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Bills beat up the Dolphins up front

BUFFALO --Sometimes football truly is, as coach Joe Philbin says, not that difficult a game.

Much of it is as simple as blocking and tackling.

And so if you're wondering why the Buffalo Bills, a team that is the worst in the NFL at stopping the run, could stop the Dolphins Thursday night, all you have to do is look at the blocking and tackling.

The Bills tackled and they beat the Dolphins off blocks.

It wasn't any exotic scheme that helped the Bills. It wasn't a team stacking the tackle box against Reggie Bush that limited Miami to only 60 rushing yards and 2.5 yards per carry.

It was the Bills simply beating the Dolphins physically up front.

"You got to give credit to them. They did a good job up front," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. "They weren't bringing safeties down. They did a good job of shedding blocks and making tackles.There were a few times I turned around and there was really just nowhere to run. And that's with no safeties being in there. So you have to credit their front seven for doing a good job of making it difficult to run."

So, as I told Tannehill, what he's saying is the Bills were winning up front. They were beating the Miami blocking up front.

"For some of the game, yeah," Tannehill said. "We just couldn't get things going."

That's it. In a nutshell.

The team that was giving up an average of 163.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game beat the Dolphins physically up front.

And that leads me to this question:


How is it that an offensive line with a first-round pick at left tackle, a first-round pick at center, a second-round pick at right tackle, a third-round pick at right guard and a guy who was signed as a free agent solution a couple of years ago at right guard get beat physically?

By that team that was so, so terrible previously?



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Read what a NFL expert says about Tannehill..


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Henne had 13 games over 300 yards not 7.
He had 7 his first year as starter. And he won 7 games throwing to scrubs like Camarillo and Ginn.

Posted by: Clipboard | November 16, 2012 at 01:46 PM

You want to compare Luck who started all four years at Stanford under now NFL head coach Jim Harbaugh to Tannehill that started 19 games in college?
Experience will come and a good offseason will help. He didnt have an offseason with the Fins due to not being under contract etc. They can work with him at the end of the season unofficially to correct that.. All that you stated is fixable.. He does stare down receivers sometimes as rookies do and even vets.. but its not all the time he does a nice job reading through his progressions when he hasnt been hit multiple times a game..

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******************* follow the money *******************
this is how a lot of investigations are solved, and it applies as well in this new, unsolved mystery "what happened to the 2012 miami dolphins"... follow the trail of money and it will direct you to the big guys up front on both sides of the ball. prior to the titans debacle, outstanding play by these huge linemen was the most noticeable and visually recognizable improvement from a year ago, BUT, if you look at the play of both squads as of recently, you will see a contrast so opposite it would be hard to imagine these are the same guys. when you spend money to fix something and then find out that it wasn't fixed at all, you are in trouble. to the bills credit, mario williams and merrimen are great players when healthy, so i guess they are just that. i don't know how ross could have visions of drafting pieces we have been needing for some time, top wideout, top runningback, top tightend, top cornerback... when we seem to be needing to upgrading linemen every draft.... where is this team going?

The Bucs are a sleeper team this year. They will win the Super Bowl.


Henne had 3-300 Yd Games!! As a Rookie!!

Henne's 2009 Game Log (First Season as Starter)







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I don't believe there is QB anywhere that could win in this offense. The OL has been awful, the running game a liability and the WR's can't get separation or run away from anyone. Fasano is not the same either. What does that leave us a rookie QB running for his life every play trying to squeeze the ball into receivers that have db's and LB's all over them.

Tannehill = another Ireland bust

Eh Let them talk about Tannehill. He hasn't impressed the last two games. The guy talking about his footwork I don't believe has watched a game, because he CONSTANTLY is moving up in the pocket because the tackles can't stop the DE, they just try to push them upfield.

They do, since now playoff chances are very slim, take the training wheels off and let him air it out. Granted no speed at WR kind of hurts that idea, but let the kid learn on the job. It isn't doing him any good to keep training wheels on till the team is behind in the 4th. No suprise factor there, and the WRs are having trouble creating space.

This blog is like shooting morons in a barrel...

We'd be 8-2 with Matt Moore.

Hell Fin 77 wed be 10-0 with Marino and Megatron.


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Tannehill is just terrible. He's a 7th rd project not a 1st rd QB.

Can anyone tell me who has been cosistent enough on the team to be considered a help to Tannehill? One week Hartline had a career day and for a few weeks Reggie was great. It's an awful lot to ask of a rookie QB to win games with no support. So save me the ridiculous comparisons to other QB's and stupidly calling the kid a bust.

Ross was to cheap to sign Matt Flynn. So we stink again.

Phins 78...

I think the question was RELEVANT and TASTEFUL then....

and I think in hindsight (NOW)....it speaks volumes....


and for the record....people do FIRE THEMSELVES...it's called a RESIGNATION....(see David Petraus for futher guidance)....

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

Harmel.. do you just say stuff to get a rise out of people or are you just that dumb? Flynn couldnt start in Seattle over a rookie, like Moore, and we had an inside track on him with Philbin... If Philbin felt he was the QB of the future.. Flynn is here but apparently hes riding the bench

Idk matty, maybe we can trade Reggie Bush for him : )

Dolphin77 from 1:25,

What I am trying to say is how many starters were acquired after Philbin was hired. Given the choice most first year HC's would change every aspect that contributed to the performance of the previous year but due to contracts and caps it is unfeasalbe to do so. Given a chance Philbin has changed the culture of the team and is in process of changing the attitude of the team. First year problem players were eliminated. Next year, players not giving 100% will be gone. By then the rookies drafted this year will have a little more experience and have a lot more playing time. Daniel Thomas a starter with miller a back up. See where I am going with this.

Philbin wanted Flynn. He even said it but that SOB Ross was too cheap to pay him fairly.

Harmel, please paste the link to the clip where Philbin came out publicly and stated he wanted Flynn as his QB... Ross signs checks Ireland works the deals... If Philbin wanted him he would have gotten him. Hes gotten rid of the players Philbin didnt want and has brought in what he could of the players he wanted.. try again

lol commonsense

Harmel is right. After 3 interviews, Philbin was quoted

" I have no idea why Matt ohose Seattle over Miami."

Its because Ross lowballed him.

So as craptacular as they played. They still had a chance to win it in the 4th. Not to mention if a couple things went their way... missed FG (personally thought they should have went for it on 4th since FG really didn't help at that time), Wilson missing the INT, Dansby INT, bad missed PI calls, tacky PI calls. Don't like talking about the refs cause bad calls go both ways, but last night seemed a little one sided.

All and all you can't blame this one on the D. They held their own. Gave up some yards, but held to field goals even when put in bad spots. They need to take advantage of turnovers though.


Monte, they didn't low ball him. They offered him what he was worth. Seattle overpaid for a backup QB.

Again look at the business accumen of the NFL.. Owner signs the checks.. GM MAKES OFFERS AND DEALS...

lol you can read that anyway you want.. it sounds like he doesnt know why MF chose them over Miami.. that doesnt mean he wants him.. Hes saying he isnt MF and doesnt know why.. not that he wanted him and cant understand it..

The out of touch out of towners are clueless. (North Carolina?)

Ross's offer to Flynn was an insult. So we're still looking for a QB. Ross is looking for a cheap QB.

Harmel unless youre sitting in the office with Ross and Ireland kid you know as much as I do about who low balled him.. So if you want to try and discredit me becasue I live in NC then go ahead.. but if you read my posts compared to yours.. i hands down know more about football than you do kid.

Monte/Harmel... if they did sign Matt Flynn they would still be looking for a QB.

I think Flynn would've done well here. But we'll never know.

Agreed... I dont know why theyre mad that we didnt pay him 9 million a year to ride the bench like Seattle is...

Flynn...bah ha ha..Really that's your answer for this offense? I couldn't think of anyone more irrelvant to talk about on this board. lol

Good thing Ireland didn't knee jerk and sign Hartline to an outrageous extension. He's not a #1 and can't pay him like that. Almost every FA we have this year can walk and I don't think we'd really be that much worse off. I think there are something like 30 contracts that expire after the season.

Hartline may not be a #1, but he would be a good #2(I'd also say slot but Bess is pretty good at that). The guy has great hands, just not getting seperation enough.

Pretty sure Hartline will be back, unless he wants absurd money.

As usual, no one has denied my proscriptions.

How is trading Marshall for two 3rd rd picks working out? Irelend should be fired on that trade alone. I am not even including his terrible drafts.

Bah... Marshall again... Ever stop to think the coach didn't want him? Same with Davis. But yeah blame the GM who got value for two guys Philbin wanted to cut. Brilliant!

Well, thanks, Dashi, I'll look into them.

I dont see the Bucs winning the superbowl.. the NFC is a tough division this year..

Exactly Commonsense.. they werent traded until after Philbin came on board... Marshall wanted out of Miami too.. so why not get value out of a guy that didnt want to be here and the coach didnt want him..

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He got value? He got no value . He traded Marshall for two 3rd rd picks and drafted Agnew with the 3rd rd pick who dont even suit up for this team. You have to be a moron if you defend Irelend the guy is a moron and driving this franchise into the ground with Ross. Marshall is a top wr which we obviously need right now and if Philbin wanted to dump him then Philbin shouldnt of been hired. Now Bush is going to be next on the list. All of our best players are being moved for nothing. Tannehill has no chance to succeed with no playmakers.

Things look pretty bleak, but remember, we have Jeff Ireland in the front office to straighten it all out.

Philbin has a style of player he wants. When he first came here he talked about it in many interviews. He prefers to draft people, rather than taking other peoples problems.

Honestly I didn't like the Marshall trade cause he is very talented, but he also has lots of issues. I thought they would package those 3rds and move up and take a WR in the draft. That would have been a great move imo.

Either way, thats the coaches style. Let him get players in he likes and if it still isn't working then call for his head.

Jays just signed Melky cabrera. Serious business going on in Toronto ...

I understand what you are saying but when irelend is making the selections in the draft I have no confidence. If we had Jimmy Johnson making the picks I would feel alot better. I know Philbin has his style of player but he has never been a coach before and who knows if his style of player will work. Either way you can't just give Marshall away which they basically did. If you want to trade him fine but at least get fair value for him which they did not.

Anothony you have to look deeper than what you just stated and calling me a moron doesnt help your cause. Marshall was a Biatch that screamed if he didnt get his way... not good for a rookie QB... secondly he dropped atleast 6 easy TD passes bro... was at the top of the NFL in dropped passes... two 3rds for a guy that WANTED OUT TOO... I think I trust an NFL Coachs judgement of waht he wants in HIS offense over your opinion. Kind of hard to get talent on a 6 million cap space which is due to dead money from Parcells picks... Read between the lines and dont just take whats presented to you.. itll make you look alot smarter.

Yeah it would have been nice if they got more for him. Not sure if they could have with the off field issues though. Probably viewed as a gamble.

But in black and white, I agree Marshall is worth more than two 3rds.

Opti/Pessi Mist: I agree and have no problem with Philbin trying to change the culture in Miami. He's the head coach and should put his stamp on the team. However, his decisions should reflect positively on the team more so than simply saying we got rid of some troublemakers.

Problem comes in when changes he made -jettisoning Marshall and Johnson and Davis; sitting Matt Moore -work to the team's detriment and player's attitudes head south. I don't think the veterans have yet come into full agreement with Philbin and the staff's methods and actions. And what the veterans think and do is soon picked up by the new guys.

Also, one supposes Philbin had the option of working further with Marshall, Johnson and Davis and trying to correct their attitudes; to get them more in line, as players he favors. But one might guess he took the easy way out and chose to make an example of them.

The team is playing lately as thoroughly unmotivated as any I've ever seen. The cultural shock brought by Philbin may be too much.

anyone thinking that tannehill is gonna be any different that henne is in for a big surprise. We'll be looking for a new QB in 2014 once people realize that he's bad not because he's a rookie but because he doesn't have talent and that winner instinct. he's had a chance to win at least 4 games this year with game winning drives and he hasn't done it. Henne had the same issue.

Well im outtie, have a good one.

Where is Craig M defending Ireland & the crew of awful players he's assembled?

Just Curious,

I'm right here sh8thead....something you want to talk about?

Holy shyte it's MANIC in here today....WTF guys? This is all about a bunch of guys that bought into all the hype about this team this year. You got caught up in all the buzz in this team and figured it was 2008 all over again. Is that REALLY what you wanted? I thought we said that was one of the worst things this franchise went through. Some of us didn't buy into the hype and predicted 4-12 or 6-10 seasons. We're not there yet guys. We were mediocre last year and you don't change that in one offseason. Reality check.

last nights game, proved my theory again... that if teams play base defense, no blitzing and dropping players into coverage... miami will not win another game this year... As good as Hartline and Bess have been, neither one can on a regular basis beat defenses, and never when there getting double covered.. if you look at the game, when they did make throws deep down feild, just like bess's TD catch, RT has to make a perfect throw because there is no seperation being created.. except the one pass he missed Clay on, which again, he was being pressured by a 4 man front.. Good to see Mathews get in the game.. bout time... and for the running game, we can not run the ball against a base defense either. Most of bush's yards have come from defenses blitzing.. and there not anymore... Long, Jerry and the other gaurd are to big and slow for the type of running schemes being used.. Just like the experts thought coming into the season.. Long, Bush, and most of our free agents will not be back next year.....

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