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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Even the announcers are wondering why our CBs literally can't even locate the ball.

Can we get a stop!

Bring the house

This is like watching a Sporano/Nolan coached D....

Really in the middle of a game u find a way to troll!

Corny Joe!

What's Jason Allen doing? Can they call him? He can't be any worse than these guys

no heart, no emotion. pathetic day, no clue how its tied even

Today, its a little Luck is good, and a mlotta the defense is garbage.


Thanks for coming out. Check your facts. Gaffney was regarded as very reliable with the Pats.

I hope they run it once.


With Wake around his legs...Awesome

That hurts. Bad.

This is crazy

3rd down conversion...LOL!!!!

Bench poser boy sean

Wow, lucks day today

This team is cursed. No other words.

Once again sorry defense by Smith

Smith is getting chewed.

would be killer loss. colts would have tie breaker and one easy ass schedule to end year. pitt would take other wc

Poor tackling, no coverage on Wayne.
What's new?
Come on Fins!!!!

Are you kidding me??? You see that f#cking throw???

Trade Sean smith. No heart. We could get a second.

Danny boy - I agree

Smith needs a tampon!

the defense is tired

This d is ready to give up entirely. Just demoralizing whats happening today!

Our D looks exhausted, and defeated.

Wow, why is the coverage so soft?

These DB's are playing like they don't care.

Why's Trusnik playing? Who's hurt?

I don't think that there is any question that Luck is the best rookie QB. RG3 and Tanne are looking up to him. I don't think that there is any comparison.

This team isn't cursed. They're just bad.

What a surprise they convert a 3rd down

NEVER seen a team give up this many 3rd downs

Smith doesn't want any part of making a tackle on a running play...That's why I've always hated him...He's a big guy but he's also a big pus**...

The defense HAS TO get a sack. They need to dial up a blitz right here. Come on Coyle

So let's see:

Cut so far:


Good thing we're 4-3 or we wouldn't be able to field a team next year.


Why do people take the bait and respond to Dashe's nonsense? He just makes you look foolish. Ignore him, he gives himself enough attention.

Posted by: Spencer | November 04, 2012 at 03:43 PM

A FG only would be a miracle.

Lol, even the announcers are stunned at how bad the d is doing. Sad.

Playoffs tie breaker come on dude
This defense is not even .500 worthy

Holding Indy to 3pts here would be a moral victory for this d.

Just get a stop so we can get temhe ball!

Luck is like a magician!!!!

We're playing bad, but Lick is in a zone too.

somebody needs to sack Luck and quit fooling around

Keep running the ball Colts. They must want a FG

This reminds me of JT and Zach letting teams rollover us in the 4th.

Linebackers are playing zone on every play. He's not RG3, C'mon man

Smh @SS

Fist punp time

Trade an over rated cornerback to the Colts, oh wait we already did that

A stop???


This is the true SAFLA fans I know and love. Turning on your team after 3 quarters of bad ball. Will be fun watching all 35000 of you turnout to watch the Titans spank your pathetic butts next weekend.

Oh boy, we are going to be all over ESPN for the wrong reasons..

Better bring them all here.

Rashad Jones...The only keeper in this pathetic secondary....

Craig I'll expose Gaffney later!

As all of ya corny arguments! Again!

Gaffney is OK as a 4th option! But the easier the catch! The bigger the drop!

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