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Bills beat up the Dolphins up front

BUFFALO --Sometimes football truly is, as coach Joe Philbin says, not that difficult a game.

Much of it is as simple as blocking and tackling.

And so if you're wondering why the Buffalo Bills, a team that is the worst in the NFL at stopping the run, could stop the Dolphins Thursday night, all you have to do is look at the blocking and tackling.

The Bills tackled and they beat the Dolphins off blocks.

It wasn't any exotic scheme that helped the Bills. It wasn't a team stacking the tackle box against Reggie Bush that limited Miami to only 60 rushing yards and 2.5 yards per carry.

It was the Bills simply beating the Dolphins physically up front.

"You got to give credit to them. They did a good job up front," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. "They weren't bringing safeties down. They did a good job of shedding blocks and making tackles.There were a few times I turned around and there was really just nowhere to run. And that's with no safeties being in there. So you have to credit their front seven for doing a good job of making it difficult to run."

So, as I told Tannehill, what he's saying is the Bills were winning up front. They were beating the Miami blocking up front.

"For some of the game, yeah," Tannehill said. "We just couldn't get things going."

That's it. In a nutshell.

The team that was giving up an average of 163.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game beat the Dolphins physically up front.

And that leads me to this question:


How is it that an offensive line with a first-round pick at left tackle, a first-round pick at center, a second-round pick at right tackle, a third-round pick at right guard and a guy who was signed as a free agent solution a couple of years ago at right guard get beat physically?

By that team that was so, so terrible previously?



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Thank you Some OF You Are Not Well.. atleast there are a few with some common sense

I've never seen a worse pro QB then Tannehill. All our 1st downs were from penalties. He cant move the ball at all.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

I started seeing it in the St. Louis game and its been slowly getting worse...its Tannehill's accuracy.

Another issue I have is why this rookie QB is always changing the play at the line? ... WTF?

In almost every instance last night when he called an audible, the play got stuffed.

These were supposed to be the 'easy' wins against the Bills & Titans...now we have some real defenses with the Seahawks & 49ers...not to mention two against Tom Brady.

I'll still watch em'...but T-Hill better start showing some progress or it will be a very long offseason.

Mark, whoever thinks Long was the right pick doesn't know a fuc**** thing about football, with all due respect. You NEVER waste an opportunity to draft a franchise QB, EVER. I don't care how many Pro Bowls Jake Long makes. Who the hell remembers who was Troy Aikman's LT? Or Joe Montana's? Or Terry Bradshaw's? Who's Matt Ryan's LT? Has Tom Brady ever had a Jake Long protecting his blind side??? Jake Long is now regressing big time (maybe because of injuries, maybe not but regressing nonetheless) while Matt Ryan's team is a powerhouse...Yeah, great pick...Miami's problems started that day and hasn't stopped yet...Hate to say it but that's the truth...

Tannehill will be the QB for the next 2 years so get it over it. It's painfully clear that Tannehill can't do it all and he has to have better WR's and an Oline that doesn't allow the kind of pressure he is seeing. AND he must have a running game. The guy can't do it all...WTH are you guys thinking? No one could thrive in the position he is in with this team.

Bill, cocoajoe, hate to nitpick but certainly Odrick can start at DT on most teams too but problem is we have him playing an edge rush position. Much the same as asking Mike Pouncey to play LT. Doesn't mean he isn't a good player, just in the wrong spot.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 16, 2012 at 10:50 AM
You're probably right and as pointed out by others, there are some players who do not fit this D or O for that matter. My main point is, the talent we have now can and should be doing better. Blocking and tackling have been part of these players for most of their lives.

Nahh, Shula always had great LTs(and great QBs).

Nolan Carroll is a disaster...My God, not even sure he'd be a starter in the CFL...Complete garbage...

Speaking for myself, I'm not giving up on the team. And absolutely this year was about re-build. But you still need to see HOPE and PROGRESS. And for the last 3 games, you've seen REGRESSION. Philbin and Tannehill, while very disappointing, will not be gone end of Season. No way and I agree it's a bad idea. But you can bring in all the talent you want, and if the HC isn't right, the QB isn't right, probably won't change much. So that's why people are concerned.

I had the team at 4-12, so the record isn't alarming to me. What IS alarming is we might be in the middle of a 6-game losing streak, possibly even a 9-game losing streak. And that's very bad, worse than last year. You'd except the opposite. Rookie HC, rookie QB needs to get their feet under them, learn the game, develop some synergy. That's not what happened. Both had early success. Only now are they showing signs of trouble.

Philbin was brought in as the exact OPPOSITE. A teacher. A developer of talent. A QB's HC. Tannehill showed the game wasn't too big for him either. Yes, struggled first game, but then settled in nicely. And yes, I expected INTs, missed passes, some hand-holding, but I also expected some progress. Especially later in the Season when he's had some experience under his belt. Last two games were AWFUL performances. Past rookie acceptable. They were John Beck/Pat White level bad. That SHOULD concern even the hardened fan. That should not sit well with the fan base. Doesn't mean turn everything inside out, but does mean keep a close eye on the matter.

Tannehill is a pathetic excuse for a pro QB. Thanks again, Ireland. Ross, WAKE UP ALREADY!

Well, he had tight coverage on the receivers only perhaps, too tight.

Tight coverage?
It was 3rd and 12 on the Bills 25 and Sean Smith was playing back on the Fins 35

I don't know what to do! I don't know what to do!

DC, exactly right. Nobody expects Tannehill to be all world and worthy of pro bowl votes but you want to see that he is ready to be a middle of the road starter at least by next year. And we did see that - but these last 2.5 games are not acceptable by any standard and inexcusable even for a rookie. The local Buffalo radio guys after the pre-game just stopped short of saying Tannehill didn't have the look. remember this was the first time they saw this guy. They didn't see the heady sage guy we saw earlier. That was on par with Andrew Luck for the first half of the season. They saw a guy that threw into double coverage, that threw behind a receiver. We saw a glimpse of what he can be on that one touchdown drive. We need to see more though - a lot more. If it requires hiring this guy a whole slew of personal coaches and WRs for him to work with all offseason then do it because he needs to improve and be a lot more consistent.

Even tipped passes are no excuse for a QB's interceptions.

Receivers and Secondary.... Most of ours couldn't catch a cold if Typhoid Mary sneezed on them....

Steve Johnson had 79 yards receiving, no touchdowns, and Fitz only had 168 passing total. Can we lay off of Sean Smith for one week at least. he did his part. Bent a little when required but no damage done by a pro bowl receiver.

A blogger on here hit the nail on the head by obtaining a young and veteran receiver. The answer: Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings or James Jones.
This team clearly has no vertical threat and no push from the interior line. Also, I lvoe reggie bush, but he does not hit the holes. Notice on the play in the second quater when he ran left and Long got knocked down, he was trying to hitthat edge, however if he cut back and turn and followed the LG and Center block, he would have got postive yards.
Spend the $ on those two receiver aforementioned and draft a stud playmaker on Defense. Cut #58 and draft (or trade up with the chips in hand) to Draft Teo from ND. Then use the 2-#2 on a CB and pass rusher that fits the 4-3. Use the 2- 3's on another CB and TE.


The Miami Dolphins have made application for transfer to the Arena Football League where they think they might be competitive.

I was just joking with Sean Smith but no one will lay off of him until he is consistent.. sorry but winning and consistency cures all.

Hennehill couldnt move the ball if he were rolling it down hill!

DC @ 8:30....

This crapy play isn't an INDICTMENT on Philbin....


WITHOUT being GIMMICKY....PHILBIN's coaching has taken us as far as it can....

You can't make chicken salald out of chicken SHA@T in the NFL....

once or twice...maybe....10 weeks in...NO CHANCE...

Our poor play is because of the POOR PLAYERS we have....

Somebody PLEASE start talking about STARKS and SOLIA for the PRO- BOWL....or how they HAVE to be re-signed....

Hey the fans/trolls maybe on to something here. We can save a whole lot of cap money. We'll just expect Tannehill to do it all. From here on out Tannehill will pass block for himself, be the running game, run routes for the WR's and throw the ball to himself after 10 games.

MATT MOORE. Okay, I understand that many of you support the idea that Tannehill must take his lumps this year and this year doesn't matter and the idea is to get him ready for the future. Peyton was, what, 2-14 his rookie year? That may or may not be a good idea, but it is a FACT that Matt Moore would not have back to back to back to back horrible 2 INT games, with all of these INTs happening in the 4th quarter, repeatedly failing to be able to move the team with plenty of time on the clock in the 4th quarter. Just no way it happens.

A few weeks ago when Moore came in, he had the same O line and other supporting case Tannehill has. As some recognize, the QB really does have impact on how everyone else plays, including the defense. The "Tebow" effect is real. Tebow was playing with the same guys who were 1-5 before he took over in Denver last year.

I'm not saying Moore is Tebow. (Moore is, of course, much better than Tebow as a pure passer.) But the guys like Moore and bottom line is he completes passes down the field, gets TDs, and wins games.

No way we lose all 3 of these last games had Moore been the QB. Probably would have been 2-1 at worst.

That's just facts. Feel free to tell me that nevertheless the idea is to have Tannehill get experience.

I don't understand why Moore doesn't get a chance after being MVP last year. Dude is 28. He's young. He could have been the guy for 5 years instead of forcing Tannehill at #8 when TAnnehill was supposed to be a 2nd rounder.

I totally agree that this is post of the year: This blog is the only place on the face of the planet where people would be discussing (apparently in all seriousness) the idea of cleaning house YET AGAIN this offseason.
Guys, can you stop being so damn clueless for a second? Tannehill is a rookie QB. Philbin is a rookie HC. The Dolphins are a young team that was EXPECTED to struggle this year---and they are.
Those guys aren't going anywhere. Nor should they. You don't give up on players and coaches NINE GAMES into their careers---not unless you're completely, hopelessly insane (along with having the IQ of a chair).
Seriously, take a deep breath. Go outside. Buy a new shirt. Rub one out. ANYTHING. But escape from this bubble of insanity for awhile whatever you do!
Posted by: Some Of You Are Not Well | November 16, 2012 at 10:29 AM

Personally, this team should be 5-4 right now. Possibly 6-3. IF...David Garrard was throwing the rock on that last drive. That drive would have been right up David's alley.

But noooooooo....Ireland wanted so bad to prove everyone wrong. Prove everyone wrong that he doesn't know how to draft talent. Maybe if the kid sat a year he might look better. I think he is not that good. BUT...maybe if he just sat a year. Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose. Well, for normal people. Not Jeff Ireland.

Jeff is the anti-GM. Last night's game proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

You guys are killing me today!

All I see is in a nutshell that Tannehill sucks. It's not Tannehill that is getting beat over and over at the line of scrimmage. Sadly Miami can't do anything offensively because of the O-line. This has been a problem for far too long and it's mind boggling. Pouncey to me is the only legit starter right now. Jake Long again looked terrible last night. Jonathan Martin his worst game as a pro. Incognito was terrible in pass protection and Jerry is a lost cause in the run game. They all get stood straight up and get zero push in the run game.

Tannehill also doesn't play terrible D every single week. Nolan Carroll is nothing more then a Special Teams guy. He stinks and is so tight out there on an island with a WR. The next time Karlos Dansby makes a play that contributes to win will be his first time. Sean Smith has reverted back to his old ways of terrible technique and p##sy a## tackling.

Blame a rookie if you want but he isn't the biggest problem and again for a rookie he has played above expectations with this group of WRs and this terrible O-line.

Tannehill = The worst QB in football.

I would like to add, I would let Bush walk and sign a cheaper veteran RB and let Miller and Thomas split carries. Also, call me crazy but, I would entertain the Idea of obtaining Tebow and use him as a FB/HB. Not o nspecial teams and not as a backup QB, alla Jim Jensen. Lane is not a good short yardage back, he tries to run through people and in the NFL that will not work. I feel Tebow who is not very good at QB, is a winner and a "team first" guy. To recap, FA= sign two WR and OG. 2- Draft MLB or CB in 1st round, 3- Use both 2nd round picks on more Defense (CB, FS, OLB/DE) 4- use 2 3rd round picks on another CB (draft is deep with CB's this year) 5-Cut #58, let#22 and #246- Sign Harline and Randy Starks. WR corps goes as following 1-Mike Wallace, 2-Brian Hartline 3-slot WR-Bess, 4-Veteren WR, WR 5 & 6-either Moore or Matthews

"Some of you are not well" @ 10:29 already said it better than I was going to.

A few of you guys sound seriously batsh*t crazy. He's right. You don't go cleaning house every freaking year.

Calling for Matt Moore? Seriously? lol

You guys really believe Moore would do better with this O-line, lack of running game or should I say no running game and throwing to this group of WRs and TEs. C'mon guys. Get real

Ross/Ireland the worst FO in sports.

I live in a world where stats and facts matter most.

The stats and facts don't favor Ryan Tannehill as a franchise QB. He ranks right up there with Henne and Beck.

If y'all think this turd with blossom into a rose then you are in a state of denial. Its not Ryan that upsets me most. He is what he is. I'm upset with Ross and Ireland. They playing you folks for fools. They taking your hard earned money and laughing all the way to the bank.

Ryan Tannehill is not the problem, he is the Franchise QB. He just has nothing to work with. He had the same last year in College, not a good OLine and no weapons.

If Management supply Tannehill with a speed vertical threat, a TE, and a replacement or two on the Oline that know how to block in the blitz zone offense, then you will see the results. Tannehill has all the skills to be a top 10 QB and he has pose and a high IQ. He has the "IT" factor to drive the team down the field to win the game. Last night, with a mIke Wallace, james jones, a TE and better blocking fro mthe Oline. Miami wins the game.

Montreal, no doubt, that was the worst deceision in the franshise's history. A QB is worth 3-5 times as much as any other position. And you can't be scared to draft one. I had no problem with the Tannehill pick. And I will have no problem when they take the next one in 2014 if he doesn't get his head on straight.

How can Philbin leave Tannehill in when he stinks so bad? I hope Ireland and Philbin are both fired before seasons end.

Kris, maybe it is on Ireland. But if you get rid of the GM, how does the new guy keep the last regime's HC? Usually doesn't work that way. Not saying it can't. But usually the GM will want his own people. If you don't get a guy comfortable with Philbin, what's that do to the re-build? I think we have to live with Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Even tipped passes are no excuse for a QB's interceptions.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 16, 2012 at 11:13 AM


This might be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen here. And that's saying a LOT!

Okay I'll have some fun and play their silly game. IF Tannehill is the worst QB in the league.. What does that make Moore who lost the QB job to him in training camp? Don't make me go factual on you trolls and post Moore's stats this preseason. SMH

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did in sticking with a crap QB. And he deserves the same fate as Sparano.

How in the hell are they handcuffng tannehill. All i heard was this is his offense and he can run it so well. Bullsh$t! If you suck you suck. He should be putting up craz numbers. Well he is, but not the good numbers. Bottomline is he is awful and miami is going to be piss poor as long as he is the qb. Never liked him never will. Just like his father henne sr.


I think Ross lets Philbin "hire" the GM....

Posted by: A Fan | November 16, 2012 at 11:19 AM

Putting Moore in now is pointless. Lets say that he comes in and goes 3-3 over the last few games or gets us to 8-8, as MinT pointed out earlier that puts us at the middle of the pack on draft picks.. which is a semi waste.. This team needs a game changer in the top 10 right now.. Im not saying play the rest of the season to lose by any means but if the future is not Moore then let Tannehill get teh reps and experience. Manning set the record for INT's for a rookie.. and hes turned out to be Manning what other QBs guage themselves against. Not saying Tannehill is going to be that but he needs time to develope... and needs weapons to do it..
Just to throw this out there on the Jets game.. the D and ST were playing stellar anyways.. Maybe they realize they let Thill down and got him hurt and thats what brought them together.. theres always two ways to look at it

If they fire Ireland it is what it is.. It doesnt hurt my feelings either way as I have supported Ireland in the past..
If they were to let him go.. I do see Ross listening to the former GM of the Chiefs or maybe letting Philbin pick his guy.. which would be wise considering he worked with GB's GM

Did someone mention the word ineptitude? Tannehill is just like another failure we had manning our QB position (Henne). This team looks just like the team we had before the wildcat was rolled out and yes, the title of losers is still hanging around this teams neck! How long will it be before this coach realize he has a loser at QB? It sure took him a long time to come to that realization with Naane. The QB,secondary and Receivers are all garbage. I am going to give Bush a pass for now and put this squarely on the QB and Mike Sherman. This team and new coah made us all feel good about the direction of our team with wins earlier in the season against bad teams. Those wins quieted the storm but the bandage was snatched off by the Texans and Colts and Bills exposing this team for the imposters they are.

Monte, we wish Tannehill was as good as RoboHenne! LOL

The Dolphins have good players you could built a team around they just need to draft a CB And WR who make plays. I wish Richard Marshall wasnt injury the secondary will be much better. Nolan Carroll will be playing the slot instead of jimmy wilson. Kevin Coyle needs to work with the Defense catching the ball jimmy wilson and Karlos Dansby both could had have game changing INT. Tannehill is a rookie who is still learning, the first INT was a great play by Byrd the last INT he threw he was just trying to make a play but no one was open. And to those people calling Ryan a bust go to sleep, Peyton had 28 int his rookie year. The Dolphins would be a playoff team depending who they draft and which players we re sign. I hope they re sign all of the free agents on the team right now. Most important free agents Starks,Long,Bush,Hartline,Smith,Fasano,Clemons,Mcdaniel.

Long isn't having a BAD YEAR....

n football...you can either KICK THE OTHER DUDES @SS...or you can't...

Looks like Long can't....

youre putting it around the neck of the ROOKIE QB that the line doesnt allows him to get hit over and over, the same one that doesnt have a game changer at WR? Nice

Great post mattyfromnc. I agree. This team is not going to the playoffs and Tannehill needs the experience and reps. We could spend all day and night on what if's and hindsight theories about what Matt Moore could have done but he's not the future.

Philbin told you guys @ the TOP of the blog....

Football REALLY isn't that complicated....

The MEDIA may hype it all up for you....

but @ the end of the day....you have to BEAT the man across from your face...

and the FINS don't have the horses to accomplish the mission....


Until we get some speed at the WR position tannehill we throw ints. The windows are so small for him because no one can get free of a DB ever!! So some are gonna get picked if EVERY throw has to be perfect. Mathews had the only play where he beat a DB and they grabbed him to stop the catch. Hopefully that was a sign of what he can do but we need more weapons!,

On defense I'm totally fine with trading Davis. He hasn't been lighting it up in Indy either. So the pick is good. But the backup plan ( Marshall) didn't work. We need a shut down corner. Smith started the season awesome! But I guess he must have read how great he was doing and it went to his head. He's getting beat and has stone hands disease again. Stanford actually played better than smith and Carroll and Wilson.

It's funny how all the haters come back after a losing streak. But these same morons predicted 2 wins as a max. So pretend you're still gone and shut up. This is a growing pains year. Most of us already new this. For me 8-8 was the ceiling. I'd like to see them go back to more no huddle. If that's what they want the future to be start now. There really isn't a lot of pressure on the team. I think we all like the coaching staff and they are safe no matter the record. As for the Ireland haters, you should stay away too. This and last years draft both have plenty of upside. One more draft with a lot of fire power and plenty of cap space should give the team a shot at a big jump. Biggest question. Jake long. No way he should get outrageous money based on this season. Martin is outplaying him. What the heck is going on there?? It's not that he's just slipped from pro bowler. He's becoming a liability out there. Does he have an undisclosed injury? It's ugly on the left side.

Matty B....

I was NEVER in the "suck for luck" bandwagon last year....

but I got to ask myself....whats the point of winning another game....the playoffs are a pipe dream now...


what happens when theres not a man in front of you and the defensive lineman twists and send a linebacker through the same hole.. thats a little more complicated than blockng the man in front of you lol

We have an excellent OL. Tannehill still cant move the ball. Bottom line he's not a pro QB.

Said it yesterday & boy, could I have been more right?!

This team doesn't have the capacity to improve because they don't have talent.

Least talented O in the NFL, maybe the Jets are a lil worse than us.

No real WR threats, no TE threats, shaky T's, shaky G's. 2 fumble injury / fumble prone RB's. We have a center though...YPPIE!

S. Smith is AWFUL! A couple of decent games earlier in the year deluded some poeple but, this dude BLOWS! He's too big to change direction and cannot play a ball in the air if his life depended on it.

So is Odrick. What a friggin waste of space this dude is. Trade him in the offseason and resign Mcdaniels instead. At least Mcdaniel is visible on game day!

So is Wilson & Carrol. The only DB we have worth more than a penny is R. Jones. He's actually DECENT!

Ireland has done 1 heckuva job!

Matt B...

when the man get across from your face....you kick his @SS...lol....make him not want to stunt/twist/or blitz your gap....lol...

I almost forgot...


Monte, what game are you watching?

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