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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 to start fourth quarter

BUFFALO -- Things didn't really change in the third quarter -- except that Miami finally crossed midfield.

The Dolphins are still struggling.

The fourth quarter will be telling.

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Sign long to a reasonable contract get rid of carrol, smith, bush, McDaniel. Please stop throwing the ball deep to Bess he's not a deep threat.

This team SUCKS two of the worst defenses in the NFL and we can't score. Carroll should have been benched in the first half,but nooooooo we stick with STUPID players. Blow this thing up get a GM who knows what he's doing and start over. Maybe we can make the playoffs in 2027.

Ross could do wonders for fan morale if he were to FIRE IRELAND before team charter returns to SoFla

Too much to ask the Rookie QB to come back in under 2 minutes. This falls on the shoulders of Sherman, awful play calling, no balls to let the kid throw more...you're fooling no one by running the ball 80% of the time you moron. Finally, let's all thank the genius who trade a decent (not great) CB to Indy. Wow Carrol sure has come a long way...pathetic

after a 4-4 start and with heart breaking losses but 3 or less we looked at the schedule and saw the COLTS, TITANS and BILLS and licked our chops LMAO!

Yes, I am comparing Luck to Tannehill, they are both rookie QB's in the NFL, one's a stud, one looks like Kyle Orton 2

When was the last time we had a quarterback that we actually thought could pull a game out at the end? Pennington, perhaps? But 'ol noodle shoulder was always one strong stare away from sitting on the sidelines! Tannehill may develop, but, holy crap, we MUST get some talent on this team.

bess was laughing at tannehill for throwing that deep pass to him...knew he couldn't catch up.

hartline wont see a big payday from another team, and given bush's lack of performance, i dont think he'll see one either especially how you look at guys like williams and jackson are struggling on their respective teams...jake long will see interest but miami really needs to consider a replacement for long after this year....fasano can walk as far as im concerned, he just doesnt have TE big play potential...

Shula71, I agree with letting Long and Bush go but you have to replace Long and we don't have anyone on the team right now that can protect the blind side of the QB at LT. So, we may have to spend that pick on a LT. You don't want to get T-Hill killed. I also agree with pursuing a WR and TE in free agency.

Thigpen should return all the punts and kickoffs

How can we get Larry fitz next year??

fire 'em all

start anew

They had time...the long pass was a poor choice I thought...but what the hey....he's just a Rookie QB...

So we will beat a Bills team that just dominated us, that's a given?

revenge of the wannstache. you jabronies deserve it

Are we ever going to get back to the playoffs? Stephen Ross please get your head out of your a**, and listen to the fans. The same old bs, different year

after a 4-4 start and with heart breaking losses but 3 or less we looked at the schedule and saw the COLTS, TITANS and BILLS and licked our chops LMAO!

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Ditto for titans, colts, and bill fans as well...just sayin...did miami really scare anyone of those teams honestly coming in....

Buster ... LMAO ... now just tell Obama to the same thing when it comes to blaming bush!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Oh dear god ... this team is doomed!

Anybody else sick of the same problems. No o line bad play calling terrible defensive backs. Not one superstar. Bush is the best weapon and he sits out half a game and we don't throw to him. We put in crappy ass Moore and other scrub recovers

And that completes the easy part of the schedule...can't wait to watch the upcoming poundings.

cut sean smith and nolan carrol.....NOW!!!!!!

where is michael EGNEW lmaoooo

Thought Tanny should have gotten them to the line and spiked it after the middle pass to Hartline....downs weren't as important as time....would have given them time to huddle...get a play from upstairs...collect themselves....not rush as much...

All week, we've been reading about finding out what the character of team is. Well we found out.

Did Armando go get drunk in the 4th?

espn is calling Ryan Tannehill a bust now already

what happened to philbin's hurry up offense? what a joke.

My biggest fear for this team is if Ireland somehow hangs on to his job. These losses could be a blessing if it leads to a new GM. It's $50 mil in cap space and 5 of the first 100 picks. That's a plum job for any GM to walk into. If Ireland remains however, the money will be wasted on re-signing Miami's current players and the picks will be average. This is a HUGE off-season for the future of this franchise

This one is virtually all on the coaches. They new what they had, and did not compensate with a clever game plan. Coach fail.

jaworski was singing tannehill's praises 4 weeks ago.

I think bust is probably going to be correct in a year or 2.

It has been determined that 99.998% of Earth's population couldn't care less about tonight's game.

Worst offensive line in football. RT has zero time, and no one to throw to if he did.

Zero defense, can't stop run or pass.

This franchise has hit the bottom...again.

I like Tannehill ... but is anyone else getting tired of hearing about how "studious" our QB's are ... and how hard they practice ... and watch tape? How about, for once, they tell us how freaking TALENTED our QB is!!!!!!!

Every time the dolphins lose, I get a sick feeling that we are cursed!

Oh...we are gonna finish like 6 and 10 at best...if that doesn't get Ireland canned...nothing will..

That last drive was what every elite QB dream of: a rally from behind under 2 min to win the game. Tanny once again couldn't live up to our hopes. That koolaid I've been drinking is tasting like vinegar now.

didnt matter buster...

it took three and half qtrs and some costly penalties to even sniff the endzone which they didnt even score until reviewed...no way was tannehill after playing so poorly with this offense marching down for a game winning score with less a minute to play...effecient and dink and dunk passing will not win you games..and turnovers is garuanteed to lose them for you and that is what miami is this year....smoke and mirrors!!!

So ESPN is calling Tannehill a bust? If that's true, then that network trul has jumped the shark. Idiots.

Tannehill in pressure situations fails just like Henne, no glimmer of hope

Can we now start Rishard Matthew now? We traded B Marsh lol. Ireland should be fired yesterday and some u thinks he's done a good job Craig M lol

I think we're stuck with Ireland. I think he has compromising photos of Ross with farm animals. No other explanation!

where was the speedster Lamar Miller? Oh, that's right he sits next to Reggie...

when they opened the offense up by necessity, interceptions were thrown. that is the problem.

48 48 Go Go!

I think that we depressed Armando with our negativity. Where is Armando?

... maybe ESPN was looking at Tannehill's wife and said "what a bust" ...

armando has been disappearing during the 4th quarter of his blog, and not posting the coda.

I can literally feel my brain cells dying each second I watch any more of this NFL Network postgame.

Is it desiogned to appeal to the biggest morons in the country? The type of people that find Rush Limbaugh to be thought-provoking?

Godalmighty. It's AWFUL.

BS offensive interference call against hartline. Fins need to make a tape of call after call after call that wrongly goes against them and send to nfl.

Is it the only reason they lost? no way, they suck. they suck too much to overcome the refs.

10 days now to write in pain. I hate Philbin's demeanor, it seems like he doesn't care

tanehill=young and inexperienced as a pocket passer

mike sherman=unimaginative OC

Philbin=too old to care too much

Ross and Irefiend=the real BUSTS of the franchise Today

That Dolfan who told Ireland he should have fired himself sounds like a hero now.

It is with deep regret that we announce that Armando has accepted a job as beat writer for the Rochester Pennysaver.

austin ... Armando is a lot smarter than most of us ... he refuses to post when he's not sober.

Nobody on ESPN is calling Tannehill a bust. I can't believe any of you guys would be so stupid as to fall for the stupid crap some pf the posters here fabricate.

(then again, some of you believe odin's bullsh*t "hottie" stories, so go figure)

marshall faulk "the bills took advantage of the short week, and really got after the dolphins today"

Phins are still paying the price of Parcells playing it safe with his Long over Ryan pick.

It looks like the search for a franchise QB will continue.

Armando is off writing his column on how putrid this team is.

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