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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 going to third quarter

BUFFALO -- Well, the Dolphins are still waiting for their offense to show up to this late game.

The Dolphins first first down came on a Bills encroachment penalty in the second quarter. They have not crossed midfield in the first half. They have only 50 total yards on offense.

Nolan Carroll has three penalties, including two pass intereference calls, that have cost the Dolphins 51 yards.

And so the Bills lead 19-7 but it feels much worse because the Bills have dominated.

The second half starts soon. The live blog continues now in the comments section.


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Not really but really hahaha


lol......I love it and that blondy a cutie, too!

Tannehill isn't going to make it through the rest of the season at this rate. The O-Line can't give him time, therefore he's rushing passes and isn't getting his feet set, or having the opportunity to go through his reads.

If you listened to Mayock, he explained it perfect. "They're getting pressure on him with only 4 linemen, they can't protect him, the corners sit down in the box because they know the receivers don't have the speed to beat them. Tannehill has every right to be frustrated"

Finally a holding call

19-10 + No more points for Bills + One turnover = 20-19 Dolphins win.

IMAWriter ... operative word being "you KICK the fg." Other teams kick the field goal. we attempt and miss.

Of course he missed. Wanne preserves the shut out. Remember the 7 points were on a kick off return.

This loss is on Philbin. What does he have against Moore. Moore was the 12th rated passer in the league last year. He went 6-3 in his last 9 games. You have a rookie with a deer in the headlights look who needs to hold a clipboard and learn from the sidelines.

Please give Moore a chance. He blew the Bills out last year.

thank u lord, this travesty is almost done......


Slow team=slow defense.....

If they don't wrap p the back in the BACK FEILD...its 7 yards every play....

Thank you Jon, well said!!

I started 3 fin players in my fantasy I have 3 points. Awww FML

nfl network has to hate this, 2 awful teams making for a horrible boring game. nfl doesnt need to put every team in primetime at least once a year, dumb rule

Imawriter, you're down two scores whether you make it or miss it. Terrible decision. Please explain the flaw in my logic.

Tannehill = No Offense

LOL. ATL, you're a moron. You probably were the idiot that said, "yeah, let's get Long instead of Ryan. It's all about the lines." Idiot. Don't even know how to win in today's NFL.

This feels like the Texans game expect Buffalo doesn't have a QB, Defense or Offense.

Just go for it.... lose this game, season over.... treat it like a playoff game...

IMA writer.....only if you have a trustworthy kicker & a real team who's season isn't over and that can imaginably get you back in game.....when you're drowning you try to save yourself by dramatic & drastic means, i.e., GO FOR IT

bill connors ... LOL!!!! You've got that right ... this like watching a sissy fight on the short bus to special ed class.

Honestly, we fix the right side of the oline and the left side is sucking!! Plus these WRs are not good

Philbin is a terrible COACH . HE refuses to put Moore in the game. Guess he waiting for the Mesiah to come down from the heavens. What do you think?

7 carries 0 yards

Why haven't we seen Lamar Miller?

Pierce hit a three god a phins redsox celtics and bruins fan. been a good past 10 years for 3 of em. LOL

Helpã. Another missed turnover.

well...Moore or no Moore? what's the call fella's?!?!

LOL...we don't intercept or recover fumbles!


Of course we can't recover the fumble. Of course.

wilson beat to the ball by a lineman.

Jones wants to play

This is a different team than just a few weeks ago. Few bright spots...just walking around like they are in a nursing home.

And they are catching NO breaks....very sad

another missed fg!!! I'm sooooo fricken frustrated right now it makes me sick to my stomach! why do i watch this team play every weekend thinkin we are going to be ok.... why!!!!!! i'm a hardcore fan of the dolphins but i cannot continue watching this team regress every week!!!!! why can't the coaches strategize in a way to attack the defense????? Tannehill is looking like a wasted pick right now and i'm all for it for bringing Moore in. Why is SHerman so conservative and trying to protect his rookie qb???? the only way he can learn is to let him play and let him utilize his skills...... why cannot see that????? they are too technical!!!!! screw technicallity and just let the players play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fumbles and picks the defense just refuses to finish

Reshard Jones...only guy who came to play tonight.


you taking the 4th Quarter off.....

Why do we look forward to the Season? The Draft is the best time to be a Dolphins fan. By the time the Season starts the agony comes back. We're the only fans who look forward to the offseason.

Oh man, the announcers are simply BURNING the Dolphins. Well deserved, I should add ... but holy crap ... NOBODY respects this team!

At this point, miami has to take chances, the defense isnt going to create a turnover...

Ryan Fitzpatrick is pretty hot

Amen brother... its 4 down territory the rest of the way...right?

If the run up the middle on 1st down, I'm turning off the tv.

Looks like the AFC East has a three way race to the bottom now.

Kris' wife is pregnant with my kid and he doesn't know it lol.

Armando and the fins are taking the 4th quarter off

Armando is hitting the sauce to forget he's in Buffalo watching these two horrid teams LOL

Matt Moore

He's at a loss for words Kris. If he's smart, he's getting drunk. Only way to enjoy watching the Dolphins. And Buffalo.

Armando is writing his "Dolphins" lose story early so he can get a few hours extra shut eye.

Here's a suggestion, just write them all ahead of time ...

DC your the idiot. No i didnt say get long instead of ryan, but ryan would suck behind this line right now. Seriously, keep showing how stupid you are!!!

They need an incredible offseason... So many holes.

jones balling today!!! tanne has no-one to chuck to.

I hope Ross is watching this game on TV and listening to the announcers.

9 quarters without an offensive touchdown....

The TIPPED PASS returns!

Batted down again.

More batted passes for henne

Omg were back to game one getting batted down.

Hey a batted ball. That's new. These guys suck.

Bush has, what ... 2 yards now?

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