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Colts beat Dolphins 23-20

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was entertaining, but ultimately, the Dolphins apparently aren't quite ready to win this type of game.

Colts 23. Dolphins 20.

In the end, the defense couldn't come up with the game-changing turnover -- as Sean Smith dropped what might have been a huge interception inside of four minutes to play inside the Colts 30 yard line.

The offense, meanwhile, didn't have a come-from-behind drive in them. They had three minutes to try and turned the ball over on downs.

The secondary, by the way, was shredded today. Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards with two TDs. The 433 yards breaks the NFL rookie record for most passing yards in a game. The old record was previously held by Cam Newton.

Ryan Tannehill, by the way, completed 22 of 38 for 290 yards and a TD. But just not enough.

By anyone.


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s it me or was long gettig beat like a red headed step child?

Tannehill has to learn to be calm in come backs. Once he learns that he's going to be a great QB. He proved that he's still a rookie. We cannot blame him about that. That's part of the learning curve. Hope he learns to be calm soon, and he will win lots of games.

You can point fingers all over the place on this one. But to over-simplify things, Luck mainly just outplayed us.

Sean Smith has improved tons. It looked to me like he just had an off day and regressed under pressure. That was a future Hall of Famer Smith was covering and Luck was throwing too.

At least Smith isn't as bad as Carroll and Wilson. Both have improved tremendously, but they're still basically Back Ups.

The pressure on Luck wasn't bad the first half. He got planted by Wake, Odrick and Derrick Shelby early on. After the half time (so-called) adjustments by Coyle, it seemed like the pressure faded.

3 of our 4 losses we just field goals. Thats not good, but it ain't all bad. I think it's just a matter of Philbin and Ireland not having quite enough ammunition to turn this thing ALL THE WAY AROUND in just ONE off season.

Tannehill hasn't disappointed and apparently we have a solid back up. So it's still looking more and more like we settled the toughest position on the roster. Our QB situation is the best it's been since Marino.

Long concerns me. It's puzzling. But just last week the coaches, pundits and us fans were all talking about how good and how far this line has progressed in one year.

Bush is Bush, Thomas keeps showing flashes and other than pass protection, Lamar Miller looks like a Killer. Charles Clay even decided to show up today.

The offense has a long way to go and alot of draft picks coming up. Still miles ahead of anything we've seen since the Marino era.

The defense is in almost the same situation. Close but not quite. It needed a little too much for one off season to cure.

Rookies Derrick Shelby and Kheeston Randall both played and probably had their best games(limited reps, but both got pressures and tackles). Vernon is still learning and still making plays.

So yeah, it sucks we lost. But I still feel optimistic about my Phins. It's nothing 10 more draft picks and a couple of free agents can't fix!

I for one am still sticking with my original prediction of 9-7!

Soon we'll be over the Proverbial Hump!



I agree. The bad part is it wasn't just the rookies. Alot of guys fell victim to the pressure today.

Sean Smith being one of the best examples.

This one was ANOTHER Heartbreaker! Another close one we shoulda, woulda, coulda won.

It'll be interesting to see how(or "IF")this young team bounces back.

So close and yet so far. God I hate waiting!

Then again if you only score 3 points in the second half your chances of winning deminish.

losing 3 games by 9 points is tough, there getting close though.Better then I thought they'd be at the half way point.
The good news is that the Jets are still in last place\.

The only reason I know who #24 is is because his back his always in view. There is no way he commands a big deal. Let him go and draft a guy that cover and catch.

What a bunch of whiners. Most of the haters here had us going 1-16. Luck played a lights out game. Our D couldn't get to him. That gave him time to make plays. There are 2 sides to every game and the played just a bit better than our guys. And we were on the road playing against a very good player. We still held him to 23 points. That isn't bad considering he threw for 450 yards.

We will win the next game at home.

Our secondary was awful, as was Jake Long, but there were also a myriad of calls against the dolphins that made the replacement refs look competent.

We DESERVED to LOSE, PERIOD!!! Stop blasting this team when an L shows up in the column. Not a playoff team, many glaring holes, but def progress!! Luck was outstanding, buying time, escaping pressure and delivering. This guy is going to be a star for longtime to come. Respect IT!

Reflecting back our infamous blogger named HOME had the Colts winning by 3 points in his prediction.How does this gut do it almost every week?
Then again for 4 years HOME hs been telling us Sean Smith is a fraud and a poser boy cb.
Most of keep dismissing HOME, even many writing articles of how great Sean Smith is on this team.
Home also blogs that left tackle Jake Long is overrated and will not make the probowl this season
Once again HOME is right and the writers are wrong.
Mando,why not let HOME write a blog,after all as crazy as he seems,he has more insight and knows the pulse of this team.

for the plenty of those here that questioned why I didnt regard Miami as a playoff team recently, is there any question now?--there pass rush is still anemic at times (when not blitzing), our secondary is not very good (improved but the players are just not good enough, against the better teams/QBs), our Oline is definitely spotty, including Long (suddenly he's getting bullrushed?)-we're heading in the right direction, but nowhere near a "serious" playoff contender....

Maybe Home is in the Mafia, becuase there is no way someone can pick the right team and real close to the exact score every week, every season like Home does.

I also agree with Home on Sean Smith sucking and he needs to be traded.

Any one who blame smith is dumb. It was a team lost. Everybody got beat. Long caught the ball better than he blocked. Incognito was just in the way. Poncy looked slow. Mathis must be flash he sacked Ryan before the rookie thought to move. Dansby didn't play. Only time I saw misi was a interferance. Wake was there. I saw him get thrown around. Starks retired at game time. I didn't think Solai was playing until I saw him face down on the ground and a colt player standing over him with his foot on his back. Even their water boys were better. We seem we areon the right path

Anybody else sick of having no pass defense and no pass rush for the last 5 years. Seems to be a constant theme. But hey we can stop the run sometimes. Yay

Good morning guys,

Offensively - I love the progress by Tannehill the reliability of Bess and Hartline coming to life on offense. Hartline is a solid #2 WR. Even Reggie Bush who should've gotten 20 carries to keep Luck off the field played well when given the chance.

Defensively - a total joke yesterday. Sean Smith, c'mon bro. I was at the Dolphins win over the jets and he looked lost several times in that game but Sanchez isn't good enough to make him pay. Apparently Indy's coaching staff saw this and targeted him often. He is so prone to the double move. He is lazy in his technique which early in the season he took so much pride in. Nolan Carrol is just a depth guy with no playmaking ability. The safeties are what they've been for much of their time here, invisible. Pass rush wasn't there except for that non-stop motor of Cam Wake.

Special Teams - were very good again. Carpenter converted both of his chances. Fields is awesome. Thigpen had a great return at the end where Miami got screwed by a phantom call but still had their chance. Olivier Vernon great effort!

Overall outlook - I thought Miami would finish 6-10 well they are .500 and have shown some real progress as a team. It's much of the same regarding the lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball though. The best thing is we have the QB situation figured out. I think this will end up being an epic QB class just like Marino's class. I hope Tannehill gets the help he needs to succeed even more next year.

With a #28 ranked passer; running game going steadily downhill; and a less than dependable defense, Miami can impose their will on few teams in the NFL.

Dolphins are a finesse team- can win when they make few mistakes and take maximum advantage of opposing team's mistakes. That didn't happen yesterday.

Andy, good post @ 8:01am, pretty much my feelings too. Carroll is improving, but like you said, isn't a star. There is no great ball-judgment-in-the-air DB on our team. There was one play (where both Smith and Clemons got beat on a deep pass that wasn't completed) where you saw Clemons actually take a couple steps UP towards the line before realizing it was a deep pass. Just shows the instinct of our Safeties (great run stoppers, horrible in pass defense).

YG, from last night, thanks for the insight. I did not know that shielding was actually an illegal play in the NFL. I thought there needed to be contact. I guess I was wrong.

I didnt get to watch the game except for the first quarter yesterday but going back and looking at the high lights on nfl.com of Andrew Luck there were a few plays that showed why he had 433 yards passing. The first was the completion to Hylton where Jimmy Wilson was 10 yards behind him. Uncalled for when you have help over the top. 2nd was the double coverage TD pass that Smith just blew. Secondary had improved but will need to be sured up in the offseason. I see Coyle and Philbin getting their heads right this week in practice and that will correlate to the field next week against the Titans...

Ryan Tannehill has nothing to be ashamed of from his play yesterday. People who are calling for Moore are just plain dumb. Luck was the better QB, yes, but Tannehill did as much to help his team win as he could. There were a few clutch throws he missed, but look at the stats, he had 1 less passing yard than Peyton Manning. For a rookie playing all of 7.5 games. .500 is a pretty good start for the kid.

He needs some more RB help. Not sure why our run game has stagnated, but this team needs it to win (and keep the opposing offense off the field). And the WRs can help by not dropping passes (yeah, you Gaffney).

Tannehill is a C- QB and unlikely the franchise QB that the Dolphins were hoping for. Matt Moore should be the starter and Tanny the backup for the remainder of the season.

Any observer of the Dolphin games weekly knew that the pass defense was below average,I wrote that on these blogs last week after looking at the stats confirmed my belief.I also stated that the Dolphins were inconsistent and the most consistent part of their play was the run defense.The running game has not been as good as earlier in the year.That and just an instintive knowledge is why I picked the Colts to win.I figured that they would try to pass to beat the Dolphins and they did. BTW if you go by only by the complete game stats the Colts outgained the Phins on the ground but I watched the entire game and a lot of those yards were late in the game and in long drives where the defense was probably fatigued somewhat.Tannehill has progressed very well from the begining of the year and again he played a complete game with zero turnovers

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/05/3082090/ryan-tannehill-is-good-but-cant.html#storylink=cpy

Shula 73, you embarrass yourself saying ignorant things like that. But I tell you what, I'm a patient man, let's see how both their careers pan out and who's the better QB at the end. Won't even be a close call. Then maybe you'll understand what you seem not to now.

Home hasn't posted since he embarrassed himself into exile. His last 25 predictions were all WRONG! Especially the two where he predicted Tebow would start for the jets and win the Super Bowl(this year).

Quit making things up after the fact Home(Rip Torn-So obvious-Sheesh).

Our D was horrible on 3rd down yesterday...seemed like we'd hold them to 3rd and long and somehow Luck would throw a crazy pass to a falling receiver and make it....everytime!
It was uncanny!

But...we had a shot with 2 mins to go, ball at the 50 yard line, and failed.
That short screen to Thomas that sailed over his head is all on Tannehill...inexcusable.


Yeah, agree totally with the safeties both are good in run defense but stink in coverage. Im good with the direction of Miami but Miami is average across the board for the most part. Glaring areas of need:

CB - Sean Smith has shown improvement this year as a whole but seems to have reverted back to his old ways of lazy technique. I definitely think he should be resigned but another CB is sorely needed because Richarf Marshall/Carrol/anyone else on roster stinks.

WR - who would ever think WR would take a back seat to another position. Hartline is a solid to good #2 but a true playmaking #1 (Justin Hunter, Robert Woods, Keenan Allen) would slot everyone else accordingly. WR1- rookie playmaker, WR2- Hartline, WR3/slot-Bess. It's also crucial for Tannehill's development.

Pass rusher - Miami has to find a way to get an every down pass rusher to complement Cam Wake. Odrick is not it. He's out of position at 4-3 DE. Olivier Vernon might be that guy but he needs to be given the opportunity to see if he is it and if he's just situational then pass rush is vital.

TE - The position has been attempted to be addressed with no success. Egnew looks like someone needs to punch him in the face because he is a a 3rd rounder and looks like droopy dog with that mug and isn't good enough to dress. What a bum. Fasano solid #2 thats it. Clay not consistent enough to stay on the field. Again crucial for Tannehill's development to have better options.

Safety - The safeties are both average but as we said no playmaker and average to below average to flat out suck in coverage. I like Reshad better then Chris.

Oline - the Oline is pretty set with Pouncey the best of the bunch and yes better then Jake Long. Jonathan Martin promising. Watch for Jake Long's tenure for Miami to be over. He is going to command top dollar and is he worth it? He seems to have regressed the past 3 seasons. From elite, very good to very good to just average on some weeks this season. His run blocking is a huge concern to me.

To me this game came down to two things we could not run the ball and control the clock. And that led to Luck controling the D backfield.

Sean Smith makes the interception and Monday probably is all good. Thats football and why we watch.

Three games by three points?? Seems to me the sky is not falling. Just need to control the offensive line of scrimage better.

I think they should get Miller more runs. Bush is playing hurt for a contract. Let the young one play some more. This is not hating on Bush love the guy, but he obviously is playing hurt, see how he is juking to protect the leg. Let the rookie have the rock.

Go Dolphins!!I still think we are all going to be happily supprised at the end of the season. Except for the fact that second for Vonte is going to be a much later pick than I thought.

Guys lay off Tannehill. He played great considering the circumstances. Do I feel Luck is going to be the bench mark of QBs from this class? Absolutely. The guy is awesome. But Tannehill was game yesterday. He was playing with a bummed wheel that half of these fraud big paid QBs would sit out with.

While Luck has the options of throwing to Reggie Wayne still a very good WR, Donnie Avery a Bess type, 3 productive rookies in Dwayne Allen, Brazil and Hilton vs Tannehill Hartline, Bess, Fasano, Gaffney. C'mon it's not even close.

Luck is awesome no doubt but Tannehill was game for sure. He came up short and he will learn from it. It's progress and development fellas.

Luck has more heart than our whole team combined including the coaching staff. He'll probably win multiple superbowls and tanny will be lucky to get into AFC championship once in his career.
The will to win can't be taught. you either have it or you don't.

Moore would win 6 of the last 8 games just like he did last year.

10-6 Still loss hurts... Gotta split w/ New England now.

The Dolphins aren't as up and down as some of the fans are.

We played some teams tough and got a few wins. Then suddenly, people are trying to pretend we didn't just launch a major reclamation project-lol.

Can anyone remember the feelings and predictions that were floating around after our dismal Pre Season?

We have the finally got our QB. We're eons ahead of where anyone expected us to be. Ireland has managed to free up a ton of money for free agents and stockpiled some premium draft picks!

In short: We're Sitting Pretty for 2013!

It was nice having the biggest turn around in NFL history in 2008. But that team was an abberation. Parcell's tried the quick fix instead of seriously rebuilding. We all saw how that turned out. Quick turn arounds are nice, but I don't want to make that mistake again!


Tannehill has the will to win bro. I don't know what games you have been watching. Look who he throws to. Henne couldn't get anything out of this group in 3 years. Tannehill somehow has Hartline setting franchise records and 100 plus yard games. He set a rookie franchise record for passing yards. And has Miami a team with average talent sitting at 4-4 and 2 were overtime losses that if Carpenter makes the kick we win. Tannehill btw got Miami in position for those kicks.

Dude open your eyes and stop hating on Tannehill. He gets outshined by a great QB yesterday and now he's not the answer again. You guys stink at watching football.

I wonder how moore would have done yesterday instead of Luck.

Tannehill cant hold Andrew Lucks jockstrap. He's reminding me more and more of Chad Henne. He stinks at crunch time.

Mike I agree. The last 2 drives were basically what henne would have done.

long sux.

That loss was all on Tanny. 3 pts in the 2nd half is pathetic.


You wonder how Moore would have done instead of Luck? Im lost. I take it you mean Tannehill. In case you missed the jets games and every game of Moore's Miami tenure he is a very good back up to have and nothing more. Tannehill gets guys Hartline, Bess, to play above their heads which is what you want from a QB. Now just imagine when Miami or should I say if Miami gets him a legitimate #1 WR threat that can take a 5 yard pass and make it a 20 yard pass and a 20 yard pass a long TD. He doesn't have that speed or threat to work with. He is light years ahead of what all the "experts" said about him needing 2-3 years. He has Miami at 4-4 at the half way point which is 2 wins better then SI.com predicted for the season and 1 game less then ESPN gave us a chance to finish.

Remember as awesome as Luck was yesterday, Miami's terrible D was just as responsible for that. 3rd and 16 and 3rd and 20 are inexcusable for a defense to allow to be converted and both of those drives turned into points. And how about that lollipop TD between 2 defenders?

No need to respond. Im not arguing with people who can't see what is obvious.

You guys can ignore this crap if you want to. I cannot.
Yes, it is a CONSPIRACY.
The colt offensive line had their hands in facemasks and around defensive rushers ALL DAY LONG. Luck is the new Brady-Manning of the league. The Refs will protect him.
If Sanchez had that much time, he would have set a record.
I got suckered in again. Your team gets a good coach, the players play good, then the league feels it needs to "adjust the outcome for the good of the league".
Football has turned into drama and show biz like everything else.

AND in the second half, ALL our possesions had penalties called against us. And yes you could call one on every play if you want to, and they wanted to.

No need to respond. Im not arguing with people who can't see what is obvious.

Posted by: AndyNJ | November 05, 2012 at 09:21 AM

Can't say it better than that. Anyway Andy, the important thing is the HC sees it our way. He could have gone with Moore at 100% over a hobbled Tannehill, but he was fine going with Tannehill. Tells you everything you need to know about the future of the team, from those IN CHARGE.

Shula73 you need to learn the game of football before you comment. and your comment about Moore, you seem to forget the 0-4 start he had bro..

Andy, The point is when the game was on the line with 5 minutes left Tannehill folded. Put Luck in the same situation as tanny. I bet $1000 that Luck brings his team and either gets a TD or ties the game.
We're a mediocre team with a mediocre QB. Indy is a bad team with a Great QB. There is difference.

Some of you guys do not realize what Tannehill is doing is unheard of.. He was a WR in college and started only 19 games in his college career at QB, then comes into a camp and beats out last years savior Moore to start. and in basically 7 games has an NFL record and is progressing each and every week. Give the kid at least a full season before you render him mediocre or useless. The kid is smart, pre-med, strong arm and is accurate. I know everyone wants to win now and he was taken at #8 so the expectations are high but let him develope. Luck looked great yesterday and explointed our DB's but he was also a 4 yr starter that was groomed by Harbaugh the 49er's coach. Right now Tannehill needs the running game and the line isnt helping with that. He is the QB of the future for the Fins like it or leave it.

Boulder, see matty's response below yours, there's your answer. If you're comparing Tannehill to the #1 overall pick, most highly touted draft pick since Elway, Heisman runner-up, then you might as well compare the top speed of a Corvette to a golf cart. NO ONE who knows anything about football think Luck and Tannehill have the same skill set RIGHT NOW. Luck (even RG3) are obviously much more polished than Tannehill is. They are starting from different places. Tannehill is still on the rise. And doing a helluva job growing every week. He didn't "fold" at the end of the game. The plays called during that last drive were horrible, for one. Secondly, that false start penalty killed us, and that was on the Coaches not getting the play in on time, not Incognito. So that was a team fault, not solely on Tannehill.

Tanny had some good passes, some bad passes. But to compare him to Luck based on one game is unfair. But that's the nature of football these days. QB's get the credit and the heat, right or wrong.
Football has stats for everything, third down, fourth down, QB rating against the blitz, etc. Has anyone noticed how often Tannehill's audibled plays are successful? Seams like alot to me.

What this front office needs to realize is that eventually any road to the Super Bowl in the AFC is going through Indy and Luck. We need to build our team accordingly. Pass rushers and cover people are what we need. Yesterday underscored this dramatically. Cam Wake is already 31 or so. If Sean Smith is our best corner we're in deep trouble. We'll have 5 picks out of the first 90 or so player's coming out. I feel we need at least 2 corners and a pass rusher out of those 5. The good news? Tannehill is indeed the real thing, long term he,ll be comparable to Luck and RG111.

Why a sport writer as good as you are, never mentio the lack of vision of the general manager, when he never got a free agent like Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, to help the development of t hill, those receiver wanted to come home, but instea we signed Naanee to help our rookie qt? How can you compare what the Colts or Redskins, accomplished signing the veteran receivers needed to help the rookie qt???

The Colts had to beat Miami and the worthless Refs.
We got no breaks until we had the game secured.

That, is one hell of a question, die hard dolphin fan at 9:40AM today and it leads to many interpretations including conspiracy on the Owner and FO part.

It is obvious that if Tannehill keeps on getting hit the way he is being hit now, he will soon retire and enroll in Medical School.

Now, why does a QB gets hit so hard and often? 3 reasons. First of all, of course, is poor protection. Second to that, there are no receivers open. And third, if the QB cannot scramble(which is NOT Tannehill's case).

Lets start from the last fact above. Why isn't Tannehill scrambling more or at least roll out? That's on the Coaches orders. Son, call your own plays or they are going to have you killed out there.

Here's a sweetie for you. Jeff Ireland has been down on Tannehill since the kid refused to budge from his rejection of the original contract offered by the Dolphins.

Now, for the 2nd reason(and the most complicated one) why a QB gets hit hard and often: no receivers open. Jeff Ireland is a very good talent evaluator. He knew fully well that cj, Naanee and now Gaffney are not Major League receivers. And he knows fully well that Bess and Hartline aren't either. So, why did he not surround this rookie QB with better receivers? This question is open to interpretation including con$piracy issues.

We are amazed at how naive most People are and still survive.

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