinds.

Man, this team is pathetic. How the hell do you lose the last 3 games against a bunch of mediocre scrubs? Leave it to the dead fish to blow a prime chance at a division title.

Sucks Big Dikk, man - What? - We do, man.

The one thing I do know. Tannehill will NEVER be named in the same breath as Andrew Luck!!!!

The guy simply stares down recievers, mechanic break-downs, and can't improvise and use his legs!!

Luck has done more with his feet and he can't run!!

Very sad!!!!!

Week in and week out I ask why can't we intercept a pass when we have an oppurtunity.Do we practice this technique.Also,have we forgotten how tackle and block.I am no expert but if you can't run Reggie up the gut then why don't they throw more screens and line him up on the line as a pass reciever.Get him in space.Tannehill most likely looks like the second coming when he practices against our own defense.

The only Team Sport I like(American Football) and my Team sukks big time! Just my Luck.

Last night I knew we were going to lose. All the wind has been knocked out of for this team. I never thought I would feel this way as a huge fan. So many years of below average football has taken its toll.

I honestly didn't care by the second half. This team can't compete against anyone good.

Got manhandled up front. Poor Jonathan Martin was thrown away like a not wanted rag doll by Mario Williams(bad hand and all).

Gotta get rid of Ireland. We have no passing game or pass defense. He traded away Marshall and Davis, both are on playoff contending teams. Marshall has been a beast at WR. Anybody notice our OL can't pass protect against only 4 guys? And we have zero pass rush. GM has to be accountable.


Nothing positive from this game!! Nothing!!

If this continues and Bush won't be offered a contract, trade him now!!!

They have no choice.

What can I do, Mi Madre, what can I do?!

It is worthless to start throwing blame around. Great Teams have great Players and Coaches and, somehow, we have to get a hold of Those.

I think there is a Pats mole in the Phins team kitchen dumping estrogen in their food...

The NFL is considering moving the Phins out of the AFC East and into the Eastern Conference of the Lingerie Football League...

Never fear fellow Phins phans we are merely 50 players away from a playoff caliber team...

I've never seen a team fall so far so fast, this is almost like some kind of cruel joke...

If you were to write a screenplay about the most inept bunch of losers playing on a professional team with breakdowns of epic proportions in every aspect of their play, you couldn't write it better than the game recap of the last 3 games...

This team is starting to remind me of the first year Tampa Bay Bucs, the only difference of course was that the Bucs were a talented team...

Why is it, that no Phins coaching staff for the past 15 years has been able to make ANY adjustments during the game to compensate for an opponents strengths and weaknesses???

There's going to be a new comedy show this year it stars the Miami Dolphins and the name of the show is "The 53 Stooges"...

After the game in Buffalo the New York State Police were seen in the Phins locker room putting handcuffs on everyone for the crime of impersonating a football player...

Nothing worst than seeing the Game with People that don't fully know the Game or care about It. I'd rather watch by myself.

What else can be said without offending? I am thoroughly disgusted.

Let's try to find some common ground here. Can we all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland?

the amount of people blaming a Rookie QB is hilarious


Sometimes it's important just to win the game. I think Matt Moore should have came in somewhere during the second half to relieve Tanneyhill. Shula did it with Woodstrock.

EVERYBODY is at fault here, from Ross to the waterboy. This is A TEAM, god-ammit.

As I stated earlier this season, I felt like this was a 3-6 win team. This is exactly what you get from that type of team. There will be no consistency on the positive side until you get better players on the field. Their best hope going forward is to lose the remainder of their games, fire Ireland, hire Polian, and build a real NFL team.

I guess that the Dolphins did no make their sons proud like Mike Sherman inspired them to do....

I'm believing Philbin and his staff have done the best they can given the talent theyve been given. Halftime adjustments? Game planning a team's strengths and weaknesses? At some point you need to have the capable talent on your roster to get these things done.

The perfrmance we're seeing now is plain and simple an indictment against the talent Jeff Ireland has assembled on this team.

On the 3 game win streak it seem every unit on the team contributed to the win. On this current 3 game skid every all 3 units have contributed to losing.

St's joined the frey lastnight giving up the long punt return td. Omit that td and its 14-12, Fins win. Still, thats no guarantee because this team probably would have found another way in which to lose anyhow.

Tanny sucks? Anyone see Peyton Manning's first year with FAR MORE TALENT? Look, Tanny may not be great but who knows at this point? So stupid to call him a bust now. The talent around him is half of what Peyton Manning had his 1st year.

And to The people saying if Dan Marino had no weapons like Tanny he would be the same. IMO, that is also insane. Marino would not struggle this bad with this team. You was an exceptional talent. And were Duper and Clayton that good? As I recall, Clayton left still at a good playing age to play for green bay with Brett Favre and Favre said the clayton could not get open at all. Duper went to Washington and bombed out. They were not over the hill when they left, Tanny is not Marino, and the comparison cant be done because the era's were so different. But Tanny also can not be considered a bust yet.

This team lacks explosive talent everywhere, except Punter.


I said it last week and I stand by my convictions:the Fins staff,not the players,are not really intersted in winning this year.No,they want to improve their draft position for next season.If not,then how do you justify allowing Tannehill to lose two straight,winnable games when Moore is more than capable of leading this team?And how many times will the defense get sucked in by a screen pass before they wise-up?

Im also beginning to get concerned about Tannehill. Im not blaming him for the losses and he is beginning to look very rookie like".

My concern about Tannehill is that so far he has shown zero ability to put the team on his back when its needed most. My concern is if indeed he's a franchise qb. He should at least being showing flashes he will become that in our future.

Yes, he's shown flashes he could be a good qb. But when we need him most. He's shown definitive signs he could also become part of the problem. Not saying he'll be a bust. But as a franchise future qb, what Im seeing is beginning to trouble me. The same fears I had when he was picked 8th overall are re-emerging to the surface.

Here's why I'm pessimistic today. I've consistently said all along this year, it's not about the record (I predicted 4-12, and looks like my prediction will be pretty close to reality). But I've said this year is about making progress and showing signs of hope. HOPE that the rookie QB is a keeper. HOPE that the coaching staff can develop players (and game plans) that are better than what's been done in the past. HOPE that young players step up and prove themselves. HOPE that there is something to build around (even as we all knew many pieces were still missing).

After 10 games, after the high of the Jets beating, where's the progress? As masterful as the Jets game plan was is as horrible as the last 2 have been (I put that on the Coaches). As promising as Tannehill has looked early in the Season is as horrible as he's looked last few games (100 yds? Under 50% completion pct.? And some people want to give him a pass, he wasn't pressured all night last night, there were guys open, what happened?).

Defense didn't lose the game yesterday. They kept the other team out of the endzone. OFFENSE lost that game. Plain and simple. Yes, defense still sucks, can't cover ANYONE, other than Wake can't get to the QB, other than Reshad have NOTHING in the secondary, but the TOTAL offense is a joke. QB/WRs/TE/OLINE. So much so that the OC has ZERO faith in them to call any play other than a run up the middle. That's all he trusts they won't screw up (though he knows by now that it won't get any yardage).

And most importantly, to me, Philbin is starting to show cracks. It's times like these when you start thinking about the Bush benching, the cutting of Chad Johnson, the picking up of garbage and complaining about guys cursing in PreSeason. This is when you start wondering if this guy knows what he's doing. Carpenter has PROVEN he can't hit a 50 yd FG, and down 12 late in the 3rd QTR, we try a long FG? Someone explain that to me, like I'm a child, how that's even remotely an acceptable call? What about the development? This guy was brought here to develop players. WHO HAS DEVELOPED? Anyone? 10 games in? Right, silence. And that's the problem.


Peyton Manning showed signs and flashes he would be a franchise qb even though his first season he struggled. The talent Tannehill is overall surrounded with isnt great. But what Peyton Manning was surrounded with his first season may have been even less. Im talking both sides of the ball when I say this.

This will sound stupid but this was a team loss in the fact it wasnt just one aspect playing bad. The oline is falling apart. Jake Long got BLEW UP by Shawn Meriman, Martin was being raped by Williams all night, why they didnt give him help I dont know, and Incognito missed multiple blocks, with a big one being on K. Williams, didnt even touch him. I know this is one bad year for Long but you can tell he has regressed, not just having a bad year, regressed.
That leads to Tannehill not being as accurate as he was in the beginning. He is hearing foot steps and rightfully so. Maybe its good that he is calling out his oline so they will realize they are getting handled.
Next the front 7 apparently has forgotten how to tackle. Wake gets held all night long too. The secondary outside of Jones last night was missing. SS plays too soft, Carrol get 3 PI calls 2 were legit.
Special teams give up a TD and the ST coach wants to say they hit the punter but the guy was blocked into him so thats garbage. Carpenter misses another field goal.
The OC is handcuffing Tannehill like they did Henne when he first started. At this point youve got to let him air it out and get things going down field. We cant run the ball bc of the oline now and that means teams are staying back daring Tannehill to beat them in the air. His receivers cant catch and he is leading them too much at times.
Its going to be an ugly rest of the year. Look foward to alot of new faces next year.

YG, That I can agree with, however I am kinda pissed at Sherman and Philbin at this pont. there is noting outside the box as far as plays go. Line up miller and bush on the same side as WR when in shotgun. Just something different to use our speed talent to open things up. I mean this offense is beyond Vanilla.

Just throwing this out to you guys, would love to get your take on it. IF you were concerned with an HC who started the Season 0-6, how concerned will you be with a HC who ends the Season 0-6? And which HC did an overall better job (the one who finished strong, or finished weak)?

Because, it's almost a guaranteed FACT we're about to go on an 0-6 run. And frankly, if it wasn't the Jags I'd say it will be 0-9. Let's hypothetically say 0-9. Is that something that can tossed aside as just an accident? Can that be overlooked? I hate to say this, because I've been the biggest advocate of keeping this Coaching staff no matter what, but in my WILDEST dreams I didn't think we'd go on a 9 game losing streak. If that happens, do we need to think about another massive change in leadership?

I'm just throwing that out there. Not taking sides (and frankly, I'm probably against it. For hell or high water I want to see this thing through with Philbin). But it's not totally inconceivable. And it shouldn't be. Losing is a culture that CANNOT be accepted. And Philbin has made moves and decisions that have led him to this place. Should he not receive ANY of the blame for what followed?

Really iffy several holding calls against Nolan. Maybe one of these Games where the referees look only one-way.

The offensive line is atrocious... The secondary is awful... The tackling and complete lack of lane discipline on both defense and special teams is a joke... Dansby talks big, plays bad... Burnett I think still starts, though he hasn't been seen for weeks now... Not a single player on defense could catch a ball if you put it in their hands... Smith and Carroll's play is an embarrassment... They have not a SINGLE threat on offense and anybody that does has speed (Bush, Miller) seem to be on the sidelines most of the game while Thomas plods into another 3 yard loss... Other than that, things are great:)

This team (or lack thereof) is horrible; hasn't been relevant in 30 years. What reasonable person would spend hard earned dollars to sit and watch this garbage? The worst team in terms of ownership, management, and players in the league over the past 15 years; how low can a team and city go before they rise again?

DC Dolfan, I feel the same way. Philbin and Co. have to get it together. The players are not unaware of the bad decisions of this coaching staff and poorly motivated players do not do well in team sports. I also want Philbin and his group to do well but it seems they are falling well short of the mark.

YG, My agreement with you was to the prior comment about Tanny looking like a rookie, Not that Manning talent, I think you should go back and look at that roster he had. It was not great, but he had difference makers around him, including one of the bst WR's Marvin Harrison. But even more than that, especially O-line.

The article that Armando posted yesterday said it all.. It is what it is... Were going to have to wait this year out. It was thoguht to be a rebuilding year anyways and then Philbin got alot more out of the team than expected giving the fans hope for this year. We all knew and expected this team to be like it is this year. So we have to wait the rest of the year out watching that they dont get beat up too bad. In the offseason, and I think it starts at midnight on the first day of FA this team will start to reshape. Theres a lack of talent, depth to push that starting talent which creates fear of losing ones job. The 2013 Dolphins will look alot different and rightfully so.

Its like groundhog day all over again. To start with, Philbin and Company have to go. They are incapable of preparing this team and getting them motivated to play. Three weeks ago this team was in the playoff hunt. Its a no brainer. How do you lose to the Bills and Titans in consecutive weeks? How do you lose that Cardinals game? Or the first meeting with the Jets? Terrible just terrible. Dump them all.

I hear this team needs to draft WRs. They had Brandon Marshall and traded him. They cut Chad Johnson. They went into the season scrambling to fill the void. Now it is a glaring weakness. All of us could see that coming.

Giving away Vontae Davis before the start of the season? Because why? Because Sean Smith, a guy who has been a disappointment his entire career in Miami, has now magically transformed overnight into a shutdown corner. Are you kidding me? And these folks have jobs in professional football!!! I wouldn't trust them with a mop and bucket.

Tannehill at #8!!! Are you kidding me??? Kid telegraphs his passes worse then Henne ever did. At least we didn't waste an 8 on Henne. 6TDS vs 14 turnovers!!! I guess the bright side is that none of the 3 picks he threw last night were returned for touchdowns. This kid sucks.

We need a QB. We need big play wide receivers. We need MLB that actually makes plays for the ridiculously bloated salary he is paid. We need a better tight end. We need??? We need to find another team to root for because this one is a joke. Its like groundhog day. Its the same thing we've all been saying for years.


With Shula we did not worry about decisions or play-calling. Since Shula, we worry about everything.

As mentioned earlier, I also expected more from this coaching staff. this is frustrating.

I don't see Marino being successful with Martin, Bess, and Hartline as his bread & butter...despite being an exceptional talent.
Sure he'd be better than Tannehill, because he was just flat out better than Tannehill, but its equally insane to think he'd be able to steer this sizzling bag of sewage, we like to call our football team, to anything relevant.

Anyone still thinking Dansby fine as a 4-3 mlb? Didnt he "drop another pic 6 opportunity" lastnight just as he did in the Colts game?

Well, Notre Dame mlb Manti T'eo has 6 pics on the season this year alone. He's also a beast in the run game. Boy would he look great in a fins uniform right now. T'eo in the middle and move Dansby outside.

If we keep playing like this we will prob hav a chance to draft him

Who is this Teo Peo?

Not saying we have a great WR core (we have anything but), but check the stats. We have 2 WRs in the top 20 in the AFC (Hartline is top 10, Bess is a little lower). Not in TDs (obviously), but receptions and yards.

And there were openings yesterday. Hartline had a few steps on a long play, overthrown. Both INTs were no where near Bess (who usually makes incredible catches). Guys were NFL open, and Tannehill couldn't connect. Charles Clay was WIDE OPEN (like Dolphins secondary open) down the middle, errant pass.

Like I said, Tannehill wasn't pressured much. Maybe a couple sacks and a couple pressures. But that's to be expected in the NFL. Those were plain old misses by the QB. Sorry, but even for a rookie, that's inexcusable to me. Can't expect WRs to be wide open in the NFL. I don't see Reggie Wayne, Julio Jones, Megatron wide open. They are NFL open. But their QBs get the ball to them. If our QB can't get a ball to an NFL open receiver, doesn't matter who you have in skill positions.

Can we please see Matt Moore and Lamar miller now?


Ireland will think Dansby's fine at mlb. Even if we have chance to get T'eo I doubt Ireland capitalizes. I fear he'll fine a way to use the 1st rd pick on a player that becomes no more than a avg nfl player.

YG, agreed. Look at the amazing pick from Byrd. WRs can't catch passes like that. Our defense has balls IN THEIR hands and can't hold on to them. We just need to accept we don't have playmakers (other than Wake). We have role players and ok players. Not GREAT players.

Tannehill sucks is a idiotic statement. Be frustrated but be real. The Fins got destroyed at the line of scrimmage....with only a 4 MAN RUSH. The OL has digressed significantly the past 2 games and is largely to blame for the Fins fall as well as WRs who can't handle press coverage.

No doubt,Tannehill was not accurate(and hasn't been for 2 weeks)last night.


Manti T'eo is easily the best lb available in this year's draft period. Plays for Notre Dame, has 6 pics, and is in the Heisman conversation even though bhe plays defense.

Best of all for us, he's a "true middle linebacker" where Dansby is not. Dansby's playing mlb in our 4-3 by default, he's the best we have available.

Did Jake Long even play? Oh yes he did I saw him get put on his back. This dude has lost it, he was not worth a number one pick. Could have had Matty Ice!

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