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Bills lead Dolphins 13-7 to start second quarter

BUFFALO -- It's been exciting so far.

Punt return TD for Buffalo. Kickoff return TD for Marcus Thigpen and the Dolphins.

The difference in the game is two Rian Lindell field goals as Buffalo leads 13-6. Consider the Dolphins fortunate that's the deficit because they've been outplayed so far.

The game continues. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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maybe tony FAILbin can take notes from wanny???? I hope we keep FIREland for next year he is awesome too!!!!

Please bench Tanny now... he looks lost, he looks afraid, he´s getting anything from this off... to me its a totally different guy since Indy game... he´s completely lost his swagger... i insist he looks so afraid!!

the problem is the bills are getting pressure with four, sometimes three guys. no time for deep routes to develop, and receivers get no separation on short routes.

Tannehill is a one read QB right now he's locking onto WR not even survaying the field before he throws to the target he already made up who's he going to before the snap. Smh

Great point Orlando. Lets not forget this is indeed the worst defense in football.

Ok, I've been Tannehill's biggest supporter here. But Mando, Tannehill is regressing. He CANNOT make a play himself. If the receiver can't get open, then Tannehill can't help him by throwing him open. And I understand we don't have the personnel to help the QB, but I thought he'd be able to do SOMETHING. I was wrong. He can't. They have to do it for him. He's fully a game manager, isn't a playmaker...yet. Who knows if he'll ever be.

That pass to hartline was interference. Byrd punched the back of hartlines helmet before the ball to there


If we keep playing the worst defenses in the league we might end up 4-12. Agree?

Sherman what game calling-the o line-Long and everyone has forgotten how to play-we don't get any calls

Oh no ... Carrol is out there for the Bills!

good lord this team is awful. offense is garbage. play calling a joke, good riddens sherman have fun in kc

Too much cushion.


All day and every game too much cushion.

GREAT TACKLING!!!.... does tony FAILbin teach the alligator arm method???

I wonder if in those quiet lucid moments these defensive players realize how crappy they really are?

Who is worst Dolphins or Marlins?

At least we have the Heat.

Has the offense got a first down other than penalty?

Had 4 steps on the CB.

3 pass intereferene calls on carrol...are you kidding me.

Carrol lmao,,,,

Mr Carrol. We have your bench waiting.


Carroll WTF

complaining about refs, u know ur awful when u start that. i like thill but i agree really sucks to see him going backwards. kid looks rattled and awful. be so glad when bush and long are gone after the season

Tackleing sucks. Playcalling sucks and we arent getting any calls unless you count the questionable pass interference calls. They call Carrol for his PI but not the one on Hartline. give me a break.


The bill looks like the pats ....lol... this guy carrol should be cut by tomorrow morning...

Put in the other guy (Stanford or whatever his name is)

Nolan Carroll has 51 yards in penalties tonight.

Zone Zone Zone, Cushion Cushion Cushion. And another flag on Nolan Carroll. For the love of God, get somebody off the street that can play some man. They can't possibly be worse then what Miami has now

This team has become unwatchable in a span of two damn weeks

all i see is this team going downhill just sad considering how much promise they showed early on

Every single call is against us. If the Fins touch them they get the benefit. Hartline gets clobbered and we get nothing. The replacements weren't as bad as these idiots.

55 offensive yards against buffalo is unacceptable. Back to last in the NFL guys. pathetic

Carrol the best player for the bills.... wow a tackle??? spiller must have slipped

tannehill needs to move around in da dam pocket and stop standing in 1 spot getting his eyes read

RT is not friggin running to pick up yards.
Always passing the ball short from the First down mark.
WTF! Not impressive so far.

That's more than the offense Mando.

I would start Matt Moore in the second half. The Dolphins need a spark.

Bad call by refs
Missed earlier pass interference on Hartline

5 in stopping 3rd down conversion

I bet Buffalo at least throws past the sticks

Must be nice to have a tight end

WHY CANT WE SEE MATT MOORE? Tannehill is not a good quarterback- I honestly believe Matt Moore would put Fire under this offense.

no flag!!!!

No guys Ireland is great, Carroll is really improving. When was the last time the dolphins had a successful drive? How can we find no one better than Carroll and Wilson who couldn't make most rosters?

And we got blown out last week. I thought that meant we would be super motivated like the titans were. Excuses, apologies, just need to stop. This is a team devoid of talent and that's on Ireland. Time to go Jeffy.

we had first down earlier in the game but it wasn't a third down conversion.

"Fitzpatrick in the gun" ... dear God, please Fitzpatrick, use a gun on our defense!!!!!

Where art thou Matt Moore?

Jesus, what did Carroll do to these refs?? Let the guy play. All 3 calls on him aren't called 9 out of 10 times.

Defense has really not played that bad... Only given up 9 points to a good offense so far

i would try moore to see if he can get something going.

Agreed bill. I was thnking we needed to keep Long to keep Tannehill upright, but I'd rather take that money and get him some skill position players (or better yet, shore up the defense so we can stay in most games). Long is a luxury this team CANNOT afford right now.

They forgot to run a hitch route on Smith, anyone can complete those anytime they want...

What happened to this team? They lost their spark. The play calling does seem suspicious. There doesn't seem to be any progress in the playbook. Defenses have figured out the Offense - that has been obvious for two weeks. Where are the adjustments?

Terrible pass by Tanne on the one Hartline fumbled, or the other one Fasano dropped. He isn't freaking blocking anyone either or selling run fakes so are backs can get big yards. Some of you guys are freaking morons.

Moore will be in 2nd half

first signs of tannehill struggling and you want that joke Moore to come in.

shut up

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