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Bills lead Dolphins 19-7 to start fourth quarter

BUFFALO -- Things didn't really change in the third quarter -- except that Miami finally crossed midfield.

The Dolphins are still struggling.

The fourth quarter will be telling.

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Maybe you need to change your sig to "superDEFENSIVE," dude.

You made the statement that the Seahawks "would take advantage" of Miami having the longer rest, did you not?

I'm simply asking your reasoning in saying that. Why is it an advantage?

If you can;t answer it, then just say so. This other nonsense is just weird obfuscation on your part.

Henne is smiling now. I don't beleive we are actually missing Henne?

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 16, 2012 at 12:21 AM

actually orlando, henne's been doubly screwed, he now has played on potentially two really bad franchises and still sux...cant be too smiley about that...

New England 56 DOLPHINS 3

Tanny is so much more talented than Henne it isn't even a contest....give the kid time...Geezus...it's only a little more than half aseason.....when Ely first came to the Giants, the fans wanted to crucify him........growing pains are part of a QB's development....everyone needs to chill on this QB bashing IMHO

You are not going to beleive this but the most successful coach that we have had in the last 10 years in Wandstedt. Look up his record. The Dolphins went 42-31 under Wanne. We were actually complaining the year he went 11-5 and we missed the playoffs. That year we wanted his head. Now we struggle to get to 5 wins. I would be doing cart wheels if a coach could get us to 11 wins again.


Buster, you're far too rational for this blog.

(probably far too sober as well)

Wanny was the last good coach we've had.

LOL @ homework

If Wilson makes the int, we need 3, not a TD.
Our db's have the worst hands in the NFL, and have for several years.

troll, seriously.... dont start attacking me if your not smart or well equipped in picking up the sarcasm and faced reality of the fins situation when it comes down to playing seattle next week and tannehill looking like a deer on the run in the pocket...

The comment was meant to infer that miami even with the rest will not make a single difference in how they play offensively in that game as compared to what they've shown in this game tonight...for lords sake STOP IT!!!

Dansby drops one, and he celebrates the pass breakup.

Pornstache was the last successful coach we had? Oh dear God, now I'm going to start drinking toilet bowl cleaner!

Okay Soja....so are all the other Pro football players......and your point is.......??????

Wanny was the last good coach we've had.
Posted by: Shula 73 | November 16, 2012 at 12:28 AM

Shula, Really???
He was the guy that started this slide.

Cant win without a QB............

Soja=Henne Supporter

Good rebuttle...*lmao*

Wanny had good competitive teams. And a winning record here. All the coaches after him are losers.

So IMAWriter....you're saying that trippin' is better than rippin'.....lololol....I'll buy that....sure ...why not? let's all go get spaced.......

Well, thanks for the answer anyway (finally).

Really not too concerned how I match up in the intelligence department with you, but if you'd like to harbor that delusion--go for it.

Oh, and by the way. This is a public blog. I'll post WATEVER I want, WHENEVER I want.

You run nothing here, Junior.

Wannstadt stopped our offense tonight real good.

Not me at 12:31.
Why do you morons do stuff like that?

You might wanna rephrase that IMAWriter.

Well sorry the fins lost, But the good news is Odin/Douchi is more then lily 3 sheets to the wind and cant log on.

Okay troll, but not everything you say gets posted...Just Sayin!!!

Jr??*lol*...well I havent reached my peak years yet thats for sure!!!

I really think that fans over reacted with Wanne. We were a perrenial playoff team under Wanne, we just could not get over the hump. We were so spoiled with Shula and Jimmy that we were complaining about getting ousted early in the playoffs. Look at the losers we had after him: Cameron, Saban, Sparano, and now Philbin. You never know what you have until you lose it.

Will Fins win another game?

At 4-12 would Fins get a top three pick?

hey, maybe Garret can replace Sherman as offensive coordinator and romo can replace....Devlin??

Swamy...I think we'll beat Jacksonville...after that all bets are off in my estimation....what would 5 and 11 get us...like the fourth pick?

Guys, Please Wannstadt was a Idiot, He inhered a good team from johnson, Like he did with the Bears, He is worse then Sporono.


very slim even given miamis horrible offensive situaion that they will lose out

they probly will split with buffalo at home and with Jax looming, another potential win in the making--6-10 should get us in the top 10 range of picking next year tho....

Regarding Sherman and Philbin...they said they would be bringing a West Coast O to the team.......I'm havin a little trouble recognizing it so far....

One pass to the TE does not a West Coast offense make.....

There are eight teams with three or less wins.

A top three pick doesn't look good.

Get rid of the whole organization – they stink. Bring Bach Shula . What embarrassment of a team. Fans shouldn’t spend a dime to see them! What a joke they are

It's so not funny, Tannehill worked wonders early on but we always had just Bess and Hartline. It really doesn't take NFL defenses long to catch on, the o line is regressing fast, no runnin game. Tannehill has no chance with the way things are simple as

Really 8 teams with 3 or less wins !!!! Holy Krapp

Tanny will only be fine if a new GM -not Ireland- surrounds him with talent. We knew this was a rebuilding year so the question begs why did Ireland unloaded people like Marshall and Davis and did not trade someone like Dansby and his ridiculous salary?

Unlike the Marlins, the Phins have a loyal following that could endure another terrible season stats-wise with at least the promise of building a better future. But that is exactly why Ireland is just incapable to fulfill his job duties. He, NOT the Dolphins, could not afford another 4-12 season for his own job safety, that is why we have a product that will yield yet another 8-8 season at best and further erode any hopes for a REAL turnaround.

So the responsibility lies with Ross for showing once more he lacks the gonads to make the same sort of business decisions he shows in real estate translate into football ones. Until he keeps Ireland nothing will truly change. This team will still carry dead weight with it next year in the form of Dansby and others, and will have to make a decision about Long, Bush, Fasano and others. I highly doubt all those three players will go the way Solai did this year. So why were they kept with basically no return to show for?

And that is just one of the inefficiencies Mr. Ireland needs to justify to Mr. Ross. His draft choices and his "business" moves borderline the mediocre threshold. He gave away Marshall and Davis for peanuts, of course would not be peanuts if he shows better judgement when the draft and FA arrive. Egnew, Martin, and all the WRs he drafted this year are busts. Even with Miller that jury is still out there.

This just shows what I always thought of him, he's a good scout, not GM material. Yes he's capable to find some acorns that blossom, Wake is one of them, but he can not run a team's destiny into a never ending acorn quest. With all that said my biggest concern is what happens to Philbin if a new GM is mercifully -for this suffering fan base- finally chosen. These remaining games should tell us the answer.

Who would be a good replacement for Ireland?

Hillbillie Joe....I hadn't noticed Fitzie's butt.....but now that u mention it......


Tannehill is worse then Henne. He'll never be a pro QB. Try him at WR or trade him for a 3rd rd pk.

Bess and Hartline are not burners and dont get consistant seperation...teams will not fear the deep pass and that makes the running game more animic than it already is...philbin can try all the quick throws and out routes he wishes but teams will be happy to give that all day and now you see miami being more exposed as an offense just like they were in preseason

SuperPHIN....100% in agreement......they need a field stretcher....one who doesn't head butt his ol' lady....

Chudzinski would be a good GM.

Hey peeps....gonna watch the Heat....7 minutes left in a 4 point game...laters...

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE PLANE RIDE BACK TO MIAMI? This is crazy because Tannehill is not going to be the answer. Why couldnt Matt Moore have a better pre-season? Matt Moore is the real team leader. Tannehill will never be good NEVER not in the Nfl. We also have the weirdest looking head coach in the League. Attendace Seahawk game 12000

A blind monkey throwing darts would outdraft Irescum.

We are going to end up losing the best QB we had next year when Moore leaves town , you`ll see he`ll be another Steve young and this assinine team will be stuck with another telegrapher , he even looks like Henne ,what did he get one first down on his own , I told this loser writing this column ask the players who they`d rather have as their Qb , last yrs MVP or this years INT

xtremewaysz7 ,

The Dolphins always get rid of their best players.

I do agree that Moore is a darn good QB.

The last game we won as a team where everyone played thier heart out is when Moore took over for Henne , I mean Tanny , how is that fact escaping everyone , how phucking blind are ya`s , or are you`s just retarded?

Oh gosh this is not good....

I'm sorry guys but Tanhill is not worse than Henne. I am not going to ditch on Henne to much. But if you watch were Tanhill places the ball, (dont scream the interceptions), but the ball seems to be in the right general location most of the time.

Give him a serious running game and a stud receiver and things are totally different today.

Indy, Seattle all have a slew of pretty darn good receivers. That catch the throws they shouldn't. OUr receivers dont make to many spectacular catches. Oh the days of Gasden are gone.

Henne had probably one of the best RB duoes and could not make any magic happen. Unfortunately for Tanhill his magic is covered in smoke screen of poor talent.

Go Dolphins!! I still think their are things to build on.

Hey Shula, you must be stoned if you think Tammyhills passes are on target. Record the games and go back and watch each of his throws again. His accuracy sucks!!

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