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Bills beat up the Dolphins up front

BUFFALO --Sometimes football truly is, as coach Joe Philbin says, not that difficult a game.

Much of it is as simple as blocking and tackling.

And so if you're wondering why the Buffalo Bills, a team that is the worst in the NFL at stopping the run, could stop the Dolphins Thursday night, all you have to do is look at the blocking and tackling.

The Bills tackled and they beat the Dolphins off blocks.

It wasn't any exotic scheme that helped the Bills. It wasn't a team stacking the tackle box against Reggie Bush that limited Miami to only 60 rushing yards and 2.5 yards per carry.

It was the Bills simply beating the Dolphins physically up front.

"You got to give credit to them. They did a good job up front," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. "They weren't bringing safeties down. They did a good job of shedding blocks and making tackles.There were a few times I turned around and there was really just nowhere to run. And that's with no safeties being in there. So you have to credit their front seven for doing a good job of making it difficult to run."

So, as I told Tannehill, what he's saying is the Bills were winning up front. They were beating the Miami blocking up front.

"For some of the game, yeah," Tannehill said. "We just couldn't get things going."

That's it. In a nutshell.

The team that was giving up an average of 163.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game beat the Dolphins physically up front.

And that leads me to this question:


How is it that an offensive line with a first-round pick at left tackle, a first-round pick at center, a second-round pick at right tackle, a third-round pick at right guard and a guy who was signed as a free agent solution a couple of years ago at right guard get beat physically?

By that team that was so, so terrible previously?



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Honestly I think he really values the opinion of Philbin and co.. They need to move him to OLB where he was dominate and draft a true ILB..

YOU cant handle the TRUTH part two.

To all my fellow fin fans who have stood fast waiting and waiting and waiting for something exciting... Really? I mean REALLY???

As a lifer fin fan I have come to the conclusion long ago that this team will NEVER and I mean NEVER strive to a championship until we PURGE ALL the left over Tuna scraps such as Jeff "The Scout" Ireland who must go and should have NEVER been hired as a GM.

Jeffy Boy was FIRED from KC as he did not produce as a scout. He was hired by Parcells and company at Big D was a scout.

When Tuna who everyone said was the Dolphin saver brought along his scout Ireland, he brought Jeff "The SCOUT" in with a new title of GM.

Freaking ZERO experience as a manager, coach, and a resume of a scout getting fired from KC and stunk at Dallis. SOOOO, you get what you pay for and we are STILL seeing those results TODAY.

When Ross took the helm he should have immediately fired parcells and his entire cast of characters Ireland, Soprano and the rest.

We the fans have been lied to by The Scout and look at where we are again. I as well as many of those on here that know business and sports fully understand that this GM is unqualified to run a car dealership and a used one at that.. you know, those that you see at non dealers the fly by nighties.

The team is right on MY schedule at 4 -6.

The remaining 6 games are;

Seattle - L
NE - L
SF - L
Jacksonville - W/L/T
Buffalo - L
NE - L

My predictions in the spring were finishing this season at 4 -12 and at best 5-11,

Oddly we may be playing against Henne and the jag may just get a W.

So in the end of it all... Here is what needs to happen to put this team on the winning track.

2. FIRE any parcells leftovers
3. HIRE a proven GM like a Polian type.
4. Watch, Look, Listen and LEARN from what the winning teams have done to turn their teams around.

I cant emphasize the scouts and the cast of unknowns that have been paid to bring in information on draftees. They are the worse cast of unknowns to plague a team and it shows.

In the end just as I said in the spring is that we will all be sitting here at the end of the season pitching and complaining and all you Ireland lovers will be jumping on the Fire bandwagon with us.

The Team players are also at fault. YOU are paid to play, millionaire so PRODUCE. If you don't produce FIRE EM. We ain't paying you sissy little complaining players to sit around collecting a check and smiling on the sidelines while you are getting your butts kicked.

BRING IN players that will produce.

It's important that the team management, coach, owner make a statement that you will EARN that check and if you play to your worth you will profit. If you play for a check you will be fired.



Nice. I would love to see that Notre Dame LB in a Dolphins uniform.

Just an observation:

Does anyone out there think Wanny took a great deal of personal satisfaction from the beat-down his defense gave us? This is the guy that quit as our head coach 7 games into the 2004 season. Let's not forget who the offensive coordinator was that year. (For all you kids out there who apparently just started watching the Dolphins, Gailey was our O-Coordinator, Jim Bates was D-Coordinator and of course, Wanny was in charge. I was reading another blog and a fan was talking about the Bills' D-Coordinator not knowing this guy's history with the Dolphins. It was also amazing I never heard Wanny and Gailey's Dolphins career mentioned once by the NFL Network announcers last night. maybe I just missed it.)

Hobby, you'll see tons of Miller next year. One thing I can guarantee (not saying I agree, just reading the writing on the wall) Reggie Bush will NOT be re-signed next year as a Miami Dolphin.


There're only 2 players playing consistently well on our defense. Wake and Soliai. The rest show up at times then fade. I also want to place Reshad in the group of fairly consistent.

Dansby's ok, he's just blowing to many opportunities of making game changing plays. They seem to slip right thru his hand. Just the same as our season is beginning to do.

Dolphin 77 you hit the nail on the head. I think Tannehill is colorblind and shell shocked. Last night Matt Moore would have given us a MUCH better chance for a playoff shot. Mike Sherman needs to be replaced and that defensive coordinator needs to be taken to the woodshed.

DC, absolutly right about Bush. Still have no clue why our O does not try lining up a bunch formation with both of them in there. both can catch, both can fly, and it opens up the entire middle of the field. weird.

Wanny was gunning for the Fins and he fired up his defense last night...it was obvious they were in it to win it.
The play of the game was the run to the left where Jake Long got pancaked flat on his back by the Bill's DE ( can't remember his name), and he then made the tackle for a loss.
His eyes were like a crazed dog...fired up and ready to roll.
That is indicative of great coaching and our staff seems to be losing the edge it had earlier in the season...I'm concerned, very concerned.


I think Miller can have a great season next year too. The kid has speed and elusiveness right now. He just doesnt really have tackle breaking ability. But if he makes a full committment to the weightroom this offseason. He should be able to break some tackles next year.

With speed and elusiveness already on his sde this season. Once this kid gets strong enough to break some tackles. Lamar Miller can emerge into a beast at rb.

I was very impressed with C J Spiller last night(as I wasn't impressed with him last year). We need one of those scat backs that can get 10 yds in the blink of an eye. Not too many of those around, and Reggie is 1 of them. Think about it.

TIMO, this zone-blocking scheme our O-Line uses is getting figured out by opposing D's. Over the last several weeks, I have noticed an unusually high number of running play sacks (RB gets blown up 5 yds. deep). Last night Bills' defenders (defensive tackles) were blowing through the gaps UNTOUCHED! Only 4 down linemen and a guy goes through untouched??!!I hope the offensive line coach is taking notice, or the Seahawks, Pats and 49ers are goiung to put Tannehill and Bush in the hospital.

Would the real Ryan Tannehill please stand up. For the first seven games he was as good as Andrew Luck.

Since then Luck has continued to evolve and Tannehill has looked like a bust.

He NEEDS TO STEM THE TIDE AND NOW!!! Anyone defending his performance over the last 2.5 weeks is insane. Weapons or not. Nobody is asking him to win games but we are asking him to be the Tannehill we saw from weeks 2-7 at least. This is completely unacceptable and not the play of an NFL starting QB. Rookie schmookie ... he needs to be accountable.

And of course Martin was going to get slapped around on a bull rush. Anyone who saw his combine bench press knew he didn't have adequate NFL strength. When I at 200 lbs can outbench the right tackle, then that's problematic - stated here months ago and got roasted for it but look what's happening.

And for crying out lous, let's see Lamar Miller get the bulk of the carries. Who cares if he can't pass block, neither can anyone else it seems right now. To lose to two of the worst five teams in football is pathetic.

By the way, Mayock said something interesting yesterday. For guys (like me and Toronto) wondering why they don't use Bush out of the backfield on pass plays, he said when they do that, Tannehill has to account for pass rushers on both sides, instead of just one side (when the RB stays in to block). So, there you have it. The Coaching staff is protecting it's QB and isn't trusting him to make the necessary decisions to open up the offense. Just like last Coaching staff did with the TE. I'm not saying that wasn't the right move first few games, to get your rookie QB acclimated to the NFL. But we're 10 games in. When do you take the training wheels off? 2-3 years down the road?

Can Tannehill even throw a nice deep pass...I haven't seen it yet and it been 10 games. Might be time to put Moore back in and see if we can win a couple of these games we are supposed to lose.

I went bak and watched Tannehill's 2 picks. The Byrd pick was just a phenominal job by the db. There isnt a db on our roster who maks that pick on his absolute best day.

The 2nd pick, the wr didnt give Tannehill much help fighting for the ball. The defender seemed to want that ball a whole helluva lot more than our reciever did. Again, there probably isnta lb on our roster that makes that pick either. Certainly not Karlos Dansby.


Ive continuously posted thats why Bush isnt used more as a reciever. When defense see him as a lone back they blitz to force him to become a pass protector.

What good does it do to have Bush go out in a pass pattern when the qb isnt going to have time to get him the ball anyway.

Im glad someone finally read Mayock said it, maybe now someone will believe me.

Posted by: massfish | November 16, 2012 at 09:08 AM

He has been playing crappy but the kid is the most accurate QB with passes at 20 yards +

I have no fukkking idea what's going on.

Mad Mack:

Why does Coyle need to be taken to the woodshed? The Bills offense got 4 FGs on his D!! WTF!


I think you'll see Tannehill begin to throw deep more often about the same time we get recievers that can get separation deep and a oline that can protect long enough for recievers to get deep.

Just aint happening this year because currently we dont consistently have either.

Personally I don't want to see Matt Moore starting at all. What's the point now? Seaosn is over. I want tannehill to sink or swim on his own. If we lose all the remaining games, great we get one of the top players in the draft. If he wins a few and improves, great too. But the last thing I want to see is what matt Moore did to harm the franchise last year, took us away from RG3 to beat a couple of nobodies and lose to the good teams. There is absolutely no satisfaction in that.

Tannehill has been punched in the mouth. i want to see what he does now ... Man up punk!!

Can't wait to berate ANYONE who defends ANY free agent that gets tossed away after the Season. That's Bush, Long, Starks, Clemons, ALL OF THEM. I'm fine with any and all being pushed aside. If we're going to lose, let's lose with new players. If we've gotta blow the team up, get rid of all the Parcells guys, let's do it. I won't blink an eye at getting rid of ANY OF THEM, from the best to the worst.

What's going on..What's going on? Broder, Broder, there's too many of Us.... Remember, odin?

can we please fired ireland he got do go we got no number 1 and are pass defense sucks ass and jake long is gone too he not going get money from us we should put tender on him so we can trade him.

Bills O(and their QB) sukk Big Time. We sukkked worse.


Clemmons was playing st's on that Bills punt return. The only guy that truly had a chance to tackle him breaking thru that hole was Clemmons. Clemmons took a bad angle and it was off to the races.

Another thought: What was up with the 2 bombs to Bess last night? He's our shortest, slowest WR, he's a possession receiver, not a deep threat. Not only that, on the 1st one of those throws, Bess was double-covered. Come on T-Hill!

DC, wouldn't the answer to that be a screen pass? haven't seen one in forever. They did try one yesterday I think and it would've worked but Tannehill the boner threw the ball into the ground.

There's 2 beats between the What's going on(s), clap, clap. Of course.

Mark in Toronto:

To be fair to Moore, he went 6-3 over the last 9 games, with a short training camp working with the #2 offense AND a 1st-year coordinator. Moore will probably be a starter on another team next year.

Rashaad Matthews deep ball pass interference call was thrown perfect. YG, DC, If you bunch Miller and Bush to one side. Quick drop, LB's have to account for them, leaving Fasano open in the middle, or a slant or a bubble screen. Fast passes that open the field. I do not agree with Mayock at all. And Mayoock was so up the bills butt the whole game I wanted to mute it. Just my opinion, but I do not see the point, you can even roll Tanny out to give him more time. The game was going nowhere, and we did not try anything our of the odinary.

YG, I believe now, but I still want to see them do it anyway. Tannehill needs to learn (like EVERY OTHER GOOD QB) what to do in the face of a pass rush. How come Locker was able to sidestep rushers? How about Luck? Is Tannehill made of glass? That's why we didn't get Russell (too small). He's 6'4", former WR, can take a hit. Let him go through the experience of having to evade a pass rush. This is the NFL. Don't handicap your offense just to protect your rookie QB. How's he ever going to learn? That's what they did with Henne, kept pampering him until he got spoiled. We can't do that again. Yes, we need to help our rookie out and can't get him killed, but he needs to experience the pro game to know what he needs to improve on. He'll never learn if he doesn't have to make the decisions.


Are you sure you werent just "seeing double"? Any defense "doubling Devon Bess" has to be first.

The big elephant in the room is why in the hell would any defense wanna double cover Devon Bess?

Tannehill is alright. He just needs to settle down y ca-arse en lo que los Coaches le dicen. He's smarter than all of them put togeter.

DC, personally I'd only being back Smith (yeah he played a little soft on some plays but if you look at the replays he was up against Johnson and Jones was at the LOS so he had to make sure to take away the deep routes) and Long on a tag and see if he can straighten himself out and deserves the money. Honestly you don't let a four time pro bowler go after one sub par season. Starks - gone - he's benefitting from playing next to Big Paul and I'd put Odrick in there who i thought played an excellent game yesterday. Bush, gone. This coaching staf doesn't know how to use him so why keep him?

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 16, 2012 at 09:23 AM

But he was 6-7 as a starter.. losing record

shd, Moore got blasted and turned the ball over at will agaisnt any good team he faced. Dallas, Philadelphia, new England all the same result. he's a go nowhere QB and the best he does is keep us in NFL purgatory at 6-9 wins which is not where you want to be. You want to be north of ten wins or south of 5 in order to get the talent to improve your team. Anywhere else is a waste of a year - like last year.

Why all the b*tching and crying? Everyone knew going into this season we were REBUILDING..remember? We have a rookie coach and a rookie QB with very little talent around him. I was surprised we did so well for that little stretch and was happy seeing some progression but reality is what it is and we need a few more good drafts and a few good veteran free agents signings before we can be truly competitive again. Be patient and let Philbin build it. I also understand the frustration some have about Ireland. But Ross likes him so he's not going anywhere...get over it already.

Here's the real concern Armando - what's changed with the offense? change the QB, change the HC, change the OC, change the year, and you come up with the same results. It's amazing that one team is able to stay so less than mediocre for so long. Going back to the drawing board each and every year is becoming a theme for this team...not being able to make a play on offense or defense when it really matters is becoming old! Watching Long fall to the ground and trying to make a block on his knees was sad to see, that guy has become old real fast...Hartline makes a nice catch over the middle, then fumbles. Our QB doesn't know how to throw a pass down the field that leads the receiver, every guy has to turn around and wait - it's amazing. Our defense has balls hit them in the hand and don't know how to catch. How does a team get worse as a season goes along? Well we are watching it. They have no confidence. When they play from behind they don't know how to play focused - it's amazing that they are professional athletes. There's a lot of work left to do, but it has been this way for a long time in Miami. When's it going to change?

Better team won last night guys....plain and simple. Armando is dead right, the Bills beat us upfront. Not sure what happened to the OL, but there are NO holes for the running backs. So people tht are blaming Bush and Thomas have got it wrong. The Bills were consistently in our backfield all night. There was nowhere for the backs to run. Armando's dead right.....why?

DL, wasn't a factor all night. Soliai did his steady job and Wake was the only one who got close to the QB all night. Spiller was too quick for the defensive front seven. So I'll continue to say we've got the wrong MIX of guys up front. Again I really like Starks but he doesn't fit going forward. He's more of the same. The pass rush isn't nearly good enough.

Mark, is right. Tannehill needs to step up. It's not that the kid played but last night (although his stats were bad and the last pick was his fault). He just needs to be better. I'm confident it will come.

Lastly, the 12th man was awesome for the home side last night. I don't think you'd EVER see something like that in Miami and that's SAD. These fans live and breath with this team and know EXACTLY when to cheer and when to be quiet. Makes me sad that Miami fans aren't into their team the way Bills fans are.


If you line Bush and Miller to the same side you got multiple problems.

1. Empty backfield, so if you cant get it to one them quickly, the qb wont have time for Fasano of all people to get open over the middle.

2. With Bush and Miller lined up as wr's. It means youre also taking 2 real wr's out of the game. Or at least one if youre going a 5 wr set.

3. The defense just blitzes to counter the lack of pass protection the qb will have. In a quick 3 step drop if a reciever isnt open right away the qb will be easy prey for a sack. Or he'll just quickly hae to throw it away.

So this has more chance to end in sack or wasted play than than decent gain or big play.

AND use the Starks and Bush money and sign a legitmate vet receiver. I saw Mike Wallace play live a few weeks back against the Giants and he took a routine crossing route for like 70 yards. Bullett fast and you can't even appreciate it on tv. hartline is excellent at working the intermediate routes and there's an excellent starting pair of receivers. Makes the defenses respect, all of a sudden your line gets better because of fewer blitzes and all out sellout pass rushes, Qb gets more time which makes himself better, everything gets better. Sure the defense isn't great but it's not bad. All you need is two or three excellent pass rushers in today's NFL. Everyone here is clamouring for Te'o but if we could get our hands on barkevious Mingo - I'd be elated in the top ten.

Those Northern Fans(except for NY City) have nothing to fukkking do except cheer at Football Games. We know that.

Where's that phoney-baloney "Ireland has been Magnificent" troll who littered this blog last week??

Tannehill = Henne - Fat Neck + Pretty Wife

Tannehill/Henne = Sputum

Philbin = Cam Cameron + Tony Sparano

Ireland =

Howie Cansmell. HOHO!!

YG, I said that (about Clemons on the Punt Return TD) last night on the blog. Disgusting. Not the first time either he's taken a bad angle or didn't make a play. He's a disaster.

Mark/Poizen, exactly, TRY SOMETHING! Don't just give up and say we can't ever use Bush out of the backfield. TRY! Get something going on offense and that will prohibit the pass rush. They don't even do the timing pass to Hartline anymore. They have NOTHING! No creativity. I said last night, they were making a Henning offense look exciting. The Coaches are not trying anything to overcome the deficiencies. Not putting players in place to make plays. That's their fault (Coaches). I understand as a play-caller you lose confidence and get conservative. But this is just plain embarrassing. It's proven you can't win a game doing that rest of the year. There isn't anything (but pride) to play for anymore, so lose the conservatism. Open things up. Try creative plays. Make ADJUSTMENTS! Bubble screen, bunch formation, ANYTHING. Don't just do the same vanilla crap and then hang your head after the game saying we need to execute. Execute WHAT exactly? Defenses wise up to that vanilla crap. Didn't they watch tape of Henning and Daboll?

Philbin has won with this junk roster.. and gave us hope.. you can only cover crap up for so long before you start to smell it..
Ireland had a good draft the past two years..

barquevious Mingo? WTH?

Amen "NY G"

Ireland was NEVER more than a Parcells Peter Principle Ball-Boy who got a job he never deserved and who has held that job WELL beyond its expiration date.

Despite my invective above, there is a REAL & EASY solution'first-step for Ross...........FIRE IRELAND, get a REAL GM & let him sort out the coaching & QB & joke-of-a-roster situations

garbage in garbage out

mattybfromnc :

So with that logic, Tannehill is a loser also?! Moore will start for another team next year. Too good to remain a backup + his contract is over at the end of the year.

Yesterday, as I was watching Tannehill near the Bills goal line, I commented, this is a good time for a QB draw or a trap. They never did it or even considered it.

mattybfromnc :

He's 7-7 now with his win a few weeks ago.

I guess that win doesn't count because he came in for Tannehill in the 1st.


Seems we're headed for top 10 draft position. If a beats pass rusher were available I wouldnt mind selecting him. Problem is that in this collegiate season, some good pass rushers have emerged, but I havent heard of anyone thats a real beast and worthy of being selected top 10.

If we selected a pass rusher 1st rd. That guy needs to come right away and be at least as good as Cam Wake. Im sorry but I just dont see that guy coming out this year. Thats the problem Im having with this year's collegiate pass rushing crop. There are some good ones, but there isnt that ungodly beast, who's nearly guaranteed to terrorize right away.

If that guy existed, Im 100% aboard with making him our #1 pick. This guy needs to get double digit nfl sacks his first season to be really worth it. not 5-7 sacks.

How do you know if a Player's College ability translates well into the NFL, YG?

I think you made the point that Moore was 6-3 over the corse of the last nine games. When Moore was faced with good teams, like Mark pointed out earlier, he turned the ball over quick and couldnt move the offense even with a true number one receiver in Marshall.
I like Moore and yes he might start somewhere next year but if his talent is soo good that hes a starter, why was he cut from Dallas, replacd by JIMMY CLAUSEN in Carolina, and now a back up in Miami, looking for his 4th team at the end of the year?
Tannehill is a rookie with no true number one, which im glad Marshall was traded. Give the kid a by this year because it was a rebuilding year from the beginning and judge the kid next year. Tannehill needs all of the game experience he can get.
Putting Moore in now so at best we can finish 10-6 prob still not makig the playoffs and getting a waste of a 1st rd pick is not the answer.

YG, our Scout.hehehe

Oscar, if you ever watch and LSU game, check him out. cool name, vicious player.

Oscar, again when the Dolphins were in either red zone yesterday, they did really well. But the offense needs to make more trips, that's for sure.

And for shitz sake Sherman, if the run isn't working then stop burning a down every series with the mundane stupid run up the middle.

Spread them out, run a draw, screen - use their own strength against them. Man, seems wer haven't had an offensive co-ordinator in here worth a dam since Scott Linehan.

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