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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 to start fourth quarter

BUFFALO -- Things didn't really change in the third quarter -- except that Miami finally crossed midfield.

The Dolphins are still struggling.

The fourth quarter will be telling.

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I think this team is just Horrible and talent deprived. The 4-3 start was smoke and mirrors. You can only do so much from a scheme standpoint to change it up. Everyone has caught on, everyone knows what is coming, and the limited talent makes it impossible to adjust. Basically, the bottom just fell out.

now the seahawks will take advantage of the longer rest week that miami now has and crucify tannehill next sunday...same old story different week, just sayin

Philbin is one of the youngest HC's in the league. That's a fact.

You're not coming across as too bright or on top of things, superPHIN

I should turn my attention over to the Jets because that's a better car crash to watch.

Tannehill still sucks!

From the ugly to the ugliest. The Bills were tantalizing the Dolphins knowing they will never score in the final minutes. A day of practice for the Bills secondary.
And the Dolphins ...well, what can we say that has not been said in the last 4 years. More insults?...they don't have any effect whatsoever. Suggestions ?, they don't care. I would't go to the stadium, that's for sure. The season is over for the Dolphins. Let T-hill practice some bombs, who cares about the interceptions now.

I know I'll regreat even asking this, but can you you explain how the Seahawks will "take advantage of" Miami having the longer rest?

Well, this was a lot of fun. Nothing like spending an evening watching a quality product put up another solid effort on the field. Like I said, this was NOTHING like spending an evening watching a quality product put up another solid effort on the field.

Philbin is one of the youngest HC's in the league. That's a fact.

You're not coming across as too bright or on top of things, superPHIN

Posted by: do your homework | November 16, 2012 at 12:02 AM

what skeleton are you watching on the sidelines there fella, the guys over 50 yrs old...youngest??*lmao*....i think obama might be younger compared to old philbin

After week 14, we'll be 4-9.

I do think that we have to give Tannehill another year. I kind of want them to spend all of their resources on offense. I want to know for sure that T-Hill is the future. I don't want to keep blaming it on the Oline, Receivers, RBs, etc. We will take care of the defense in 2014. So here is a plan:

Let all of the Defensive FA players go, in addition, to Bush and Fasano. Use the cost savings to re-sign Long at a reasonable price, sign Wallace and Bowe. Draft another WR with the 1st pick (top 10 pick). Draft 2 TEs in the second round. 2 OL in the 3rd round.

WRs- Wallace, Bowe, Hunter (rookie), Bess, and Rishard Mathews.

If Tannehill looks like crap next year with that team then we know we have to get a new QB. No more excuses. Again we will focus on the Defense the following year.

Tannehill, 5 TD's, 9 Int's, 3 Fumbles, BUST!!!

"Tannehill is learning.. but he needs help."

Post-game on NFL Network.

We have a solid foundation, but goddamn does Ireland need to get some playmakers on the field. These are good character guys, sure, but this team has no swagger. These two traits aren't mutually exclusive, either. This group looks yellow and doubts themself and loses composure during primetime or when something is on the line. We need players who can ignore all that and make a game come to them, and with it bring the rest of the team with them.

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, I'm just venting.

Should I change my username to 4-8 or 48-No?

We don't know what Tannehill is, or can be, what we know what he isn't right now...and that's a guy who can take a team on his shoulders and carry them. He's not a QB who can make plays happen. If the play call or the receiver doesn't make the play, then there's not play to be made. Tannehill needs everyone around him to do it for him. Maybe that will change in the future. But right now, that's what we have at QB.

I know I'll regreat even asking this, but can you you explain how the Seahawks will "take advantage of" Miami having the longer rest?

Posted by: do your homework | November 16, 2012 at 12:04 AM

Oh my....troll, im not even gonna start with you, it seems like the kiddie wants attention so i shall not play the game...but there are others on here that will amuse you so keep on lurkin....

This is horrible. Matt Moore has been totally disrespected. Philbin is Stupid. And Tannehill never I repeat never looks comfortable before any offensive play. Why do they keep trying to run the ball. im sick there is no season left and if you want to know the truth Tannehill has down syndrome

Tannehill = Mr INT

Henne, 12 TD's, 14 INT's, 2 fumbles in first full year. Much better than Tannehill

Philbin is 51 years old.

Maybe that's "old" to you but it's younger than most NFL Head Coaches.

This team is exactly who we thought they were...improved but still just a 4 or 5 win team this season...too many holes on defense and no consistency on offense...the playoff talk was ridiculous.

Is Tannehill closer to a Pat White then a Chad Henne?

It's bad enough that we are missing WR, TE, and CB - but now the OLine is leaking - AGAIN!

I've never seen a pro QB as bad as Tannehill.

In other words, superPHIN, you can;t even answer the question I asked.

Duly noted.

I actually disagree, Denny. I though Tannehill looked pretty "in control" during the first part of the season. Something has happened to him in the last 3 or 4 games ... I mean, besides stinking up the place with a -90 QB rating ... it may come down to coaching.

Tannehill on pace for 8 TD's / 15 pics / 5 fumbles. GOD AWFUL

They wanted the rookie to start and are now paying the price. This is a playoff team with the right starting QB. Unfortunately he is on the bench. And there is no way he comes off the bench because the coaching staff doesn't want to look foolish for naming the wrong guy the starter. Tammyhill sucks. He might be ok down the road, but right now, he is horrible. He is not what was advertised...at all!

Earl ... have faith ... I think Tannehill will throw more than 14 interceptions!

Tannehill essentially threw for 35 yards a quarter. In a "QB" league this is unacceptable and he has shown again and again he is not an NFL QB. If you think he is you are insane. Tannehill is a bust and is not even as good as Henne (puke).

BWade ... this is NOT a playoff team. Unless of course you have Dan Marino throwing 6 TD's a game ... otherwise, no way this team makes the playoffs with the entire supporting cast.

Good thing that was a road game or Tannehill would've been BOOed out of town lol

Jamarcus Russell 13 TD's / 8 Pics in first full year, blowing Tannehill away

cool, I was on that mindset too. "Better but still not there." But, what exactly makes them better? Sparano's worst year still netted 6 wins. We're not even there yet (and may not get there). Tannehill might just be another bust in a couple of years. We don't know what he is yet. Ireland still isn't out of the woods. Last few games Philbin and the Coaches have fell WAY back to Earth. Who's to say they don't stay mediocre? I think we're in that very tenuous situation, where it can go either way. This might be different, but right now, feels like the same old crappy Dolphins.

The sad thing is that Matt Moore had a very good season last year. They should have kept Brian Daboll who was clicking with Moore. They should have spent their resources on building a team around Moore. Just because he was not a 1st round pick does not mean that he can't be a good starting QB. Dallas' QB was not drafted and he is a solid starting QB. This team would have been better off with the Interim HC from last year, Daboll, and Moore. They should have stuck with what they had. They went 6-3 in their last 9 games. Now we are going to have to stick with T-Hill because we've invested too much in him.

I don't know...maybe I'm crazy...but I think the first thing we need is a 6'2, 245 pound downhill running Halfback......and an O-line that can create a surge.....wouldn't it be fun to face 2nd and 3 for a change? Now there's a novel thought....

If only the Dolphins had listened to their brilliant fans. We could have had BRADY QUINN right now!!

Did Kris predict 12-4?? Really?

We are great at throwing bad interceptions that's why we got rid of henne right

i'm not saying it cost the game tonite. but what in the world is going on with the refs this year??? are they just putting money on the other team or did we piss somebody off. i never seen some many games where they find away to kill us.

Over / Under time on Offense getting booed during Seattle game?

It's amazing how quickly this team lost its swagger after the Jets game.

Wow Earl are those numbers on Jamarcus Russel correct? He was terrible but apparently outplayed Tannehill.

I'd take Brady Quinn right now!!

The Fins will have a major house cleaning at the end of the season. Bigger than the Jets house cleaning.

If T-hill's complete season of work doesn't show improvement, I don't think the FO will give him the amount of time they gave Henne.

Earl, 1st quarter booing vs Seattle

The Dolphins inadequacies are glaring . Another interesting battle between rookie QB's .

For those enjoying your own brand of schadenfreude , remember it when your team is watching it on TV like you .

I'd take Brady Quinn right now!!

Posted by: Jay | November 16, 2012 at 12:17 AM


Why? Based on what, exactly?

Seriously. I'd like specifics.

*add "in the next game" in second sentence .

Can we bring Henne back?

In other words, superPHIN, you can;t even answer the question I asked.

Duly noted.

Posted by: do your homework | November 16, 2012 at 12:11 AM

thank you troll...your right , I wont..maybe when next week rolls around your question will recieve its own answer...Thanks!!!

We need. To give them time we are not a complete team yet lots of missing pieces like a secondary and an offensive line and a receiving corp

For a little perspective, Peyton Manning threw 28 INTS in his rookie year. It's still too early to label Tanny a bust, folks.

I read a good article on SS that defenses have figured Tanny out. Now it's his turn to elevate his game. That was something Henne never did. He froze and turned into Check-down Chad. Let's hope Tanny is better than that.

Henne is smiling now. I don't beleive we are actually missing Henne?

Still need a QB

One of the things that irritated me was the usage of Daniel "two yard" Thomas . WTF are they thinking ???

pressers from philbin and company are going to get really tiring fast in the next few weeks and so is reggie bushs twitter apologies....just sayin

Well, at least the easy part of the schedule is behind us. 9 of the 10 teams we played are horrible.


Judging by his throw at the end of the game, he was trying to make plays and not check down. At least the kid has thick skin. Let's hope he can grow and not shirk from a challenge.

Absolutely correct 48 GO . Tannehill has been figured out .

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