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Colts beat Dolphins 23-20

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was entertaining, but ultimately, the Dolphins apparently aren't quite ready to win this type of game.

Colts 23. Dolphins 20.

In the end, the defense couldn't come up with the game-changing turnover -- as Sean Smith dropped what might have been a huge interception inside of four minutes to play inside the Colts 30 yard line.

The offense, meanwhile, didn't have a come-from-behind drive in them. They had three minutes to try and turned the ball over on downs.

The secondary, by the way, was shredded today. Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards with two TDs. The 433 yards breaks the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a game. The old record was previously held by Cam Newton.

Ryan Tannehill, by the way, completed 22 of 38 for 290 yards and a TD. But just not enough.

By anyone.


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Can someone please tell me why our best player, Reggie Bush, was so limited in the second half? We need to feed him the rock and get him more involved in the passing game. Daniel Thomas is not as good as Reggie on screens!!


What the Hell are you talking about? It's already been a good year. This team started 0-7 last year. They are playing MUCH better than last year. Perspective buddy, perspective!


I trust the coaching staff to make the right decisions on hos to use the personnel. Not sure what the deal is with Bush's health right now. They have plans on what they want to. Not having Bush in there more today wasn't the reason we didn't win today.

Groundhog Day.

Deja Vu all over again.

We are stuck in eternal suckitude.

Today closed the case on whether Tannehill was an answer (& obviously not The Answer).

Start from scratch: new gm, new coach, new qb.

...@ 5:28..I don't know this as fact(a little reasearch would probably tell the story)..I seem to recall that we did not win on first down much in half 2. We were playing behind the chains a bit. I'm curious to see what our average yards per play was on first down half 2 today. That may be the reason we couldn't get Bush going. I said it all week. If we couldn't establish the run against them. I didn't think we would win. We did well in the first half. Pretty much a non factor half 2..You could see how well they played when they could pressure without the fear of having to defend the run.

We got somewhat banged up today. Hopefully, we'll be OK physically next week, if not mentally. getting torched by a rookie can't be healthy to the psyche.

Sean Smith should not play again for the fins. He was terrible last year and even worse this year. Jake Long looks like he has no clue. Tanny looks decent but that's about it. They didn't play hard enough to win this game. Mike Sherman was pathetic at Texas A&M with his play calling and is doing the same with the Fins. He is so predictable now it's not even funny. 7-9 is about what they'll do this year and not have that easy last place schedule like they've already thown away this year.


Martin has performed well as a rookie. It's about money, Long wants TOO much. We have too many resources in the o-line as is (and they still just do an OK job at best). All those high picks on the o-line is why the secondary is so bereft of depth and talent.

Brandon Marshall had 122 yards and 3 TDs today. Imagine where Miami would be with him still here instead of Egnew and a third round pick. Ireland hasn't been all bad but he has made some awful mistakes.

Hey EMO...your an idiot..and do us all a favor
and go f..k yourself

EMO, are you truly so bored you have to keep posting your troll garbage on here.

The King (Shula) has been officially outed as a Jets fan and a threat to small house pets, who he sadly takes pleasure in lubing up before he victimizes them.

Why is Mike Sherman calling passing plays right before halftime. Run it out and go to halftime leading by 7. Instead, He calls for 3 incompletions, 3 clock stoppages, Colts go down and get a free and cheap 3 points thanks to Sherman. Why?

EMO has also been declared a worthless, clueless troll. Sorry buddy, your Jets are still going backwards.

You all are making very hurtful comments.

Just because I feel a Dolphins loss more deeply than most is no reason to bully.

I have a sad feeling.

Long had an "off season" last year too, he's always hurt. Shadow of his former self.

Miami defense is terrible, as seen against Arizona and again today. Terrible.


I'm still waiting for your top three RTs in the draft and FA. Waiting....that's planning, bud!

Also, MARSHALL again.....give me a break! We didn't win SHYTE with Marshall here. Instead of judging how he does when his team scores 51 points, how about judging him when it REALLY matters.

All of this is knee jerk....nothing more than that, sorry. 'Get rid of Long' after 8 games of the season. Yeah, OK....good decision making!

Dolphins have a solid team except for the defensive backs. Sean Smith is absolutely not a shutdown receiver. He cannot defense, he cannot intercept and he cannot tackle. It was clearly shown in today's game. Secondary must be a priority in next year's draft. Still, todays's game was winnable if either Dansby or Smith made the interception.

We lose by THREE on the road and now if eveyone is 'get rid of this guy', 'get rid of that guy'. Smith or Dansby catch the ball when they should have, we're not even having these conversations. Ridiculous!

Tannehill cost us another game.

Craig M @ 5:46.....

I think WIN or LOSE....we had to have the conversations.....NOT the dumb "get rid of everybody" conversation.....

but a WTF is up conversation....

2 weeks ago against the RAMS our RUN D was GASHED.....

This week...our PASS D is worse than acceptable...

and we haven't RUN the BALL effectively SINCE the 1st jets game......

Its time for THE CONVERSATION.....

Wish I had a stat sheet as to how many total yards the Colts got on their 3rd and long opportunities. 13 for 18, and most of them 8 yards and more, several of them over 12 yards.
I'd wager they covered 160 yards at least. If there are stats for that, I'd wager that would be an all time record.

You can't expect to win with that sort of stat against you, not to mention an almost 9 minute difference in TOP.

Lets hope this was an aberration. Our D had an uncanny resemblance to those coached by Tom Olivadotti...bend and break.

Anyone notice how "polite" the Indy crowd was? Lets hope OR fans make more noise against the Titans. Wish I could be there.

OMG the cause of the lost is our conservative defense on third down. You can not give 5-8 seconds to Luck. He will kill you and he did it over and over again.

Andrew Luck will send a HUGE thank you note to our D coordinator. Thank you, your strategy failed the whole game, and you never changed it. NFL Record for a rookie. That horrible was the strategy. OMG.

Yeah, Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did...not playing Matt Moore. He would have easily won this game.


There will be plenty of prospects at RT in the draft, maybe we could even wait until round 4 or 5 for once and get some skill guys first. I don't have the RT free agency list in front of me but I'm sure someone useful will be available.

All that matters is if Jake Long is worth a huge extension and he is not. He has been banged up and underperforming for a season and a half now. We can't waste that cap space on a guy who can't handle the ancient Dwight Freeney at all.

all cb's have drops and catches..yes i agree smith messed up...truth is, miami is on the right track...i blame this loss on our defensive cordinator...anyone count how many times we blitzed a rookie qb? sad...we are on right track tho...and omg..y is jake long still on our team? should've traded him when he had some value...no one will want him now.

We haven't won shyte here with Jake Long either by the way, that's a silly argument.

Tannehill doesnt seem to have the "IT" factor. He cant get it done at crunch time.

Shoulda drafted Matt Ryan

yes on ryan

eff tuna

I can't remember who said this (CraigM, Kris?) but the easy solution is to franchise Long. We don't really have anyone else that is a GAME breaker other than Bush to worry about. I'd give Bush 3 years at a top 5 RB salary, and Long the 1 year to see if he's on the down side. Lots of these franchise guys have a career year during their franchise tag season. If Long doesn't, than no harm, no foul. And, it gives us another year to find a replacement.
If Tony Sparano was still with the Fins, he'd convert Pouncy to tackle or guard, and make Long a CENTER. LOL


Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Actually, I'm not sorry. Now leave this blog immediately. You are banished. I wash my hands and feet of you.

4th losing season in a row. Thanks Irescum.

Wasn't me IMA....

I'm not that big a fan of Long....

If Long wants to re-sign a reasonable contract..then fine.....If he want to BREAK THE BANK.......

then let him break it else were.....

Dolphins need a pass defense.Can't get off the field
against a good quaterback..

Hey fans, don't forget the horrible and i mean horrible game by some overpay, average left tackle...this guy is bad,bad,bad. i would have traded this punk las week.

Unfortunately, this team is learning how to lose and not how to win. When coaches make bad decisions, when players don't preform, you lose. The teams we have beat are in a worse place then we are with the direction they are going in...Rams, Jets, Cincinnati and the Raiders. A team we should have beat, outplayed and outcoached us. All of those close games would have been won by an experienced coaching staff and quarterback. Yes, wait until the season is over and yes, wait until next year because even if this team happens to make the playoffs, they don't have the team to go far. Secondary needs serious help, wide receivers, linebackers who can cover backs and tightends, better offensive line, power fullback and an offensive co-ordinater who mixes it up and is not predicable. I'm afraid of the two Pats games and the 49er's. Blowouts after seeing today's game. Dogfights with the Bills/TitansSeahawks/etc.

It is just one game, we will get past this. Some things happen for a reason, perhaps this loss was a win for coach Pagano who might not be around much longer.

I rest my case. Marshall Faulk just said he doesn't understand why the dolphins are under utilizing Reggie Bush!

Andrew, Craig M, just to weigh in on your discussion.
IMO, its a testimony to Jake's consistancy that he gets crucified as he has today although he was awful today and been struggling this season at times. I was amazed Tannehill kept getting up and commiting that hold on a crucial 4th down play, well no comment.
As for the future, Long is a FA this offseason, he should not be signed to a big money contract but we do need to keep him as Craig says, LT's do not grow on trees.
If Long demands record money then I believe they will let him go, move Martin to LT and look to sign or draft a RT, this is by no means guarunteed to succeed but a lot of teams do succeed without a star LT, hopefully we can be one of them if we lose Jake.

Fed up, what do you mean learning how to lose?
Fins been loosing for several years.Losing is
nothing new too this team.

Who is the Colts LT...


Why is Bush not put into the slot more with Thomas in as the rb.


Thats a great question for Mike Sherman!

Long should stay only for the right money. Same with Bush, and for no longer than 3 years. Smith and Hartline, same thing, but for maybe even than less than decent money. The rest of the FAs are expendable spare parts (i.e. Fasano, Clemens, Matt Moore).

Yeah if they can get Long cheap then keep him. Franchising him is too expensive. If he wants big money, let him walk.

Stephanie, Bush has had a history of not being durable, and perhaps the team is trying to not over-use him.
Our cold weather games will really be a test for Tanny and our receivers, so Bush and Thomas give us a great chance to stay close in December.

I know this sounds (and prolly IS) a bit of a lame explanation, but it's all I can come up with. I wonder why Clay wasn't thrown to more. It's almost like our OC forgets players.
This is all Yada yada yada, as the the colts 3rd down conversion rate is the SDINGLE biggest resin we lost, not the lack of bush or anyone else.

IMA, Clay has been inconsistant at best this season, that may explain things. Where the hell was Fasano today, was our Oline that bad we needed him to block?
The lack of a deadline day trade means we will go on with what we have so I have to think Fasano is gone this offseason. I think they may try for Greg Jennings in FA or def use a high draft pick on a high calibre WR for Tannehill and a TE. I see our No 1 and two no 2's going on WR, TE and CB not necessarily in that order.
Unless Long takes a home town discount he is gone too unless he retains his pro bowl form.

Tough to lose that one. Certainly a game they could have won. Thats three losses that easily could have been W's had they taken care of business. I just don't think its going to be pretty when this team starts to play some good teams.

Tanny had a shot to lead the team down on the final drive and he just couldn't make it happen.He looked like he had happy feet and those two passes sailed on him (1 to Bess and 1 to Thomas). Has to complete those. To his credit he didn't turn the ball over. He did almost all you could ask of a rookie qb.

Only got bounus coverage of the game, so joined it when Fins were at mid field. Why was Bush not out there? Was he hurt? He is probably the most talented player on offense. Surprised you wouldn't have him in there. Screen passes, swing passes out of the backfield. Get that guy in open space and let him make people miss.

On to next week and the parade of cream puffs continues against Tennessee.


EMO is cleary retarded. Tannehill has got "it".

One other thing on Tannehill, I think what we have to realise is his performance was all you can ask of a rookie QB with 16 college starts, he is exceding expectations. Luck, unfortunately has raised alot of people's ideas of what RT should be doing, he is as advertised, a once in a decade prospect. He has better weapons, more experience.
I still believe next season will be an exciting one and have hope for this one which I did not expect to.

Had Matt Moore played we'd have scored 35 and won easily.

Moore last week after no reps and stale was 12/18 for 190 yards and 2 TDs (had stale Gaffney not dropped the 2nd TD).

Injured Tannehill looked ok but predictably finished 55% with only 1 TD.

wow it amazes me how quickly Dolphin fan jump ship man! yes the D got shredded, yes Sean smith should've just stayed down, and yes jake long has a horrible day. but please pick a side and stay on it you bumbs! either you're a dolphin fan or a hater, puck one and stick with it. ultimately, the defense looked terrible and they still could've won the game. shut up and go root for another team because y'all make me sick.

Agree Mags.
Tanny will be PLENTY good enough to take us to a SB. The question will be whether we can put the parts in place.
Having Philbin in place will help Ireland, if Jeff is willing to be a TEAM guy.

Also, I've had my bones to pick with a few coaching decisions this season, we are SO much better in so many ways. Philbin's decision to retain our ST's coach has paid dividends.

BTW, Giants are helping us right now.

Tannehill is ok but was injured. Moore should have started.

Had Moore been the starter we'd be 7-1 right now.

I told you last summer that Long has been done since last year. Don't tell me about irrelevant pro bowl votes, which are "legacy" votes. Watch games instead, dumbasses.


GREAT POINT @ 6:50.....

feeling better already.....

Ryan Leaf, LOL.
The drugs have obviously done you in, son.

If you blame the D you are stupid. Pretty bad game but in the end we scored only 20 points with one passing TD. A good QB has 3 passing TDs per game and we win that game with 28 or 35 points.

Thanks Kris, I meant that with all my heart.
This has been a fun, if heart attack inducing year so far.
8 games, and we're still it.

Back maybe later.
Be safe everyone.

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