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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 going to third quarter

BUFFALO -- Well, the Dolphins are still waiting for their offense to show up to this late game.

The Dolphins first first down came on a Bills encroachment penalty in the second quarter. They have not crossed midfield in the first half. They have only 50 total yards on offense.

Nolan Carroll has three penalties, including two pass intereference calls, that have cost the Dolphins 51 yards.

And so the Bills lead 19-7 but it feels much worse because the Bills have dominated.

The second half starts soon. The live blog continues now in the comments section.


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nollan carrol and bryan mcCann = UH OH!!!

We let two of our best players go. Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis. Our biggest weaknesses? WR and Secondary. We asked for it.

Also Kris, they play other NFL teams. If we become a semi-pro team I think it would do wonders for our confidence and win record.

C'mon Armando, there's no way anyone is worse than Jimmy Wilson

Wilson at least giving good effort. He should be a special teams player, but we suck so bad at DB he is in as 3rd corner.

Fitz obviously watched Titans gamefilm....we don't wrap for crap

Thank gosh Wilson. Glad it's not serious just enough to get him off the field. Now we need to get Carroll off the field. Let some young guys play. No wonder our secondary thought we were so good in the off season and cut Davis... Look who our corners practice against....

ctphins ... you and me both!

6 pts in last 9 quarters for Hennehill.

Wow we got bad fast!! Typical Dolphins again,

v. davis is awful. we stole a 2nd rd pick for him


1st Justin Hunter WR Tenn
2nd Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tenn
2nd Arthur Brown OLB Kansas State
3rd Bacari Rambo S Georgia
3rd Jonathan Franklin RB UCLA
4th Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida

Mike Sherman is getting his corpulent arse out coached tonight by Dave Pornstache.

Love Wake!!

Wow Buffalo is almost as bad as our O-line not blocking Wake

Oh, look who decided we needed to pressure the QB with constant blitzing. And it only took TEN GAMES!!!

man the bills offense is horrible, they cant even do anything vs our d

Once again we have to beat the refs too. Flags against us every chance, but deliberately failed to call 3 game changing calls against the Bills.

Bills kicking out of bounds so we can't score!

Starting at the 36, can we get to the 50?

53 total yards in 3rd qtr. Pathetic!

Sherman's offense is making me miss Dan Henning.



Not giving up.....



We were bad to begin with. Defense looks slow and hopeless trying to tackle Spiller...even when he has zero blocking its like playing touch football. Like I said...dude hasn't taken a hit or form tackle all night.

The whole team has regressed. Offense can't run block can't pass block. Defense can't tackle, can't cover, can't intercept. Wow! a sack on third down!
I'm trying to be patient.


If Ireland is running the draft it will be none of those guys OR they will all suck.

for those who defend RT ... Entering today´s game RT´s rating was 29 of 32 qbs in this league... and sinking... thats a fact morons!!!

DC Dolfan that's the best post i have read. You have it right!

At this point the coaching staff knows Moore is the better option, but I guess they're just treating season like pre-season

We f'n suck!


except the bills move the ball and put points on the board...our offense cant even sniff midfield at this point....

What will we ever do without Jimmy Wilson!

When I sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, I will be thankful that there is no Dolphin game on that day !

2013 ... I think this team has a legitimate shot at going .500 in the semi-pro circuit.

what has happened to the play calling??????
If the buffalo D is not letting anything get done, go no-huddle, maybe that way things can get going.
Think Sherman is calling plays scared

We are losing with character guys though...

Keenan Allen in the 1st please...

It's the regression & lack of imagination that is odious.


bills have 12 pts on the board, thats awful vs this d

I'm glad we didn't trade for a WR-too expensive Jeff-empty seats and fan apathy-priceless-don't want to over pay

Oh and another Jeff-rey Louria are they related?

Time to throw EVERY PLAY!!!

Martin has no feet...poor leverage....Reggie is scared of contact and so is Daniel Thomas.

Bills stacking the line because they no Tanny doens't have the confidence...IT's THAT OBVIOUS!

Omg every first play is a run for no gain



Stick with Tannehill. The quicker we find out he's Henne, the quicker we'll move on to the next guy.

ok kris time for u to be honest now, they are 4-6 now so 11-5 inst possible. whats ur honest prediction now on what they finish, i go 5-11

Hartline didn't fumble it....


Our offensive line is a bunch of stand up guys. All game long they get stood up and pushed back.

Okay, okay ... we're ALMOST into Bills territory.

Even the announcers are calling out mike Sherman's terrible play calling. Awful.

I think it is safe to say that Stephen Ross has no idea how to run an NFL franchise

First time in Buffalo territory, SAD

Why isn't Marlon Moore running these deep routes?

Tannehill is far worse then Henne.

yeah andrew i have no clue why kc wants him so badly

Daniel Thomas LOL! Both backs looks afraid out there. Folding up any time a defender comes near. Our wrs flat out suck. I can go out an get more separation than our wrs.


I got to wait until the clocks showing ALL ZEROs.....

ATL, this is the WORST defense in the league we're playing. The oline didn't make Hartline drop that pass. The commentators are saying those penalties are BY THE BOOK. You obviously don't watch the NFL. An armbar is a FOUL. Putting your hands on a guy after 5 yards is a FOUL. This offense hasn't gotten 2 1st downs in the GAME. Stop making excuses. Face the facts.

DC, you are slow i understand, but i will try to explain it to you. YES, the worst defense in the league that is why i say the O-line is sucking. If you are going on what the commentators say your an idiot. Armbars are illegal, yes, but those plays are not called on most plays in this league which is why you saw the coaches so furious when the where called. I haven't made excuses just stated facts. That is all.

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