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Bills lead Dolphins 13-7 to start second quarter

BUFFALO -- It's been exciting so far.

Punt return TD for Buffalo. Kickoff return TD for Marcus Thigpen and the Dolphins.

The difference in the game is two Rian Lindell field goals as Buffalo leads 13-6. Consider the Dolphins fortunate that's the deficit because they've been outplayed so far.

The game continues. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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First PI was not even close to legit, Armando. 2nd was though.

Armando the TV announcers are without a doubt very professionals in particulat Mr. Mayock

Look, the CBs SUCK. Clemons SUCKS. We'll be exposed ALL year. Until we fix it. I probably take 2 or 3 DBs in next year's draft. We don't get much pressure on the QB, we NEED help at DB.

Also, look how Buffalo makes plays with screens and the like. Setup plays. Sherman's calling CRAP plays. That's the difference in this game.

Great news: I'm watching my son play the game on his NFL13 and the Phins are up 7-0 right now!

I don't know which is worse...watching our BELOVED Finz or listening to the sorry commentators. Hey CHUCKEEE pick up da phone!

Need to do play-action or roll out to help Tannehill

They are putrid!!!!!


Hey Armando,

So far it is Wandstedts revenge. The Dolphins only have 1 first down n Wanne's defense and have shut the offense out.

3 and out commig up unless the bills get penatly

Hey Armando,
Can you please keep just one live blog for the game? It takes almost half a quarter for the Pay for subscription app to update!!!!

I'm reading your comments and I agree the Dolphinslooked better earlier in the year.

2 more then punt

Can the offense stay on the field for 1 minute, we'll see (doubt it)?

Hartline gets clobbered and we nothing?

Philbin is just positioning fins for better draft pick so Ireland can make his picks

Not wanting to question the rookie coach, but maybe Philbin's drill sgt approach is putting too much pressure on the offense?

Armando...Tannehill would be dead because every play is a bad play. Sherman's decisions are showing why he got fired in Green Bay and Texas A & M.

Armando should point that this off. has produce 3 points in 6 qrs so far... almost 7.

yes finally use Bush in passing game

Where's the pass interference ???????

PLEASE tell me how in the world that was NOT pass INTERFERENCE

See Philbin, Reggie is better catching out of the backfield, MORON!

Jake Long cannot block to save his life!

Bills kicked a field goal. Score is now 7-3

WHoot WHoot... 20 inutes into the game an the fish get a 1st down..... rolling now.... opps 5 yard loss

Long another whale!!!!

Sorry Philbin, I meant Sherman.

could have gained 5 yards but he pushes it outside god you are a complete joke Bush seriously

long got humiliated.

No pass interference on them, yet our guys can't touch their WR!!!! No conspiracy, just shitty refs!!

Jake Long being owned

Jake Long is getting thrown around.

Long is gonna be very sad if they go through with the Twinkie factory shutdown.

a batteb ball... that nefer happens.... time to punt

the difference is byrd played to the ball while carrol face-guards.

3rd and 6. 3 yard pass.........................

Great route Bess....idiot

OMG!!! I LOVE IT....need 6 and out 3 yard pass!

WOW!! Who doesn't RUN to the sticks before you pass? It's football 101 !!!! DAMMIT!


2 quarters and 1 1st down..... Tony FAILbin rocks!!!

3rd and 6...and we throw shorter....deja vu anyone???!!!*lmoa* this offense is atrocious!!!

Ole Wanny is kicking our butts

Remember earlier in the season Tanne was making all sorts of adjustments at the line? He seems to be on a leash now and the offense is going nowhere.

Mike Sherman loves to call 2 yard routes when we need 5 yards on 3rd down.


It's 6.36am here in Dubai - Make it worth it Fins!

I understand quick passing game, but please throw at least a 5 yard route on 3RD AND 5!!!!!!!

If you love punting the Fins are your team!

Never have understood the 5 yd pass route when you need 7. Can you splain that to us Armando?

Playcalling is atrocious

Wow they needed 6 yards and Tannehill throws a 2 yard pass. I am starting to lose faith in Tannehill.

At what point do you start thinking about Matt Moore. Moore tore Buffalo to shreds last year. So far the worst defense in the NFl has shut out the Dolphins.

Love seeing all these 4 yd throws thats how you win

This is so sad.

Hey Doyler,

Save yourself the headache. Go back to bed dude.

what happened to this offense? Why are we running 2 yard routes on 3rd and 6? Why cant anyone get open? Why cant the line block anyone?

Or sh it reading on the quarterback's part. Tired of this.

No offense
Tannehill not looking like our QB of the future like we thought

Difference in this team and one 3 weeks ago is how bad our offensive line is playing and that teams know we cannot throw deep.

We are terrible!! This is getting so repetitive! Same stuff different year!! It's hard to be a Fins fan!!

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