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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 to start fourth quarter

BUFFALO -- Things didn't really change in the third quarter -- except that Miami finally crossed midfield.

The Dolphins are still struggling.

The fourth quarter will be telling.

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tannehill blows, blaine gabbert 2.0 in a draft class with Luck Wilson and RG3 lucky us

Heat Game!!

if buffalo was playing anybody else with the exception of maybe jax and KC....fans would not be as happy as they would to have survived this poor display shown....

That takes care of any playoff hopes for us.

Tannehills QB rating: 46.9.

Any Dolfan that thinks Tannehill is the answer is smoking meth. They'll keep this kid around just like Henne. He'll wallow in mediocrity and they'll continue to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose.

Notice the dramatic call from the ref. Dude took DELIGHT in calling tha against the Phins.

Typical rookie mistake. Locking onto a single receiver. Very disheartening


Another awful pass!!!... another multi pick game for Tanny... but somebody tell me why this team didnt play like that whole game??.. why??

roman..........same way he shrunk in big moments at A&M.....blew 4thQtr leads several times last yr....we took a flier on the kid, but he blows.

NEXT QB up/..........................

Can we now finally fire Ireland tomorrow


What do you expect against a powerhouse team like the Bills?



Well , that was to suck .

tannehill shrunk in big moments at a and m all the time...he threw 3 crucial interceptions against texas on thanksgiving, and got sherman fired 3 days later.

Ireland has to go. Ten points by the offense in two games against bad defenses. The lack if weapons is criminal, trading Brandon Marshall was a huge mistake. Nt drafting a new receiver was a mistake. Dolphins don't just suck, they are also boring. What a joke.

Suck for Barckley

Tannehill = Henne - fat neck

Oh, stop already with the Tannehill crap. He's a rookie playing with a marginal OL, AERO running game, and ZERO deep threat.

You actually expect him to look like John Unitas under those circumstances??

The kid is gonna be fine. You people are the ones who need a deep breath and a reality check.

Draft another Qb

tannehill is definately not a pressure cooker, thats for sure but then again with hartline and bess as your only two options...there not going to outrun anyone down field for a score either....

oh well, 4-6 we are, 7-9 might be wishful thinking now....

keep complaining about a rookie QB please i love seeing the pathetic comments

Can we get Henne back? Ray Lucas was better than this stiff


Lube up with Mayo for Mantei Te'o!

Can we all agree that this debacle was NOT the fault of Jeff Ireland? Every wrong personnel move was the fault of Bill Parcells, even the ones after Parcells left.

Oh stop, all of you blaming a rookie QB for not driving 99 yards in the last 2 min with all the D dropping back, Hartline fumbled the o line sucks, the secondary is atrocious dropping int and getting burnt the LB could not tackle a slow running QB the play calling is indecent but u are blaming the young kid? You must be insane, all of you...

If you think about it if it wasn't for refs BS calls fins would of probably won

Just an anemic offense with limited targets and absolutely no one to stretch the field.....shows the FO's total ignorance toward Offensive necessities...speedy WR with great hands.....Big tight end with above average speed....and an O-line that gives the QB more than three counts with which to read the receivers and deliver the ball....

Thill sucks

I think reality just set in……ouch truth hurts

I don't understand the new rules in the NFL. Our offense is no longer allowed to have the QB roll out? We are not allowed to pitch out to Reggie? Oh, please please please please please fire mike Sherman immediately.

I'll hold judgement on T-Hill. It was a short week on the road for a night game. Not making excuses, but those are tough circumstances for anyone, let alone a ROOKIE.

Pretty obvious Sherman was calling a conservative game plan to try to protect his rookie QB. If not so conservative, maybe they don't need a game winning TD in the final 2 minutes?

I keep forgetting you people are the same geniuses who demanded Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton.

Forgot where I was for a second.

Can someone with balls please fire Sherman and have him take Carrol with him. Pathetic offense could not get anything going until the end of the 3rd quarter.

Andrew Luck is a rookie, I don't see Colts fans having to make the "he's a rookie" excuse for him. Wait till the rookie Russell Wilson destroys us.

One thing is for sure, miami shouldnt sweat too much in contract negotiotions for fasano, bush, hartline, and yes ppl, even jake long...we need a remake on offense BADLY!!!

We Wuz Robbed! (BY Parcells, Ireland, et al)

Good to see the pre-season prediction is coming true 6-10

really tired of seeing Thomas and Bush underachieve

if sean smith and nolan carrol are on this team next year..after 31 years as a fan i'm done.

amazing how stupid people around here are honestly

Tannehill is a rookie. The non-pot smokers on this board know that. He needs time (and an O line). Sherman, on the other hand, is not helping the young man with game plans like tonight. And Coach Woody needs to lighten up. These guys are overthinkingmand overrunning plays. With the exception of Sean Smith, who is the most uncoordinated, brick hands cornerback I have ever seen. Dude moves too awkwardly to play corner. Get him outa there.

Elf out.

Gotta be clutch and TH hasn't been so far, this team has regressed as a whole. We are looking more and more like a 6 win team, AGAIN. Draft day 2013 is looking like our next important date, sad to be a fins fan right now.

6-10? Who will we beat?

Sherman is a College HC......no guarantee he can orchestrate a Pro offense.......time will tell..
so far the answer leans toward "No"

The way this team plays, New England is gonna be favored by 20+ points when we play them.

I see the fins going 6-10 this year. I think we have to give Tannehill another chance next year because of how high we drafted him.

I would say that we let Long go next year. Pick up a WR, and Corner in the FA. Either double down by drafting another WR or take a LT to replace Long. Unless Long is willing to take a reasonable contract that matches his play this year and allows us to pursue a veteran WR with the savings.


say it again!

Great Earl, you are comparing Luck the first round pick that has Reggie Wayne to out QB... Can u be more clueless???

when buffalo gets excited over beating miami, thats when you know they've just played their super bowl at home...congrats bill fans*lmao*...for a team that didnt have one offensive TD all night long..barely squeaked it out against a miserable offense!!!

Guys I think I would let Long and Bush go. Draft the best RB the draft has to offer. And spend some of that money on a top not WR and TE. Then find somone to fill longs spot.

I love Long and Bush, but 16plus million dollars can be better spent. This team needs major injection of talent and that will mean a perfect draft and some serious free agents.

We do not want to win the rest of the season guys. The higher the draft picks the better.

Tanhill is not the problem. The running game and DB's are the problem. You would have to be Marino to carry this team and you cant ask Tanhill to be that just not fair.

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. What we pretty much expected at the start of the season. Still pulling the wagon full of crap.

My wife doesn't like the Dolphins because every time they lose, I grab her for some mean, angry love making to vent my frustration. She's very sore.

Let's be honest, though: how many of us REALLY thought Miami was going to win? Perhaps this is the surest sign of defeatest fandom, but let's no lie to ourselves. WE know how bad this team is. OBVIOUSLY the players have no idea they suck as bad as is patently clear to us. The coaches MAY know how bad they are because they call plays that peewee teams could easily comprehend. This is just a bad team ... Tannehill may be the second coming of David Woodley but there is no one ... short of maybe Bess who can consistently catch the damn ball. This team is in trouble and needs a major overhaul. Maybe they SHOULD just move to LA ... but I can guarantee, if they move, I won't go with them ... I was born in California ... no way in hell I'm supporting a stinking LA team!!!!

We have too many holes to fill, this rebuilding project is going to take years, and that's after we Fire Ireland


We will beat the Jags and Bills

Im starting to get flashbacks of CHAD HENNE all over again with the multiple interceptions late in the game. When this team goes 5-11 or 4-12 gauranteed this year Ireland doesnt deserve to build this team with the multiple draft picks and large salary cap space they have comming to them next year. If the seats remain empty in Miami, which they will, Ross will have no choice but to make a move or lose more fan base. Team has been playing completely lousy since the second half of the colts game and not scoring until late in the 4th quarter against a lousy defense. Shows once again this team wasnt prepared with the multiple turnovers and penalties. I give Phibin one year with some added talent to see what he does.If Cowher decides to test the market for coaching next year and he has an interest in Miami I would grab him without giving Phibin another chance. Shame this team is starting to look like the laughingstock the so called experts had them out to be.

Hold on.....blaming Bill Parcels is not going to solve the problems.....it's up to the current FO to do that....

....enough with the Parcels lamenting ..itis what it is...deal with it

I'm thinking if Ireland get's fired, whoever replaces him will probably let Jake Long walk, use that money to sign someone out of Wallace/Jennings/Bowe, and target a tackle with the 1st round pick. This is supposed to be a very deep draft for corners, so you can wait until the second round and still get a good one. I'd imagine they'll sign one in FA too. That's what I would do anyway, who knows

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