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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 going to third quarter

BUFFALO -- Well, the Dolphins are still waiting for their offense to show up to this late game.

The Dolphins first first down came on a Bills encroachment penalty in the second quarter. They have not crossed midfield in the first half. They have only 50 total yards on offense.

Nolan Carroll has three penalties, including two pass intereference calls, that have cost the Dolphins 51 yards.

And so the Bills lead 19-7 but it feels much worse because the Bills have dominated.

The second half starts soon. The live blog continues now in the comments section.


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hmmm roll out tannehill gee who woulda thought of doing that?

NL ... LOL ... wait ... are you serious?

nice missed tackle

who is #25?

Why is Miami's worst Corner on Buffalo's best receiver?

Nolan F*CKING Carroll. Cut him tomorrow.

Nolan Carrol sucks!!!

Zaphod..i cant be serious anymore..

Carroll ... Carroll ... Carroll ... what the HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU????????

NL ... LMAO ... I hear you bro!

Well DC, we can finally agree on something. Play calling can help you hide your difficiences. That hasn't been good either the past few games. And YES, Carroll was holding there.

Nice block in the back there!

Ok let's go win it

You know what's funny? You couldn't find a Dolphin fan right now who thinks Miami will win, and every Bills fan in that stadium thinks Buffalo will lose for sure


The Drive III

Nice punt ... I'd like to see a replay, though.

The 1? Are you kidding me? Seems like we caught our breaks with the last series..

Good point, Jon. Very true. Both our teams suck ... and the fans have no confidence due to years of abuse.

Ohh also DC, apparently you cant read!! My point was that you don't have to spend your top draft picks to get a top notch O-D line, you just have to have a good one, which the Falcons (who have spent some top draft picks on their line) and GB have.

Wow, never saw that play coming (sarcasm)

We're in 4 down territory.

Why are they running it?!?!?!?!?!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Well, let's face it. We may as well run it because we need a touchdown and we need a touchdown with NO TIME left on the clock.

Jake Long!!!

jesus our line is so bad

LOL, Jon and Zaphod. Agree completely.


Need to show this to our corners. THAT's how you CATCH an interception.

no review? sure looked like it hit the ground possibly

Here's the good news. We can enjoy Sunday because there's a pretty good chance Miami won't lose this Sunday ... but, hell, we are talking about OUR Dolphins so even the improbably is possible ... just not likely.

Can we get 1 football player on this team that will fight?? O-line, wr, cb, dl, lb?? Bad throw, but bess needs to turn into a cb there.

god dammit

Interception.....Philbin should probably bench Reggie Bush again.

Spiller hasn't rushed for 100 yet ... seems impossible.

Rofl, Zaphod!!

No problem ... 85 yards ... no timeouts ... no worries!

Give me a break on the offensive pass interference. Interception was a horrible pass.

Okay, Ryan ... 6 TD's against 11 interceptions ... I'm slightly "concerned" about that little stat there.

That's it guys playoff hopes dead all we can hope for now is progression from Tannehill....

sit thill for the rest of the year and start Moore! Thill does not deserve to play the rest of the year. If the coaches were smart, they would follow my instructions...... good night!

BS offensive interference call against hartline. Fins need to make a tape of call after call after call that wrongly goes against them and send to nfl.

Is it the only reason they lost? no way, they suck. they suck too much to overcome the refs

Let's be honest, though: how many of us REALLY thought Miami was going to win? Perhaps this is the surest sign of defeatest fandom, but let's no lie to ourselves. WE know how bad this team is. OBVIOUSLY the players have no idea they suck as bad as is patently clear to us. The coaches MAY know how bad they are because they call plays that peewee teams could easily comprehend. This is just a bad team ... Tannehill may be the second coming of David Woodley but there is no one ... short of maybe Bess who can consistently catch the damn ball. This team is in trouble and needs a major overhaul. Maybe they SHOULD just move to LA ... but I can guarantee, if they move, I won't go with them ... I was born in California ... no way in hell I'm supporting a stinking LA team!!!!

Thank you Sato, exactly what ive been saying all night. Where's DC on this?????

oh, cut that long haired kicker carpenter too! just garbage!

Last comment...funny to me how the Buffalo team and fans are acting like they just won the Super Bowl. I will give our front office a bone and say that at least we didn't spend hundreds of millions of dollars to be 4-6. They are screwed in future years salary cap wise.


We just don't have the ammunition to outscore another Team.

You listening to the post game commentary DC??????????????? I didn't think so.

Losers have thousands of excuses.

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