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Colts beat Dolphins 23-20

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was entertaining, but ultimately, the Dolphins apparently aren't quite ready to win this type of game.

Colts 23. Dolphins 20.

In the end, the defense couldn't come up with the game-changing turnover -- as Sean Smith dropped what might have been a huge interception inside of four minutes to play inside the Colts 30 yard line.

The offense, meanwhile, didn't have a come-from-behind drive in them. They had three minutes to try and turned the ball over on downs.

The secondary, by the way, was shredded today. Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards with two TDs. The 433 yards breaks the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a game. The old record was previously held by Cam Newton.

Ryan Tannehill, by the way, completed 22 of 38 for 290 yards and a TD. But just not enough.

By anyone.


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Looks like the old Sean Smith came out today! Horrific!

I said a few days ago that this game would come down the Sean Smith and company. I didn't expect Luck to shred the D so badly. That long bomb TD to Yeatman under double coverage should've never happened. And 3rd and 20?

He DROPED the INT trying to get up....WTF.....who does that?????

what a killer loss, just devasting

This loss was mostly on Tannehill. He gets to hyper in the pocket. Needs some Xanax.

We deserve this loss

Oh Sean, just secure the ball and stay down next time.

Another season gone to waste. I'm tired of waiting for this franchise to be clutch. Thank god for the Heat.

I'm mostly mad at myself for getting suckered in by a couple good weeks by Carroll, Wilson, Clemons and Jones. The secondary is as bad as I thought. Only now Sean Smith is joining the parade of suck. Never seen such a heartless game before by an alleged team leader.

Tannehill looked good at least but that's just another way of saying wait til next year.

Sean Smith sucks, and wtf Jake, that is all.

Tannehill, how about Sean Smith? He played horrific football. Had he held on to the ball we would have either tied or gone to OT.

Luck is good...but I don't consider him ELITE...not yet....

1st pick in the DRAFT has to be a PASS RUSHER.....

Sean Smith is so overrated its a joke

Dropped INT
Should have had another one but he decided to not look for the ball

how many yards he gave up

this guy is a joke im sick of him he talks smack when he does something like a few times a year


Come on man. Devastating how? It's life in the NFL. Time to shake it off and get ready to win next year.

Kris was about the only guy on here who thought this was a playoff team this year. A little perspective, bud. We're still a few pieces away from being a good team. We knew that before the season.

2nd pick...LT.....

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 04, 2012 at 04:26 PM

You sound like a troll right there. Tannehill's fault? Please

Sean Smith and Mike "why make adjustments" Sherman are to blame. Please fire Sherman. Please punish Smith

Oscar you're a moron, please stop watching football because you are clueless.

Craig M....

were not dead in the water....

even 10-6 will get us in.....and 11-5 is still within grasp....

Craig, just stop. They could easily be a playoff team. Wait til next year is loser talk. At least they know not to break the bank for Jake Long. He is completely washed up and not worth big money. Spend it elsewhere.

Ultimately the players are laughing at us they still get to go home to there riches, model wives, no financial problems while we peasants have to go back to our 9 to 5 jobs struggling to support our family. Do you honestly think they care I'd they winor not as long as they have there riches??? So many of you need to stop crying about the loss..

yea if you blame tannehill for this loss you are a moron. Dont even bother posting if you blame him he played awesome not his fault the line cant block when the games on the line.

Hes a Rookie remember?


I like your thinking about a pass rusher but you're convinced they need to move on from Long? REALLY? There's an AWFUL lot of LTs that don't work out. We still need a WR, a CB, a S and a TE. Not sure we have the luxury to spend a high pick on a LT. Just not sure.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 04, 2012 at 04:26 PM

You sound like a troll right there. Tannehill's fault? Please

Posted by: MiamiD20 | November 04, 2012 at 04:29 PM

He is a Troll....

Put this on the coaching staff. Horrible horrible game plan. Tanny never should have started. The defense played soft pass defense the entire game. 10 3rd down of 10 plus the Colts made. horrible ...

Long is playing his way out of a contract. He was abused all day long.

refreshing craig to see u admit that. well said

D Fense sucked, Shawn Smith regressed, a team that only has one lold WR killed us and broke all records by a rookie. Our OL regressed, Long was eaten by Freeny, showing we will not spend the money on him. Play calling was horrible, 2 minutes to go, 2nd and 6 and we throw the ball twice instead of running it with Daniel Thomas who looked like a monster today, even Bush did not do that bad, w2e played for OT and got killed in regular time, Philbin should have know that Luck was running the offense at will. Sparano and Ireland, it is all your fault, we should have sucked for Luck, all those players that went for wins last year I hope they never see a down again, they all suck.

Lots of RT defenders here. The same ones that didn't want him here. The same ones that will boo him in the Future.

there is no doubt tannehill's knee injury made him unload the ball more quickly than usual...i have never seen him rush a pass like he did to thomas (who would still be running).

We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds: LT, TE, WR, CB, S


Did you have this team as a playoff team coming into the season? Cause if you did I sure didn't see any of your comments saying that. Kris was the only one I saw who came out and made that claim. I had the team 4-12 and I saw a lot of 6-10 and 7-9.

Do they have a chance now? Sure they do. But it's clear they are missing some pieces. We KNEW that. You can't solve all a teams problems after one offseason.

Craig M....

You know I haven't been a HUGE Long supporter...EVER....

He is gone next year....to expensive....and he FALSE STARTED almost every play....

That tells me...he knows he lost a step....

Clue some of us actually work hard and have achieved success. Your lot in life is on you. I love that you use that sign in and are the most clueless poster in here. That's great comedy right there.

Well fought game!

A.Luck is the truth! And so is T-Hill!

I know it's not a reason for a loss. But these ref's blew it! And Bad!

Time to taper expectations again. Back to 9-7!

We have Pass Rushers! We Need LB's!

Could be, austin. But if it was so, why they let him Play?

Put this on the coaching staff. Horrible horrible game plan. Tanny never should have started. The defense played soft pass defense the entire game. 10 3rd down of 10 plus the Colts made. horrible ...

Long is playing his way out of a contract. He was abused all day long.

Posted by: jeff

LOL do you even watch the games? Tannehill played very good if you say they shouldnt have played him you are retarded.

Sherman needs a wake up call. You can't convert third and longs if you just give up and throw doomed screen passes. The colts had balls and Sherman wussed out.

It's not that Jake Long is bad, it's just he will want way more money than he is worth at this point. Move Martin to the left side, let someone else overpay long.

sean smith looked like he had a good time last nite cuz he was lost and pathetic on the field today. Terrible call on the kick return,refs blew a good return and special team coach was pissed,that took us out of fg range right there. Not sure why we could not challenge the interception by smith,looked like he caught it and just dropped it getting up which should not change that it was caught? Secondary just got torched in the end and offense could not execute when it really mattered.But hey, fins are doing better than i thought they would do b4 the season started.GO MIAMI1

I think we are lucky Tanne wasn't hurt worse.

Fans, it's quite clear why we lost today, aside from missed INT opportunities.
What bothers me a wee bit is the sort of panic mode we got into on that last drive.
Hopefully, Tanny learned from the experience.
ON To the NEXT Game

I'm just not sure how we will contain the Pats short passing game, and also afraid pour LB's can't cover the crossing patterns by Gronkowski and Hernandez.
The lack of an inside pass rush will be deadly against the Pats. The Giants have proved you can rattle Brady if you make him uncomfortable, and that usually is an up the middle pass rush.

Who knows, maybe we'll see our secondary man up better than they did today.

well, i guess they think tannehill on one leg is better than moore on two.

Guys I'm fine not spending big bucks on Jake Long. I really am. He's one of my favourite players on this team but I admit he hasn't played great this year.

Only thing I'd say, there is ZERO guarantee that you get a really good LT in the draft. Before we through Long out, it might be an idea to see how the rest of the year goes. The idea of franchising him is still an idea that has some appeal to me.

You guys want a top safety or pass rusher, you can pretty much forget about getting both by using one of those picks on a LT.


we have A pass rusher.....

and ONE passer rusher is like having ZERO pass rushers....you just chip and double...and he becomes like Oscar...a NON-FACTOR.....

WAKE needs LEGIT HELP...and wake is getting up in AGE...

The one elite DE we face and Long gets beat terribly. Can't see him here next season at the price tag he wants. Move Martin to LT and find an RT in 2nd round.

By the way Oscar, I wanted Tannehill over Moore from day 1. And that was before Moore played like garbage against 2nd and 3rd stringers in preseason.

Long looks like a F A G with Gus hair grown out furthermore his A S S H O L E should be hurting with the abuse Freeney did to him.

A couple of thoughts . . . .
1). Is Sean Smith teachable? He has physical skills, but mentally, meh . . . .
2). Jake Long is presently playing like a fantastically overpaid LT. Dude looks fat and lethargic. The Phins can do better if he can't.
3). Tannehill looked rattled in he 4th, but who wouldn't with the swinging gate at LT? Still, Tannehill is quite the find.
4). Reggie Bush has "it."

This was the first Game I've seen the Dolphins under Philbin where the whole Team did not put out its best effort. Terrible.

but kris we took vernon for that,lol

Craig keep blowing hot air!

We all know Kris had us at 11-5! Dashi 9-7! The Second most hated also had us at 9-7! So the Real Homers had us with winning record!

WE ALL KNOW UR HATE FOR DASHI IS PERSONAL! It's Cool! Dashi can Care Less! Just Stick to the facts!

Or u want Dashi to remind people! How U called urself the biggest HOMER! AND HAD THE FINS GOING 4-12! And wanted Moore as the QB!

I thought this season would be hard on us fans. Our Defense would be okay and O-line needed to gel. I thought we'd have ups and downs because of inexperienced players, especially the QB.

Ironically, it was the ROOKIE QB who looked in command. He controlled the line threw well didn't make any costly mistakes. I was expecting growing pangs with Tannehill. Not with a mature defense, who was awful on 3rd downs. Or a second round or "all-pro" tackles.

There is no way in hell I would pay Sean Smith with a big contract, nor would I give a Long (pun) term deal either. This game was hard to swallow because of the caliber of team they were playing. A bad run team and we couldn't run. Their secondary had more injuries than any other team we've faced this year.

I'm done venting. But I still have faith in Philbin. At least the future looks bright.

No Craig before the season I didn't think they were a playoff team. I didn't know the afc would be this bad or that Hartline and Bess would step up.

8 games in, it's clear that Miami could easily be a playoff team but they've thrown away three winnable games due to poor play calling and a suspect secondary that's been ignored other than late draft picks and the Richard Marshall disaster.

Incremental process is nice but I'm tired of waiting. They had a shot to take advantage of a weak schedule this year and make some noise but they are the same old Dolphins, three losses by nine points, can't score when it counts, can't get off the field on D, too timid on third and long on O.

So tired.

That was the team's best effort.

Also they don't need to draft a LT, they can just move Martin over there and pick up a new RT late in the draft or in FA.

Nice to see the BLOWFISH back in their rightful place.

Should be fun watching the 2nd half implosion and all the October fanatics jumping off the wagon when they learn what everyone knew after Hard Knocks. This team blows.

As good as the Dolphins D was last week they were bad today. Sean Smith blew it twice on interceptions alone. Tannehill was everything we expected, he did not lose us the game, granted he did not win us the game either but where are his playmakers when the game is in the line, he cannot do it alone. Bess & hartline covered, Fasano was invisible today, dont even know if he was targeted. Give Tannehill a No1 WR and a seam threat TE and watch him go.
Do you notice how the Colts went and secured Luck Reggie Wayne and doubled up on 2 game changing TE's, that is the difference between these 2 QB's and Luck didnt have the revolving gate Long proved to be today.

What were they thinking? These People had a rookie CB in there and we were throwing the ball to the other CBs and in double coverage. Hmm...?

..Wow. What a game from Andrew Luck. I figured there would be a lot of finger pointing here after the loss. This is what I saw.

I had said all week we had to establish the run this week. It didn't happen, we bogged down and struggled with protections. The defensive line also had its worst game of the year as far as putting any pressure on Luck. He extended a lot of plays. But for the most part their offensive line played beeter then ours.

I think the coaches had a bad game. It was clear we were outcoached today. This is all part of a young team learning to win. the coaches are not immune to bad days. Today was not their best effort. Not enough adjusmtents were made, especially on the defensive end to slow down the pass attack. Really they were 1 dimentional, and we had no answer, especially on third down. The players must shoulder some blame. Add the coaches to the list as well.

..There were some bad calls at then end of the game. I am one that thinks blaming the refs for a loss is weak, and the last reason we lost this game. Luck was outstanding, we couldn't run it, we couldn't block them because they could pin their ears back..All perfect recipes for the loss, not the refs.

On Jake Long. It's obvious he has struggled this season but there has to be a reason. He was injured most of the preseason and I think it must still be effecting him. You don't go from being a top 3 and pro bowl left tackle for 3 seasons to sucking in one offseason for no reason. The only exception would be multiple injuries effecting his skill set. These are injuries that everyone was aware of and Long was quoted before the latest injury saying he was the healthiest he has been since entering the NFL. So I don't believe it's deterioration from injuries and is mostly due to the last one.

In the end none of us know and we can guess all we want but we're not coaches or trainers. Philbin doesn't stick with guys who can't perform so if Jake is back next year we know he just had an off season for reasons we can't understand.

no hartline now. season could get ugly quickly


I have NO idea what you're ranting about. I called myself the 'biggest homer'? I did? When did I do that? I'm a fan of this team. Always have been. But I thought will all the turnover this year and a rookie QB we would struggle. It's obvious we are better than I thought we would be.

LOTS of guys on here took the Colts lightly this week, Kris included. They're a decent team and will be in the running for a WC spot. What we have to hope is that this came doesn't end up being the difference between us and them at the end of the season.

This Game proves there is nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to for many years.

Luck is light-years ahead of Tannehill, and the Colts coaching staff put us to shame.

It's back to Fire Ireland, Dump Philbin & start all over again. Barkely might drop enough in the draft....if not him, someone with the guts to take charge in the 4th Qtr. may be available for the new GM.

Tanny ain't got it.

Shoulda either won those OT games or not won those end-of-last-season games that lost us Luck.

Sad pathetic team.

I am bummed.

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