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Bills lead Dolphins 13-7 to start second quarter

BUFFALO -- It's been exciting so far.

Punt return TD for Buffalo. Kickoff return TD for Marcus Thigpen and the Dolphins.

The difference in the game is two Rian Lindell field goals as Buffalo leads 13-6. Consider the Dolphins fortunate that's the deficit because they've been outplayed so far.

The game continues. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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like a crappy pitcher not getting the corners.... when you suck you don't get the calls.... and..


When Fitz throws there is just 2 options.. complete pass or flag....lol.... Finally a broken pass!!!
fbd2707748 is dam right, this team has become unwatchable in a span of two weeks, is Philbin loosing the guys??... please armando give us some conspirancy theories at least...

Oh god, this is where miamis offense scares the crap out of me especially when their pinned deep inside their territory....

I must've missed something. Did we accidentally stop their offense without them scoring anything?

Judging Tannehill with this group of nobodies Ireland saddled him with is completely unfair. No one is ever open more than five yards downfield.

Has anyone ever been cut at halftime? If not, make nolan carroll the first. Don't even give the piece of sh*t a ride back to the airport.

dude really...Carroll is making it too obvious and now he's targeted....gotta pull him otherwise it's the def coach should be CUT! just take him out...he's got cross hairs on him and the zebra's are the hunters!

I'd throw fade on Carrol till he stopped it without getting called for interference. I am betting we run it here and end up punting.

Matt Moore isn't happening folks. Pipe dream. Armando wrote a blog earlier this year saying we are going to have up and downs and live and die with Tannehill this year.

Orlando Dolphin,

You really wanna shatter your rookie QB's confidence to get a 'spark' for a Thursday night game in Buffalo for a season that means very little in the long run besides seeing what Tannehill can do? Yes, he's struggling some, let him work through it. How else will he learn?

Long is not a luxury anymore
He's regressed

Where is that B Craig who thinks Ireland did a good job with this roster. What a tool

Any elite QB would destroy us. Brady is going to have a field day. Might break 1,000 yards in 1 game.

put matt moore in please

Mr. Ross...if you're such a great businessman give Joe a call and say the following..."I want Tannehill alive for years to come so get him out of there because he has NO wide receivers and NO offensive line". All the while thinking..."Jeffy tells me he'll fix it all next year"...

Reggie Bush up the gut has been working so well recently.

55 yards of offense against the Bills is bad.

I'm not for benching Tanne ... I say keep him in to develop, but we can't kill his will to play.

team is so bad. least by end os season we will know who to keep and who to kick to curb with a lot of draft picks coming

3rd long coming up... follwed by a pick 6!!!

When can we stop to run on first down?

pick 6 coming up

Sherman is calling a scared game. You can tell he lost confidence in this offense and Tannehill.

Here goes our predictable offense. Same crap every year, no matter who is the qb!

"I will get him killed one day. I shall avenge you Chad!"

Jake Long

Fire Sherman at the half, please!!!

Tannehill is in to the bitter end. Abandon any ideas of him hitting the pine.

Unless, of course, he gets hurt.

carrol shouldnt even be playing in the nfl

i thought tanne was a reciever before,why is he so slow then?

I'd rather just see our defense all game. Offense is atrocious. Doubt they could score on a high school team.

I was so happy early in the year but now they look like a bad college they can't block and run against the worst team against the rush !!! Nolan carol is terrible no one can tackle I mean this is pathetic There is no pressure on their QB I MEAN I CAN HARDLY WATCH THESE IDIOTS!!!!

If we need 7 yards for a first why are we going 5 Sherman is a joke play caller!!! I am so discussed the past 3 weeks. Sean smith A JOKE OUR O LINE ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!! OMG THIS IS A JOKE!!!

martin and long have now both been humiliated.

Tanny ain't no Danny. Not the answer.

This roster sucks....

Somebody PLEASE defend IRELAND again...

Jake long is a shell ... Really can't believe I am contemplating not wanting to sign him

That is a thing of beauty! Watching BOTH our tackles getting the cr@p beat out of them. Nicely done.

Mario Williams should beat Martin.The thing I cannot figure out is why the Dolphins aren't helping Martin.

cant do anything when the line cant block for their lives

I can't believe people pay to watch this crap!

Bwhahaha that what happens when your RT benches 225 10 times and he's weighs 330.

We cant run at all.

This is really pathetivc

The big difference with this team is the O-line!!! you cant fault thr RB's or the QB with a O-line the sucks.

losing is a good thing at least, lets hope we dont win anymore meaningless games rest of year and get a high pick. we screwed it up last year

Time to put Moore in, Tannehill can't play

Let's hope it's a long drive for the Bills. I don't want to see our offense on the field again this half. They are a liability. I have more faith in our defense scoring than our offense.

This team is as bad as we thought it was


lo ...you guys keep blaming tanny. show an open rec. really do want him to throw to a coverd guy ...lol ...you realy are the worst fans

the bills d is worst in the league coached by wanny and the fish are being spanked!!!.... Tony FAILbin is a great coach only surpassed by the great GM FIRELAND!!! I can't wait till we can play a team with a great D!!!

Bills TD= Pretty much seals it

Bills FG= pretty much the same!!!

Miami 0-5 on thrid down

I have NFL network, but the game is not broadcasted in Mexico City although scheduled. Is it a problem of my local tv provider (SKY Mexico) or of the NFL network itself ? Could you guys give me some feedback ? Thank you.

I think that's the problem in Miami, NOBODY is paying to see this crap. It's amazing how the Bills are able to fill their stadium with a worse record than the Dolphins.

Carroll should leave the NFL and be a body guard for his mom the Lieutenant Governor....

The Dolphins have not crossed midfield tonight.

earl u cant be that dumb. these games dont mean anything as far as wins or losses go. we have to play thill and see what we have in him for the entire year

OLINE is awful. It has to go back to who coaches Oline this season. Even with the worlds worst RT last year we were better.

Remember when Reggie Bush said he wanted to lead the league in rushing. :)

Moore needs to get in this game. Tannhill's confidence is shot. Wanne is dominating the Dolphins.

I agree also that we need to let Long go. Use that money to get a big play wide receiver and a top corner. Draft a LT in the first round and another receiver in the 2nd round.

I am not so sure about Tannehill right now but he is only a rookie. Hopefully, he learns from this year and improves next season.

Can this QB can't run or move into the pocket with the Fvckin ball to gain time because his progression are very slow

Can we all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland?

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