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Colts beat Dolphins 23-20

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was entertaining, but ultimately, the Dolphins apparently aren't quite ready to win this type of game.

Colts 23. Dolphins 20.

In the end, the defense couldn't come up with the game-changing turnover -- as Sean Smith dropped what might have been a huge interception inside of four minutes to play inside the Colts 30 yard line.

The offense, meanwhile, didn't have a come-from-behind drive in them. They had three minutes to try and turned the ball over on downs.

The secondary, by the way, was shredded today. Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards with two TDs. The 433 yards breaks the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a game. The old record was previously held by Cam Newton.

Ryan Tannehill, by the way, completed 22 of 38 for 290 yards and a TD. But just not enough.

By anyone.


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Tannehill cant beat Andrew Luck.

OK...I stepped away...I cleared my head....I have just a couple of quick comments at this time. I am not going to attack any players now. There is no reason to do it, the tape shows that Smith, Wilson, and Long were not reliable today.

1) I love this team and still feel that Philbin has them on the right track. The coaches are not the problem here.

2) THILL is not perfect. But he has played well. He came out of school with limited QB experience. He is doing quite well and is showing skills and ability that we should be excited about.

3) This loss and the others we have had so far this year comes down to a few key things:

a) Inconsistent play from our secondary. Too many big plays and missed INT's.
b) Too many penalties stopping progress on Offense. Drive killers have been a consistent problem in our losses.
c) Inconsistent running game. Some times we look great but we don't see consistent production throughout the game.
d) Inconsistent pass rush. Games we win our DLine looks dominant. Games we lose have been cases where we don't get enough sacks and QB pressures.
e) We don't have a dominant #1 WR. Nobody really fears our WR's and in the red zone we don't have anyone to throw a Jump Ball to. That's a problem.

5 things. 5 very important things are preventing steady success. This is why the Fins are 500 now and will be 500 at the end of the season.

Tanehill is Chad Henne 2.0. He was just awful in the 2nd half.


Please shut your pie hole and stop pretending to be a Dolphin fan.

I am a Dolphin fan! Moore should be playing!

NO your not a Dolphin fan!!!!! Even if you were, you are obviously clueless. Tannehill is good right now with potential to be great with real players around him. Now go back to your dead end life.

Tannehill got 3 pts in the 2nd half! How do you expect to win with that? Tannehill sucks.

The team got 3 points in the second half, genius. And the defense cost the team this game.

Seriously...anyone saying THILL sucks or that he is the reason for this loss is a complete idiot. Or, they should be watching bowling on Sunday because they clearly no nothing about football.

Good evening one and all.

SO, we lost today, as Craig M and I predicted. Can't say I feel good about being right. But I'd like to let Kris and YG know what we saw (correct me if I'm not speaking correctly for you Craig) that you guys missed. I made a comment last week about our secondary being subpar (shouldn't have been a surprise). YG, with all due respect, disagreed, saying they were getting better. Well, yes and no. They were getting better because they were playing balanced offenses last few weeks. Balanced offenses run the ball, even if it doesn't work (it's in their DNA). Also, none of the last 3 QBs were precision passer like Andrew Luck. So our defense was able to camoflauge their weakness (the secondary). This week, we played an offense led by a precision passer who didn't care much about the run game, so didn't waste their time with it (until they loosened us up with passing). On top of that, we really didn't get much pressure on the QB (or he was too elusive for us). All of those things led to our glaring deficiency, stopping a pass offense threat with our secondary.

Craig and I both knew that we'd get exposed. It's no ONE player's fault either. Not the front 4, not the LBs, nor the DBs. It's a team deficiency. The offense played rather well. But they also have deficiencies. They are not explosive for 60 minutes. They sputter at times. Again, not a fault of Tannehill or anyone else, it's a hole. And Kris and YG let exuberance blind them to the holes we had before the Season, and continue to have, even though our coaching staff is trying its best to patch them up. Truth is, we just don't have all the talent we need. I'm not upset, we've already played over my expectations. I'm happy with Tannehill's progression. I'm happy with the new systems on the team. I'm happy (generally) with the playcalling.

And this year isn't over. We still have a chance to do something now. But, honestly, that's not important to me. What's important is us winning CONSISTENTLY. Therefore, I look at the big picture.

People are talking about Jake Long being exposed, Sean Smith coming back to Earth, the WRs, TEs, etc. Understandable, when we lose, people say the sky is falling like when we win they say we're Playoff bound.

Let's play 16 games and see what we have then. The GM and HC will decide what's important to them and what they can replace (or upgrade from). What's important to me is do they have a plan, is it legitimate in today's NFL, and can they work to improve the team with said plan. Right now, the answers to all 3 of those questions is...YES! So I'm happy, even if we lost.

Zonk, the same idiots that loved Henne love Tannehill.

Another dope who doesn't have a clue.

I have a rainbow bumper sticker that says: " I love balls in my face"

dc you could have condensed your 5 paragraphs into this:

We just didn't match up with the Colts as well as we did with the previous teams we played.

DC @ 8:34pm,

All very well said. I can't add anything to what you've said. As you've mentioned, this was our fear. This is what we saw happening. A couple of the guys got caught up with what was happening, and there's nothing wrong with that. We've all waited a long time for something to be excited about and we all want a winner here in Miami. For as many mistake as the team made and as many holes that were exposed, I think it's a credit to the team that we only lost by three. We didn't execute and for the most part Indy did. When we get really good, we'll win these games. This is all part of the learning process. People get tired of hearing this but it's true.

Kris, next time you start bragging about your predictions I'm going to bring this game up...LOL. The reality is we're all wrong just as often as we're right. Just to make you feel good, I predicted the Titans would upset the Bears today. Just missed on that one...LOL.

After watching redzone this season it's pretty obvious what the holdup was about 2with the Refs and the NFL. The NFL wanted more control over who wins.It's being run like any other Corp. Profits first.The Refs wanted a bigger cut if they were going to be told weekly who to favor with all the calls that are not reviewable.I mean even when they are,upstairs calls it how they are told.I noticed it watching redzone as the calls always go to the team market that would generate more dollars for the NFL.With the fact that none of the teams are allowed to say anything about the calls without $50,000 fines being levied.

Hey numbsters Im back never have waxed my sack nor interested.Whoever posted under my screen name you are like the cheaters on Yahoo pool or online video games.All that work to find a way to cheat for what.I think maybe the Miami Harold has ghost posters or maybe its Mr sal himself.

I didn't watch the game, since I live in the North East and don't have the NFL package. But I saw the highlights of several of Luck's throws. It seemed to me that we actually had several plays where we pressured him, but he moves phenominally in the pocket, is tough to bring down and is crazy accurate when he throws the ball, even on the move, which he was several times. We got beat by the best player on the field, period.

Notice how Kris is not giddy with his 11-5 prediction anymore :)

Here's another one to cheer you up. Two weeks in a row I've left Doug Martin on my bench.....the idiot that I am! He only ran for 248 yards and FOUR TDs. Figures, the guy I played this week had Chicago's defence going for him. Not a good day for me!

To the fake King Shula, I really do enjoy waxing my sack, as well as the sack of my life partner.

The Dolphins are still a losing team for the last 16 game season 2011.What did you expect overnight success,after two decades of medicore management under the Huzinga ownership.


You are correct. Luck's by far the best qb this defense has faced this year. The coverage seemed super soft, when opportunity was presented our coverage guys failed to make plays, and there were a few just plain busted coverages.

Also, on pass rushes, the DE's(both of them) made every pass rush wide, allowing Luck to comfortably step up in the pocket nearly every key pass. Great DE's have inside and outside pass rush moves. Our went wide every rush. Im sure Luck was feeling this.

A far as pass defense, coverage and getting to Luck often enough failed us. Specifically on 3rd downs.

The Dolphins will finish 8-8, which is 6 games better than I figured them for. They will not win 10 or more until they get faster everywhere and they extricate themselves of many of the big slow slugs that Parcells was so fond of. The moron actually bek
lieved that the formula he won with in the eighties would still work today. Speed and athleticism is far more important in today's game than size and strength. Even onthe lines with the proliferation of the passing game and all the rule changes.

I think you better imposter someone else because I think your a joke and so are your posts

Luck showed today he belonged in the conversation when mentioning the top current qb's. Our only blessing in disguise was Luck is still a rookie qb.

Tom Brady would have easily put up 40-50pts on us today.

Because we dont face anymore "great qb's" between now and the Pats game. I still have faith we can go into that matchup 7-4. But we'll lose by 30, if the D plays the way it played today. Brady has much better weapons than Andrew Luck.

So people want to pin this loss on the likes of Smith, Clemmons, Long, Wilson and Pouncey and while part of that may be true I think you can also point fingers at guys like Starks, Odrick, Bush and Fasano. Where were those guys all game? Yes Bush had a couple of good plays and a great touchdown run but overall he was pretty ordinary. I'm not taking some of these other guys off the hook for the loss but to me, if our pass rush or running game had been better we just might have won the game.

Let's see when Dolphin will make its fans happy. We had some hope last week. Let's Go Dolphin!

Im happy Miami is 4-4 soon to be 5-4 they could of won if they would of rushed more than 3 at times. Please go back to the blitz. Dont ever be scared of a guy like Luck. Dolphins coaches changed defensive scheme. I thought they woul be 2-6 at this point. Look we cant win every game . but we can go on another 3 game win streak. Miami crushes the Titans next week 24-3

King Shula:

Please stop using my name and stop denying your affinity for sack waxing. Thank you.

King Shula:

Someone dropped me a line and said you might be interested in hooking up. Call me.

The majority of the so called fans on here would not know a football if it was shoved up their a..s..not one of you thought this team would win more than four games at best. This team has a good shot at 8 maybe 9 wins. Yes..they played a horrible game today but this team has more talent than any of you thought..and it still is not good enough. This is why fans of this team are a joke around the country.

If we don't get pressure on Brady, he'll expose us like Luck did. I won't pick out a particular player, but what we need in the secondary is someone who knows how to adjust to the ball when it's in the air. Good to see Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay doing some good things out there.


You are correct. I figured this team for 2 wins, seriously. And I feared Tannehill would struggle mightily. He's not perfect, but he seems to impress me more with every game. I want to see what he can do with something more than Division II wideouts and an athletic tight end.

If we don't get pressure on Brady, he'll expose us like Luck did.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 04, 2012 at 09:08 PM

Wow, that was insightful. Have you got any other tidbits of enlightenment?

None of the teams Miami has beaten have a winning record. None. So...what did you expect?

Yes I do. Lamar Miller had 1 play, and had a pretty nice run. We need to get him more involved in the offense.

Also, we can't beat the opponent AND the refs. That holding call on Marlon Moore on special teams was bullsh*t. As were many of the Pouncey false start penalties. He does that butt bounce pretty much every time he hikes the ball, not sure why they called it sometimes and sometimes didn't. If the defenders ran across the line every down, would they have called them all false starts?

How do you like that enlightenment troll?

Did anyone else wonder why Joe Philbin didnt throw the challenge flag late in the game when the D got to Luck and brought him down but he somehow got the throw off? His knee was clearly down before he threw.

You all can shout from the hilltops or others can wax poetic about this and that.

All I know is that the NFL network just ran the highlights from the Fins game....Deon Sanders and Mariucci were literally laughing and making fund of Sean Smith.

Say what you want about the coaches, the GM, the QB and anything else Miami Dolphins.

The fact is Sean Smith gave up 90% of the big plays today. He was at least in the screen during the highlights for Luck today. He was barely in the screen that is.

I think what was very evident today is that the pass rush needs to be upgraded via the draft in April. I like the guys we have on the line but if Wake's been shutdown we just don't have that other guy who's getting to the QB. Give a QB like Luck too much time to throw and he'll pick you apart, which was my fear coming into today. Now guys want to add CBs and S but unless you improve the pass rush it wouldn't matter if we Revis and Woddosn back there, the defence would still get picked apart. DE/OLB in the first is a must in my opinion.

How do I get me one of those rainbow bumper stickers that says: "I love balls in my face"?

Zzzzzzz, what a snoozer. Blame game is not exactly analysis. Here is my analysis:

We lost to a better team.

Not only did we lose, we hurt our 2nd round pick draft stock with Indy winning this game. A sure-fire top 10 pick is turning into a 15-20 pick. This is not helping our own cause at all


I really hate saying the officials had heavy impact on games, when in fact, our team had opportunities to determine a more positive fate and just didnt execute well enough.

Im sure every team's fan in this league can always reflect back to a few officials calls being excuse for thier teams losing. Thier are 32 nfl teams, so 16 of them lose every week. Meaning 16 teams each week can have thier fans blame officiating on losses. When in fact, more oftn than not, thier teams just did not make enough plays to win the game.

Its gettingvery old blaming officiating after every fins loss. These guys just hve to step up and make plays more often when the opportunitiesae presented to them. Plain and simple.

I think we would play better if we wore see through pants and ordered our players to go commando for every game. Yummy!

Up until that Moore ST penalty and Pouncy false start I would have said the refs were on Miami's side. Can't blame the refs for this at all, Miami deserved to win and blew it. Gave too many chances away. Coulda, shoulda, woulda....Miami had plenty of chances and the defense especially couldn't capitalize.

I cant believe how many boneheads there are on this thread.... Ive been a Phins fan for 20 yrs @ least.... i gotta say that we got the most pathetic, fickle, bandwagoning fans in the whole league! We played a gud game... came up a little short.... All u idiots who put this loss on Tannehill, must i remind u that the kid played on a bum leg and still kept us in it til the end... passer rating in the 90s, no piks... The D culdn't stop Luck... but neither culd Greenbay's D weeks ago... He's as advertised. Every1 knows that. No1 ever said we were going to the superbowl this yr so maybe u guys shuld get ur heads outta ur a**es and b happy w/ the progress. I lyk this coaching staff and the direction we're goin in. Sean Smith makes that pik and we're not even having this discussion.

9-7 (Reality) and that is good. Didnt the Giants win the Superbowl with the same record? Miami Dolphins are a good team and might have a chance at a Wildcard. That would be nice and that is what just might happen. Thats the best we can do. Im sorry it just reality!


The pass rush could have been better at times today. But I dont think the primary problem on defense is pass rush. Not only did our coverage allow far too many catches. On many of them, 3rd downs in particular, we had the recievers stopped short of 1st downs had we just make the tackles.

There were a lot of miss tackles on 3rd downs taht allowed recievers to get the 3rd down on run after catches. It seems we're only able to consistently make tackles is on running plays.

Wake has been shutdown? 5 games in a row with a sack and on course for his best season.

What foolish statements some bloggers make.

Hey Tom Brady Is In Closet..

Actually the receivers are getting a bad rap.
Bess is doing what he always has..very good slot receiver and Hartline is what he is..solid number 3 or adequate number 2. My issue is why don't they use Bush more as a receiver. No LB can cover him..


Good points. FYI, Indy had more penalties and yards penalized than Miami.

YG, not blaming the loss on the refs. Just pointing out questionable calls. We didn't lose because of 1 thing, we lost because of many things. I actually didn't see Misi touch the receiver at all on the PI. He put his hands up, that's all. Who cares if he's not looking at the ball. If he's chasing the receiver, and puts his hands in the air, and the receiever decides to come back to the ball, how's that a PI on the defender (who is allowed to stand his ground)? It's a dumb call, simply made because he wasn't looking back.

Minimum 10 new players through draft and free agency next year, that's 20% turnover. I trust this staff moreso than I have any other in quite a while. I believe they will upgrade our team next year as they have done this year, TH is a pro and is already better than most anticipated, we are better offensively with less talent in the skill positions because this guy can play. Luck had time, had wide open receivers and playmakers, TH was under pressure, had very little space to fit throws in and has 1 playmaker. That will change next year, plus the scheme will be year two, TH will almost have doubled his games started. I think you might see 4 new DBs including nickel and dime coverages and another pass rusher. Today I think Coyle played it too conservative, pressure QBs is the way to win these games, you can't contain a guy like Luck or Brady, ask the G MEN how to beat Brady. Pass rush, zone blitz and running the ball. I like Philbin alot and I like Sherman. How soon we forget watching fist pump, it was painful, just ask fireman Ed. Our special teams are very good, Coyle will grow into the job, I really think he is the one guy who has been a little overwhelmed with scheme issues. We knew going into this season we were not winning a superbowl, we needed to find a coach, got one, we needed to find a QB, got one. Next year we need a secondary and playmakers then we can start being pissed off about losing again. Till then, stay healthy and get better.

Here is what half of you really mean to say:

IFFFFFF we were a better team, we would have won.


What Misi did on the PI call is allowed in college but not in the nfl. Its called "shielding". Shielding is not allowed in the nfl. I hate to say it but the refs got hat call absolutely correct.

Many of you are sniveling at the realization we are not yet a SB team. You drank the kool aid too soon and now it is turning to vinegar in your stomachs. We are an up and coming team, but we haven't arrived. With a stockpile of picks, we could be over the hump next season.


We dont have that stretch the field guy though. I'm down with your comment re Bush in the passing game. How would Marquis Lee look on this team next year? Or the Woods kid, both from USC? Speed my friend is what we need. And forget that slow TE from Notre Dame. I love the Irish, but he does not have the foot speed we need at that position. Speed and Athleticism is what we should be looking for going forward.


I am not convinced that our players being ordered to go "free-balling" would improve their play. You have quite an imagination though, just stay away from my kids please.

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