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Colts beat Dolphins 23-20

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was entertaining, but ultimately, the Dolphins apparently aren't quite ready to win this type of game.

Colts 23. Dolphins 20.

In the end, the defense couldn't come up with the game-changing turnover -- as Sean Smith dropped what might have been a huge interception inside of four minutes to play inside the Colts 30 yard line.

The offense, meanwhile, didn't have a come-from-behind drive in them. They had three minutes to try and turned the ball over on downs.

The secondary, by the way, was shredded today. Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards with two TDs. The 433 yards breaks the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a game. The old record was previously held by Cam Newton.

Ryan Tannehill, by the way, completed 22 of 38 for 290 yards and a TD. But just not enough.

By anyone.


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Why is every 5 yd slant turned into a 15 yd gain?


Why is it that runs to the outside seems to gain more yards, than run to the inside against this defense?

Slow Footed LB's!

Again, Carroll and Wilson are #3 and #4 Cb's! Smith is a Good #2! But his Height will get him paid as a #1. We Need 1 more Really Good CB! Which we can find In FA Or High in the draft! 1 of the Top 3 Picks! The Fins have.

lemons Might Not be back! Dashi wouldn't resign him! No football skill whatsoever! Good athlete! But dumb as a rock!

So our Secondary needs 2 players to be young and dominate? Hear me out Now! This Draft looks More and Moore Defense the first 5 Picks! Get the Wr in Free Agency! They're Out there. Better Quality than in the Draft This Year!

Now how do we get rid of the old senile LB? That Thinks he is the best in the League! But doesn't Play like it! And Has a Rabid Fan base!

Simple! Pe'o for Te'o!

We need a top 10 pick! Meaning a trade up in the draft! U can't say Dashi doesn't offer a solution to the problem! Te'o at 22 is better than Dansby will ever Be! U can Count on that! And any 3rd Round or 2nd Round LB! Is better than Burnett!

Again, this draft Should be all Defense! With Wallace or D.Bowe signing! I would take D.Bowe!

Indy ran 77 offensive plays to our 58 plays. That's huge disparity created by lack of making enough plays on both sides of the ball.

Probably lost in all of the Luck hoopla, is the FACT that on defense, the Colts still have Mathis and Freeny on defense. Maybe still the best pass rush pair in the entire league.

The bulk of the Colts problem last season was qb play, not defense. They consistently found themselves behind last season. So Freeney/Mathis became less effective because teams could run more having comfortable leads.

In Luck, this problem seems to have been rectified. Its now game on Mathis/Freeney once again. Just as it was when a guy named Peyton Manning was at the helm.


I agree. The secondary needs a true #1 corner and better safety to pair with Reshad Jones. I believe Jimmy Wilson's ceiling will be good backup safety/corner. I dont believe he's consistent enough to become a reliable starter t either position.

As for Dansby, he just doesnt seem to "consistently" make enough critical plays as a 4-3 mlb. Dansby seems to lose focus at tmes and gets caught out of position at others. Dansby just doesnt seem to be "instinctive enough to play mlb at a consistently high level.

As a mlb, Zach Thomas is light years better. Thomas had mlb instincts, Dansby doesnt.


As a matter of fact, I think Dansby would be a better olb than mlb, if we brought in a "true mlb". Then maybe we could play Dansby outside and sit Misi.

All that needs to be said for this loss is the third down defense. How many 10+ yard third downs did the colts convert. When it's 3 and 20 and a receiver can beat double coverage for a td. It's all that needs to be said in why the fins lost. I was always a Sean smith supporter but to inconsistent in coverage and has hand of stone. On the bright side, tannehill has played above expectations thus far. Shore up the secondary and we will be fine

Dont be bummed fool Dolphins are 4-4 and still have the full second half to go. 9-7 works for me. 10-6 I kiss your feet. 11-5 I run down biscayne naked. 12-4 The earth stops rotating.

If this season plays out like the first half it will be a no brainer what Philbin and Ireland look to do. Overhaul the Secondary.

Reshad Jones is fine. Nolan Carroll, as a nickel QB is fine. But that is it.

Clemons - decent each week but not a force. Too many bad angles giving up big YAC by so so receivers.

Wilson - like his spirit but he is slow and not a CB. Maybe a back up S and special teamer.

Smith - he is entirely overrated....inconsistent and a puss_ when it comes to tackling. Bye Bye Shawn! Sell your story somewhere else...please someone the Fins will play frequently.

Please Ireland/Philbin....show us some common sense and a sense of mercy. Use the number one draft pick on a shut down CB. Please!

Things This Season Has Currently Proven:

The Good

1. Tannehill is the present and future
2. Hartline is a legit #2wr
3. Ths st's unit are greatly improved

The Bad

1. Everything wrong on defense in the past is still wrong. Need a #1 corner, safety(Clemons highly inconsistent), and a true mlb.

2. Season 5 and Long cant handle great speed rushers one on one.

3. Need a true #1wr to pair with Hartline. eed a true seam treat te too.

Did I forget anything?

Miami will beat the titans and if they lose close this blog down.


I like your thinking about a pass rusher but you're convinced they need to move on from Long? REALLY? There's an AWFUL lot of LTs that don't work out. We still need a WR, a CB, a S and a TE. Not sure we have the luxury to spend a high pick on a LT. Just not sure.

Posted by: Craig M | November 04, 2012 at 04:32 PM


I have ben watching Jake Long closely this year. If we DO re-sign him, it will be a greatly reduced contract. He has looked bad on multiple occasions this year and it was multiple times in the same game. Today, I think he cost us AT LEAST 3 times! Big-time! He gave up 2 sacks and and had a costly holding call at the end of the game, which he had to hold, or he would have given up sack #3. He is not the elite, shut-down Left Tackle of a few years ago and makes far too much $ for his inconsistent production. If he has any trade value at his bloated salary #'s, let's move this guy at season's end, draft a LT with one of our extra stock-piled picks and free his $ up for either a top-rated college CB, or a free-agent CB.

Our #1 2013 pick should be bpa(wr, corner, mlb).This guy must be the highest player rated when our turn to pick of these 3 positions.

Luck is a lot further ahead of tanny. now we know why Indy sucked on purpose last year to get this guy. Tanny does seem like a 2nd round pick compare to Luck.

Tanny > RG3


Take away Andrew Luck and plug in Ryan Tannehill and he would have also thrown for 400yds against our defense today. With the way Jake Long played, Andrew Luck probably has a similar game as Tannehill, had Luck been our qb today. Give or take a few plays.

I think Luck has better offensive personel except for in the run game.

Henne > Tanny

Playing against our defense its very difficult to say Luck akes Tannehill look "second rd". Luck has better recievers and Mathis/Freeney on the otherside of the ball. That tamdem has been the best nfl's pass rush duo for nearly 10 seasons.

Tannehill looks 5th rd next to Andrew Luck.

Some of you guys make it seem like shutdown corners grow on trees. They don't. The other part of the equation is if you don't get a consistent pass rush on the QB then it doesn't matter who you have covering, the QB will still have all day to wait until someone gets open. The Colts aren't known for having a particularly strong OL and yet we had no pass rush. When this team is going well and the pass rush is getting it done, it covers up mistakes in the secondary.

me > you

Tannehill needs a legit #1 wr. Luck has one. Hartline's a #2 and Bess is closer to a #3wr, but would be more perfect as a #4 wr.

Just got in. Does anyone know the final score?

The Rams were thought to have a weak secondary and added top tier talent last year in the draft. The Pats went out and torched them for 45 points last week. Cardinals went out and got a shutdown cornerback in last year's draft in Peterson but still gave up 30 points to a beat up Packers offence. Sometimes just having a shutdown corner isn't enough to get it done.


The Colts had 77 offensive plays to our 58. The longer it has to stay on the field, the pass rushers began to wear down too. There were far too many times on 3rd down the recievers made 1st downs off of missed tackles. 77 plays is an awful lot for any defense to be on the field, let alone a work in progress like ours.

Hey we are over-achieving right now and we came down to earth against a talented passer. We all know this team is rebuilding.

Just got in. Does anyone know the final score?

Posted by: Phins78 | November 04, 2012 at 10:31 PM

Youre my boy and everything, but did you even bother to read the blog topic before clicking on? LOL

Clearly Matt Moore would have won todays game.

We also dropped about 3 ints against Luck today. So he is human. We just failed to capitalize on his mistakes.

Clearly Matt Moore would have been even more exposed by the Freeney/Mathis pass rush. Especially Jake Long's side.

Tannehill's more mobile with a bum knee than Moore with 2 good legs.

Sean Smith seems permanently psyched out. He is a loser.

Sean Smith and Vontae Davis = more Ireland busts.

Sean Smith has lost his mind. You never make a statement like "Luck was flat out ballin today" when he just kicked your a.s.s.!

Sean Smith, if Luck was flatout ballin today, it means your sorry-ass did nothing to stop it.


Again we'll disagree on how to get the result we want on defence. The idea that the pass rush wore down and that's whay they didn't get to the QB doesn't explain hwy they didn't get to Luck earlier in the game. They didn't get to him at ANY point today. So fatigue has nothing to do with it. You give a guy like Luck that much time in the pocket, he'll pick you apaprt and that was my fear coming in. Yes, the tackling was poor and the coverage was poor but how much time exactly is it fair to expect the secondary to have coverage. Go back and look at the game. Luck had all day to find an open receiver. While there's a need to upgrade the secondary, having a shutdown corner doesn't change the amount of time Luck has to throw. We're going to see a lot of this kid over the years. The way you beat him is to get in his face and contain him. You rattle him early and often and he becomes very less effective. We don't have the guys right now that can do that.

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan WOW

I keep reading how Dallas has greatly upgraded their secondary. Manning at them up last week and Ryan is already up to 245 yards with a whole quarter to go. Reason? Not enough pressure on the QB. Two sacks all night. Decent. Just not nearly good enough.

Great QB's can put the team on their shoulders and win the game. Luck is already doing that. Amazing.

Make that 296 yards with a whole quarter to go. Where are the guys that told me Dallas' seconday was so much better this year? Drafted a shutdown corner and spent BIG money on Brandon Carr. Still not getting it done.

Luck could be a young Matt Ryan.

If Tanne hits Thomas open in the flat on that last drive, we get a first down and possibly FG. Defining play. Tanne panicked and over threw it.

Russell Wilson > Tanneill


Basically Im saying our defense helped Luck make plays, especially on 3rd downs. Blown coverages, soft coverages, and missed tackles allowed them to convert 3rd downs.

Colts converted 68% of thier 3rd downs. It can not be all attributed to lack of pass rush, although at times the pass rush contributed to the problem, but wasnt the primary problem in itself.

On at least 3-4 3rd downs, Colts caught the ball short of 1st down, and converted off of missed tackles. Tahats like 3-4 extra possessions given to the Colt offense on missed tackles alone.

It also isnt like the Luck was having all day to throw a bunch of times. Luck also did a great job of getting the ball out quickly today. Just before the pressure did get there.

At least one of you loves me.

Good qb and recieving units are going to make plays. No matter how great your defense, at times they still make great plays. Its the defense's job to limit those nplay and give your offense chance to win.

Very few nfl defenses have dominated with thier pass rush for an entire nfl season. There will be games when we get to the qb with abandon. There will also be games when we dont get there as much as we would like.

Defenses have to be consistently solid across the board or existing weaknesses will be greatly exposed.


I didn't say pass rush was the only problem. You're right miss tackles, dropped balls and soft coverages were definitely part of the problem. I'm a big fan of getting pressure on the QB and forcing mistakes. Thats when things happen. What we have in that area isn't could enough. We also need to replace Clemmons and either need to get a lot more consistency out of Smith or replace him too.

Craig, I like you. Your posts are usually on point. But C'Mon Man. Wake up!!!

This secondary is horrible. Go to ESPN and NFL Network. Watch the highlights of the game. You will see Smith getting scorched. Poor coverage, poor angles on the ball. He didn't even know where the ball was half the time. The big plays were on the Secondary.

I totally get that the pass rush was not consistent. You are right. It should be better. I agree.

But our DBacks have to Man Up and play better. They need to cover better and they need to catch balls that him them in their hands.

To argue that anymore is ridiculous. Watch the highlights...it's painfully obvious.

Go Fins!!!

Mike Nolan 8-0

I'll admit Romo gives me a woody, but he is always a play to short.

There was no push from the front 4 besides Wake. Starks, Solia and Odrick were non-factors the entire game and i know Wake was being held constantly. There were times that he had the rt on his back and not getting a call. I didn't see a lot of blitzes, tons of missed tackles and the fact that the db's couldn't cover dirt. The team went in with a bad defensive game plan and i didn't see much adjustment from the 1st to the 2nd half. I swear i was watching the Defense from the late 80's early 90's.

Long was getting beat most of the day, stupid penalties on the line, the running game was inconsistent as was the line. When they realized the d was going to be pathetic all day long they should of tried to run more to keep the d off the field. Where was Fasano all game?

Very disappointing game, another winnable game that they let get away.

Well, at least after watching the Cowboys game, I dont feel so bad.

Cowboy fans should feel a heck of a lot worse. They have much better players in the same areas we have concern about ours and they still lose games. Tose players still arent making plays.

They have a better te, better #1wr, better corners, safeties, and a better pair of pass rushers. Still they arent making enough plays to consistently win games.

When looking at the overall talent of the Cowboys, at least we seemong have an excuse, theyre jus an enigma. Its mich tougher to be a Cowboy fan right now than a dolfan. Thier talent level suggest they should be far better.

Da Beast had 9 catches and 3 TD'S! YIKES!!

For the first time all year they played a non aggressive style of Defense. They should have blitzed Luck much more. I am certain they will learn from this and put together an impressive win streak. We are a tough team to beat (Lost three very close games) but we need to play out style of D! Also that looked like an interception by Sean he was down (elbow and hip) and then the dropped occurred afterwards.

Fkk the fins, they disrespect Allah. Let them lose like infidels.

Nice game for Tampon and the Blowfish.

Do you think Tampon can beat Brady? Hey how about a good old Sparano fist pump in honour of a hard fought game.

Did you see all the H O M O posts from the troll today?

This guy has a serious problem. He knew everybody would be. So he was out in full glory.

No more hiding in the closet for Ape Boy or whatever it is oden calls hims.

Out of all the blogs in the world our resident troll has to be a full blown flamer - Ha Ha Ha.

jpao @11:15pm,

I think you miss understand my earlier points. I wasn't trying to take any of the balme away from the secondary. They were horrible. Sean Smith was the biggest cuplrit. Missed tackles, soft coverage, dropped balls. He makes some of those plays we win the game. Jimmy Wilson was also bad, as was Clemmons. I wasn't try to excuse their play. I just made the point that the secondary gets ALL the blame and nobody talks about Starks, Wake and Odrick. Your right, Wake was being help most of the game. But where was the pass rush. If the game plan was to get lots of pressure on Luck and run the ball with authority then the team failed miserably. Philbin had a right to be worried.

So, this was a big surprise? Phins lost! Luck was the 1st pick, did as he should, Tannehill was a LayAway Walmart pick at 7, 8? Does it matter? Tannehill was the better pick! Why? We can trade Long, we have ALL our picks, we have cap space....WE CAN BE SOMEONE, next year, not today, aaTOMMOROW!

I'm drunk, so I'm Redsky posting as Odin, or I might be Odin, posting as Redsky. Well, if anybody gets hit, slap hot iron to it and keep shooting!

weird 2nd half. except the TD s.smith gave up, the D was resilient. Luck passed for 433 and they still only score 23. What happened to our offense in the second half. the offense is to blame for the lose not the D.

AND what the hell is going on with J. Long.

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