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Bills lead Dolphins 13-7 to start second quarter

BUFFALO -- It's been exciting so far.

Punt return TD for Buffalo. Kickoff return TD for Marcus Thigpen and the Dolphins.

The difference in the game is two Rian Lindell field goals as Buffalo leads 13-6. Consider the Dolphins fortunate that's the deficit because they've been outplayed so far.

The game continues. And the live blog continues in the comments section.


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You being ironic or are you blind Irish?


Philbin isn't the problem.....its IRELAND who gave him this crap....


NFL network running as badly as our RB's

What a joke!!!! This game ended in the first quarter.
Philbin benches Reggie for a fumble the other day and that idiot Nolan Carrol has cost them about 70 yards in penalties tonight. Why isn't he benched??? Forever.

Why is Tannehill still playing? He'a way overmatched.

Nice. Would love to get those 3 players...

Come on let's be real. This is team is one of the worst in the NFL if not the worst. I am so Done. I will not watch another game. This team stinks. If I worked like they play I would have been fired rightfully years ago. Instead they make millions of dollars a year. Fire all of the coaches. Cut all of the players including Tannenhill. Start over. This team sucks.

Ireland is God.

Dansby cannot catch an interception. Jimmy Wilson cannot catch another one. Nolan Carroll 3 pass interferences. Sean Smith? Hopeless.

Our secondary is the laughingstock of the league.

Philbin would love to sit Carroll down but who else can he replace it with?

I am going to go to sleep. This team is not worth watching.

The only way this could be worse is if it were touchdowns instead of field goals.

Happy fvcking Thanksgivng everyone! The turkey is the Miami Dolphins. The stuffing is the Coaching staff. The gravy is the GM. I'd say we're nothing, but nothing is something, and we're not even that.

At this rate, we will finish with an even 100 yards of offense!

At least no picks YET!!!!!!!!!!!!! We suck when is the draft

Get lost truth...bye bye.

The Nolan Carroll-Sean Smith Drive.
Half a field in penalties.


1. Tackle
2. Block
3. Run
4. Pass
5. Catch
6. Coach
7. Defense Passes



Exactly Bill,

Who honestly thought this team would get to more than maybe 6 wins and Tannehill wouldn't get his brains beat in? But all of the sudden, T-Hill sucks and the coaching staff is inept. It's mind boggling how ignorant some people are about this game

Without a doubt the worst secondary in the NFL.

Ireland's republican army Patience u say???? What a joke it's been years with Ireland he sucks Sherman sucks philbins good but everyone else must go!!!!! Thank god the heat game is on!!! IF YOU PEOPLE GO TO THAT STADIUM TO WATCH THESE IDIOTS THEN YOU ALL ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE TEAM CLOWNS

Fire philbin, coyle, sherman, ireland, get rid of long, smith, dansby, carroll, jones, misi, bess, hartline, fatsano. All are pieces of garbage. And hennehill too.

It's time! Time to take a step forward and put Moore in. We gotta establish some momentum...if this is the best we have vs one of the worse "D" in NFL, we gotta make the tough call. Stop lying to yourselves and make the CALL!!!

Tannehill has only started 29 Games at QB in his life people!!

He is the real deal. His cealing is much higher than anyone else we have seen in a long time. Fasano is a bum. Clay is a bum. Gaffney is a old bum. our starting reciever are solid possession guys. we need a biiiig TE and speedster WR's

Will some one give me a concussion please

maybe someone should tell the Dolphins D to play GOAL LINE defense through out the whole game

You guys are a F'n joke. You have no football IQ what so ever. Those calling for Tanny to be replaced...I hope they do so he doesn't get his butt kicked anymore due to our O-line playing like SH#$ and our recievers doing nothing to get open. All the Carroll haters..are you kidding me?? All 3 calls against him aren't called against most corners in this league, let the guy play, but the refs didn't see the forearm to hartline's head before the ball got to him??? Ohh and Wake is being held every FN play!!!!

I watch them from start to finish but this one might be a little difficult to finish if they don't figure something out at the half.

We need 2 real corners and 2 real safety's along with a te and 2 wr

Bills still suck. They should be up 3 TD s.

But they suck.

We will win.

Don't question me.

I've never seen a pro QB worse then Tannehill.

Matt Moore Please..

Biggest need....QB.

Watch Buffalo take the opening drive of the second half right down the field for 7...game over.

I don't know but something tells me D'onofrio is helping the fins with thei defense...Just saying!!

Only positive tonight was that Jason Taylor tweeted me!!! Lol @wassupwdawassup

Bring back Chad Henne. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaad Heeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sparano. Sppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnooooooooo!!!!!!!

Don't forget the Bills were one catch away from beating the Patsies last Sunday, they are a team getting better. Not regressing like us.

Fat slob jake long gets blown up every week .

10 minutes, still no 3qt live blog on pay for (Cr) App

Tannehill is not the problem people the o line is awful did you see when long pulled on that play that deffensive guy flattened him. We have run one play in bills territory

Making Wanstadt look like a genius? Check

Forget Moore. Ain't gonna happen. Philbin wants Tanny to get as much experience as possible. You won't ever see Moore unless Tanny gets hurt. So give it up. What he needs to do is start rolling out of that fricken pocket

The Dolphins are getting worst every week. The secondary sucks, the offense sucks, the GM sucks, the owner sucks. How much more shame do we dolfans must support before this team becomes respectable ? It seems that the 4 wins was just a fluke.

Get the QB out of the pocket some Sherman roll him out some what a jerk

Am I the only one who knows Spiller is getting the ball??

Same people in here were calling t-hill the next Marino two weeks ago. He is not the problem. Jake long needs to go, and we need some receivers that can get open.

15 minutes since we were told to go to 3qt live blog, still can't see it on shvtty pay for app

Are we on crack really

Jones is everywhere

Stop this massacre ! I cannot imagine the two games against the Patriots.

I understand we are young but camon man

This never happened to coach Shula NEVER

The difference in time possesion is more than a qrt. This must be another infamous record for the Dolphins.

Someone should email this blog to the team I don't think they even know that they are being bashed. Maybe if they read some of this they would be embarrassed enough to play better

We could not bear Alabama with this ofense

Oh well this is what. They all said we would be a 4 win team and that's what we are

Here comes the defense again. No freaking offense All the other teams figured out Sherman's offense. We are done !!! They AL HAVE OUR NUMBER!!!!! WE WON'T WIN ANOTHER GAME!!!!



Dolphins 3 1st down , Bills 16 !
The Dolphins should leave the field, at once.

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