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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 going to third quarter

BUFFALO -- Well, the Dolphins are still waiting for their offense to show up to this late game.

The Dolphins first first down came on a Bills encroachment penalty in the second quarter. They have not crossed midfield in the first half. They have only 50 total yards on offense.

Nolan Carroll has three penalties, including two pass intereference calls, that have cost the Dolphins 51 yards.

And so the Bills lead 19-7 but it feels much worse because the Bills have dominated.

The second half starts soon. The live blog continues now in the comments section.


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Bill Connors. You seriously are enjoying Tannnehill's awesome game. You must be a masoquist.

1st and 5, can we get a first?

I agree Armando, but don't hold your breath.

We're going to get more yards this game on encroachment penalties than actually running or passing the ball.


DC Dolfan you just showed your true colors. What did i say that wasn't true?? Didn't say the whole game was the refs fault? Mentioned that the O-line is sucking. Which would be the reason we have more penalty yards than the O. Just pointed out those calls aren't called on most CB's in this league and they didn't call an obvious one on hartline. Please keep your mouth shut, if you have no idea what your talking about.

think reggie is playing his last year as a fin...

yes im enjoying the fins awesome game right? whole team has been horrible, so u pick thill to blame. congrats

8 quarters.

No touchdowns.

2/18 on third down.


YAY!!!! First DOWN! on our own!!!

We're gonna win this game.

Armando ... we've seen enough!

bush is one guy im so happy is long gone after season. guy sucks. there were bias fools in here predicting he would have some giant year

We have 2 pass plays-
3yard out/in and throw it deep.

So effing annoyingly predictable.

4-12 is what i said to start at the year. this is ok. This is not a playoff team. cmon its a few years away.

The Dolphins are the only team in the NFL that can make the Titans and Bills look like Superbowl contenders.

Just punt on 3rd down

im done turning it off now this offensive line is a pathetic JOKE and the defense is terrible

Javorski Lane is a waste of space!

u were close ctphins, only game they will win rest of year is vs jacksonville

Well, there's that screen everyone wanted.

Reggie Bush has regressed.

Man, we just rally suck.

Reggie Bush. You know it's a contract year right?

Reggie gonna get benched


So ... what did YOU learn about our team on that drive?

cant throw it deep, cant run the ball...and cant pull off a screen.....what an offensive display Mr.Ross and Jeff Ireifiend have put together!!!

No offensive TDs in how many quarters now?

regressed, reggie bush hasnt been good his entire career.

I wish this game was in Miami so the fans could throw things at the players

ATL, this is the WORST defense in the league we're playing. The oline didn't make Hartline drop that pass. The commentators are saying those penalties are BY THE BOOK. You obviously don't watch the NFL. An armbar is a FOUL. Putting your hands on a guy after 5 yards is a FOUL. This offense hasn't gotten 2 1st downs in the GAME. Stop making excuses. Face the facts.

I don't know of Reggie regressed or not, but I know our offensive line has.

watching celts.

Philbin about to lose the team. His decision to bench Bush was a disaster. Short week did not help.

Ireland's shortcomings -no pun intended- giving the expected results. Team is thin at so many positions, WR and TE come to mind that even the great efforts for Hartline and Bess are doomed to fail, it will only get worse. J. Martin will need to do some serious workout changes to develop his physique if he wants to play with the big boys. And we need to draft or FA secondary really bad plus adding another pass rusher to play opposite of Wake.

How we finish this season must dictate if Ireland stays. I for one still want him out. The draft blunders keep adding up, Egnew was a terrible choice, Martin and even Miller not living up to expectations, all the WRs picked in late rounds are useless, giving up Marshall for nothing backfired, same with Davis. How many more blunders can a team afford from a GM?

Sometimes you are trying too hard.

That's what Woody Harrelson, the Natural Born Killer Coach, has done to this team.

wow brandon fields is one hell of a punter

The announcer is correct. Teams know we have no deep threat, I have high school kids that run better than a 4.7 like Bess. Sad we can't find anyone that can run go routes with all our "acorns" we pick at WR.

Why not Lamar Miller???

earl the 76 fans that would be there wouldnt have the arm

only hope is bills turnovers...and thats pretty much unlikely at this point....

If this were a NCAA team it would not even be ranked

and can't get the same flag because we don't act like other receivers. Bess was held....he just didn't sell it cuz he has too much pride. God love him but kindness will get u nowhere in this game!

Armando: Also very predictable when Bush is in game on 3rd and longs. If Thomas is in it is a pass and he stays in to protect, if Bush it is screen or draw 100%


I got NEWS for you....

If this tam FLAMES OUT down the stretch.....then Tanne will be more of a problem than a solution....

Jimmy Wilson hurt.

Addition by subtraction

and the defense cant tackle QBS..all signs go down from here!!!

How the hell does our defense NOT get to Fitzpatrick?


Fitzpatrick needs a good beat down when he tries that crap.

Sherman's mailed this in. There's no chance we get back into this game.

The problem with this team is that they are EFFING SLOW......

Thats the dam problem....

Jimmy Wilson down, Dolphins will have to bring in backup Bryan McCann. Yikes.

great news i just saved a lot of money by not renewing my sunday ticket!!

How they didn't call holding I'll never know!! Starks was almost choked on that play.

Ok this is getting old did Mike Sherman develop a game plan?

Bye Bye Tannehill.

Can jimmy wilson do anything rite??? seriously. I thought the only thing good he could do was blitz and and now he missed a wide open hit on ryan fitzpatrick. I think hes faking an injury in shame. He should because he has been worthless the last 3 games...

Lots of frustration being worked off after these games by Ryan Tannehill I would imagine...Mrs. Tannehill should be delivering triplets sometime this summer.

not sure what ur saying kris, but if ur suggesting giving up on a rookie qb that is insane.

What has happened to us since the Colts our offense has gone into a shell its like they arent even trying anymore with these play calls

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