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Bills beat up the Dolphins up front

BUFFALO --Sometimes football truly is, as coach Joe Philbin says, not that difficult a game.

Much of it is as simple as blocking and tackling.

And so if you're wondering why the Buffalo Bills, a team that is the worst in the NFL at stopping the run, could stop the Dolphins Thursday night, all you have to do is look at the blocking and tackling.

The Bills tackled and they beat the Dolphins off blocks.

It wasn't any exotic scheme that helped the Bills. It wasn't a team stacking the tackle box against Reggie Bush that limited Miami to only 60 rushing yards and 2.5 yards per carry.

It was the Bills simply beating the Dolphins physically up front.

"You got to give credit to them. They did a good job up front," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. "They weren't bringing safeties down. They did a good job of shedding blocks and making tackles.There were a few times I turned around and there was really just nowhere to run. And that's with no safeties being in there. So you have to credit their front seven for doing a good job of making it difficult to run."

So, as I told Tannehill, what he's saying is the Bills were winning up front. They were beating the Miami blocking up front.

"For some of the game, yeah," Tannehill said. "We just couldn't get things going."

That's it. In a nutshell.

The team that was giving up an average of 163.7 yards per game on the ground coming into this game beat the Dolphins physically up front.

And that leads me to this question:


How is it that an offensive line with a first-round pick at left tackle, a first-round pick at center, a second-round pick at right tackle, a third-round pick at right guard and a guy who was signed as a free agent solution a couple of years ago at right guard get beat physically?

By that team that was so, so terrible previously?



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Let's face it, Ireland, during his tenure, has assembled one of the least talented teams in the NFL.

How anyone can continue to give this guy a pass needs his head examined.

If Fins fans are faced with the option of Ireland & his HIGH failure rate or a new GM with the hope of better players(best case) or same failure rate(worst case), I'm going with the new guy!

At least he would offer hope of better acquisitions! You don't stick with the same people for consistency sake. You wanna have consitently bad players? LOL

Someone said Miami's roster is 50% set? WHAT?

Miami's roster is comprised of primarily practice squad & players who would not make it on any other team.

Miami has a roster full of back up scrubs. Sadly, in this league, you need QUALITY STARTING PLAYERS!

Dansby & Burnett are overpaid & simply NOT THAT GOOD.

S. Smith is a BUM. Stevie Johnson was WIDE open all night! THis CB cannot locate the ball.

Carroll? PLEASE!

Clemmons? Any big plays? EVER?

Jimmy Wilson? Getting beat like a drum EVERY week.

Jake Long in his 5th year has been reduced to a slightly above average LT.

Incognito? LOL

Jerry? LOL

Fasano, Egnew, Clay? LMAO

Fumble & injury prone Bush & Thomas? PUHLEASE!

Hartline, Bess & Marlon Moore? Oh good lord!


This team has so many holes that they will NEVER catch up! Factor in potentially losing Bush, Hartline, Starks, McDaniels & Long and you are looking at FOUR TO FIVE YEARS before this team has ANY shot to do anything.

Couple more thoughts about last nights game:

The play-calling was VERY predictable! We could see the plays coming from a mile away. No creativity. No surprises. If we could see it from the stands, what did the Bills see?

All the guys around us said the Bills need to improve their DL. Geez, you'd never know it from last nights game. What the Hell has happened to our OL. This is what we'd like to know Armando. It's not just Long. It's ALL the guys. I watched Jerry and Pouncey and they looked awful. Martin too. This should be a big concern for us. I thought we'd done a nice job getting this line in order. They were manhandled all night and the Bills defence was in our backfield all night.

Couple of other things:

Sean Smith, most people's target on here played well last night. I was watching him, looking for soft coverage or missed assignments. He was spot on all night. One of our best defenders on the night (I realize that's not what some guys want to hear). Clemmons? Just don't get this guy. Can't wait for him to be gone. Doesn't seem to have a clue where he's supposed to be out there. Maybe he'd be good on STs but he shouldn't be starting at safety for this team.

There are questions. There are answers. There are questions that will be answered.

With the trades we have made we are stacked in the draft. It is going to be a busy off season evaluating the team(hopefully with out Ireland). We have enough to trade up if needed, Letting some overrated overpayed players go opens up the financial aspect. I am extremely optimistic about next year. A #1 receiver, A good TE and a sound running game and we have a completely different offense. On defense, release a couple, trade a couple and we do have some young talent on the roster who can be groomed into decent players. We will get better.

Sean Smith was benched at one point, shows how good of a game he was having... people just didnt notice because carroll was raking up interference penaltys...

DC I absolutely DID expect the fins to post a decent sub .500 record to start the season and said so right in this very blog. So did some others. Our reasoning? New coach, new offense, new qb, none of which anyone in the NFL were familiar with. So some of us had a feeling we could sneak up on teams in the beginning but when the book on us was out we would quickly be knocked down a rung. That is the exact scenario I pointed out in preseason! lol yeah, I guess I'll pat myself on the back for having foresight.

So I don't see them as regressing, just see it as they are playing to their level, not very good. Who did we beat again? Remind me because it sounds like you're saying we beat 4 really good teams to prove we were also good when the fact of the matter is we were lucky with an easy schedule in the beginning.

And then at the end you kind of trailed off looking to blame everyone. Not sure why, once again it's pretty obvious that the fault lies with the entire team in a team sport.

Many (including me) have been saying this is a rebuilding year. But after the past 2 weeks we all have to declare....THIS TEAM IS HORRIBLE!!

Too many penalties, fumbles, and sacks/pressures on THILL. Having no #1 WR is a HUGE problem and is leading to interceptions for THILL who is having to scramble for his life and trying to go 99 yards to help win a game in the final minutes. Without protectiona and weapons he can't be fully successful, especially as a rookie. Those who call him a bust clearly are not watching the full reality of what is happening on the field.

I believe in Wake, THILL, Bess, Pouncey, Solai, Starks and Fields.

All others are unreliable...at best.

Guys I see as "on the fence," who may not be consistent enough to ever really help take this team to the playoffes (in my mind): Long, Dansby, Incognito, Martin, Jerry, Vernon, Odrick, Hartline, Thomas, Misi, Clay and Bush).

Pretenders who hurt us each week with inconsistency and lack of overall ability; (Smith, Carpenter, Carroll, Clemons, Wilson, Fasano, Burnett).

This is no longer rebuilding...it's flat hard to watch!


That's how you know you know nothing about football.

If you consider giving up almost every pass thrown at you. Not turning around to look for the ball. Committing pass interference penalties in the end zone as playing well, consider me Santa Claus.

Some of you, especially Craig M, shouldn't talk about things they have ZERO clue about.

No one bought into the hype of the 4-3 start. What's becoming MORE alarming than losses is the type of losses. Embarrasing. Being completely outclassed on O & D. This team is ever further behind than anyone anticipated!

This team has holes as far as they eye can see. Go ahead, preach patience with Ireland at the controls.

Some of you wouldn't know you wouldn't know if you were suffocting unless a fat lady is sitting on your face.


Not sure if you're around or not. I don't get how you had this team pegged to be 11-5 and now you're saying the talent level is crap and Ireland should be fired. What did you base your prediction on, if not the players on the team?

I also don't get how Philbin gets a pass in all of this. Not saying he's to blame but are you honestly saying that he wan't onside with the team trading Marshall, the team trading Davis and wasn't he the guy that chopped Ocho. He's also the guy that refuses to play Egnew and limits Miller's playing time and wasn't he the guy who benched Bush last week. At what point do we start saying that Philbin has some responsibility in the team's performance on the field too?

After the jets game I thought and posted " remember this is a week to week league" and boy was I unfortunately right. Now I am trying to remind myself that before I cast my disgust for this team and their effort. 6-10 was suppose to be expected , but after the winning streak you get caught up and expect and want more. Then you are just reminded how mediocre at best we are. I do love their effort except vs Titans but in addition to their many holes it seems surreal how hard a big play can be for them to attain, how incredible they are at whiffing on every turnover possibility. Lose the ball after a rare big gain, or lose the chance of turning the other team over ( sean smith, wilson, dansby, ).With the refs help since they are convinced we are inferior . And we always have a featured goat.. Big goat. Yesterday the star was Carrol. Ohhh the pain these guys have given me since 83' . Excuse the typos.. Quickly written on mobile.

Truth hurts you need to find a dictionary and look up two words. Opinion and fact. Read slowly and learn the difference.

Coaches coach, players play. PERIOD!

The results are indicitive of the CRAP team your boyrfriend Jeff Ireland assembled.

Suck it up & acknowledge reality already!

Blame Philbin now to not have to blame Irealnd? Typical Ireland Homer.

I have many regrets in life, but the biggest sorrow ios that I was never able to perform a prostate exam on Ernest Borgnine before he passed away.

Truth Hurts,

Not sure what you saw from your TV. I guess you must have had a better view of Smith than me, considering I was at the game and focussed on him. The PI calls were BS. I'm not sure what the cameras showed but there were a number of bogus calls from the refs.

So yeah, I'll stick to what I said. Smith was one of our best players on defence. Since YOUR the expert, why don't YOU tell me who played well on defence last night.

red, Smith was benched? When?

I'm more of a singer than piano player, Dashi. Just need the instrument to accompany myself(and others).

I think they signed Philbin because they wanted Matt Flynn and figured he'd want to play with his OC Philbin. But Ross cheaped out....again.

Dammit red you beat me to it. Long incogs and jerry just arent athletic enough to zone block. Gotta be able to knock yer guy then move on to the next. Our guys cant get away from the first level . And before someone brings up longs zone blocking in college that.might as well be a lifetime ago.He was JUST athletic enough to get bye ...till injuries took their toll and made him just a guy.incogs cant move side to side hence no inside help to long or pouncy.martin can run and move but has dime rolls for arms apparently.

78, live in the dark if you want.

This team sucks.

It's players suck.

It's worse than anyone thought it was. It becomes more apparent with every embarrasing loss.

The phins aren't losing games, they are getting obliterated. I didn't post an opinion, I posted facts.

Perhaps you need a common sense course? Cause if you don't see that, you are a dunce.

Only a Jests fan would defend Irescum.

Truth Hurts,

Thanks for coming out bud. I guess we should all just sit back and listen to what you have to say. I guess no one is allowed to have an opinion that's any different than you. I guess no one is allowed to express it on a football blog on the Dolphins. We'll all just sitback and let you have free reign on the blog......f8ckhead!

4th losing season in a row. Ross needs to wake up and get a real GM .

Craig M, stick to ice fishing. You have zero credibility outside the kool-aid stand.

You MUST get to the second level in OL Blocking. Nothing new under this Planet.(we are not doing it).

Craig I'm SOOOOOO happy you brought that up. Why does Philbin get a pass? WHY DOES PHILBIN GET A PASS?! LOL

How about the fact that he took over a roster full of big slow players that don't fit into the new system we are running? How about the fact that he's a first year head coach?

Is this what it has come down to now in Miami? For f&^ks sake! Every time a first year head coach doesn't get us a winning record in his first season we want to start all over the following season? Guys, with that kind of turnover stumbling upon a winning season would be like winning the lottery. The last one only happened because of a Brady injury and a tron of luck.


Anyone get what I'm saying? When Coughlin took over the Giants some of the cry baby pri madonna players talked out against his style. Same exact style as Philbin. He didn't do well in his first few years because he was assembling players to fit in his system. The media crucified him and called for his firing every week.

So do you see how stupid most fans and media are? Had it not been for the good sense of the owner the Giants would be starting over every year. But he knew the guy needed time to develop his rookies and find his type of players.

I swear to everything that is holy if the media and fans pressure Ross to fire Philbin and he does I am done with football especially the Dolphins because it will be a clear indication to me that no one in Florida has any common sense and the outside pressures will never allow the Dolphins to be competitive ever again. I'm so f&*(ing SICK AND TIRED of this constant turnover BULLS&*T and you all should be too!

So yeah, I'll stick to what I said. Smith was one of our best players on defence. Since YOUR the expert, why don't YOU tell me who played well on defence last night.

red, Smith was benched? When?

Posted by: Craig M | November 16, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Stick to what you said and continue to look like a doofus!LOL

What game were you watching? Every pass int call was LEGIT.

Smith was benched at 1 point. Yea, cause he was sooooooo good. LMAO We don't wanna hear Smith was the best player on the field? LOLOLOL

Maybe because he was 1 of the worst! He jumped a friggin screen pass to Spiller that Fitz threw to Stevie Johnson, WHOM SMITH ABONDED on the play, and gave up a 16 yard play.

S. Johnson, covered by Smith ALL GAME long finished with more catches than anyone on the field! Targeted 9 times, cause 66% of them!

Try WATCHING the game next time. LOL

Phinmanski just because someone doesnt see things the same way you do and can look beyond just what is presented to them doenst mean they are a jests fan bro..

Looks like its time to start concentrating on the draft boys...

Does anyone think we could get a 3rd rd pk for Tannehill now?

This team has absolutely no comeback potential at all!? If they fall behind by 7 points, its over.

It is the players who are not playing up to the expected level that are not buying into Philbins system, Dansby, Burnett, Long, Bush etc have been around for a few years and have this attitude that they are better than a rookie coach and have done it all and what the coach says does not matter. The D line has bought into it completely but the LB's are not playing upto par and that is why we have had a collapse in up front pressure. There was mention of JJ coming in as GM . Looking at some other coaches who became GM does not always work. Parcells, Holmgren and even Jerry Jones being SB winning coaches/Owner, hire and build around their principles and beliefs and influence the coaching style. The next GM would have to be the WCO believer for it to work.

Truth Hurts,

Thanks for coming out bud. I guess we should all just sit back and listen to what you have to say. I guess no one is allowed to have an opinion that's any different than you. I guess no one is allowed to express it on a football blog on the Dolphins. We'll all just sitback and let you have free reign on the blog......f8ckhead!

Posted by: Craig M | November 16, 2012 at 04:02 PM

Craig, the point is, numbn*tter, that you are the only one claiming smith was the best player on the field. You're the ONLY one here with a different view point than mine.

Why am I calling you out, because you're the ONLY 1 who saw Smith have a good game LOL

Who's the f*ckhead exactly?

If you wanna know the best plyaer on the field on D last night, it was R. Jones & it wasn't even CLOSE. He's the only guy who showed up.

Instead of looking at fat, ugly, Bill lady fans, watch the game!

You also have to beguin and finish your Blocks(which we are not doing it either)

The Dolphin FO is WORSE then the Marlins. LOL

Truth Hurts,

Why don't you tell me what else I'm wrong about. You seem to have all the answers bud. All warm and snug in your basement watching the game on TV, many miles away. Why don't you tell me who played well for us on defence.

It's funny, I don't remember your comments about how bad this team was when we were 4-3 and on a 3 game winning streak. Why is that?

Bottom line.....You cant win with the worst QB in football.

Phins78 - I couldn't have said it any better myself. ALL of the teams that have success in this league have long time coaches - New England, Baltimore, The Giants, The Texans, Green Bay - teams that change coaches every other year are always at the bottom (Dallas anyone?). Give the guy a couple years to get his players in here and see what he can do - if he is here for 5 or 6 years and they haven't had a winning season yet or made the playoffs, then you have to think about letting him go but jeesh - after 10 games in his first season?!? Get real. You don't know a lot about the NFL if you are calling for this guys head already.

Truth Hurts,

I watched Jones last night and he was NOT the best player on the field defensively. He was chasing Spiller all night and couldn't keep up with him. He was also out of position. So tell yourself whatever you want but Jones didn't play particularly well at all.

look at my post at 4:10, idiot. I told you already who the best player was. Read before you type, big mouth.

I knew this team sucked but, it's becoming MORE obvious that it's worse than anyone imagined. The talent is PITIFUL.

Thank Jeffy for me when you talk to him. My condolensces! Everyone knows you're almost ALWAYS wrong.

You don't need me to recite them all for you. We ALL know you.

Dont worry. Irescum will draft another QB bust next year.

Actually that pass interference in the end zone at that point in the game was genius. Just mug the receiver. Penalty doesn't hurt you at that point.

Truth Hurts,

I watched Jones last night and he was NOT the best player on the field defensively. He was chasing Spiller all night and couldn't keep up with him. He was also out of position. So tell yourself whatever you want but Jones didn't play particularly well at all.

Posted by: Craig M | November 16, 2012 at 04:13 PM

LMAO WOW DUDE! You are hopeless.

...and blind!

I like Tannehill as much as the next Dolphin fan but I need to see him bring this team back for a victory sooner or later - thats what the great ones do. If the Dolphins had Marino, that game last night was in the bag, no doubt. He has to learn to pull those out. Maybe when he gets some weapons...


I think you TOTALLY misread my comments. I'm not blaming Philbin for the team's performance on the field. But as I mentioned above, he was involved in ALL those personnel decisions. He's the guy who's chosen not to play Egnew, to limit Miller's use and to bench Bush. Are we going to blame that on Ireland too. Are you telling me that Philbin didn't sign off on Egnew and Miller? There's a disconnect here. If Ireland bringing in all these guys, including Ocho, the SD Wr and Gaffney, how come they aren't working out? What I'm saying is, the HC doesn't get a free pass on this stuff. I'm not suggesting we get rid of him, I'm simply suggesting he needs to be held accountable, as do the players as well.

Hey! 9 of the 10 games were against pathetic competition. And Tannehill STILL STUNK!!

No, the penalty doesn't hurt you. LMAO

It was only 3rd down from the 8 & it gave them a 1st & goal at the 1 with another play to try to score.

Hey Truth Hurts,

Blow me!!!

Done talking to you d8ckweed! Like I said, you know all, and no one can have a different opinion than you. Go f*ck yourself!

What damage did Steve Johnson cause exactly. No TDs, 79 yards receiving, only 168 passing yards overall and held their star to less than 100 yards rushing???

If you do that eveery week, you will win your fair share of games.

last I checked the ST gave up a quesionable return and the offense was sucking the poutso all night.

What do you expect the defense to do, hold the other team to zero points and zero yards????

This was the same Bills team that put 32 on the Pats the week before.

Pushing the D line back and moving on to the next tackle, end or backer requires a running game. That is when the O line is pushin forward trying to create a hole. All we have been doing is back pedaling try to protect the pocket.
The O line has a lot more fun when playing with aggression, their confidence is boosted when they are taking the opposition to the ground. If I was running backwards and my kid pushed my I too would be flat on my butt.

Hey Hennehill is averaging a point a quarter. Thats 4 pts a game. Whats wrong with that?

Mark, here's some simple math for you & Craig M.

9 attempts, 6 completions. 66% completion percentage. Factor in the PI in the endzone & it's as good as 7 of 9. 78%

You give up those kinds of numbers, you win NO games.

Craig calm down and do some ice fishin.


They're ridiculous comments that Truth was making. Let him saw what he wants....i was f8cking there. I KNOW what I saw. Up against the best receiver on the Bills he did an excellent job shutting him down. He was on him all night. 79 yards? That's a bad night? Some guys just have it for certain players on this team and can't be objective. Smith has been horrible at times this year but last night wasn't one of those times.

Craig M.....

a few weeks back...when we were 4-3.....I posted some NOT SO positive stuff about the FINS...mostly about how the players got man handled during the RAMS game......and then used PHILBINS coaching GENIUS the beat the jets...cause we never REALLY moved the ball.....

I talked about the RUN game GONE...and that we couldn't stop the RUN any more.....I said I could care less if we kept any of our DL players (you agreed with that one).....

You told me (cause of the win streak) that it wasn't TIME for that conversation.....

I told you it was TIME....


Even over the past few days I was RANTING about the quality of our players.....


Vontae Davis and Sean Smith = more Ireland busts.


One thing you can take consolation on is the way the ball comes out of Tannehill hand. Decent arm and looks good out there. Not saying he or anyone else had a good game but his future looks bright. He didn't get intimidated in any way by the crowd and that was good to see. The first pick, the defender made a great play on. The second one was on Tannehill. He had lots of time and I'm sure he'd like to have it back. His stats line wasn't great, he had a couple passed blocked and his accuracy was off a couple of times. All in all, I'd give him a C-.

The dulphins are the turkey's! Suck bags!

I'm not at all sure about ANY Personnel Man. Joe Thomas was great here but bombed anywhere else. Look at Scott Pioli, they are asking for his head now. I think, successful drafting depends a lot on the Philosophy of the Team, drafting Players that fit in the way of doing things. Everybody has to be on the same page, Owner, GM and Coach, but first, define your Philosophy.

It gave them time to do what??? Go for some stupid 2 second play that had no chance to succeed.

Geez man. next week the Dolphins defense will play a perfect game and give up zero points to appease your troll like actions.

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