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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 going to third quarter

BUFFALO -- Well, the Dolphins are still waiting for their offense to show up to this late game.

The Dolphins first first down came on a Bills encroachment penalty in the second quarter. They have not crossed midfield in the first half. They have only 50 total yards on offense.

Nolan Carroll has three penalties, including two pass intereference calls, that have cost the Dolphins 51 yards.

And so the Bills lead 19-7 but it feels much worse because the Bills have dominated.

The second half starts soon. The live blog continues now in the comments section.


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oline, QB,Wr,RB, take your pick....as bad as the defense has played, if this were the patriots, they probably would be up 24 pts and play fgs with buffalos offense all day long...no one would say sh#t!!!

KS, Dansby is cold, give him a break.

Here comes 8 minute back breaking drive

david bond is legally retarded in the state of florida

Oh crap ... the Bills get the ball first ... so we're going to be down by 15 points in a few moments.

Resign Long (He will bow down to our price), Resign Starks and Hartline before they become outrageously expensive. Definitely let Smith go (Not worth any more money.

Draft By need please. If you draft four WR's or DB's within the first 6 picks some one is bound to be an All-Pro

Yeah ATL, it's the refs fault. Carroll has more penalty yards than our ENTIRE offense. We can't get 2 first downs. That's TWENTY yards. But that's all the refs. The team SUCKS, face it. INCLUDING Tannehill. The WHOLE team, SUCKS! But keep blaming the refs. While the rest of the league plays professional football, let's fantasize about what could have been if it wasn't for those darned RULES!

LOL Zaphod, I'll give you that. It's something!


What's the big deal, anyway? This team was never headed to the playoffs this year.

Frankly, I'd just as soon get the higher pick.

Really don't see the point in going into histrionics and rage.

Young ream--rookie QB--still a lot of ho.le. Am I supposed to be shocked?

Lets face it, we are still not yet a good team. Just have to be patient.

Jake Long looks than the Michelin Man-Tony Mandarich.

Sean Smith may be able to cover Ocho Cinco in training camp but can't cover anyone else.

Also Sean has no nose for the ball.

Tannehill runs on a 3rd and 15. I've been waiting for him to scramble, he finally does but with 15 to make.

What happened to the vaunted run D?

Bench Bush again and put Lamar Miller in.

Is there any creativity in Mike Sherman? He should've watched the Seahawks vs. the Jets last week. They used every trick in the book.

The O line and the front 7 on D look like they've given up on the season.

How come no pass interference on the Bills on that deep pass to Hartline?

The Fins overachieved through he first 7 games. I done expect much from here on in.

Do we have a legitimate starter on this team?

Burnett crashes that play and Jone is 7 yards away!

Bills still suck. They should be up 3 TD s.

But they suck.

We will win.

Don't question me.

rush defense is totally exposed now!!!

i agree dc, we need a ton. and there is seriously idiots in here who would be excited if we came back and won this meaningless game. the casual fan is just so du mb and will root for them even if its the last game of the year and they are 1-14. they just have no understanding of the difference. colts knew it and lost on purpose and now have a franchise guy who turned the franchise around in one season

What happened to our O-line and D-line????

Another thing people don't get about Tannehill;

Since the O-line is terrible, the D-Line can get pressure without having to blitz so the Linebackers and safety's can sit back in zone. Yeah, now go hit one of your receivers who get open within 2.5 seconds.

I blame the refs...ticky tac calls on carrol, no call for hartline. That wasn't a fumble, and the bills ran into the kicker on the punt return TD. It's like the replacements are back out there...

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm impressed with the adjustments the defense made during the half .....

They are going to do what the TN did last week in the 3rd Q. Smash mouth.

Buffalo is doing us a favor putting in Choice. It's like they are toying with this deense.

buffalo isnt doing anything different...and yet it still works!!!

Ok i get that CJ spiller is a pretty good back. But these holes are HUGE!

Tannehill isn't going anywhere. The kid will play because that us how he will learn. You don't beans 1st rounders.

tj, the big deal is the rookie qb looks like a 1-year bust. You can't build on a foundation of quicksand. If Tannehill isn't the guy, we're back at square 1. Record didn't matter, AS LONG AS our rookie QB is progressing. But he's not, he's regressing. Doesn't bode well for the future.

I'm switching over to "Elementary"

Do we win another game this season?

Razon ... our offense and defense will destroy us.


nyfin fan, the game is over why keep playign spiller on a short week

The Matador Defense has surfaced!!!! OLE!

Only person I feel more sorry for is Craig M. He's at this game. Who'd like to be him?

heres a bold prediction...Buffalo doesnt punt in the 2nd half!!!

ATLFinFan your pigskin IQ just BLEW ME AWAY!

They're running out the clock at the start of the 3rd quarter!!!!

Henne = Tannyhill + Lemon - Bert Emmaneul

Jones is ON FIRE!

dc his supporting cast is pobaly the worst in the nfl

You know what would be great ... at Dolphins home games they should just scroll the live blog on the big screen instead of the game ... imminently more entertainment value than the actual product on the field.

Please put in Moore.

OH come one...lindell can make that!!!

nice stand.....gotta get some pts on this upcoming drive.

Why is Bess returning kicks? Thigpen benched for scoring?

Rashard Jones wants to play some

orlando dolphan legally retarded in state of florida also

We have more penalty yards then total yards.

Tannehill has a 64 QB rating and has thrown for a pitiful 44 yards.

Let him learn from the bench. He can get another shot next year.

Depends on what his girl looks like DC. If shes hot then the game is bearable for Craig.

Bess always takes when we know we will fair catch

oh noooo....miamis O so Terrible now has the ball..Yikes!!!

Earl: LMFAO!!!!!!!!


What happened to Thigpen?

Take out Tannehill, what players on this entire roster would you not try to replace? Bess, Hartline, Pouncey, Wake, Starks, maybe Solia, maybe Jones. That's 7 players in 4 years of drafts and FA's. 2 of those guys were free agent signings. So if you figure 7 picks a year over 4 years, Ireland averages a great player what, 6 percent of the time? I doubt any of us could do much worse. Ireland seriously has to be removed.

Earl...that's just too funny!

nobody on bills offense killing us, they have 4 measly fgs. there offense is awful. these are 2 very bad teams going at it

how do I get my money back for this shvtty pay for app, it took 20 minutes to show up after you posted for us to move to this live blog?

This possession will show us a lot about this offense as a group.

Chan Gailey helped us out there. He told Spiller to take it easy for a bit. Now let's see if Wannstache can remember how to call D like he did his last two years in Miami.

Something you'll NEVER hear with Miami, "8th play of the Bills drive."

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