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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Tannehill is proving himself

Lets go Phins!

2 nice catches from Bess

Fist pump time


Pouncey is back in. FYI.

Hope we don't blow it.

Fasano fade come on

Off target pass

Gaffney HAS to catch that!!!!!

Gaffney, catch is bro

Need a td to kep the pressure on Luck and the Colts offense.

Gotta score a TD bc luck ain't done abusing our secondary.

Gaffney drops another one.

Oh. Butterfingers.

Thomas, catch is bro

Called it
Fist pump time

Why do we throw so many screens on third and long? They never work. It's like giving up on the drive.

not a fan of the3 step drop under tanne....

he seems more comfortable with the 5

not sure you can blame gaffney on his own for that

Those weren't very catchable balls. Sure they COULD have caught them, but, still not great passes

Funny we don't hear too many 'cut Carpenter' comments these days. Where did those guys go?

This is going to be a great finish but we need to score TDs.

This team isn't done yet GO Dolphins !

At least the team doesn't celebrate FG's like publishers clearing house just rolled up to their door anymore

That was a great playcall on that screen

Tied-now sack Luck-intercept-don't deflect-special teams defense

throw for the end zone!!!

Can we see Matthews! Gaffney can be a vet! But he has always had a problem with catching the easy ones! Ask the pats!

F#cking Gaffney HAS to catch that ball.

If Gaffney keeps on dropping the ball, he'll be joining Anthony Armstrong soon...

Bad play calls, but at least we got sumthin.

Well, lucky Carpenter hasn't had to kick a long one lately.

3pts still a moral victory on this drive. Its now or never for the d step here. Smith needs to redeem himself with a pick 6 td at some point this qtr.

Someone on d needs step and make a very huge play.

Ok. Tied up 20-20 fourth quarter. Have to blitz and get to Luck this next possession.
They've tried the bend dont break, and it's not working. Or maybe catch one of these possible INT's?


Tannehill would be scrambled eggs if he used the 5 step drop today. The O-line can't get it done

not sure you can blame gaffney on his own for that


It was right in his hands!!! He has to make that catch.

We will have shot at INT, need to make it.

Gaffney dropped those at Gainesville?
I'd do nothing but throw long to him at this point.

OK, lets see if the good guys can hold on to an INT

20-20 boys...on the road...with our D playing poorly.

Fins are in it again.....lets see if we can pull it out.

This is a huge opportunity for this team. They pull it out and confidence skyrockets!

They don't and this team goes backward.

Andrew Luck has thrown 39 passes. He WILL throw an INT.

Our D is due!!!!


Your comment @3:39 pm is RIDICULOUS! Gaffney's always been known for a good hands. Check his numbers from last year. Don't make crap up!

nice push them back, now step up d

Tanne seems to be more a read and see what develops kinda QB....

On these 2 step drops...the ball is suppose to come out...1 read and fire....

he seems to rush those....

How bout a sack strip fumble by wake

Turnover time.



If it hits ur hands! Catch it!

Bring the rookie in!

D desperately needs to step up now. C'mon, play mad. Play mean. Play hungry.

Yes Armando, agree!

Somebody said earlier O has to win it. Too right, D hasn't done it today

Maybe if we actually tried to pick up long third downs we could. Seems to work for Indy. Sherman being a wuss.

Danny boy,

Any play that doesnt work is a bad play call. Im sure thats "your view, right?

Look a head coach of the Dolphins being involved in strategy with the QB and his coach-how logical-and unseen in decades!

dashi - that was not an easy catch for gaffney.

craig m - don't put the kiss of death on carpenter as this game might come down to him if we can slow luck down aswell

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